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Leading Silks

Janet Bazley QC - 1GC | Family LawJanet is the foremost child law QC. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law relating to children, is a brilliant advocate, a skilled strategist and combines this with availability, responsiveness and an unmatched bedside manner with clients.
Jo Delahunty QC4 Paper Buildings 'Jo is a tactician of the highest order, and absolutely outstanding as an advocate. She has fantastic client care skills and an incisive intellect.'
Deborah Eaton QC - 1 King's Bench WalkDeborah is in a Super League of barristers. She is a powerhouse within the profession, with a fearsome reputation. She is insightful in her approach to cases and adopts a strategic approach from the outset. Client love her. She is fabulous.
Charles Geekie QC - 1GC | Family LawCharles has a great analytical mind and is able to plot out a strategy for the case from the very beginning.
Teertha Gupta QC4 Paper Buildings 'Teertha is at the top of the game for international children law cases - he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law in this field. An incredible silk.'
Charles Hale QC - 4 Paper BuildingsA superb advocate, always going the extra mile to defend the client’s position. He prepares meticulously, reading all papers. His advice on all children matters is always spot on.
Piers Pressdee QC4 Paper Buildings 'Piers is beyond doubt one of the pre-eminent practitioners in the field of private children law. Well liked and respected by his opponents and judges alike, and a highly intelligent strategist. His cross-examination is forensic and deeply impressive.'
Henry Setright QC4 Paper Buildings 'An absolute Titan of the family Bar in the field of children work, particularly abduction matters. He is without question a first-class lawyer.'
Paul Storey QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersFirst-class for cases of alleged non-accidental injury. The best there is.
Alex Verdan QC - 4 Paper BuildingsA very skilled advocate who is tenacious and very well prepared. Alex will always go the extra mile. Super to work with, clients love him and he has excellent court room presence.
Tina Cook QC - 42 Bedford RowA force of nature. Tina is whip smart, utterly driven and takes no prisoners. She thinks at lightening speed and chases down every point. Her cross examination is forensic and attuned to the witness in question. She can be devastating. She is also a master strategist and reads the case, the judge and her opponents with considerable insight.
Edward Devereux QC - Harcourt ChambersA master of strategy, incredibly intelligent, and his advocacy is simply superb. No one can touch him.
Frank Feehan QC - 1 King's Bench WalkFrank is a very experienced barrister with great client and tribunal handling skills. He achieves great results, consistently.
Deirdre Fottrell QC - 1GC | Family LawShe is incredibly hardworking and has an acute and analytical mind. She works well with her instructing solicitor as a team member so there is a collaborative exchange of ideas and strategy.
Alison Grief QC4 Paper Buildings 'Alison is a formidable barrister. She is exceptionally bright and has an encyclopedic knowledge of case law. Her client skills are exceptional. A class act.'
Richard Harrison QC - 1 King's Bench WalkRichard has phenomenal analytical skills, which enables him to see the big picture and cut straight to the heart of the issue. Richard's style of advocacy is understated and disarming yet phenomenally effective. There are very few advocates who can change the mind of a High Court judge, and Richard is one of them.
Hannah Markham QC - The 36 GroupA phenomenally talented silk who is unrivalled in her strategic thinking, tireless hard work and persuasive manner. She always commands the authority of the court with her formidable advocacy and never fails to achieve outstanding results for her clients. Hannah is unquestionably leading counsel of choice.
Andrew Norton QC - 1GC | Family LawAn extremely impressive advocate; meticulously prepared and always stays focused on the issues.
Francesca Wiley QC - 1GC | Family LawA powerhouse of an advocate with a fearless and brave style. Her work in the parental alienation sphere is second to none. Francesca is loved by clients and a joy to work with.
Catherine Wood QC - 4 Paper BuildingsIntelligent and directive, Catherine hones in on the important points.
Andrew Bagchi QC - 1GC | Family LawAndrew's strengths are his superior knowledge of the law alongside his very personable and down to earth manner.
Kate Branigan QC4 Paper Buildings 'A consummate professional who combines a razor-sharp intellect with a graceful, sensitive and kind manner. She has a natural ability to put her lay clients at ease.'
Nkumbe Ekaney QC - 1GC | Family LawIs an astonishingly impressive silk who oozes gravitas and has a commanding court room presence. His advocacy is really first-rate. Nkumbe has a keen eye for the detail and is always fully on top of the papers. His cross-examination is razor sharp and always extremely effective.
Damian Garrido QC - Harcourt ChambersDamian's advocacy is impeccably prepared, unhurried and delivered with calm authority. He is the perfect foil for agitated opponents and as a result is popular inside and outside of a courtroom. Clients love his good-humoured expertise and experience and he is a go-to for complex children matters.
Nick Goodwin QC - Harcourt ChambersHe has many strengths - he has a vast intellect, is a phenomenal advocate and has a wonderful manner - Nick is able to put clients at ease and disarm opponents in an instant.
Christopher Hames QC4 Paper Buildings 'He is an extremely talented advocate, and a powerhouse of knowledge concerning cross-border child law. Exceptional on his feet.'
Sam King QC4 Paper Buildings 'A phenomenal strategist. Her knowledge of surrogacy law is unrivalled. She commands the ear of the Judges and her advocacy is razor sharp, highly persuasive and always impressive.'
Cyrus Larizadeh QC4 Paper Buildings 'Extraordinarily insightful and robust in equal measure, Cyrus is a one-man masterclass in representing parents in serious non-accidental injury and fabricated and induced illness cases.'
Sam Momtaz QC - 1GC | Family LawSam efficiently and comprehensively grasps the facts and complex medical evidence when he often comes in to cases at the last minute once the LAA have granted funding for a leader. He is a joy to work with - he is collaborative, responsive and respectful to the legal team working around him. Sam is excellent with clients who are going through the most traumatic of experiences - he is calm and reassuring.
Jaqueline Julyan S.C.  –5 St Andrews HillA very competent advocate who has a real fighting spirit. She stands no nonsense but is able to bring judges and other advocates alongside nevertheless.
Gemma Taylor QC - 42 Bedford RowIs a formidable opponent because she is always well prepared. She knows her case and understands her clients. She has a knowledge of the law that is second to none.
William Tyler QC - The 36 GroupA tenacious and compelling advocate. He listens and supports his clients and advocates their position in a stellar manner. His preparation and cross-examination is second to none. He instills complete confidence in clients and solicitors alike.
Damian Woodward-Carlton QC - 42 Bedford RowA class act. He is absolutely unflappable. He has a calm and collected demeanour combined with a sharp, forensic mind. His cross-examination is superlative. Damian is like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

2020 Silks

Martin Kingerley QC - The 36 GroupMartin is calm and shows real empathy and really understands what the client is looking for.
Barbara Mills QC - 4 Paper BuildingsGreat with clients and provides clear robust advice.
Cleo Perry QC4 Paper Buildings 'Her cross-examination is both forensic and surgical. She commands the attention of everyone in the courtroom; judges in particular listen to her every word.'

2021 Silks

Shiva Ancliffe QC - Coram ChambersA powerful advocate: tough, well-prepared and formidable in every way.
Denise Gilling QC - 1GC | Family LawAn exceptional advocate. She puts her client's case with clarity and authority. Her case analysis is second to none. Clients have great confidence in her ability. She is empathetic in her approach whilst at the same time being firm in her advice.
Ruth Kirby QC - 4 Paper BuildingsA formidable advocate who provides punchy thinking, she deserves her elevation to silk this year.
Deepak Nagpal QC - 1 King's Bench WalkAstonishingly bright. Never under-prepared and at ease with the most complex cases. A joy to work with.
Sally Stone QC - 1GC | Family LawSally is an exceptionally hardworking and able specialist public law children practitioner. She knows every page of every brief and puts her arguments across in a succinct and highly effective way.

2022 Silks

Joy Brereton QC - 4 Paper BuildingsA leading advocate and hugely skilled in international relocation cases. Formidable cross-examination skills. Very much in demand.
Laura Briggs QC - 1GC | Family LawA first choice and a reliable choice. Technically brilliant with a fine attention to detail. Laura is a charismatic and persuasive advocate and a tremendous lateral thinker.
Michael Gration QC4 Paper Buildings 'A junior with remarkable gravitas, who is a calming presence for the client and the court.'
Tim Parker QC - 9 Gough ChambersTim is a tremendous lateral thinker.

Leading Juniors

Jay Banerji - FourteenA formidable advocate. He is tactically aware and forensic in his approach.
Martha Cover - Coram ChambersThe barrister you seek to instruct in the most complex and challenging cases where her technical knowledge and advocacy are second to none and combined with excellent client care.
Dorothea Gartland - 4 Paper BuildingsCommitted and tenacious. An outstanding advocate.
Claire Heppenstall - 1GC | Family LawAn instinctive lawyer with an empathetic manner with clients. She is able to get the heart of the case and tackle it with both clients and the tribunal effectively and strategically. Her advocacy style is engaging and to the point, and she is determined and stylish in cross-examination and representations to the court.
Justine Johnston - 4 Paper BuildingsAn excellent advocate and a go-to barrister for difficult and challenging private Children Act cases. She is no-nonsense and stands up for her clients with steely determination.
Caroline Lister - 1 King's Bench WalkA great advocate to have in your corner, she speaks confidently to the Court. Friendly and approachable.
Judith Murray4 Paper Buildings 'Judith has impeccable measure in nailing the issues in a case, and is equally skilled in communicating this to the client and to the court. Her approach is calm and considered when dealing with the most difficult of cases, and as such she engenders the full confidence of those she represents, as well as those instructing her.'
Indira Ramsahoye - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA consummate children lawyer with a real empathy for the child and where the real-life solution lies. Brilliant with clients and without doubt a star of the specialist children Bar.
Jacqueline Renton - 4 Paper BuildingsOne of the best junior children practitioners out there.
Sharon Segal - 1GC | Family LawPhenomenally talented and experienced - her attention to detail is exceptional, leaving no stone unturned. She has brilliant judgement and unrivalled knowledge of case law.
Steven Ashworth - 1GC | Family LawHe really is at the top of his game. Steven is honestly one of the most dedicated and hardworking barristers solicitors have had the pleasure of working with in recent times.
Sally Bradley4 Paper Buildings 'Sally is a phenomenal advocate. Incisive, incredibly intelligent and tremendous in court, she also demonstrates superb client care.'
Michael Edwards - 4 Paper BuildingsThe private children and child abduction guru. Dispenses sage advice calmly and very persuasive in court. Always well-prepared.
Nicola Fox - 1 King's Bench WalkAn excellent advocate and tenacious litigator.
Dafydd Griffiths - 29 Bedford Row ChambersAs an experienced practitioner in both private and public law, Dafydd has an excellent grasp of the law and strategy to assist clients at all levels. He is able to get the client to open up about their problems, so that they can give clear instructions to enable him to advise them yet keeping the client at ease and remain confident in him.
Daisy Hughes - 1GC | Family LawVery bright and switched on, and highly articulate. Daisy is good with clients and very hardworking. She is a champion for her clients.
Katherine Kelsey - 1 King's Bench WalkKatherine is a calm and reassuring presence to clients, and never less than completely prepared, combined with persuasive and authoritative advocacy in court. She will fight her clients corner but also give them realistic advice where necessary. Katherine is absolute class act.
Christopher Miller - FourteenAn amazing barrister: reliable, wise, hardworking, a superb advocate and very well-read. Solicitors feel lucky to get him on a case.
Victoria Roberts - Coram ChambersVery well-prepared, very good with documents and excellent in cross-examination.
Lucy Sprinz - 1GC | Family LawAn absolute star. Sharp, calm and convincing. A wonderful ability to explain difficult concepts to a client, to ensure they feel listened to and to fight their corner without unnecessarily raising the temperature.
William Tyzack - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)A phenomenal advocate who seamlessly is able to work on children and finance cases - a rarity and something very much to his credit. He is adored by clients and judges alike, and is so pleasant to work with.
Samantha Woodham4 Paper Buildings 'An absolute joy to work with. She is sensible and pragmatic but with a genuine sense of empathy. Clients like her immediately and she puts them at ease with her confidence and resolution-driven approach.'
Nicholas Anderson - 1 King's Bench WalkNicholas is fiercely intelligent and gives excellent attention to detail in every case, no matter how complex. His clarity of preparation and presentation brings a clear focus to every case. He deals with clients very well, approaching sensitive and difficult matters with a straightforwardness and yet in an empathetic way.
Lee Arnot - 29 Bedford Row ChambersAbsolutely brilliant on children law and so calm and astute. He can make anyone feel so re-assured. A brilliant tactician and great to work with. An amazing advocate reads the court so well.
Ruth Cabeza - Harcourt ChambersA font of all knowledge regarding adoption law, solicitors absolute faith in her representation of their clients.
Mehvish Chaudhry - Harcourt ChambersTotally unfazed by any curveball thrown by judge, her own client or opponent in her cases. She is always very well prepared and thus able to argue her case fluently and with conviction.
Rebecca Foulkes4 Paper Buildings 'A brilliant, no-nonsense barrister with incredible judgement.'
Alev Giz - 1GC | Family LawAlev is a commanding presence in the court room. Child focused, tenacious and a solid negotiator.
Kate Grieve - The 36 GroupAn amazing advocate. Excellent with complex matters and the voice of reason on the front row.
Mark Jarman - 4 Paper BuildingsHighly experienced in children work, very personable with clients, solicitors wouldn’t hesitate to instruct him.
Karen Kabweru-Namulemu - 1GC ‘ Karen really fights for her clients. She will go the extra mile to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome. Karen is very good in dealing with young and vulnerable parents and will advise them in a sensitive and understanding manner.
Onyoja Momoh - 5 Pump CourtShe is very well-organised and well prepared for cases. She has a particular expertise in child abduction cases and has extensive knowledge in this area.
Jennifer Perrins - 1 King's Bench WalkJenny's knowledge of both domestic and international children law is fantastic. She is so switched-on and astute it is scary. She has a remarkable sense of strategy, especially in complex international children cases.
Katie Phillips - 42 Bedford RowAn extremely able barrister: Katie has a ready grasp of the salient issues in a case and advocates in an attractive and economical way that is very effective. She has pragmatic, fair-minded and balanced approach to cases, and is able to make serious and complex points effectively and efficiently.
Andrew Powell - 4 Paper BuildingsAn excellent advocate on complex children cases. Extremely personable with good client communication skills.
Kate Tompkins - The 36 GroupA class act; her cross-examination is simply beautiful to watch and learn from.
Giles Bain - New Court ChambersGiles has an excellent knowledge. He knows his area of law so well he is able to raise points and legal arguments that others have missed which he has done leading to a completely different and much more positive outcome for clients. His experience and attention to detail is exceptional.
Chris Barnes4 Paper Buildings 'A talented junior unafraid to take on cases from which others might shy away.'
Edward Bennett - Harcourt ChambersA true gentleman; well-liked by opponents and clients alike; a soft, gentle and utterly likeable manner with impeccable client care and a real knack for complex and esoteric points of law. Tremendous advocate.
Francesca Dowse4 Paper Buildings 'A formidable advocate. Clients are reassured by her no-nonsense advice, and judges are impressed by her focus and pragmatism. She will fight for her clients but will also give tough advice if needed, and her judgement is impeccable.'
Catherine Ellis - Pump Court ChambersShe is a very passionate advocate, who treats every single client she works with with the utmost care, diligence and attention. Catherine leaves no stone unturned when dealing with complex legal problems and always goes the extra mile in her cases.
Matthew Fletcher1GC | Family LawHe has a commanding court presence and his candour and legal knowledge mean that judges can respect and trust what he says. This is ultimately beneficial to the client. He has an easy client manner which clients find soothing at a very difficult time.
Charlotte Hartley - 1 King's Bench WalkAn agile advocate with a steely determination, Charlotte is someone who can make a real difference to the outcome of the most difficult case. She is first-rate in terms of preparation and presentation, and has an eye for the correct, strategic approach.
Eleri Jones - 1GC | Family LawThe unicorn of barristers - probably the only person doing proper heavy weight jurisdiction, children and money cases. She is fiendishly clever, academic and a real heavyweight, but also warm, empathetic and good with the clients.
Ramanjit Kang - Coram ChambersA tenacious advocate with meticulous preparation. Always delves deep into the case and leaves no stone unturned.
Doushka Krish - 1GC | Family LawDoushka has a number of overwhelming strengths including first and most intelligence, compassion, an empathy for clients in difficult circumstances and professionalism.
Henry Lamb 1GC | Family LawExceptionally good at identifying the key issues at the nub of a case. His cross-examination is focused and incisive. He is also very good with vulnerable clients.
Stephen Lue - Garden Court ChambersA compassionate, considerate but robust advocate who treats clients, parties and opponents with respect and patience. Submissions and representations made on behalf of clients are always measured and poised which adds to the confident manner in which he represents his clients.
Esther MacLachlan - 9 Gough ChambersEsther masters the detail of the most complex cases with ease.
Louise MacLynn - 1GC | Family LawUndoubtedly silk quality, and more than a match for them.
Oliver Millington - 9 Gough ChambersOliver is technically very strong. He is highly intelligent and is always astonishingly well =-prepared even for cases with very little notice.
Anarkali Musgrave - Coram ChambersA first-class barrister. She is unflappable, calm under pressure, a fierce cross-examiner and tenacious in court. She has an excellent manner with clients and gives every case her all.
Judith Pepper - Coram ChambersVery thorough and meticulous. She is very helpful in complex cases where a fact-finding hearings are required.
Christopher Poole - New Court ChambersChristopher's strengths are excellent client care, thorough preparation and first-rate judgement. His case load is made up of back to back complex public law children cases.
Emily Rayner - Harcourt ChambersExceptional and empathetic with clients. Impeccable written documents and advocacy. Always delivers - either in court, with the client for advice or even just a quick call for strategy discussions or a 999-type client or similar urgency. Calm, poised, forceful and a commanding presence.
Tara Vindis - 9 Gough ChambersTara is a fantastic advocate. She is always on top of the detail in cases involving non-accidental injury and her cross examination style is very effective. She is approachable and always willing to help.
Pamela Warner - 1GC | Family LawPamela is very hardworking, thorough, meticulous, and pays attention to detail. She has a very considered and measured approach and is very approachable and warm with clients. Highly knowledgeable and very down to earth.
Ceri White - 4 Paper BuildingsTenacious, thorough and always has her client’s best interests at the forefront of everything she does. She is a skilled advocate and will go the extra mile for clients.
Ami Bartholomew - Field Court ChambersA very strong and robust advocate. She is hugely experienced and knows all there is to know about private children law. Clients love her as she knows her instructions inside out, has great bedside manner and is fearless in the court room.
Christopher Butterfield - 29 Bedford Row ChambersChristopher takes pride in his preparation, which is always meticulous. He will do all that he can to achieve a settlement without recourse to the court arena, but will fight his clients corner. He is strategic and appears one step, if not two steps, ahead of his opponent. Tenacious once in court. Well capable in any level of court, leaving no stone unturned.
Joan Connell - FourteenAn excellent advocate who always commits to a case and to the client. She has a really good warm manner which puts clients at ease but works hard to ensure that she provides a very good service.
Fenella Cooil - The 36 GroupFenella is exceptionally good at connecting with clients. She is empathetic and personable, and will fight the client's corner when required and is equally good at trying to reach an agreement when this is possible.
Katherine Dunseath - 1GC | Family LawA fantastic and tenacious advocate. She is always well prepared, strategically sound and has a great manner with the clients. She is no nonsense and exceptional in cross-examination.
Elizabeth Hartnett - 1GC | Family LawExtremely knowledgeable and has excellent instincts for how a judge will respond to a case. She has a calming influence with clients. She listens well and allows clients to put forward their views but will then give solid guidance and advice on the way forward and in particular about which points are worth pursuing.
Gill Honeyman - Coram ChambersGill has a fantastic ability to cross examine difficult or vulnerable witnesses. She is great to watch in court. She is able to elicit key information from witnesses in a smooth and calm manner without them even realising.
Trisan Hyatt - 5 Pump CourtShe is a very calm and experienced advocate who consistently builds a good rapport with clients at an early stage. She is child-focused and she is always well prepared on both the facts and the law.
Emily James  - 1GC Family Law ‘Fully invested in every case. She knows every page of the brief, every nuance of the case and can predict all the avenues the case might take.
Helen Jefferson - 1GC | Family LawHelen is technically brilliant and outstanding with the clients.
Richard Jones - 1GC | Family LawSoftly spoken but a highly effective persuasive advocate. He knows how to read and play the court to perfection.
Siobhan Kelly - Coram ChambersTechnically brilliant, and also a great strategist in how a case should be conducted. Her position statements are always brilliant and she is approachable.
Rhiannon Lloyd - 4 Paper BuildingsOne of the most impressive members of the Bar. Her written case presentation and understanding of the nuances in every case are simply outstanding. 
Dinah Loeb - Garden Court ChambersExcellent to work with, very engaging and helpful. Happy to discuss matters before the hearing with instructing solicitors and clients.
Olivia Magennis - 1GC | Family LawShe leaves no stone unturned when considering the papers. Olivia is a firm advocate and has a solid grasp of the law and is one of the most empathic but realistic barristers.
Ann May - 33 Bedford RowA very good advocate with an excellent knowledge of family law. Her preparation for cases is thorough and her written submissions are very impressive.
Barry McAlinden - Field Court ChambersBarry has the rare ability to really think through all scenarios in a fact finding, and to drill down to what really happened and why people acted as they did.
Joseph Moore - 1GC | Family LawClear and persuasive in court. He is brilliant on his feet and provides invaluable advice on strategy. He has a great manner with clients and is easy to work with.
Ronan O'Donovan - FourteenRonan is an amazing and highly-skilled advocate. He is extremely knowledgeable in the practice area and speaks with authority. He has an ability to really challenge the other parties/experts in a very firm way without being disrespectful or rude. He works very collaboratively with his instructing solicitors and is available between hearings to assist and provide advice.
Richard O'Sullivan - Coram ChambersA silk in the making. He takes on the heaviest cases and is regularly against silks. He is incredibly diligent. Richard works hard for every client. He puts difficult clients at ease. Social workers trust him. He knows the papers, is insightful and shrewd tactically.
Lisa Peacock - 3 DR JOHNSON'S BUILDINGSLisa is clever, committed and sees the strengths and weakness in her case. Lisa knows her clients and can be empathetic and yet robust in her advice. Her instincts are very good and she is a very able practitioner. She can read her tribunal and is not afraid to stand up to them where the case demands..
Sophie Prolingheuer - 1GC | Family LawVery able and yet her ability is understated. Her style is one of quiet assurance and is all the more powerful for being so. She is always thoroughly prepared.
Charlotte ProudmanGoldsmith Chambers  ‘Charlotte is taking the protection of vulnerable women and children in the Family Court to the next level by a unique combination of academic rigour and unashamedly activist passion. She has made more of a contribution to changing the landscape around the conversation on violence against women and girls than any other junior at the family Bar. She is intellectually first class, an incisive advocate and absolutely fearless in vindicating the rights of some of the most vulnerable in society.
Matthew Richardson - Coram ChambersHas an encyclopedic knowledge of black letter law, this combined with excellent written submissions and faultless preparation can often win cases before the hearing has even begun.
Kate Van Rol4 Paper BuildingsKate handles all Children Act cases, particularly complex ones, with precision and expertise. She is direct but honest with clients, which they appreciate. Confident and totally reliable in court.
Deborah Seitler - 33 Bedford RowGoes beyond the usual call and takes a creative approach undertaking exceptional advocacy on challenging applications to secure the best outcomes for vulnerable clients.
Andrew Shaw - New Court ChambersHe is forensic, easy to work with, robust and firm in incredibly difficult cases.
Ranjit Singh - FourteenA robust advocate who argues the case for his client with skill and with the utmost courtesy, he is a pleasure to be against in court. His oral advocacy has a fluency that makes judges listen and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.
Chris Stevenson - FourteenCommitted to client care of the highest standard. He has a pragmatic approach but deals with clients in a sensitive and friendly way. He prepares cases very thoroughly and has a real attention to detail.
Matthew Stott - Field Court ChambersExtremely organised and approachable. He represents lay clients to a high standard and his legal knowledge is remarkable.
Julia Townend - 4 Paper BuildingsAn excellent junior who inspires confidence in whomever she is representing. Julia’s knowledge and intellect set her apart from her contemporaries.
Sam Wallace - New Court ChambersSam's calmness in a crisis is admirable, a very steadying hand and his legal brain is extremely agile and capable.
Andrea Watts - 1 King's Bench WalkCalm and collected, extremely knowledgable and a first choice for child abduction work.
Kelly Webb - The 36 GroupImmaculately prepared for her cases and assiduous in establishing her client's case and presenting that case forcefully in court. She has a warm and reassuring manner with her clients.
Rebekah Wilson - Garden Court ChambersRebekah can be a formidable ally or opponent when she gets her teeth into a case.
Katie Wood - 4 Paper BuildingsA confident and authoritative advocate. She is excellent at mastering the detail of a case and is always well-prepared.
Oliver Woolley - 1GC | Family LawOliver as the ability to identify pragmatic solutions to sometimes very complex issues. He will go above and beyond to put me and the client at ease. He has exceptional attention to detail and is incredibly charming.

Rising Stars

Jack Harrison - Coram Chambers ‘ Has the best qualities to be found in a family law advocate- High intellect, tenacity, empathy. ’
Charlotte Baker - 4 Paper BuildingsAn exemplary junior with an outstanding knowledge of international matters. Charlotte is a go-to barrister for advice in relation to relocation matters and cross-border disputes.
Rob George - Harcourt ChambersA star - calm, brilliant academically and a great negotiator.
George Harley - The 36 GroupGeorge is extremely personable and is a very good communicator with the ability to make clients feel at ease. His preparation work is next to none with an eye for detail. His advocacy skills for his year of call are up there with more experienced counsel.
Alexander Laing - Coram ChambersVery solid on his feet and persuasive in his written materials. He is one of the best young or junior barristers for international complex children cases in the Bar. A Queen's Counsel in the making.
Kyle Squire - 5 Pump CourtAn outstanding advocate who represents clients fearlessly whilst maintaining professional relations with his colleagues and other advocates.
Anna Sutcliffe - 1 King's Bench WalkGreat with all types of clients. Anna's reparation is always very thorough and advocacy in court is faultless.

Children law (including public and private law) in London Bar

4 Paper Buildings

4 Paper Buildings is ‘still considered to be the leader in private children law work, offering the broadest range of specialist counsel’. Chambers was pleased to add Piers Pressdee QC to its ranks from 29 Bedford Row Chambers. Other highlights included the elevation of Ruth Kirby QC to silk, the appointment of Michael Gration QC as a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and the appointment of Rhiannon Lloyd as a district judge, as well as appearances at the highest levels of the court system. Professor Jo Delahunty QC is acting for the claimant council in A Local Authority v AG, a significant case that is considering the clash between child protection and the family's diplomatic immunity based on the father's role as a senior diplomat.

1 King's Bench Walk

1 King's Bench Walk is a ‘first-class’ set that has a ‘great balance at all levels with a number of real stars in the children world’, and in particular it has been described as a ‘go-to set for child abduction work because of its range of experienced barristers all of whom you can trust to do a good job.’ In Re F Richard Harrison QC, acted in a Court of Appeal case that examined the power of the court to set aside a final return order in child abduction proceedings under the 1980 Hague Convention. Deepak Nagpal QC is a 2021 Silk appointment, and also a full member of elite set Temple Chambers in Hong Kong.



‘A top set, one of the leading for family work.’

Excellent set of chambers. It runs an excellent child abduction course on an annual basis which is very informative. The barristers I have instructed from this set are always very well prepared and knowledgeable.’

‘1 KBW has vast strength and depth at every level. Counsel are dedicated, hardworking, always well-prepared and work well in a team with the solicitor.

‘1KBW has excellent breadth of counsel for both financial and children matters. This  niche lies in the fact that it truly has pre-eminent experts in both fields under the one roof so a client can feel that their overall needs are being serviced in ‘one stop’. ‘

1KBW is a chambers with a wonderful breadth of experience and knowledge. Its annual child abduction conference is excellent.


‘Great clerks room very responsive.’

Nicola Cade and Chris Gittins are excellent.’

‘Nicola Cade and Mark Betts are very nice to deal with.’

Excellent clerks. Nicola Cade, Tim Madden and Will Inkin are always lovely to deal with and go the extra mile to help.’

‘The clerking service is excellent, in particular, Nicola Cade. They go out of their way to accommodate you and make Counsel available if at all possible. If not possible, then suitable alternatives are offered. ‘

1GC | Family Law

1GC | Family Law has been described as a ‘centre of excellence’ as it has an ‘abundance of talent with its strong and reliable barristers.’  The ‘specialist’ set has ‘superb leading and junior counsel who are strong in both private and public children work. Denise Gilling QC and Sally Stone QC are 2021 Silk appointments. Members at the set also excel in the areas of modern families, adoption, international abduction and relocation, as well as having expertise in matters against a backdrop of serious criminal allegations, including those of terrorism. The junior end was reinforced with the arrival of Karen Kabweru-Namulemu from KCH Garden Square in September 2021.



‘I would regard 1GC as my ‘go to’ chambers for anything involving children. It has a great range of counsel from seniors to junior juniors. It has also provided excellent training webinars especially during lock down.’

1 GC is a very well-run set.

‘A brilliant and go-to chambers for children’s work, with a good range of advocates at all levels.’

‘This chamber is highly respected and with good reason; from its QCs down to its pupils it offers very high quality advocacy. It is a busy set of chambers.

‘My go to chambers – great range and depth of counsel and very good training programmes.’


Excellent and helpful clerks, led by the brilliant Paul Harris, one of the best head clerks on the circuit.’

‘Proactive, efficient, supportive and available to their instructing solicitors. Paul Harris runs a first-class clerking team ably assisted by David McDonald – the first junior clerk.’

‘I worked closely with David McDonald whose attention to detail was and professionalism I would describe as exemplary.’

Superb. Paul Harris, David McDonald, Sam Ditchman – all at the top of their game.

‘Nothing is too much for their clerking team to help with things.

The clerking team is the best in the business – they are friendly, professional, helpful, will always go the extra mile, and work to find a fix to any scheduling issues that may arise.

‘Paul Harris (Head Clerk) is a bright and brilliant man with a smile on his face. He brings in the work with his charm and attention to everyone he meets. Sam Ditchman, Charlie Ellis and Harry Smith are all very amenable and provide such a warm service. Nothing is too much for them.

29 Bedford Row Chambers

29 Bedford Row Chambers is a ‘brilliant and first-class set for both finance and children.’ The ‘tactically astutePaul Storey QC is highly recommended. Its work spans both private children law and public law proceedings. The set has an ‘amazing team with a good cross section of juniors.’ Christopher Butterfield  is acting for the Metropolitan Police Service in the IICSA, and Indira Ramsahoye  is known for child relocation and abduction cases.



’29 Bedford Row offers a very broad selection of highly competent barristers, across both financial and children work who we instruct regularly. I have always found each barrister to be highly knowledgeable. It also offers excellent free training which is well received across the market.’

‘One of the few sets offering comprehensive money and private client advice/representation across all levels.’

It is a fabulous set of chambers. now with a very modern approach.’

’29 Bedford Row has an amazing array of practitioners in all areas of family law. I have used it for a number of years successfully.’

‘I always use 29 Bedford Row because of its breadth of knowledge, quality of advice and extent of personalities which means I can always offer my clients the right fit.’


‘The head clerk James Shortall is amazing and extremely accommodating. He thinks outside of the box and tries to meet the solicitor’s demands as well as he can. All of the clerking team is really approachable and will try and be flexible. The clerks really get to know the instructing solicitors so they get to know how they work.

Strong clerking team ably led by James Shortall.’

‘James Shortall is superb at running his team of clerks.’

Excellent, especially James Shortall and Julie Holcombe.’

‘The clerks are some of the best across the chambers we use. They are always very accommodating and very pleasant to deal with. They cannot do enough to help and the service is very good.

Coram Chambers

Coram Chambers remains a ‘chambers of choice for complex care proceedings, especially those involving an international element or vulnerable parents. The breadth of knowledge and quality across Chambers is faultless.’ In the Supreme Court case G v G, Mark Twomey QC acted for the International Academy of Family Lawyers in a case concerning circumstances where rectifying an international child abduction would amount to refoulment under refugee law. The set also has ‘some strong junior talent' - Alexander Laing is sole counsel in an appeal by a father to the European Court of Human Rights concerning a decision of the Czech family courts to award sole custody of a child to a mother, which is said to be discriminatory based on his nationality and language. In September 2021 rising star Jack Harrison joined from Deans Court Chambers.



‘It is an incredibly supportive set. It is more of a team than a collection of individuals which is unique. It has a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity that isn’t rivalled.’

‘Coram Chambers provides quality barristers in the family law field. It is reliable and provides a good service.’

‘Coram is a good set without any arrogance. It has good barristers at every level.

‘There is strength and depth which makes this one of the leading chambers in public law family work.

‘Coram is an excellent set with a great many very good barristers. It almost always has someone available even at the last minute and the expertise across the set as a whole means that you can rely on it to provide counsel who is eminently capable of doing the job well. It also offers a lot of really good quality training.


Hudson Brewer is first-class – he runs a good team, and knows all of his barristers well.’

‘Diligent and keen to assist. David Sadler is a legend – a stand out performer.’

The clerks are attentive and also return to their instructing solicitors very quickly. ‘

Very approachable and helpful set of chambers. The Clerks are always very accommodating.

‘The clerking team at Coram is, in my view, the best in London. They are all very friendly and helpful and go over and above to assist every time. I am always sure, when I have contacted the clerks at Coram, that I am in safe hands and will be looked after. ‘

Harcourt Chambers

Harcourt Chambers has ‘a lot of high quality advocates at all levels.’ It is ‘an excellent set for cross-border children cases and private law children work.’  In one such notable case, Edward Devereux QC worked pro bono for Reunite International (an international child abduction charity) on its involvement in Monasky v Taglieri, a US Supreme Court case concerning the standard for determining a child’s habitual residence and the standard for reviewing that determination on appeal.



Harcourt has good strength in depth in relation to both children and finance work. It has a good range of options from junior to senior Counsel.’

‘The set as a whole is very strong covering a wide variety of practices.

The set is phenomenal and a ‘go-to’ chambers. Confident and expert counsel across the board and provide excellent training and advice.’

‘Harcourt is my first choice when I have an abduction case and I have found the international team to be excellent without exception.’

‘Harcourt is superb in international work. It is my ‘go-to’ set and used to be the best kept secret in London. Now it hosts a range of formidable advocates across the spectrum in international, public and private law children. I am a huge fan. The clerks run a tight ship and are without doubt the best clerks in London.’


‘I have been impressed with the clerks room. Clerks have always dealt with any enquiries in a prompt and helpful manner. Matthew Molloy was particularly proactive in ensuring that chambers provided a first class service.

I particularly rate the clerks, who are far and away the best clerking team in London. Nothing is too much trouble, and almost everything is accommodated.’

Matt Molloy is excellent. Responsive, helpful, and will leave no stone unturned to assist.

The clerks are very helpful and always try to make people available to assist, even at very short notice.’

‘Great set – very good clerking by Matt Molloy.  The clerks are very efficient and enormously helpful. I would say the best clerking team of any chambers I use. Above all, Matt Molloy. He is so quick to get back to you and always finds the right person for the job. Laurie Amron also stands out.

The 36 Group

The child law silks The 36 Group 'are some of the best in the business and the set has an ever-improving roster of junior talent.’   In one high-profile matter Hannah Markham QC acted for the claimant in  R (McConnell) v Registrar-General, a ground-breaking case challenging the current law on transgender parents, the registration of children and the terminology on birth certificates. The set has ‘a vast array of barristers with an in-depth knowledge across both finances and children. One is often spoiled for choice in terms of who to instruct.’



My go-to set for instructing counsel on private children cases. A wide and deep pool of talent at all levels of call. From the superlative Hannah Markham QC to the newly called  – you can be sure that you will get great service. ‘

’36 is a fantastic set that has quickly come into the consciousness of leading family law firms in recent years, in no small part due to their senior clerk Danny Chapman who has worked incredibly hard to attract the right blend of counsel to that set and to ensure that instructing solicitors know about them. Its star is well and truly in the ascendancy; a set to (continue to) watch.

‘Incredible team of skilled advocates.’

’36 Family has gone from strength to strength over the years. It is now one of the most well known and highly respected Chambers in family law in London.’

‘Very gifted and diverse set.’

’36 Group is a very good set with excellent facilities, good barristers and helpful clerks. The charges are very reasonable in comparison with other sets.


‘Danny Chapman and Ashley London offer exemplary service. They are responsive and hardworking. They do not “sell” barristers who they know will not be right for a given client; they take great care to get to know solicitors, the clients they work with and the type of counsel who will be best suited to them. They are extremely competitive on fees.’

‘Fantastic team of clerks led by the incredible Danny Chapman.’

Danny Chapman’s relationship with solicitors is second to none. His dedication and honesty has got the chambers to where they are today.’

‘The clerks are superb. They are friendly and will go out of their way to assist.

‘The clerking team is very good and always on hand to help.

42 Bedford Row

42 Bedford Row is ‘exceptionally experienced' in this area. The members are ‘approachable and easy to work with’. The set is especially known for its public law children work and its private law practice continues to grow.  It is a 'great chambers with a good selection of experienced and well-respected family barristers'. Gemma Taylor QC  has a track record of work involving some allegations of some of the most serious child abuse possible, while Katie Phillips has been instructed in diplomatically-sensitive international child law proceedings.



‘42’s family group is full of talent. There are some excellent practitioners and the team is chock full of able lawyers. They are renowned for those who practice children law, with am emphasis on public law. There is an expectation of quality in respect of senior and junior members of chambers alike as its reputation continues to grow.’

’42 Bedford Row has an impressive list of members with a range that can meet the needs of any case . The clerking team is always very helpful and bends over backwards to ensure the right counsel is made available if at all possible. Given the range of specialisms available it is rare not to be able to find someone who is right for any given case . Regular webinars are available which are always informative and topical.’

‘The chambers is always my first choice as it has a good range of experienced barristers and almost always manages to find someone even in an emergency. It also offers my team training on a fairly regular basis.’

‘Easily contactable and good range of skill base with regards to barristers.


The clerks are brilliant. They were some of the nicest clerks in the business. It is a breath of fresh air to what has more recently become a more commercial approach to clerking.

‘James Tidnam is extremely impressive . He has his finger on the pulse at all times.  He is well supported by the rest of the team.’

The clerks room is a happy place, often under pressure, but with a sense that all are very well supported in their roles.

‘Very efficient and hardworking. Put in a lot of time to assist instructing solicitors.’

Clerks were very helpful and innovative in the pandemic restrictions.’

9 Gough Chambers

9 Gough Chambers is an ‘approachable, professional and experienced set’ with considerable strength in public law children work. Its members act in a wide range of cases from complex matters relating to sexual abuse to radicalisation cases. Members also assist parents in disputes over arrangements for their children. It is a ‘reliable and competent set’ with some excellent juniors such as Oliver Millington, Tara Vindis and Esther Maclachlan.



‘I use the set a lot, mainly in public law work. It is very strong, approachable and detail oriented.

Wide range of experience and competent chambers.

‘Friendly set, approachable counsel who are willing to go above and beyond when instructed. Excellent service. All the Barristers are committed to their practice and have a good knowledge of the law.

9 Gough Chambers is a strong set of advocates. I have had numerous emergency briefs handled by the most experienced barristers but also the lesser experienced barristers and I have always been happy with the outcome and their handling of the case. I have been very impressed with its in-depth knowledge in medico legal matters. Whenever I book a barrister from 9GS I am happy that they will do their best for my clients. Where continuity is not possible the barristers communicate with each other to make the transition as smooth as possible.’


‘A good sound reliable service.

The clerks are helpful.’

‘Jaime Brooks is exceptional, he is efficient and gets back to you as quickly as he can. Tom Bennett is great with fees and ensures fee notes are sent out as soon as possible.’

‘Jaime Brooks  and Thomas Bennett are brilliant and reliable. Great service and they know their solicitors well. Respond speedily to emails and calls and always a joy to speak to them. Really helpful.’

I have only ever received excellent service. Thomas Bennett is excellent. He is helpful and unflappable.


Fourteen is a ‘great set of care barristers and is always a top pick.’ ‘All counsel are very experienced and work hard for the client.’ It has a strong reputation for its work in public law proceedings in particular in cases involving allegations of neglect and the most serious abuse, as well as being well-regarded for its work on private law children disputes. The set has a number of distinguished members including Christopher Miller, Jay Banerji and Ronan O’Donovan.



‘Fourteen provides a good all around service in family cases. It has a wide range of barristers who are well respected.’

Outstanding set of chambers. Strength in depth and friendly clerks.’

Fourteen has a number of excellent barristers at all levels of seniority. The fact that it is exclusively a family law chambers means that every member is specialist in the area. ‘

‘A solid set.’

‘Chambers is really good at keeping the same counsel available on cases previously instructed on. Its communication is good both on the telephone and via email.’


The clerks are helpful and approachable.’

‘I find Fourteen to be accommodating and always try to assist where possible. The clerks are efficient and attentive. ‘

‘Always willing to accommodate our firm and very helpful.’

The clerks are unfailingly helpful. They do their best to assist with urgent work or any issues on cases. It’s always easy to speak to someone and get a quick answer to a query.’

Great service from the clerks, James Mitchell and Joe Lamb in particular.’

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers  ‘is a great set of chambers with a variety of Counsel to select from. It is always happy to help and has a friendly approach.’ It is well-regarded for its public children work but is increasingly becoming a known name for its work on complex private law children matters. Members of chambers are known for handling the most sensitive and complex cases, touching on issues including FGM protection orders, international families and cases where the most serious abuse is alleged, acting for both parents and local authorities.



‘Garden Court Chambers is my preferred set of chambers. It has a good set of barristers who have extensive experience and are well-respected.’

Garden Court Chambers is an outstanding set as a whole, with an array of highly competent and skilled practitioners. I know that my client will be in very safe hands when represented by a barrister from Garden Court.’

‘It is usually able to offer experienced counsel and there is some benefit to it being a mixed set as there is other knowledge available that is not available in all sets. It offers decent training programmes and is always willing to consider offering individualised training on request.’

‘Garden Court is a good set and has a number of very experienced children law practitioners. What is very helpful is its ability to cross over cases with immigration issues whilst many other sets don’t have those skill sets‘.

It provides very interesting courses which are always relevant to the times. ‘


‘The clerks are absolutely superb. Particular mention goes to Paul Sams and Lewis Cross, who are not only delightful to deal with but also go the extra mile to ensure that I am never left without cover when I need it.

All the clerks are so helpful and do what they can to assist.’

‘The clerks are all very capable and I feel in good hands.’

The clerks are very good – very professional and accommodating. ‘

‘The clerks are efficient. ‘