BlackPeak Capital invested in Verdino Green Foods, industry leader in vegetable alternatives to meat products in Central and Eastern Europe. With a range of over 60 food products listed in more than 2,000 grocery stores in Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, North Macedonia, Serbia and the UK, Verdino offers sustainable alternatives to meat products based on vegetable protein.

In the transaction through which BlackPeak Capital became, following a capital infusion, a shareholder in Verdino Green Foods, Băncilă, Diaconu și Asociații SPRL law firm assisted the investment fund with a complex team coordinated by Radu Diaconu (Managing Partner). The due diligence team was led by Nicoleta Gheorghe (Managing Associate), while the team that was in charge of structuring the transaction as well as drafting and negotiating the specific documents was led by Ștefan Mantea (Senior Managing Associate). The project team also included Sorina Drăghici (Senior Associate) and Otilia Oglage (Associate).

“We are delighted to be able to make a new investment in an entrepreneurial business with extraordinary potential in the future together with a team of legal professionals, such as the M&A team of Băncilă, Diaconu și Asociații. I was impressed by the involvement and proactivity with which the two lawyers, Ștefan Mantea and Nicoleta Gheorghe, approached this project. I thank everyone for making this transaction happen in the best conditions!” said Dorian Macovei, Managing Director BlackPeak Capital.

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