Through fierce competition in the competitive negotiations organized by China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd., Beijing Cyan Law Firm emerged as best candidate, and was selected as the legal service provider of the First Bid-section of Phase Two Project of the China Eastern Airlines Base in Beijing Daxing International Airport. Cyan will provide legal services of whole process of engineering for China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd. in the coming three years.

Beijing Cyan Law Firm have officially provided legal services to China Eastern Airlines Base Project Phase I (Subproject One) since April 2017, assisting China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd. to prevent and control the legal risks in the process of project construction, and to ensure that the project achieves the goal of “Construction, inspection and acceptance, examination and approval, and operation in accordance with the law”.

On the basis of the excellent and well-received legal services provided by Beijing Cyan Law Firm to the China Eastern Airlines Base Phase One Project, through fierce competition, Cyan successfully won the bidding for the legal service project of Phase Two, and continues to provide legal services for China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.

The China Eastern Airlines Base Project is a significant component of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The Beijing Daxing International Airport Project is a civil airport project which attracts worldwide attention, and is a landmark project of this century in China. According to the planning, Beijing Daxing International Airport will be built into a large international aviation hub and a comprehensive transportation hub in the region of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. And it will be an international transportation center to support the national strategies of “One Belt, One Road”, integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and Xiongan New Area.

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