We are pleased to present the recording of the “Seminar Celebrating 10 Years of the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law.” Organized by Fabio Medina Osório, this significant event was held on December 4th, 2023, in Brasília.It brought together esteemed figures from regulatory bodies, corporate sectors, banks, and leading Brazilian lawyers for a comprehensive discussion on key legal issues.

This seminar underscored our commitment to fostering important dialogues within the legal community, marking an important milestone in our journey and the broader Brazilian legal landscape.

Watch important seminar discussions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO_rDWaTa9M&t=123s

We look forward to your participation in our upcoming 2024 events, which will focus on vital topics like banking, infrastructure, anti-corruption compliance, and competition law. Your involvement is crucial as we continue shaping the future of legal practice in Brazil.

Medina Osório Advogados: A Leader in Ethics and Compliance

Medina Osório Advogados, under the leadership of Fabio Medina Osório, former Chief Minister of the Attorney General’s Office, specializes in ethics, corporate compliance, and anti-corruption. Our team consists of deeply engaged professionals with specialized expertise in public law, compliance, and anti-corruption, boasting extensive experience in handling high-profile national and international cases.


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