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Focus on… GGI | Global Alliance

In today’s global markets, being able to service clients with international business needs is a necessity for all professional service firms, whether large or small. Having an international network of outstanding and trustworthy peers who are able to provide in-depth understanding of local legal and fiscal differences is a must for businesses to be successful in their cross-border activities.

GGI | Global Alliance (GGI) offers an outstanding solution in this respect, providing access to reputable and reliable professionals worldwide. GGI is the largest multi-disciplinary association of independent professional services firms worldwide, all of whom are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements. GGI’s 625+ member firms are represented by 870+ offices in 126 countries, generating an annual cumulative fee income exceeding USD 6.3 billion through the 30,000+ full-time members’ employees, guaranteeing members immediate access to 360° professional services in each major financial jurisdiction in the world.

GGI members are law, accounting, audit, tax, advisory and M&A firms with substantial cross-border needs, which not only enables them to refer business one another but also to exchange best practices continuously with fellow peers in other countries. The multi-disciplinary model is extremely beneficial for both member firms and their clients, because it allows each individual members (whether it is a law firm or an accounting firm) to be able to support their clients with any kind of specific professional services required, without being limited to the service-offering of a single profession.

GGI also has a particularly strong focus on M&A and investment banking services, highlighted by the establishment few years ago of its special M&A unit: Geneva Capital Group (GCG,, the members of which are M&A boutiques and investment banking firms. GCG members have concluded more than 5,000 transactions, with a cumulative value of over USD 77 billion and a 30% cross-border rate. The connection to GGI allows GCG members to take advantage of GGI’s global presence of lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and business consultants, and to originate considerable cross-border M&A opportunities.

GGI is also the first global alliance to have achieved CSR accreditation with CSR-A (, a UK-based organisation providing independent validation and recognition of an organisation’s socially responsible activities. GGI’s motivation to become a sustainability-accredited company comes from the wish to drive change within the professional services sector, highlighting how GGI as an organisation and its members can adopt sustainability practices.

Members of GGI have years of experience all over the world in a wide range of industries, covering practically all areas of economic life – from banks, industrial companies and airlines, right down to hotels and restaurants. Whether in Australia, the USA, India or Brazil, you will be able to find a member firm.

GGI’s philosophy is outlined in the following Five Values, which unites firms across all cultural differences and mindsets:

Successful business is based on trust. At GGI our aim is to fulfil our remit properly. Clients rely on integrity and objective, independent advice to help them make intelligent business decisions. For this reason, GGI members adhere to the highest professional and ethical principles and strive to have no conflicts of interest. This is what clients expect from our member firms, who are all at the highest levels of their profession.

Professional excellence is one of our foremost principles, and is applied by GGI at every level. This constant effort to deliver the highest possible competence leads not only to client satisfaction, improvement in business lines and staff development, but also demonstrates the most reliable proof of our independence.

We strongly believe that only an organisation of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today’s expanding markets. Although every member firm is unique and independent, the same high-quality standards apply to each.

GGI respects the cultural differences that combine to make our alliance strong. We are made up of a diverse range of independent teams in more than 126 countries, in each of which a broad mix of individual skills and approaches is to be found. Since such diversity leads to innovation and strength, we treat clients and one another with respect, while continuing to appreciate cultural differences.

The GGI spirit encompasses the relationship which exists with clients, each other, ourselves, our principles and the GGI philosophy. It sums up how we practice our passion to serve, on both a collective and individual level. Our aim is to always put the client first, which shows a

strong commitment to resolving clients’ issues, improving their business, advancing their goals and surpassing their expectations.

Nowadays, getting ahead means forging international business relationships. Having a direct or indirect presence in international markets is a huge step toward long-term national success – whatever the size of your business. Establishing foreign relationships effectively means having to clearly understand the business practices specific to individual countries. Cross-border activities will always require detailed consultation. In order to enjoy competitive advantages, you must know about the legal, fiscal and economic peculiarities of unfamiliar business environments. The consultation necessary for this can essentially only come from true professionals inside their own respective countries and only an international organisation can make it possible for companies and business owners to quickly establish the most suitable business relationships. GGI unites a group of international, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint mission of finding the right solution for any specific problem and to resolve any financial, legal and tax issues which may arise.