In an environment where litigation, arbitration, risk and regulatory compliance concerns sometimes create a difficult reality for many organisations, Arendt has decided to enhance its investigations offering in order to help clients to react quickly and efficiently when confronted with the need to treat large volumes of data. With this goal in mind, Arendt has turned its attention to cutting-edge legal technology, adopting the data discovery product RelativityOne. This best-in-class solution allows the firm to confidentially and securely handle massive amounts of data to resolve complex and time-critical matters.

“In many disputes and litigation proceedings, the volumes and flows of information to be treated have taken on huge proportions. Finding accurate key data needed to understand and resolve cases is a serious challenge. The tool Arendt has selected to address this is put at the service of all the firm’s experts – lawyers, consultants and others – and thus at the service of their clients, including other legal counsels”, explains Philippe Dupont, Partner in the Banking & Financial Services practice and Co-Chairman at Arendt.

A comprehensive forensic investigations offering, unique in Luxembourg

The legal technology offered by RelativityOne is primarily used by the consulting branch of Arendt. The platform supports the activities and complements the current offering of the Forensic Investigations, Corporate Intelligence & Litigation Support team.

“We work hand in hand with the legal branch of Arendt and other law firms, to bolster their activities and resolve matters with valuable and crucial data. This complementary approach is unique in Luxembourg, and we are the only team to offer such a full and well-integrated range of forensic services”, reveals Stéphanie Lhomme, Head of Forensic Investigations, Corporate Intelligence & Litigation Support.

Arendt upholds the spirit of innovation by being open to new technologies useful for all its business lines and adopting them early on. RelativityOne, a solution based on automation and artificial intelligence, now joins the suite of technologies that the group exploits, the benefits of which flow directly to clients.

“The combination of legal expertise and technology transforms and improves the way investigations are conducted. Arendt is proud to become the first independent Luxembourgish firm to utilise RelativityOne, and we look forward to continuing to increase the level of legal technology awareness in Luxembourg and across Europe”, adds Szilárd Karakai, Senior Manager Forensic Technology & eDiscovery.

Arendt’s business lines fit together like a puzzle to meet market needs and solve the complex problems that its clients face. Its legal activities benefit from the support of the consulting branch.

Luxembourg, 26 September 2022

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