We are excited to share with the Legal500 community the “Contemporary Administrative Sanctioning Law Seminar,” orchestrated by our associate, Dr. Fábio Medina Osório,former Chief Minister of the Attorney General’s Office and a Doctorate holder in Administrative Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. This enriching event, initially held on August 17, 2023, is now conveniently available online for broad access. Check out at https://youtu.be/YmfkL6eC_GU the opening panel, with the president of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, João Pedro Nascimento, and the president of IIEDE, Fábio Medina Osório

The seminar concentrated on pivotal issues in current administrative sanctioning law, with a notable focus on the dynamics of capital markets. It presented expert insights from leading figures, including João Pedro Nascimento, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), among other distinguished legal and financial specialists.

The discussions spanned topics like the critical role of the CVM in ensuring smooth capital market operations, the consequences of accounting irregularities, and pressing matters such as market fraud, manipulation, and insider trading. Additionally, it explored the intricacies of financial disclosure regulation and the consequent obligations of corporations and their shareholders, culminating in an insightful keynote on the evolving trends in Brazil’s capital markets.

Organized at the CVM Auditorium in Rio de Janeiro, this event was a collaborative initiative between the International Institute for State Law Studies (IIEDE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). It serves as a rich resource for legal and financial professionals, as well as students aiming to broaden their grasp of administrative sanctioning law.

We encourage the Legal500 community to delve into these informative seminar videos, available through the link below, for a unique chance to gain knowledge from foremost professionals in the domain.


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