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Leading Silks

Alex Bailin QC - Matrix ChambersA unique silk who brings his experience of a past career as a City trader into the extradition field when conducting cases involving allegations of Market abuse. He is a great leader of a team and team player a the same time. Instills confidence in his clients and those that instruct him.
Edward Fitzgerald QC - Doughty Street ChambersAn impressive advocate who combines passion with intellectual rigour. His knowledge of the law of extradition is unbeatable and no Counsel can compare to him. The opposition always fear when he is instructed by the defence.
James Hines QC - Three Raymond BuildingsA formidable silk with a razor-sharp mind which, combined with his depth of knowledge from decades of practising in this area, make him one of the most formidable Silks around. Nonetheless, he retains a relatively rare down to earth manner which makes him a class act in the Courtroom where he effortlessly charms Judges and clients alike.
David Josse QC - 5 St Andrews HillOne of the leading silks when it comes to extradition law and someone that I would not hesitate to instruct whenever there is the opportunity to instruct a QC. He is extremely personable, and first class in guiding clients.
Steven Kay QC - 9 Bedford RowOutstanding team leader for difficult international cases, with excellent strategic understanding as well as a persuasive advocate.
Hugo Keith QC - Three Raymond BuildingsHugo is a superb advocate able to assimilate and present complex legal arguments simply and effectively. He inspires confidence in clients and is very hardworking. A commanding court presence, always eager to get stuck into the detail, charming and persuasive with clients.
Karim Khan QC - Temple Garden ChambersIn the area of international criminal law, Karim is the go-to lawyer. He is known for his advocacy in the courtroom both in content and in style. He ensures he has a very deep knowledge of not just the facts of an incident but of all aspects of a case, which in this field involves politics, culture and society. He is a frighteningly clever lawyer and a masterful advocate.
Helen Malcolm QC - Three Raymond BuildingsShe is immensely experienced and exudes gravitas. The breadth of her knowledge in international criminal proceedings is truly impressive. She has great tactical judgement and attention to detail. She commands great respect from judges and other advocates.
Clare Montgomery QC - Matrix ChambersThe doyen of extradition law, Clare is the go to silk for high profile clients seeking no nonsense practical advice. Her grasp of the law is unrivaled and she inspires confidence in all. It is a delight to listen to her advocacy.
Mark Summers QC - Matrix ChambersA powerful and eloquent advocate; he leaves no stone unturned and is on top of every detail.
Rodney Dixon QC - Temple Garden ChambersVery approachable, with a razor-sharp intellect.
Diana Ellis QC - 25 Bedford RowShe is an excellent advocate and brilliant lawyer. She is master of all the material in the cases in which she is instructed. Her knowledge of practice and procedure in international tribunals is second to none.
Courtenay Griffiths QC - 25 Bedford RowHis persuasiveness emanates around the whole courtroom.
Jonathan Hall QC - 6KBW College HillIntimidatingly intelligent; judges appreciate his concise advocacy style.
David Hooper QC - 25 Bedford RowDavid has considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of international crime and has been involved in a number of ground-breaking cases. He is an impressive advocate with a charming and persuasive style which is reflected in the results he achieves. He brings an originality of approach to his cases and works tirelessly in the interests of his clients.
James Lewis QC - Three Raymond BuildingsJames is incredibly intuitive and a very lateral-thinking true leader in the field. Provides precise, timely advice on highly technical matters. Very clear in conference.
Tim Moloney QC - Doughty Street ChambersTim combines a wonderfully engaging courtroom manner with a a very fine intellect. He is thoughtful and cosmopolitan in his approach to the law, which he deploys in clear and lucid submissions. He is warm and empathetic with clients, and quickly gains their confidence.
David Perry QC - 6KBW College HillA titan of the criminal bar. A velvet-smooth advocate, with the attention to detail of a forensic scientist. Endowed with a contagious positive spirit with clients and team.

2019 Silks

Steven Powles QC - Doughty Street ChambersA brilliant advocate, dedicated and diligent. Tremendous and unmatched international experience.

2020 Silks

Matthew Butt QC - Three Raymond BuildingsMatt is incredibly sharp and a great advocate in person and in writing. He is supremely confident and authoritative in court. I would recommend him highly in relation to any legal argument.
Ben Cooper QC - Doughty Street ChambersHe is extremely tenacious and will leave no stone unturned in the defence of his clients. He has immense experience in the field of extradition law. He very often brings a new insight to a case, particularly where issues of human rights are involved.

2021 Silks

Clair Dobbin QC - Three Raymond BuildingsA go-to junior for extradition work, she has been involved in a number of high profile cases for many years. Although a junior she operates at QC level. Clair is excellent with clients, her written work is tremendous and she has a delightful advocacy manner.
Ben Watson QC - Three Raymond BuildingsBen is one of the best at taking vast amounts of material and using it to produce well structured and persuasive written arguments. He is extraordinarily hard working and efficient with superb judgement. Clients warm to him, judges love him.

Leading Juniors

Amanda Bostock - Furnival ChambersA staunch advocate who is sharp on her feet; confident, meticulous and talented. Her written work is clear, logical and well-argued. Her arguments are well-researched and based on an excellent knowledge and understanding of extradition law.
Michelle Butler - Matrix ChambersShe is resolute in her commitment to the law and her clients. Combines real expertise with real emotional intelligence.
Peter Caldwell - Doughty Street ChambersCerebral and measured. Peter is able to quickly grasp the import of evidence and to see how it can be deployed given the relevant legal principles.
Iain Edwards - 1MCBUnflappable in court. He puts everyone in the courtroom at ease whilst at the same time remaining focused, thorough and succinct. Mr. Edwards remains at the top of his game and a stalwart in international criminal proceedings.
Malcolm Hawkes - Doughty Street ChambersMalcom is an extremely experienced and highly regarded extradition specialist. His breadth of knowledge in the field is very impressive. His advice based on extensive knowledge and experience, but he is not afraid to be bold and imaginative. He is fearless in running difficult arguments.
Nicholas Hearn - Furnival ChambersHugely experienced extradition junior. Smart and punchy advocate. Creative lawyer.
Joe Holmes - 9 Bedford RowHe is a powerhouse in International law. Seldom have I seen anyone of his call with such a touch and flair for the law, one who knows how to apply it skilfully and with precision and optimum impact.
Ben Keith - 5 St Andrews HillHe has an indomitable court presence, with the tactical acuity to match. Ben brings a wealth of experience and contacts across not just Europe, but many jurisdictions around the world, including India and the Russian Federation.
Joel Smith - Furnival ChambersJoel provides clear strategic direction and knows the law inside out. He is a formidable opponent and an intelligent focused leader.
James Stansfeld - Matrix ChambersAn excellent and tenacious advocate. Incredibly talented and bright. Meticulous in his preparation. He has a superb intellect.
Saoirse Townshend - Temple Garden ChambersShe is an incredibly capable extradition barrister. She always impresses me with her thoroughness and regular contact with her instructing solicitors. She is very knowledgeable and well regarded by the extradition world.
Aaron Watkins - Cloth Fair ChambersAn excellent leading junior. He is very good at cases with an extradition/financial crime crossover and is highly sought to advise on cross-border investigations.
Sarah Bafadhel - 9 Bedford RowSarah is an excellent, diligent and dynamic lawyer who has been fantastic to work with. She drafts extremely well, is very organised and able to manage and prioritise between different tasks and works very well as part of an international team based in various different locations. She also is a strong advocate, clear, concise and persuasive in her submissions.
Catherine Brown - Furnival ChambersCatherine is a highly proficient extradition practitioner. She has significant experience in all aspects of extradition, a good feel for cases and a strong grasp of principle. In court, she is a captivating and highly effective advocate. She is measured and dependable, a fighter, but one who picks her battles.
Louisa Collins - 5 St Andrews HillLouisa is an advocate who instinctively and persuasively compels the court to agree with her. She is also fantastic with vulnerable clients and has an deep awareness of the nuances of communication.
Rosemary Davidson - 6KBW College HillExcellent in the courtroom, with the client and on paper. She is very tactically astute.
Natasha Draycott - 5 St Andrews HillAn outstanding barrister and a dream to work with; collaborative, very diligent and clients love her. She is also a charming and compelling advocate who is tremendous on her feet and impresses the bench. Highly intelligent with an incisive mind she has a fantastic ability to win cases which initially don't appear winnable.
Aidan Ellis - Temple Garden ChambersHe is very experienced in cases involving human rights elements.
Julia Farrant - Furnival ChambersVery approachable, and incredibly thorough in her case preparation.
Myles Grandison - Temple Garden ChambersHe has an acute eye for detail and a wonderful court demeanour.
Gillian Higgins - 9 Bedford RowHighly experienced junior who has been in all the major international criminal law cases. Able to handle complex litigation and lead a team. Good legal drafting and research skills. In court her advocacy is delivered with great poise and total command of the facts.
Rebecca Hill - 5 St Andrews HillRegarded amongst the best in the field. A robust advocate who brings a high level of technical expertise to any case.
Hannah Hinton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersShe is tenacious on her feet and not afraid to stand her ground. Her client care and unwavering support for her client distinguish her. She is hardworking and her enthusiastic approach never wains.
Florence Iveson - Matrix ChambersFlorence is very knowledgeable and always willing to fight for her client’s cause. She has a lovely reassuring manner which makes her perfect for instructing clients who are particularly vulnerable. She genuinely cares and will always go above and beyond the call of duty.
Rachel Kapila - Cloth Fair Chambers ‘She has a razor-sharp mind. A go-to junior for extradition matters.
Ben Lloyd - 6KBW College HillBen is one of the best junior barristers at the extradition bar. A formidable opponent in court. Responsive and has great knowledge .
Adam Payter - 6KBW College HillHe is a top-notch junior within the field of extradition. His advocacy is flawless and very persuasive. Incredibly bright, very hard working and always well prepared. n cases of complexity, Adam is always willing and able to provide invaluable guidance and support.
Rachel Scott - Three Raymond BuildingsA creative thinker, excellent on her feet and has great client empathy.
Benjamin Seifert - Temple Garden ChambersHe is unafraid to explore novel arguments in extradition cases.
Daniel Sternberg - Temple Garden ChambersDaniel Sternberg is simply outstanding. His work ethic is second to none. He has an incredible knowledge of the law and an amazing advocate. He is a pleasure to work with and is a top choice for this firm.
Nina Tavakoli - Red Lion ChambersNina’s intelligence and intuition for identifying strengths and weaknesses and strategies for utilising them is impressive. She’s an excellent legal drafter, who developed comprehensive and in-depth arguments on an extremely complicated topic with a small team on a very tight timeline. Her knowledge of international criminal law and ability to get on top of new legal issues, and her patience in dealing with the more difficult aspects of the process, is an absolute asset.
Mary Westcott - Doughty Street ChambersShe has a fantastically quick mind and is outstanding with vulnerable clients; an asset to any extradition case.
David Young - Red Lion Chambersa very competent, experienced and professional barrister. He is a measured and thoughtful lawyer who is well respected by the Judges and opposing counsel.
Sareta Ashraph - Garden Court ChambersSareta has acquired significant experience in the field and combines academic rigour with excellent legal understanding. She has a very good rapport with civil society and NGOs which is essential in trying to build international cases promoting accountability.
Rachel Barnes - Three Raymond BuildingsRachel is especially interested in crimes of universal jurisdiction where her depth of knowledge makes her the go to junior.
Sam Blom-Cooper - 25 Bedford RowSam is an extremely talented advocate. He is highly intelligent, diligent and meticulous in his preparation of cases. He demonstrates a commanding knowledge of each case. He is an excellent, original-thinking lawyer and a highly persuasive advocate who brings charm to his work. His judgement and tactics are good. He has the ability to deal with complex material and to identify the important issues in a case.
Amal Clooney - Doughty Street ChambersShe is an extremely articulate, careful, thoughtful and pragmatic lawyer. She does not hesitate to dig into the legal merits of issues, always being attentive to potential weaknesses in the case and how best to address them. She is a rare combination of intellectual depth and pragmatism.
Rhys Davies - Temple Garden ChambersAn excellent advocate. He is a sophisticated and highly effective communicator with a fierce intellect.
Richard Evans - 6KBW College HillNoted for representing international governments in extradition matters.
Monica Feria-Tinta - Twenty Essex ‘A junior who is very competent and dedicated to her work.
Graeme Hall - Doughty Street ChambersA skilled extradition lawyer with considerable experience and technical knowledge, Graeme is an extremely intelligent and gifted advocate. It is always an immense challenge being against him in court and he fights for each client.
Megan Hirst - Doughty Street ChambersExceptional depth of knowledge and expertise in their field. Incisive legal analysis and argument, combined with a strategic and pragmatic approach. Outstanding teamwork, coordination and interpersonal skills. Add to that a ferocious work ethic and faultless client service.
Kathryn Howarth - Temple Garden ChambersKathryn is a careful and measured advocate, in and out of court. She is very intelligent and brings her experience of international crime to the field of extradition, to the benefit of clients. She is very calm and pleasant to work with.
Ben Joyes - 9 Bedford RowHe takes a sensible approach to arguments, and does not take bad points. He can be counted on to take a robust approach. He sees the wider picture, and considers strategic litigation perspectives of his cases.
Gemma Lindfield - 5 St Andrews HillExcellent advocate and very persuasive on her feet. She is never phased by often difficult and demanding judges and will steadfastly argue on behalf of her clients.
Catriona Murdoch - 1 Crown Office RowShe is a brilliant advocate, forceful and pragmatic.
Amelia Nice - Doughty Street ChambersShe is a charming, authoritative yet sympathetic advocate who manages to get the confidence of the tribunal with ease. Extremely client friendly, with an ability to take a holistic approach to what can be the competing complexities of any given case, this is particularly so in the context of the family law/extradition cross over. Good at representing the interests of victims and the vulnerable.
Émilie Pottle - Temple Garden ChambersVery skilled at defending cases on human rights grounds including private life and prison conditions. Emilie is compassionate and dedicated in her practice and is a tenacious advocate.
Alexander dos Santos - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAlex is good advocate and has good presentation in court. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Calm, persuasive and analytical.
Jonathan Swain - 9 Bedford RowHe has a thorough knowledge of extradition law and practice. Mr Swain prepares clear and structured skeleton arguments and advices. I am frequently impressed by his ability to articulate these arguments orally in court. He is very persuasive and knowledgeable. He is a thorough and authoritative advocate.
David Williams - 5 St Andrews HillFantastic advocate; concise, engaging and articulate. Very knowledgeable in his field and always willing to help with pursuing novel lines of challenge.

Rising Stars

Danielle Barden - 5 St Andrews HillAn up-and-coming and very capable Barrister. She has an impressive grip on issues at hand and is very thorough in her preparation, regularly achieving fantastic outcomes for her clients.
Haydee Dijkstal - 33 Bedford RowWhile Ms Dijkstal is a relatively recent addition to the Bar of England and Wales, she brings with her an already established international practice. She is extremely hard-working and puts a lot of herself into the cases she works on. Her work ethic and strong analytical skills have been recognised by her team mates.
Jessica Jones - Matrix Chambers ‘She is intelligent, industrious, and tactically very good. She handles cases way above her call with ease. A future star of the extradition Bar.

International crime and extradition in London Bar

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers 'has an excellent, in-depth extradition team', with particular strength in human rights cases, and is also 'pre-eminent in international criminal law', according to clients. In a recent highlight, 'impressive advocateEdward Fitzgerald QC represented the appellant before the Supreme Court in Elgizouli v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a challenge to the Secretary of State’s decision to provide mutual legal assistance to the USA for a capital trial, without seeking assurances that the death penalty would not be imposed; the Supreme Court upheld the challenge. In other recent news of note, the 'fearlessBen Cooper QC took silk in March 2020 further strengthening the set at the senior end. Elsewhere in chambers, the 'meticulous' Amal Clooney is 'tactically first class and a natural lead advocate in cases'; Australia- and English-qualified Megan Hirst has developed 'a preeminent role in acting for victims in international courts'; and Amelia Nice's experience of family law is 'an added bonus and places her ahead of many of her peers when there is an overlap of family law in extradition cases'.

Matrix Chambers

'A well known set for extradition work', Matrix Chambers' 'strength in depth in this area speaks for itself', with 'a number of excellent silks specialising in extradition law and a growing junior bar' following the addition of James Stansfeld and Florence Iveson. In recent work of note, 'eloquent advocateMark Summers QC and Iveson are active in the ongoing case concerning the USA's request for the extradition of Julian Assange for alleged complicity with activist Chelsea Manning in the publication of state secrets in the Assange-founded WikiLeaks site. Meanwhile, 'the doyenne of extradition lawClare Montgomery QC and 'industrious' rising star Jessica Jones are defending diamantaire Nirav Modi against the government of India's request for his extradition to face fraud and money laundering charges.

Three Raymond Buildings

A 'high-quality set', Three Raymond Buildings is 'an excellent chambers for extradition law barristers', with 'good strength in depth'. In one example instruction, 'brilliant advocateHugo Keith QC and the 'incredibly hard-workingBen Watson defended Zamira Hajiyeva, the recipient of the UK's first unexplained wealth order (UWO), against an extradition request made by the Government of Azerbaijan following allegations of fraud; on the other side, the 'immensely experiencedHelen Malcolm QC represented the Government of Azerbaijan (via the Crown Prosecution Service). In recent news, the 'incredibly sharpMatthew Butt QC took silk in 2020, strengthening the set at the senior end.

Temple Garden Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers has a 'strong and growing extradition team' with, recent case highlights including 'amazing advocateDaniel Sternberg acting alone for the US government in a request for the extradition of Nathan Wyatt to face charges of computer hacking and blackmail. Elsewhere, the 'diligent and focusedSaoirse Townshend represented one of the appellants in Bartulis v Lithuania, involving issues of whether inter-prisoner violence in Lithuanian prisons was of a degree that would breach Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Rhys Davies is described as 'fearless in his defence of Human Rights and individual freedoms' with particular expertise in the Middle East and representing clients before the United Nations Special Procedure Committees and Special Rapporteurs. In March 2020 the team was bolstered by the arrival of the 'measuredKathryn Howarth and 'tenaciousÉmilie Pottle from The 36 Group.

5 St Andrews Hill

5 St Andrews Hill is 'well known for extradition work', with 'a strong cadre' of 'talented and experienced extradition lawyers'. Recent instructions include the 'first-classDavid Josse QC and 'passionateBen Keith representing the appellants in Yilmaz and Yilmaz v Government of Turkey, which involved issues concerning Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and prison conditions in Turkey. Keith is said to have 'unrivalled knowledge' when it comes to Russian and CIS state extradition requests. A 'great tactician', Natasha Draycott is particularly strong in cases with human rights or political issues as well as complex Part 2 cases. Gemma Lindfield's family law expertise gives her 'a greater advantage to many of her peers when dealing with extradition cases that have a family element to them'. Also of note, Danielle Barden is a rising star who has particular expertise in modern slavery cases as they relate to extradition law.

6KBW College Hill

Extradition cases form a core area of 6KBW College Hill's expertise, while the set also reports growth in instructions pertaining to international crime. Of recent note, the 'formidableBen Lloyd is acting as junior counsel for Banmeet Singh in a request for Singh's extradition back to the USA concerning charges of an alleged conspiracy to import drugs into the country via a dark web network. Meanwhile, 'calm, measured and knowledgeableAdam Payter is advising Shane Looker, a British citizen, on his proposed extradition from Spain to Thailand for the alleged murder of a sex worker. A 'titan of the criminal bar', David Perry QC  is, for some, the number one choice for the most difficult legal challenges.

9 Bedford Row

'Strong set' 9 Bedford Row 'provides invaluable expertise in the field of international criminal law' and is noted for its 'fast-growing extradition team'. Of recent note, the 'dynamicSarah Bafadhel is assisting in the case of Prosecutor v Al Hassan, which is taking place before the International Criminal Court; Al Hassan has been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, allegedly committed in Timbuktu in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, Ben Joyes represented the Polish authorities in Cukierski v Poland, a case that considered whether there was an English law equivalent to the Polish offence of "insulting a police officer" for the purposes of dual criminality under section 65(3) of the Extradition Act 2003. A 'powerhouse' of a junior, Joe Holmes' experience in international law and rule of law work in fragile and conflict-affected areas is 'relatively unparalleled for his call'. A 'trusted prosecutor' who is also building a reputable defence practice, Jonathan Swain is praised for his ability to 'quickly analyse European Arrest Warrant for potential issues'. A 'solid advocate', who has significant experience of prosecuting and defending in extradition matters, as well as international criminal law, Ben Joyes is another name to note.

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row 'has a number of practitioners with special expertise in international criminal law', including 'impressive advocateDavid Hooper QC who is representing Augustin Ngirabatware (the former Minister of Planning in Rwanda) in a trial relating to alleged interference with protected witnesses and contempt during an appeal concerning the client's convictions for involvement in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Also of note, Diana Ellis QC is highlighted for her 'knowledge of practice and procedure in international tribunals is second to none', while Sam Blom-Cooper is 'an excellent, original-thinking lawyer and a highly persuasive advocate'.

Furnival Chambers

Furnival Chambers houses 'a strong extradition team' made up of 'talented practitioners', including the 'formidableCatherine Brown who successfully defended the requested person in Hoxhaj v The Government of Albania. The case concerned an extradition request that was made for the individual for alleged offences of murder and attempted murder linked to a historical blood feud in Albania in 1996. The 'methodical' Nicholas Hearn is described as having 'an encyclopedic knowledge of extradition law and an analytical approach to cases which lets him quickly distill the important points'. 'Talented and able advocate' Joel Smith combines being junior treasury counsel with an extradition practice spanning high-profile cases which includes being a member of the legal team representing the USA which is seeking the extradition of Julian Assange. 'Tenacious and approachable', Amanda Bostock is well-respected for prosecution work, in particular, due to her 'robust cross-examination skills'.