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Focus on… JPM Jankovic Popovic Mitic

The law firm JPM Janković Popović Mitić has more than three decades of experience in representing the most prestigious Serbian companies and advising international clients coming to Serbia and the region of Southeast Europe.

Our lawyers have exceptional experience and expertise in providing legal services to the industrial and corporate sectors in as many as 20 legal areas, from energy, banking, transport, manufacturing, and telecommunications, to renewable energy, mining, and the IT industry. Knowledge of the domestic market and decades of participation in the most important business transactions, have made us partners with some of the world’s largest corporations that successfully operate in Serbia.

We successfully respond to international challenges by being a member of the worldwide network of the best local law firms Lex Mundi, which means that we provide clients with legal advice in multi-jurisdictional transactions. We are connected with more than 130 offices in the world and we support foreign clients in matters of taxes, construction, data protection, but also customs, intellectual property, and labor law. In addition to 28 exceptional experts in Serbia, our team also operates in Montenegro, where legal services are provided by 5 experienced lawyers in our office in Podgorica.

In accordance with the developments in the global economy and the growing investments and trade with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union, we formed teams of lawyers who speak German, French, Russian and Slovenian language, which is currently a rarity on the market of legal services in Serbia. As an exclusive service, all legal advice can be obtained in the native language, in one place.

We are a leader in the use of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in the work on complex international transactions and extremely voluminous documentation items, so we successfully provide clients with the best supervision and absolute control over budgets, services provided, and deadlines. At the same time, our lawyers are focused on the quality of legal advice and real-time support, which enables our clients to make quick decisions in business, fully compliant with applicable laws. We believe in long-term partnerships based on mutual understanding, respect, and exceptional trust. We are proud of the fact that our team is continuously growing and improving business, following world trends, and supporting staff who follow new ways of doing business and new needs of clients.

JPM Jankovic Popovic Mitic

If we were to draw a timeline of our history, it would start back in 1991. and we proudly celebrated the 30th anniversary of our partnership and legal practice last year.

At the time, the three partners have been working in a challenging market, with the market economy steadily taking over. The idea was to create a modern multi-practice law firm resembling the western law firms.

JMP unfolded and defined so much of what we today know as making law a successful business, sharing one vision – help businesses achieve their goals by being the added value, rather than only the cost to our clients.

During the 90s, the first ten, more challenging years were marked by international sanctions, hyperinflation, war and even bombing of our country, so it was not without considerable personal risk and, usually, extraordinary out-of-the-box solutions where required. The firm successfully navigated the rough waters of the first 10 years and has entered a much more stable period of time, delivering the highest quality of service to the legal market in Serbia and the SEE region, recognized as such by our clients and peers.

We opened the market and lead the biggest international companies through the economy ‘earthquakes’ and privatization in Serbia and the region. Our first big successful transaction was the acquisition of the local technical gas producer Tehnogas by German Messer Griesheim group. The other big transactions soon followed, like the establishment of the first two foreign banks in Serbia after the II World War, the first hostile takeover, the first 1 billion EUR transaction, the largest private transaction – Maxi supermarkets, and many more.

Parallel and equally successful was our growth in the wider international landscape. We have extended our geographical reach through memberships in Lex Mundi (the world’s premiere network of independent law firms) and our own regional TLA network, positioning us as a one-stop shop for clients requiring multi-jurisdictional legal service. Last year, we established ‘JPM Partner in Montenegro’, with a prominent Vukmirovic Misic law firm, offering the full scope of our services directly to local clients.

During the 2000s, in the era of fast technology and developing new industries, our team grew. We have been bold in reshaping on the inside. Onboard our managing team came one of our colleagues, Dr Jelena Gazivoda, a lawyer who “grew” with the office and brought another managing perspective, expertise and a new angle of looking at the future of our business. Furthermore, with the introduction of the latest legal technology solutions, we are able to streamline the work processes and collaborate more closely with clients, who come from every industrial and corporate sector: energy, banking, transport, manufacturing and telecommunications. Now, we are expanding our services to growing industries, such as renewable energy, IT, digital and life sciences, using innovative solutions and a pro-active approach.

Growing to the 35+ lawyers in our team, we have embraced changes and remained devoted to a pioneering approach. Our regional presence and international success will still be supported by investing in further development and new people. We keep our attitude essential and uncomplicated, perpetuating the tradition of trust and reliability, that has always been made by individuals for individuals, still guided by the true spirit of partnership.

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