Recently, a number of partners and lawyers of Beijing Cyan Law Firm gave lectures on different topics at the invitation of clients of well-known enterprises who have been cooperating with Cyan for a long time. They have achieved good results and received unanimous acclaim.

On June 17th, 2021, at the invitation of Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., our lawyer Mr. Wei Shi gave a lecture on the Analysis of the New Core Rules of “Contract Compilation ” of the Civil Code for relevant leaders and operational staff of the company. Mr. Shi gave the lecture in three parts: 1. Overview: From Contract Law to Civil Code; 2. New rules of “Contract Compilation”: Summary of Key Points, Case Analysis and Risk Prevention; 3. Summary: Contract Logic and Risk Prevention Method. Based on his practical experience, Mr. Shi answered many questions of the participants. This lecture has achieved good results and has been highly praised by the participants of Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

On July 9th, 2021, our lawyer Mr. Wei Shi was invited to record a training video for the project of “Law Classes on the Air” of the Science and Technology Associations. The theme of this training is “Core Terms of Foreign-related Contracts”. The purpose of this training is to comprehensively improve the legal awareness, legal thinking, legal operation and rights protection ability of the Science and Technology Associations and their leaders, and to create a good legal ecology for the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center. The training video will be put on the public platforms including China Association for Science and Technology, Home of Science and Technology Workers sponsored by Beijing Association for science and Technology, Innovation China, CAST 365, the official website of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Beijing Social Organization Public Support Platform and the official account of Beijing Science and Technology Association.

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