BSJP at the opening of the Breast Cancer Knowledge Center

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On 24 July 2020, the OmeaLife Foundation opened the first Polish Breast Cancer Knowledge Center in Gdańsk which main role is to educate women affected by cancer on the course of the disease, its treatment options and the period of recovery. 

During the opening ceremony, BSJP was represented by Hanna RubaszewskaRadosław Rubaszewski and Maciej Prusak. Among the invited guests, there were also distinguished professors and oncologists who deal with cancer treatment on a daily basis, as well as representatives of local administration headed by Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of the City of Gdańsk.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by lectures and debates. The discussion panel “And then cancer came – time for treatment. Hello! Life goes on!” was attended by Hanna Rubaszewska, an attorney-at-law, who has been involved in initiatives promoting breast cancer prevention and fight against this disease for years.

The “OmeaLife – Breast Cancer does not limit” Foundation was established in 2016 in Gdańsk. Its main mission is to provide emotional and educational support for women suffering from breast cancer and for their families, as well as to cooperate with doctors and politicians in order to improve the quality of treatment in Poland and to promote preventive measures among healthy people.

For pictures from the event please click HERE.

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