Chang Tsi Family Day 2021 was recently held in Beijing, with the theme of “Gathering Family Power, Sharing Happy Time”. Allfamily members of our employees spent a happy afternoon together. In a fun, physically engaging, and high-energy environment, parents and kids were bound to have an amazing time with friends and family.

After the lovely opening dance, children and parents thereof participated in  a series of funny competitions, including but not limited to rabbit jumping, kangaroo running and frisbee. Looking at the exciting gifts at the end, the children burst out their extraordinary potential.

Next to the Competition Zone, we also had large range option for kids play equipment at the Fun Zone. Trampoline, drawing board, play fields, games… Looking at the angelic smiles on children’s faces, you will know how happy they were!

During the event, we also set up a book donation zone because we believe that donating used books is sharing a love of reading and learning. As part of the “Spring Charity Project”, all books will be sent to schools in Tibet, so that more children can share the happiness of reading with us.

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