AFD China Continued Receiving Positive Feedbacks in the 2020 Client Satisfaction Survey

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In June 2020, AFD China Intellectual Property launched this year’s client satisfaction survey and got 94 out of 100 points for the overall satisfaction.

The online questionnaire was distributed to clients randomly sampled with respected to industry, size, type of service, needs, and years of cooperation. It was designed to comprehensively reflect the needs and experience of clients on their IP works, and covers various aspects, including patents, trademarks, and legal services, as well as strategies, approaches, and procedures.

With a record-high response rate, the overall satisfaction score hit 94 out of 100 points. Our services were described as having “fast response”, “knowledgeable recommendations” and “very happy experience”. Some clients also commented:

AFD China provides timely, comprehensive support for our patent applications. They are responsive and always willing to accommodate our special needs.

I have been working with AFD China for almost 8 years and have been incredibly impressed by the quality and efficiency of the services provided. I would highly recommend AFD China to anyone!

You (AFD China) provide excellent service at reasonable pricing. My go to firm in China.

We would like to thank each and every one of our clients who answered to this survey. We will take your suggestions and turn them into better actions.

AFD China will continue to improve our abilities to provide satisfactory and reliable services in the future.

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