On September 14th 2021, as one of the sub venues of the “China Arbitration Summit 2021 and the 2nd Belt and Road Arbitration Institutions Forum”, Beijing Cyan Law Firm, together with the legal experts, scholars and attendees of the Summit from all over the world in the main venue, witnessed the grand event of the highest standard in China’s arbitration field through online network.

Beijing Cyan Law Firm has long supported and participated in the “China Arbitration Summit”. This is the second consecutive year that Beijing Cyan Law Firm participated in the “China Arbitration Summit” as a sub venue. Mr. Wei Shi, Partner of Beijing Cyan Law Firm, attended the summit and was interviewed in the main venue.

The theme of this summit is “When there is a will, there is a way: Cooperation and development of international dispute settlement in the new era”. The attendees of Cyan sub venue discussed in depth on the three core issues including “Work together with one heart: Build a ‘one belt, one road’ rule of law community”, “Global perspective: How international arbitration adapts to the changing world”, “Focus on China: Improve the arbitration system and enhance the credibility of arbitration”. During the discussion, in combination with their practical experience in arbitration, the guests at the sub venue expressed their views on the development direction of international dispute resolution, the experience of Cyan’s lawyers in the arbitration of construction project disputes, the revision of the Arbitration Law, etc.

The lawyers of Cyan arbitration team have long served as arbitrators of well-known arbitral institutions at home and abroad. They have accumulated nearly 30 years of experience. Cyan arbitration team focuses on the coordinated development of internationalization and localization, and always follows the latest developments in international and domestic arbitration, and we have launched the column of “Cyan Arbitration” in Cyan’s WeChat official account. After years of elaborate operation, Cyan arbitration team has built ” Cyan Arbitration” into a professional platform to deliver major arbitration information at home and abroad and provide classic cases and legal analysis to society.

Based on in-depth study of relevant laws at home and abroad, profound accumulation of industry experience, and detailed analysis of relevant industries and transaction processes in specific cases, Cyan arbitration team strives to solve various problems faced by clients in arbitration proceedings at home and abroad and maximize the benefits of clients.

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