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Leading Silks

William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘William is a heavyweight litigator in every sense. Equally at home on his feet in court, at a JSM or on paper.’
Charles Bagot KCGatehouse ChambersCharles is approachable, personable and pragmatic. He has an incredible eye for detail whilst still managing to keep sight of the wider picture.'
Neil Block KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Neil's analysis of any case is excellent. His presentation in court is fearless and courteous.'
Benjamin Browne KC2 Temple Gardens ‘An excellent and thorough advocate with a meticulous attention to detail.'
Simon Browne KC39 Essex ChambersSimon is an innovative barrister with a sharp mind and an even sharper advocacy style.'
Charles Dougherty KC - 2 Temple Gardens 'Charles has a sharp legal mind and has an enviable ability to explain incredibly complex matters in a simple and effective way.' 
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Hugely experienced, fantastic work ethic, good with clients.'
Stephen Killalea KCDevereuxAbsolutely brilliant- clients love him for his knowledge and passion and commitment to getting the right result.'
William Latimer-Sayer KCCloisters ‘William can be counted on to add substantial value to every claim through his superlative knowledge and meticulous attention to detail.'
Jacob Levy KCDeka ChambersJacob is one of the hardest working members of the PI Bar. His eye for detail and getting the best results is unwavering, he is a top drawer silk for catastrophically injured claimants.’
Simeon Maskrey KC7BR ‘Simeon is a formidable advocate, he has the ability to articulate complex legal arguments in a straightforward language.'
Gerard McDermott KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Gerard is one of the leading PI silks. His client skills are second-to-none. He has a phenomenal ability to distil complex cases into manageable material, putting clients at ease, but also at the centre of the process.’
David Platt KCCrown Office Chambers ‘David is a Rolls Royce of a silk. Excellent robust and no-nonsense advice.'
Michael Rawlinson KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is a phenomenal advocate. Nothing phases him - his advice is concise and to the point, and he is not afraid of trial.'  
Steven Snowden KC12 King’s Bench Walk  ‘Steven is a leading light in the area; always on top of his game and a compelling advocate.'
Robert Weir KCDevereux ‘Robert is totally outstanding – a genuine expert.’
Stephen Worthington KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘An absolute star in this field. His advice is always commercial and pragmatic as well as legally sound.'
Matthew Chapman KCDeka ChambersMatthew is a delight to work with. He has a depth of knowledge that is unrivalled, and has his finger on the pulse of all cross-border litigation issues.’
Charlie Cory-Wright KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Charlie is an outstanding advocate who is clear, engaging and persuasive.' 
James Counsell KCOuter Temple ChambersA solid advocate with a great manner. Everything you want from a top silk.'
Sarah Crowther KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Sarah is a meticulous and tenacious advocate. Always well-prepared, not afraid to take a difficult point and technically gifted on tricky points of law and procedure.’
Lord Faulks KCDeka ChambersCharming – Edward is generous with his high level understanding both of the law and the appeal court philosophy’ 
Robert Glancy KCDevereux ‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking'
Nina Goolamali KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Nina is fastidiously thorough, and a fearsome negotiator - definitely someone you want in your corner.'
Michael Kent KCCrown Office Chambers ‘He has a profound grasp of the law and combines that with diffident but highly effective advocacy.'
Marie Louise Kinsler KC2 Temple GardensMarie Louise is an expert in this area with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and a fearless approach towards litigation.'
Stuart McKechnie KCDeka Chambers ‘Ferocious eye for detail, meticulous preparation and adds value to every case he is instructed on - the leading quantum PI silk in the country.'
Dominic Nolan KCHailsham Chambers ‘He provides sound and knowledgeable advice, is good with clients, is approachable and most of all tenacious.'
Derek O’Sullivan KC39 Essex Chambers 'A true heavyweight silk. Encyclopedic knowledge of the law and procedure, yet always able to distil advice to the binary.'
Julian Picton KCHailsham Chambers 'Remarkable attention to detail, astute management of experts and extremely user friendly.'
Susan Rodway KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Susan is a brilliant barrister who fights for the clients she represents. She does not shy away from difficult cases.'
Paul Rose KCOld Square Chambers ‘Paul is a superb tactician and his attention to detail is second-to-none.’
Paul Russell KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Paul is meticulous in his preparation for conferences and hearings. He is supremely confident and has a grasp of all the key issues.'
Howard Stevens KC3 Hare Court 'Howard is an excellent advocate - clear, measured and never puts a foot wrong.'
Henry Witcomb KC1 Crown Office RowVery bright, hard working, and has an excellent client manner.'
Dominic Adamson KCTemple Garden Chambers 'Dominic is astute, excellent on paper and an extremely competent, professional and considerate advocate.'
Grahame Aldous KCDeka ChambersTotally unflappable – a masterful advocate.
Alexander Antelme KCCrown Office Chambers 'He is a very smooth advocate.'
Edward Bishop KCDeka Chambers ‘Always very well prepared, excellent with experts - inspires confidence.' 
Patrick Blakesley KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Patrick is a very eloquent and elegant advocate. He has a calm and forceful manner as well as being highly intelligent.'
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is extremely thorough and does not overlook a single detail, just what you need in highly complex multi-defendant extremely high-value personal injury cases.’
Andrew Davis KC – Crown Office Chambers ‘A first-rate advocate with a real eye for detail, who builds a great rapport with experts and witnesses.’
Katherine Deal KC3 Hare Court ‘Katherine is an excellent, practical counsel who makes sound commercial judgements and provide honest timely and helpful advice on the management of issues.’
Steven Ford KC7BR ‘Steven has a true appreciation of proportionality and brings a calmness to even the most difficult of cases.’
Emily Formby KC – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Emily is thoughtful and thorough in her approach to cases, she is able to cut through complex facts to identify key legal arguments.'
Robert Kellar KC1 Crown Office Row 'An excellent negotiator with a good eye for detail.'
Christopher Kennedy KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Christopher is first-class with clients. His preparation is meticulous and he provides tactically astute advice. A brilliant advocate.’
Giles Mooney KCDeka Chambers ‘Giles is a natural and confident advocate and exceptionally easy to work with. He is pragmatic and not scared to tackle difficult issues and push for what is best for clients.'
John Ross KCDeka Chambers ‘John is a consummate advocate. He is thorough – leaving no stone unturned and communicating difficult issues of law and complex factual issues in a concise and clear manner.’
Nathan Tavares KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Nathan is exceptionally bright, hardworking and tenacious; a true star of the Bar in every sense.’  
Andrew Warnock KCDeka ChambersAndrew is, or should be, the first port of call for complex personal injury cases, especially those with multiple parties, or a notable historic element.’
Adam Weitzman KC7BR ‘An excellent ability to cut through to the key issues and to assess strengths and weaknesses of a case - superb advocacy skills at trial.'
Christopher Wilson-Smith KCOuter Temple ChambersA razor sharp analytical mind. Able to get to the heart of the matter and formidable reputation.'
Eliot Woolf KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Eliot is a star. His eye for detail is second-to-none, his responsiveness also second-to-none and an excellent way with clients.’
Howard Palmer KC –2 Temple Gardens ‘Howard is very professional and client friendly, collaborative and has excellent judgement.’
James Arney KC - Temple Garden Chambers 'Incredibly detailed and analytical, in tandem with his obvious intellect.'
Judith Ayling KC39 Essex ChambersA very impressive silk. Judith is extremely bright and can master claims of the very highest value and complexity.'
Marcus Dignum KC12 King’s Bench WalkMarcus is an excellent silk. Straight to the point, always gets to the heart of issues very swiftly.’
Joel Donovan KCCloisters 'Joel has a talent for cutting through the complexities of a case and making the picture appear clear and straightforward.'
Conor Dufficy  - 7BR 'Conor is phenomenally bright. He is able to anticipate the way in which cases will unfold and make the right judgment calls accordingly.'
John Foy KCDeka Chambers 'John is always calm and measured, he commands respect which inevitably results in a good outcome, and clients love his kind and caring approach.'
Jonathan Hand KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Jonathan is hard working, responsive and a delight to work with.'
Henry Pitchers KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Henry is calm and very approachable. He is able to digest technical evidence and advise in a very down to earth manner to our clients.'
Prashant Popat KC – Henderson ChambersPrashant has an excellent ability to go through large amounts of technical data and condense the information into clear advice.’
Martin Porter KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Martin is a powerhouse when it comes to high-value claims. His knowledge and expertise is rivalled by few and having him in your corner is a real cushion of stability.’
James Todd KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A skilled advocate good with witnesses, experts and addressing the court in submissions.'
David Tyack KC – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘David is an excellent advocate for clients, meticulous with his advice and on point.'
Patrick Vincent KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Patrick is highly intelligent, but very pragmatic in his approach. Great on policy issues.'
Christopher Wilson-Smith KCOuter Temple ChambersChristopher has a sharp legal mind and real gravitas in the field of catastrophic injury claims.’      
Angus Withington KCHenderson ChambersAngus is very responsive and sensible, he is very good at putting clients at their ease.'

2022 Silks

Rehana Azib KC - 2 Temple GardensIncredibly bright, astute and able to understand the intricacies of complex legal points as well as the wider needs of the clients.
Rehana Azib KC - 2 Temple Gardens 'Rehana is brilliant at putting clients at ease and provides clear and succinct advice.'
Laura Johnson KCDeka Chambers 'Huge gravitas and presence and a formidable advocate for her clients.'
Charles Woodhouse KCOld Square ChambersHe has the command of the court room and his advocacy is a joy to observe.
Lucy Wyles KC2 Temple GardensWell-known in the cross border field, Lucy uses her vast knowledge to devastating effect, a master of the court and negotiating rooms alike'

2023 Silks

Richard Baker KC7BRRichard is a very hard working, authoritative and responsive barrister. Frankly, impressive all-round.’
Richard Baker KC - 7BR 'Richard is an impressive advocate. He is clear, calm and persuasive.' 
Niazi Fetto KC2 Temple GardensNiazi is an outstanding junior. He has a tireless work-ethic, a fierce intelligence and puts clients completely at ease.'   
Niazi Fetto KC – 2 Temple Gardens ‘Experienced, a strong tactician and trusted by clients.’
Nicola Greaney KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Nicola is very thorough and prepared and asks the hard questions.'
Sarah Prager KCDeka Chambers ‘Sarah is outstanding, her knowledge of travel law is excellent and she is a formidable advocate.’
Andrew Roy KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘First-rate and amongst those waiting to take silk. Total mastery of the detail is the mark of his preparation'

2024 Silks

Edward Lamb KC - Deka Chambers 'His dedicated and caring approach puts clients at ease and he is able to explain everything to them in a way in which they understand and appreciate.'
Paul Stagg KCDeka Chambers ‘A titan in the world of local authority and police liability with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.'
Colin Thomann KC39 Essex Chambers 'Colin is phenomenally hard working, has a colossal intellect, good judgment and is a true team player.'

Personal Injury - Leading Juniors

Laura BegleyDeka Chambers ‘Laura is thorough with an excellent eye for detail which extends into her advocacy.' 
James BellTemple Garden Chambers ‘A hands-on, practical barrister who is well-liked by clients, solicitors and opponents alike.’
Christian Du Cann39 Essex Chambers ‘Christian is a stand out barrister on his feet. He is brilliant.' 
Henry Charles12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is meticulous with detail whilst having a firm grasp on the big picture of a case. He has a great breadth of knowledge and can often offer solutions which are out of the box.'
Bernard Doherty39 Essex Chambers ‘Excellent analysis of the issues and law - gets to the heart of the matter. A very able negotiator.'
Shaun FerrisCrown Office Chambers ‘Shaun is always prepared, tactically very astute and adaptable.'
Jeremy FordDeka Chambers ‘Jeremy is a first-class barrister and consummate professional. His written work is clear, concise and persuasive and he can be a forceful advocate when necessary.’
Catherine FosterCrown Office Chambers ‘Catherine's advocacy is outstanding. She has an ability to secure results that surpass all reasonable expectation.'
Marcus GrantTemple Garden Chambers ‘Marcus is the equal and more of any silk. His intellect and mastery of a case is second-to-none.’
Paul Higgins Crown Office Chambers 'A master strategist in fundamental dishonesty claims that can be quite nuanced.'
Katherine HowellsOld Square Chambers ‘Katherine is a brilliant barrister who fights for the clients she represents. She is very detailed in her approach and leaves no stone unturned.'
Patrick Kerr  – 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Patrick is extremely impressive. He is approachable and has great tactical awareness.’
Daniel LawsonCloisters ‘Senior junior of choice for difficult, complex work.'
Justin Levinson1 Crown Office Row ‘The leader at the Bar when it comes to sexual abuse litigation. His experience and knowledge is unrivalled.’
Nigel Lewers12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Articulate, always calm especially under fire, with an excellent eye for detail and outstanding technical knowledge.'
Niall Maclean12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A fantastic all-rounder. Niall has an amazing eye for detail, and is superb at assessing complex expert evidence on high-value cases.'
Julian Matthews7BR ‘An excellent advocate and knowledgeable advisor of immense experience who puts clients at ease and provides thorough and pragmatic advice at all times'
Christopher Russell2 Temple Gardens ‘Meticulous in preparation, polished advocate, skillful presentation of arguments.' 
David Sanderson12 King’s Bench Walk ‘David is an exceptional barrister, he has an eye for detail and is rigorous in his approach.'
Gemma Scott12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Gemma has huge experience in the field of asbestos-related illness claims and her technical knowledge in this field is superb.’
Bruce SilvesterDeka Chambers ‘Bruce advocates with force and conviction. He is very experienced and calm in the face of difficult situations.' 
A. John Williams  – Crown Office Chambers ‘A leading junior in this field. Attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of all arguments, good on tactics.'
Aliyah Akram12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Aliyah is cerebral and approachable’
Michael Brace 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is simply outstanding. He has huge technical knowledge of this field and great attention to detail.'  
Ben BradleyOuter Temple Chambers ‘Excellent with clients and quick to get to the nub of the issue. Persuasive in court but tenacious when the need arises.'
Simon BrindleDeka Chambers ‘Simon is outstanding and a leader in his field. Incredibly intelligent and cuts through the issues with clients and experts in a concise way.'
Richard Cartwright - DevereuxRichard shows a very great attention to detail and in particular is excellent with calculating losses.
Sadie Crapper39 Essex Chambers ‘Sadie is very thorough with good attention to detail. She knows her cases inside out and is excellent at collaborative strategic planning to achieve the best results.’
Romilly Cummerson39 Essex Chambers ‘Romilly is exceptionally hardworking and her written work is of the highest standard.' 
Lee EvansFarrar’s Building ‘A go-to counsel for complex claims.’
Richard Furniss42BR Barristers 'Richard is and always has been a robust barrister. His advice is always on point. Clients admire him for his professionalism and attention to detail.'
Stephen GlynnDeka Chambers ‘Stephen is a talented and diligent barrister, a no-nonsense, tough negotiator with an innate ability to simplify complex issues.’
Hugh Hamill12 King’s Bench WalkHugh is a great advocate; shows great attention to detail and is robust in negotiations. He is also extremely personable and approachable.’
Roger Harris2 Temple GardensGood and clear identification of issues and excellent analysis of these which require high level understanding of the medical evidence.’
Simon King7BR ‘Simon is very thorough, approachable and excellent with clients.'
James LaughlandTemple Garden Chambers ‘James is forensically thorough in his consideration of the papers, his written advice and his preparation for hearings and trials.'
Alexander MacphersonCrown Office Chambers ‘Alexander is forensic and an excellent communicator of complex issues - he is superb at unpicking difficult liability and causation issues.' 
Scott MatthewsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Scott is a very accomplished advocate - the complete package.'
Meghann McTague2 Temple Gardens ‘Meghann is an impressive barrister - an eloquent and calm yet forceful advocate, her attention to detail is invaluable and her commitment to her work is endless.' 
Colin MendozaDevereux ‘Very understanding when dealing with clients and determined and tenacious in the face of complex and challenging issues arising during litigation.'
Colm NugentGatehouse Chambers ‘Colm is tactically brilliant. He gets into the bones of a case and has a very keen eye for how to strategise through the nuances of litigation.'
Lionel StrideTemple Garden Chambers ‘Lionel’s attention to detail is second-to-none and his thorough pleadings are the best in the business.’
John-Paul Swoboda12 King’s Bench Walk ‘John-Paul is not afraid of difficult cases. He is extremely good with clients, has great tactical acumen and is an excellent speaker.' 
Daniel Tobin12 King’s Bench WalkDaniel is a force to be reckoned with on his feet, rapier-sharp and cuts to the main issues.’
Harry Trusted2 Temple Gardens ‘Harry is a very clear-sighted barrister. He has sound judgement and a pragmatic approach to problems cutting through complex facts or difficult law.’ 
Christopher WalkerDevereuxAn excellent barrister. He is very detail conscious and very thorough in his approach.'
David White12 King’s Bench Walk ‘David is a superb advocate. He approaches every problem comprehensively and gives considered advice.'
Richard WilkinsonTemple Garden ChambersA logical thinker, with a valuable ability to deliver simplified, clear advice having been presented with a complex web of evidence.'  
Ivan Bowley 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘One of the most astute and knowledgeable barristers in this field with impeccable judgement.'
Geoffrey Brown39 Essex Chambers 'Geoffrey has vast experience and brings a calming and wise presence to any case he is involved.'
Jonathan ButtersDevereuxJonathan is an exceptionally bright individual whose ability to deal with complex factual evidence and difficult areas of law is truly impressive.'
Daniel ClarkeOuter Temple Chambers ‘Meticulous, approachable, excellent with clients and a pleasure to deal with.'
Jamie ClarkeCrown Office Chambers ‘Jamie is meticulous in his attention to detail. He is extraordinarily thorough.' 
Adam DawsonDeka ChambersAdam is a superb barrister with particular skills with clients.'
Ian DenhamOuter Temple ChambersIan is a hugely experienced in cross-border personal injury claims. He is an excellent and persuasive advocate.'
Peter EdwardsDevereuxApproachable, Peter shows major ability to grasp complex legal issues and work them to the clients advantage.’ 
Quintin Fraser39 Essex Chambers ‘Quintin is very smart, very likeable and very diligent.'
Peter FreemanTemple Garden Chambers ‘Helpful, practical and realistic: a first-class advocate.'
Perrin GibbonsDeka Chambers 'Perrin is meticulous in her preparation for court and a fierce cross-examiner.'
John GreenbourneCrown Office Chambers ‘John is meticulous in both the preparation and delivery of his advice. He has a forensic approach to the evidence that instils confidence.'  
Richard Gregory42BR BarristersRichard’s attention to detail, thoroughness and support is second-to-none.’
Peter Houghton  – Crown Office Chambers ‘Peter is the most detail-orientated junior at the Bar. He is massively intelligent.’
Anna Hughes2 Temple GardensTenacious, diligent and bright, Anna is renowned for fighting her client's corner. An excellent up-and-coming Junior.'
Robert HunterDevereuxRobert is an outstanding junior and has a tireless work-ethic, an incredible intelligence and puts lay clients completely at ease.'
Henry Morton Jack2 Temple Gardens ‘Fantastic on his feet, with a real knack for developing his argument in the most persuasive manner.’
Paul KilcoyneTemple Garden Chambers ‘A very experienced and approachable barrister who is very good at putting his clients at ease. His knowledge in relation to military matters is superb.'
Alistair Mackenzie - 2 Temple Gardens 'A superb legal mind. Very intelligent and tactically aware - a very talented barrister,'
Timothy Meakin7BRA skilled advocate with first-rate communication skills and a great ability to put clients at their ease that inspires confidence.”
John Meredith-HardyFarrar’s Building ‘John is incredibly bright and tactically astute.'
Jeremy Pendlebury7BRA strong advocate and a very able senior barrister.'  
Patrick SaddOuter Temple ChambersPatrick is an extremely sensitive and able child abuse barrister. He has significant amounts of experience in dealing with these most complex of cases.'
Adam Samuel – Old Square Chambers ‘Adam is very impressive on his feet. He can find weaknesses and gaps in evidence which elude others and cross examination is subtle but effective.'
Shahram Sharghy  – 1 Crown Office Row 'Shahram Sharghy deserves a special mention; a true star of the senior junior end of claimant personal injury litigation.'
Andrew Spencer - Deka Chambers 'Andrew is a very straight-talking barrister who cuts through complex issues and gets to the crux of the case.'
Christopher StephensonDeka ChambersHe is an excellent, well-rounded barrister with top-drawer client skills and a steely negotiating style.'
James Sullivan12 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is very well-prepared and has an excellent knowledge of the law.’
Kiril Waite7BRExcellent on complex liability claims, a skilled negotiator and trial advocate who always obtains the best results.'
Andrew WilleFarrar’s Building ‘Andrew is a fantastic barrister. He is meticulous with his consideration of papers and the advice he provides is always first-class.’
Gemma WitheringtonCrown Office Chambers ‘Gemma has excellent attention to detail. She is able to empathise with clients and provide them with reassurance and confidence.'
Andrew ArentsenFarrar’s Building ‘Andrew is very personable, good with clients, and gives clear sound advice.'
Katie Ayres - Crown Office Chambers 'Katie exhibits excellent command of the case facts and the law, and expresses herself concisely to excellent effect.'
Helen Bell 2 Temple Gardens ‘Helen's advocacy is assured and impressive.'
James ByrneDeka ChambersJames is excellent in client conferences when presented with difficult clients or circumstances.’
James Candlin 12 King’s Bench WalkJames is a careful and conscientious barrister with great judgement whose meticulous case preparation makes him an excellent choice for fraud work in particular.’      
Craig Carr7BRCraig has a keen eye to detail and is calm and measured in his advice and negotiation, helping to achieve excellent results on cases.'
Suzanne ChalmersCrown Office Chambers ‘Suzanne's attention to detail and ability to get into the minutiae of the case quickly in order to make a difference to the final outcome sets her apart.'
William Chapman  - 7BR 'William is thorough and methodical, and his advice is always detailed and practical.'
Camilla Church39 Essex ChambersCamilla is sharp and responsive, and her advocacy is clear, concise and on point.'
Laura CollignonThomas More Chambers 'Laura is a formidable advocate, passionate in representing her clients, incredibly knowledgeable with an ability to think on her feet.'
Emma Corkill39 Essex Chambers ‘Emma has excellent grasp of material and depth of knowledge’
Stephen CottrellDevereux ‘Stephen is a first-class junior barrister, his advocacy is clear and compelling.'
Jeremy CrowtherDeka Chambers ‘Jeremy is a superb all-rounder – great in conference and on his feet – he’s always well-prepared and gives easy to understand advice to the most vulnerable clients.’
Robert Cumming2 Temple GardensRobert's knowledge of personal injury claims is excellent and is able to get through the detail and reach the appropriate points.'
Lisa DobieDeka Chambers ‘Lisa has a calm and confidence inspiring approach, and is always familiar with the detail.'
Jim Duffy1 Crown Office RowJim is very forensic and thorough, with a detailed and committed approach to difficult cases.'
Christopher EdwardsOld Square Chambers ‘Chris has a clear understanding of personal injury litigation and is able to explain complex issues to clients.'
Laura ElfieldDeka Chambers ‘Laura is incredibly meticulous and incisive in her approach to evidence, cutting through and understanding the essence of a case.'
Angela Frost 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A well-rounded leader in the market with good commercial and practical instincts - a market-leading technical lawyer.' 
Bruno Gil – Old Square Chambers ‘Bruno is meticulous in his preparation, confident in his advice and a compelling advocate in court with an excellent success rate.'
Alexander Glassbrook  – Temple Garden Chambers 'A leading junior in the field. At the cutting edge of the emerging law on autonomous vehicles.'
Jack HardingDeka Chambers ‘Jack is a peerless advocate, with a razor-sharp legal brain.’
James Hawkins – 3 Hare Court ‘James is an excellent barrister. His attention to detail is second-to-none.’
Joshua HedgmanFarrar’s Building ‘Joshua is an excellent barrister and has a wide range of knowledge. He is particularly impressive at trial and in advocacy.'
Roger HiornsDeka Chambers 'Roger can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of cases quickly and efficiently and provide solid advice on best approach.'
Isaac Hogarth12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Isaac's attention to detail and quick understanding of the issues are outstanding.'
Rory Holmes Crown Office Chambers ‘Rory is always calm, collected and highly effective. He is a brilliant advocate and a joy to watch when on his feet.'
Abigail Holt – Garden Court Chambers 'Abigail is an exceptional barrister with vast experience, and deep knowledge in this area of law.'
Robert HornerDeka Chambers ‘Technically strong, attention to detail, clear communication and excellent with clients.'
Edward Hutchin Temple Garden Chambers 'Fantastic advocate and brilliant at the technical arguments - the complete package.'
Anthony Johnson – Temple Garden Chambers ‘Anthony is one of most tenacious barristers at the common law Bar.’
Anastasia Karseras2 Temple GardensAnastasia’s advocacy is exceptional. She is always extremely well-prepared and able to think fast on her feet when required.’      
Caroline Lody 7BRCaroline's preparation, knowledge of the brief and advocacy are all first-rate.'
Mark Lomas – 3PBMark is a leading junior who can be trusted to provide clear, accurate and detailed advice to both clients and instructing solicitors.'
Jack MacaulayCrown Office ChambersJack is very personable and adaptable; a smooth exterior but remains very much in control.'
Paul McGrath – Temple Garden Chambers 'Paul is an exceptional barrister. He has exceptional advocacy skills and is clear and concise in his work.'
Jasmine MurphyGatehouse Chambers ‘Jasmine is an excellent advocate.'
Iain O’Donnell – 1 Crown Office RowIain has a keen eye for detail and diligent approach. He is personable with clients and a fierce advocate.'
Johnathan PayneDeka Chambers ‘At the top of his game with an excellent eye for detail and first-class forensic cross-examination skills.’
Catherine Peck12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Catherine is always on top of the detail, but retains an ability to step back from that and see the bigger picture so as to mould a claim in the strongest possible way.'   
Angus PiperDeka ChambersA barrister with great personality and charm alongside a sharp intellect, impressive legal knowledge and a fantastic manner with clients.'
Helen PooleyDeka Chambers 'Helen is an excellent advocate. Her calm and concise advice puts clients at ease, even when advising in the most complex of cases.'
James PretsellFarrar’s Building 'James is very thorough in approach to his practice, is always well prepared and ensures he leaves no stone unturned when examining complex issues of causation.'
Charlotte Reynolds 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charlotte’s attention to detail is excellent. She is always thoroughly prepared, well-liked by clients and colleagues, and treats complex issues with care.’
Hugh Rimmer - Deka Chambers 'Hugh provides a very sensible, straight forward and pragmatic approach to cases. He is calm and collected with an excellent client manner.' 
David RiversOld Square ChambersDavid is very bright with great attention to detail.'
Nina Ross 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Nina is a fantastic advocate, who particularly excels in complex and sensitive cases.'
Oliver Rudd 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Oliver's collaborative style is incredibly effective, and his equally refined advocacy is well-received by Judges.' 
Liam Ryan7BRLiam is one of the leading juniors in relation to psychiatric injury and occupational stress claims. He knows the law inside out.’
Dan Saxby3 Hare Court  'Dan is an excellent advocate and is very persuasive.'
Hannah SaxenaFarrar’s Building ‘Hannah has excellent judgement and is a very persuasive advocate. Very practical and sees the big picture.’
Tim Sharpe  – Temple Garden ChambersTim is a very astute barrister. He is robust and provides sound economic advice.’
Charlie Sparling – Old Square Chambers ‘Charlie is commercially astute, alive to his client’s needs and a formidable advocate, whether in a settlement meeting or in court.’
Gurion TaussigDeka Chambers ‘Gurion is quite simply an exceptional barrister. He has significant experience and expertise in personal injury matters.'
Holly Tibbitts – Deka Chambers ‘Holly is able to set clients at ease with her straightforward advice. She is an accomplished advocate who will always fight her clients' corner.'
Adam Walker7BR ‘Very organised and efficient. Thorough, and always good with the clients in what can be sensitive claims.'
James Weston7BR ‘James has an ability to provide detailed but very clear and practical advices in complex claims.'  
Nadia Whittaker Crown Office ChambersNadia is straightforward and relentless, she has an excellent eye for detail and relishes rolling up her sleeves and taking on difficult cases.'
Asela Wijeyaratne - 3 Hare Court 'Asela is an exceptional junior. His memory and recall are both impeccable and he provides clear, pragmatic advice.'
Andrew Young3 Hare Court 'Good on paper and in court: a strong advocate and good with clients.'
Will YoungOuter Temple Chambers ‘Will is an absolute star in the making, fiercely intelligent and hard working.' 
Emma Zeb  - Gatehouse Chambers 'Emma is an excellent barrister who has a wealth of knowledge. She is very detailed in her preparation and understands complex issues easily. '
Max Archer12 King’s Bench Walk ‘An up and coming junior. Max has confidence and technical ability far beyond the number of years call.'
Thomas Banks12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A bright barrister who is going places in the future and is one to watch - Thomas is a big asset to have in a case.' 
Sophie Beesley - Old Square Chambers 'Sophie gives detailed and practical advice. She is approachable and very responsive. She has impressive attention to detail and fantastic quantum skills.'
Andrew Bershadski2 Temple GardensHighly intelligent, well organised and very hard working. Andrew is a forceful advocate and is very good with clients.'
Nick Blake Farrar’s Building ‘Nick is very knowledgeable in his subject.'
Stuart Brady - Farrar's Building 'Stuart is exceptionally committed and diligent. He leaves no stone unturned and goes the extra mile to address any gaps in a case.'
John Brown - Farrar's Building 'John is an exceptionally skilled and zealous advocate. He always shows forensic attention to the detail of every case whether that be in written advice or on his feet.'
Andrew Buchan - Cloisters 'The doyen of stress at work claims.'
Tamar Burton CloistersThorough, well-prepared and approachable for clients.’
Benjamin Casey - Temple Garden Chambers 'Ben is a heavyweight barrister whose unflappable exterior belies a fierce intellect and an ability to see the wood for the trees on the most complex of issues.'
Ian Clarke – Deka Chambers  ‘Ian is great with clients and a pleasure to work with. He has a calm and easy manner in court but always has your corner.’
Howard Cohen Farrar’s BuildingHoward is incisive, straight forward and a compelling advocate.'
Carwyn Cox  - Farrar's Building 'Carwyn combines intellectual rigour, with a thorough understanding of the case, and polished and smooth advocacy.'
Thomas CrockettHailsham ChambersThomas is excellent when dealing with contentious issues on liability and causation.' 
Brian Cummins – Old Square Chambers ‘Brian is detail-driven and always the most prepared person in the room.’
Huw Davies  – Farrar’s Building ‘Huw's advocacy skills are exceptional.'
Tom Fairclough  - 2 Temple Gardens 'Tom is thorough, knowledgeable and always approachable'
David Green 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘The quality of David's advice and his legal knowledge has always been excellent.'
Jack Harris 2 Temple Gardens ‘Extremely personable and very sensible, with the legal acumen to back it up. A class operator.'
Emma-Jane Hobbs Temple Garden Chambers ‘Emma-Jane tackles difficult issues with clear advice and is very knowledgeable.'
Jack Holborn39 Essex ChambersJack is a great junior, clearly enjoys his work and is very approachable.
Christopher Johnson Doughty Street Chambers 'Chris is a confident and effective advocate, an insightful analyst of the evidence and a very effective communicator with clients.'
Samantha Jones39 Essex ChambersSamantha is an excellent advocate, meticulously well prepared and quick to grasp the essential issues in the case.'
Cyrus Katrak - Deka Chambers 'Cyrus is a capable and very competent barrister.'
Arun Katyar12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Arun has an excellent manner with clients and is an expert tactician. He is brilliant on his feet.'
Kara LoraineOld Square Chambers ‘Kara is very thorough and approachable. She has great empathy and explains everything in a no-jargon way to ensure clients have a fully understanding of the issues and of the next steps.' 
Chesca Lord Cloisters ‘Chesca is excellent for quantum PI quantification work. Her attention to detail and novel points for pushing the boundaries for valuing claims is brilliant. '
Frederick Lyon  - Farrar's Building 'Able to digest a lot of information and ascertain the key points to eloquently and concisely present a case using the relevant legal and factual evidence.'
Michelle Marnham3PBMichelle is pragmatic and provides sensible, realistic advice for clients.'
Linda Nelson - Deka Chambers - 'Linda's forensic approach and her ability to analyse and dissect complex medical issues in conference with multiple experts is excellent.'
Michael Nkrumah - 3 Hare Court 'Michael is very personable, has an excellent eye and recollection of detail and can effectively argue against much more experienced barristers'
Simon O’Dwyer - Crown Office Chambers 'Meticulous preparation - very thorough indeed. Very competent in procedural matters, a skillful advocate.'
Andrew PeeblesFarrar’s BuildingAndrew is very forensic in his analysis of complex cases, he is a very technical lawyer, a very strong advocate, and excellent on his feet.'
James Pickering12 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is razor-sharp and super responsive. He has a very calm and measured demeanour.’ 
James PurnellHenderson ChambersJames is a highly skilled senior junior. He is very personable and client-friendly and has a pragmatic and commercial approach.'
Michael RappTemple Garden Chambers ‘Michael takes an analytical and proactive approach. Dedicated to his client's success and very strong on tactics and case strategy.'
David Roderick - Farrar's Building 'David has an exceptional eye for detail and ensures that he understands a case from every angle.'
Benedict RodgersDeka Chambers ‘Ben’s attention to detail and thorough analysis of all the evidence makes him a go-to barrister in relation to difficult liability cases.’
Dominic Ruck Keene 1 Crown Office Row 'A junior with a personable yet direct approach to litigation.'
John SchmittDeka Chambers ‘John is exceptional counsel; his pleadings are robust and no-nonsense.’
Dominique Smith – Deka Chambers ‘Dominique is a joy to work with, and is able to explain complex legal issues to clients in an empathetic and considered way. She can very quickly understand the main issues and advise accordingly.’
Michael Standing 39 Essex Chambers ‘Michael has an authority that belies his years. He is an extremely practical and pragmatic barrister who always has sight of the big picture while never being afraid of a fight.' 
Anna Symington12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Tenacious and good with detail, an excellent strategic thinker.'
Olinga TahzibOuter Temple ChambersOlinga's work is very thorough and considered and he has shown excellent attention to detail.'
Simon TriggerDeka Chambers ‘Simon is personable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. His approach to claims and negotiation provides reassurance and he is well-liked by all clients.'
Richard Wheeler 3PB ‘Richard is an excellent barrister. He has a great eye for detail and is able to pick up on salient points quickly.'
Helen Wolstenholme2 Temple Gardens ‘Very thorough and always well-prepared. Good negotiator and advocate.’
Thomas Wood - 42BR Barristers 'Thomas' professionalism, proficiency, and personable nature make him a standout barrister.'

Personal Injury - Rising Stars

Thomas Beamont - 1 Crown Office Row 'Very organised and willing to push and explore new areas for success.'
Carin Hunt – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Carin is able to narrow the issues in the case effectively with a detailed orientated approach, providing a first-rate analysis, particularly when explaining these to the client.’
Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas12 King’s Bench WalkCressida is a very bright, committed junior with huge potential.'
Benjamin Phelps – 2 Temple Gardens ‘Ben is an excellent lawyer. He is absolutely on top of his brief. He considers the whole case, and is strategic in considering how best to serve the client’s interests.’ 
Henk Soede - Deka Chambers 'Henk is very clever and has the knack of being able to simplify difficult and complex concepts.'
Spencer Turner 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Absolutely superb. Thorough, professional and well-liked by clients.'
Eloise Turnnidge  - 3PB  'Eloise is strong on all fronts. Her written work is meticulous and thorough, yet remains engaging and persuasive. She is strong in court and achieves excellent results..'

Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud in London Bar

12 King's Bench Walk

12 King’s Bench Walk has ‘a strong depth of knowledge and a variety of counsel to suit individual client needs‘ – representing both claimants and defendants across personal injury, industrial disease, insurance fraud and travel claims. Insurance-related personal injury work for defendants is the specialist area of Stephen Worthington KC; William Audland KC continues to be instructed for the RFL in the concussion claims brought by former rugby league professionals in Dyson & Others v Rugby Football League. Andrew Roy KC was made silk in the 2023 round, and was led by Marcus Dignum KC in Mathieu v Hinds and Aviva plc, a brain injury claim which led to the first judicial decision on provisional damages for dementia and featured issues of foreign tax. Navjot Atwal joined the set in January 2023 from 3 Hare Court.


‘The clerks are fantastic. In particular, Daniella Evans, Ella Banfill and Lily Baker are all supremely talented and professional.’

‘Clerking team is excellent, in particular Tristan Whigham.’

‘The Clerks are always happy to help and adept at locating expertise within the set for any issue.’

’12 KBW need no introduction – they are in the top tier of personal injury work.’

’12 KBW have a strong depth of knowledge and a variety of counsel to suit individual client needs. They are all extremely approachable and offer a good range of training programmes through the year.’

‘The best set for asbestos work and has great strength and depth with a large team specialising in this type of work’

’12 KBW is well-known for the extensive experience of its counsel in personal injury and related litigation.’

’12KBW is an incredibly strong set’

Work highlights

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens is known for its strength in complex personal injury‘, with notable strength in cross-border work. William Clerk and Charles Dougherty KC act on behalf of World Rugby in Popham v World Rugby Ltd, a claim brought by a group of former professionals including former Wales international Alix Popham and England 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Steve Thompson, who have been diagnosed with early onset dementia after their playing careers.  Martin Porter KC has strength in cycling claims. Meghann McTague has an established practice in foreign claims and group litigation, exemplified by her work in AA v FS Commercial, claims arising out of the UK’s largest prosecution for modern slavery. Niazi Fetto KC was made silk in the 2023 round, and Harry Trusted joined the set from Outer Temple Chambers in January 2023.


‘Consistently excellent clerking team led by Lee Tyler. ‘

‘The clerks are very good at 2 Temple Gardens. Lee Tyler is a fantastic senior clerk. ‘

‘Top chambers from cross-border personal injury cases. Their expertise and experience in issues of jurisdiction and choice of law is unrivalled.’

‘2 Temple Gardens is known for its strength in complex personal injury – particularly where this overlaps with cross jurisdictional work.’

‘The Clerks at 2 Temple Gardens provide a high quality and efficient service and are always of great assistance.’

‘2 Temple Gardens have an impressive collection of juniors and silks, offering consistent quality. ‘

‘2 Temple Gardens is known for its strength in complex personal injury – particularly where this overlaps with cross jurisdictional work.’

‘2 Temple Gardens will always provide skilled negotiators and barristers with amazing attention to detail in complex areas of personal injury and insurance law’

Work highlights

Crown Office Chambers

The ‘impressive’ barristers at Crown Office Chambers provide ‘a wide range of top quality expertise’, particularly strong in catastrophic injury work. David Platt KC is acting for the Ministry of Defence in the ongoing military deafness group claim, in which over four thousand members of the armed forces are seeking compensation for noise-induced hearing loss whilst in training or active service. Catherine Foster acts for the claimant in Juj v John Lewis Partnership plc, which considers the standards to be expected of ‘occupiers’ where visitors are disabled or otherwise vulnerable; in this case the claimant, an elderly person, tripped on a kerb bordering a disabled parking bay at the defendant’s car park. In September 2023 Matthew Boyle was appointed to the circuit bench.


‘I have always had a good service from the team of clerks, in particular the injury team headed by Greg Frewin.’

‘Outstanding – first-class service throughout the whole clerking team. James Wilkinson and Sam Barrett in particular are trusted to ensure the needs of the client are met at all times.’

‘Crown Office Chambers have an impressive range of barristers in this industry from experienced ‘heavy hitting’ KCs to trusted senior juniors and junior barristers. They are able to deal with a wide range of claims and are particularly strong for catastrophic injury claims and insurance indemnity disputes.’

‘Crown Office Chambers is my go-to chambers. They provide a wide range of top quality expertise.’

‘Clerking services are one of the strongest, an excellent team whoever you come across.’

‘Crown Office has unparalleled strength in depth of serious injury work. ‘

‘Solid personal injury set with a good depth and breath of barristers across all seniorities’

‘The personal injury team at Crown Office is first-class.’

Work highlights

Deka Chambers

The ‘weighty and well experienced team’ at Deka Chambers have ‘stand out’ personal injury strength. Sarah Prager KC  was made silk in the 2023 round, and exemplifies the set’s cross border personal injury experience: she appeared in Strait v Cosmos Insurance, a Court of Appeal case concerning whether an RAF serviceman stationed in Akrotiri (a Sovereign Base Area in Cyprus) could bring a personal injury claim against a Cypriot insurer in the English courts. Edward Faulks KC is leading Paul Stagg KC in the case of YXA v Wolverhampton City Council, which considers whether a social services authority assumes responsibility to a child and therefore owes a common law duty of care when exercising protective functions.


‘An exceptionally strong set in relation to travel litigation, with a weighty and well-experienced team.’

‘The newly created Deka chambers is a stand out Personal Injury set but with a broad range of specialisms, and the set’s members have a outstanding appellate practices, frequently appearing before both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.’

‘The clerks are always very responsive and professional and will assist with any query in any way they can, as soon as possible, making the whole process very smooth. In particular, Ellie Brand is always fantastic to work with.’

‘The clerks at this Chambers are outstanding and always will go the extra mile for you.’

‘Michael Goodridge remains a force to be reckoned with. His team functions effectively and professionally.’

‘Deka Chambers have an extensive group of barristers in the field of personal injury and clinical negligence, from newly qualified to senior KCs. They have considerable strength-in-depth.’

‘An exceptionally strong set in relation to travel litigation, with a weighty and well-experienced team.’

‘The go to set for personal injury claims with a cross border feature. Great rapport with clients and experts.’

Work highlights


The ‘top quality barristers’ at Devereux make it ‘an excellent set to work with‘ – experienced acting for both claimants and defendants across the spectrum of catastrophic injury work. Robert Weir KC is involved in a number of market-leading claims, including Rabot and Briggs v Hassam, in which he acts for APIL and MASS – a test case concerning the whiplash regime legislation, and how to determine the method of valuing mixed injury claims which include an award for whiplash injuries under the Civil Liability Act 2018 tariff scheme. Alongside this injury work, he has notable expertise regarding mesothelioma claims – an area in which Jonathan Butters also specialises. Stephen Killalea KC has particular strength in complex road traffic accident claims; Peter Edwards is experienced in psychiatric injury claims arising out of bullying and harassment in the workplace.



‘The clerks room are exceptional Glenn Billeness head of clerks and James Hudson in particular ‘

‘Personal Injury Chambers of choice in London.’

‘Excellent clerking. Cyrus Biggs is a particular star.’

‘Cyrus Briggs and Chris Downes are impressive, speedy and professional.’

‘The service from the clerks is excellent and very attentive to the individual needs of a case.’

‘An excellent set of barristers, at the top of their game. An unrivalled balance of heavyweight KCs, experienced juniors and up and coming talent.’

‘Devereux is an excellent set to work with – good clerks and top quality barristers.’

‘An efficient clerking team who know exactly what it takes.’

Work highlights

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers is heralded as a ‘top tier London set‘, with particular personal injury expertise regarding sports claims, equine claims, and those with a cross-border element. Sarah Crowther KC has particular strength in such cross-border claims, including EU law interpretation. James Counsell KC and Ben Bradley are instructed for the claimants in AXM v Chelsea Football Club, who experienced racial abuse while playing for the club’s youth sides – exemplifying the set’s sports and abuse expertise. Eliot Woolf KC has notable expertise regarding road traffic accident claims, and Gerard McDermott KC is currently leading a claim for over eight hundred victims of the Grenfell tower fire.


‘Paul Barton is fantastic – the best personal injury clerk around.’

‘Paul Barton, Graham Woods and Chris Rowe are all fantastic, and extremely helpful.’

‘Clerking is very strong, led by Paul Barton and Graham Woods who always go beyond with top quality service.’

‘Outer Temple is a top tier London set.’

‘Outer Temple Chambers have great strength in depth. They are able to offer counsel with the full range of experience to meet the demands of a catastrophic injury case.’

‘Outer Temple have a strong pedigree in cross-border work and is one of the “go to” sets.’

‘Top notch chambers in the arena of cross-border personal injury claims.’

‘All clerks at Outer Temple Chambers are reliable, responsive and accommodating.’

Work highlights


7BR is a ‘fantastic set’ noted for its ‘excellent spread of counsel at all levels of call’. Simeon Maskrey KC is an expert acting in maximum severity injury claims; Richard Baker KC was elevated to silk in the 2023 round. The set also has standout expertise in abuse litigation: this year including Adam Weitzman KC‘s leading Caroline Lody  in the Court of Appeal for the defendant in AB v BCC and WCC, involving the threshold for parental neglect to be reached before a local authority’s positive duty under Article 3 of the ECHR is engaged, and Steven Ford KC‘s work in DJ v Barnsley MBC, an appeal regarding whether the local authority is vicariously liable for family members who foster children.


‘Paul Eeles continues to be a leading figure in the clerking world. The clerking room is run with efficiency and charm.’

‘7BR are a fantastic set. They have leading silks and strength at all levels of call.’

‘7BR have an excellent spread of counsel of all levels of call.’

‘The clerks don’t just know their barristers or the simplicity of what a case needs, they know what a case needs just as much as the lawyer does. That level of understanding and training means you get the right fit for the job every time.’

‘The clerks always provide a prompt and efficient service. Nothing ever slips through the net and they will go above and beyond to help’

‘7 Bedford Row are an excellent set and my go-to chambers for complex PI.’

‘7BR have a number of high calibre barristers who are at the forefront of dealing with these sorts of claims, which remains a developing area of the law.’

‘7BR has a strong set of barristers, Juniors and Leaders alike , and is diverse in its strategy and very forward thinking. ‘

Work highlights

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers‘ personal injury counsel are ‘second-to-none‘, with ‘a breadth of experience‘ acting for both claimants and defendants on issues from catastrophic injury to industrial disease. Ben Collins KC is acting for the claimant in Suresh v GMC, a case brought by the widow of a doctor who took his own life after being the subject of unfounded allegations, this claim considers the liability of GMC to its doctors. Charles Woodhouse KC has notable experience in claims regarding spinal cord injuries; Katherine Howells has standout expertise in international claims, and those involving serious brain injuries. The set is known for, but by no stretch of the imagination defined by, its historical connections to trade unions and the Western circuit; Daniel Neill joined the set in 2022 from Guildhall Chambers.


‘Fantastic levels of service at all times with particular mention for both Olivia Moliterno and Will Meade whom go above and beyond to provide the very best support throughout.’

‘Senior clerk Will Meade is hardworking and leads by example. His clerks are, without exception, excellent.’

‘William Meade is in a league of his own. He understands client service and builds strong relationships with lawyers.’

‘Olivia Moliterno is a gem. Great sense and professionalism. Helps solve problems.’

‘Old Square Chambers are second-to-none in relation to personal injury Counsel. Their Counsel are approachable, knowledgeable and go the extra mile for their instructing solicitors’

‘Old Square are renowned for their Claimant PI work with a breadth of experience.’

‘The clerks are brilliant.’

‘Old Square have consistently punched above their weight in the personal injury field.’

Work highlights

Temple Garden Chambers

‘A fantastic set of chambers with industry renowned barristers‘, Temple Garden Chambers act for both claimants and defendants, with particular strength in chronic pain claims and those involving fundamental dishonesty. James Arney KC exemplified both in his work for the claimant in Preater v Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, successfully resisting allegations that the claimant had been fundamentally dishonest in her account of her injuries with emphasis on the need for experts to distinguish between good and bad days in chronic pain cases. James Bell has experience in cross-border cases; Marcus Grant specialises in head injury claims. Jonathan Watt-Pringle KC retired in January 2023.


‘Temple Garden Chambers are a fantastic set of chambers with industry renowned barristers at the top of their game at every level, from KC to pupil’

‘The set has a depth of very good and well experienced personal injury advocates.’

‘Excellent clerks, always very quick to reply and efficient.’

‘The clerks at Temple Garden Chambers are very friendly, helpful and efficient.’

‘The service provided by the clerks’ room is fantastic.’

‘The clerks are excellent and they provide a consistently high level of service. ‘

‘All clerks provide a great, consistent service. ‘

‘The clerks here are the best in the business. Friendly and helpful without being obsequious, always quick to respond, always reliable, and always willing to try to find a solution if a problem arises’

Work highlights

1 Crown Office Row

1 Crown Office Row are a ‘very experienced set‘, going ‘the extra mile’ for both claimant and defendant clients, with wide health law experience and crossover inquest and child abuse expertise. Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC has standout strength in abuse work, notably in the last year leading Justin Levinson for the claimants in both HXA v Surrey County Council and YXA v Birmingham CC, both cases in which claimants had been abused in their family homes and not removed by social services despite records and reports of this abuse documented. Both claims were reinstated in these second appeals, having been struck out previously. Henry Witcomb KC has notable experience in cross-border multi-party actions.


‘Very experienced set which goes the extra mile in ensuring that clients and their solicitors receive the very best service and representation. Breadth and experience of the set is hard to match.’

‘1 Crown Office Row is an excellent set with considerable breadth of experience.’

‘Senior and junior clerks are professional and personable. They are approachable and swift with any assistance required.’

‘Very accessible, responsive, efficient and friendly clerk room.’

‘The clerks are friendly and always willing to help.’

‘All clerks are professional and do their upmost to assist.’

‘Excellent set.’

‘Reliable chambers, with a versatile choice of counsel to instruct.’

Work highlights

3 Hare Court

‘A leading set in cross-border personal injury’, 3 Hare Court offers ‘a wealth of experience‘, primarily focussing on claims involving cross-border issues rather than domestic cases. Howard Stevens KC acts for the respondent in Griffiths v TUI UK Limited, a claim concerning food poisoning on a holiday which concerns the status of ‘uncontroverted’ expert evidence. Katherine Deal KC also specialises in such international work; James Hawkins has specialist expertise regarding the applicable standard of care in travel claims. The set is also experienced in claims involving terrorist or criminal incidents abroad. Dan Saxby acts particularly for defendants, including tour operators, insurers, airlines and hotel groups.


‘Toby Eales is always a pleasure to deal with.’

‘3 Hare Court is a well run chambers and the clerks go the extra mile to accommodate clients. James Donovan, Toby Eales and Simon Hamilton provide excellent support.’

‘3 Hare Court are specialists in travel and are the best set for this field. There are a number of barristers in the set with a wealth of experience.’

‘A leading set in cross-border personal injury.’

‘Clerks always very easy to deal with. Toby Eales in particular is the star of the show, blending old school clerking with modern needs.’

‘The clerks are excellent and always willing to help.’

‘The clerks are always friendly, approachable and reliable.’

‘Strong in cross-border personal injury, with several leading individuals.’


Cloisters are ‘a top set‘ for ‘high-value’ personal injury work, with notable strength in catastrophic injury claims arising from road traffic accidents. William Latimer-Sayer KC continues to be an expert in this area, leading Chesca Lord – a quantum specialist – on a number of complex claims including a case in which the claimant, at 13 years old, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury following a road collision, securing interim payments as the claim continues. Andrew Buchan has particular expertise regarding occupational stress claims; Tamar Burton specialises in the assessment of damages.


‘Cloisters are a top set in respect of high-value Personal Injury work.’

‘Cloisters are a brilliant set, friendly, engaging and efficient.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and organised.’

‘The Clerks consistently provide a very high level of service. Glenn Hudson and Mark Skipp are great to work with’ 

‘Very good and efficient clerking.’

‘One of the leading sets in this area.’

‘Cloisters are always great for responsive organised work management.’

‘Good experience of personal injury/employment cross-over work.’

Work highlights

Farrar's Building

Farrar’s Building ‘offer a wide variety of talent‘, with ‘excellent strength and depth‘. Lee Evans continues to have a busy caseload in this area, with a focus on severe brain and spinal injuries. Andrew Arentsen is also a standout name in the set, this year acting for the dog owner in a case, in which liability is disputed, after a financial adviser suffered a tetraplegic injury after falling from a horse, provided by a supervised riding school, which had been scared by a West Highland terrier. John Meredith-Hardy has notable experience in cross-border claims.


‘The set is a strong set of very approachable, user friendly catastrophic defendant personal injury lawyers. They offer a wide variety of talent covering all matter of issues.’

‘Farrars Buildings is a good personal injury set, who have excellent strength and depth at all levels of experience.’

‘The clerks are friendly and approachable always willing to help solve a problem very friendly they go above and beyond.’

‘The Clerks are very efficient and helpful. In particular Kraig Marsh and James Shaw.’

‘All the clerks, senior and junior are friendly, helpful, approachable and always respond promptly.’

‘Good set of chambers with a range of PI barristers from junior to senior.’

‘Farrars is a friendly and impressive set, with a wide ranging selection of expertise.’

‘They are a very good set with a wide range of expertise. ‘

Work highlights

Gatehouse Chambers

The ‘talented barristers‘ at Gatehouse Chambers offer ‘an exceptional and fully rounded level of service‘. Jasmine Murphy  has particular specialist knowledge regarding the Animals Act 1971, specifically equine law. Charles Bagot KC has niche expertise in secondary victim claims, and is experienced in cross-border personal injury claims. The set also has strength in abuse claims, with Bagot KC leading Murphy this year acting for the defendant’s insurers in XYZ v Euro Garages Limited (t/a Greggs), concerning repeated sexual assault in the workplace of a vulnerable young employee, including consequent psychiatric injury. Colm Nugent is also a notable name in the set.


‘Gatehouse Chambers are small enough to be approachable and flexible, and large enough to offer an exceptional and fully rounded level of service.’

‘A number of talented barristers.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and will go the extra mile to assist.’

‘Natasha Devlin-Clingham is lovely to deal with, very attentive and efficient’

‘Natasha Devlin-Clingham is hands down the best clerk I have dealt with and her standard of service should be the ideal of all clerks.’

‘The clerks are approachable and offer a good service.’ 

‘The clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

‘The barristers are technically excellent and adopt a commonsense approach to claims and litigation and are good communicators.’

Work highlights

39 Essex Chambers

‘Go-to set’ 39 Essex Chambers‘ civil liability team is managed by Jamie Tucker, who moved from 12 King’s Bench Walk in April 2023. It has notable growing sports injury expertise, with Derek O’Sullivan KC representing the Welsh Rugby Union in Hughes & 168 Others v World Rugby, Welsh Rugby Union and Rugby Football Union – claims brought by former professional rugby players for alleged cumulative brain damage over their careers. Nicola Greaney KC took silk in the 2023 round, this year acting for the Mayor and Transport for London in the case of Kissi-Debrah v Department for Environment & ors, a claim brought in the wake of a high-profile inquest which found that air pollution more than materially contributed to her death due to a fatal asthma attack. Sadie Crapper, who specialises in cases in which fraud is alleged, is a noteworthy set member.


‘Harry Airth is brilliant and always eager to help.’

’39 Essex is a go-to set for injury work with some excellent advocates at the top of their game.’

‘A helpful and efficient set of Chambers, with helpful clerks and a range of excellent counsel.’

‘The clerks are fantastic. Always on hand to help and provide information quickly and efficiently.’

‘This is a well run clerks room who put client service at the heart of everything they do.’

’39 Essex Chambers offer some of the best counsel in the field and their size means they can cover anything we may wish to throw at them. They are also excellent in nurturing new talent.’

’39 Essex is an exceptional set of Chambers. Great strength in depth and easy to engage with.’

’39 Essex are one of the leading PI sets in the country with some superb practitioners at silk and junior level.’

Work highlights