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Leading Silks

Alex Bailin KCMatrix Chambers ‘He is a superb advocate able to argue persuasively and to deal with difficult questions put by the tribunal.’
Diana Ellis KC25 Bedford Row ‘Diana is most impressive.’
Edward Fitzgerald KCDoughty Street Chambers ‘Simply the best. His legal arguments are flawless and persuasive. Highly respected across the profession, up to the European Courts and internationally.’    
James Hines KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘James is an opponent to be reckoned with.’
David Josse KC5 St Andrews Hill ‘David is an amazingly talented and skilful barrister. By far the best strategist.’
Hugo Keith KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘Hugo has dealt with many of the seminal extradition cases and has a length of experience that is very hard to match.
Helen Malcolm KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘A brilliant courtroom operator. Her written work is exceptional, and her courtroom presence is awesome.
Clare Montgomery KCMatrix Chambers ‘Clare is an exceptional advocate able to master complex cases and to have every detail at her fingertips, but with the tactical ability to know when to deploy this.’
Steven Powles KCDoughty Street Chambers ‘Very committed and hard-working, while also sophisticated and brilliant in his approach.’
Mark Summers KCMatrix Chambers Mark is the go-to silk for extradition. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of domestic and European extradition law, he works ferociously hard, and he has the ear of judges at all levels.’
Rodney Dixon KCTemple Garden Chambers ‘Rodney is a highly skilled and engaging barrister, well-versed in international criminal law and able to distil the law’s many complexities to make it accessible to any audience.’
David Hooper KC25 Bedford Row ‘David has a very individual style which makes him a very original and effective advocate.‘  
Tim Moloney KCDoughty Street Chambers 'Tim is a superstar. He commands great respect in the field and is highly regarded by judges, clients, opponents and colleagues.'
David Perry KC6KBW College Hill 'Very knowledgeable; good to work with; has a real command of the detail, but keeps the overall picture in mind.'
Ben Cooper KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Resolute and incisive, his analysis goes straight to the heart of the matter, and he is tenacious in putting legal strategies into effect.

2022 Silks

Rachel Barnes KC  –Three Raymond Buildings ‘Rachel may be a junior silk, but underestimate her at your peril. Behind the effortless front lie hours of diligent legwork, meaning that she knows the case better than those around her.’

2023 Silks

Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KCMatrix Chambers ‘Blinne combines meticulous preparation, common sense and an undoubted flair for advocacy to deliver excellent results. Her appointment as silk was very well deserved.

2024 Silks

Joel Smith KCFurnival Chambers ‘Joel is an exceptional junior, whose knowledge of the law is first-rate, whose advocacy is flawless and whom everyone expects to be instructed in any extradition case of substance and difficulty.’   

Leading Juniors

Amanda BostockThree Raymond Buildings ‘Very strong prosecutor, always thoroughly prepared, and an excellent, robust advocate.’
Catherine Brown6KBW College Hill ‘She is such a strong advocate. She knows the law, she has a great court manner, and she's completely straight forward and trustworthy.’
Michelle ButlerMatrix Chambers ‘Michelle is superb.’
Peter CaldwellDoughty Street Chambers ‘Peter has an enormous amount of experience in dealing with extradition cases, and his experience of both prosecuting and defending is invaluable.’
Natasha Draycott5 St Andrews Hill ‘She has the ability to think outside the box and raise novel grounds against extradition, and she is open-minded and innovative.’
Iain Edwards1MCB ‘He is an assured presence on any team, and particularly in court, and brings a wide range of experience to international criminal law work, which is deployed to expert effect.
Malcolm HawkesDoughty Street Chambers ‘He fights the cases like no one else, and he can win cases where others cannot. And he has done so year after year.’
Nicholas HearnFurnival Chambers ‘Nicholas is diligent in understanding the material of a case so that he can deploy it effectively before the court.’
Rebecca Hill5 St Andrews Hill ‘Rebecca is a wonderful advocate and presents her cases with great skill and persuasively.’
Hannah HintonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Hannah is an amazing fighter in the court room and very well respected by judges and other advocates.
Florence IvesonMatrix Chambers 'Florence provides imaginative solutions, navigates complex facts and finds a way through with excellent advocacy.'
James StansfeldMatrix Chambers ‘A go-to extradition junior. Tactical and very easy going. His written work is exceptional and can change the course of a case.
Saoirse TownshendTemple Garden Chambers ‘Saoirse is a committed and highly effective specialist.’    
Mary WestcottDoughty Street Chambers ‘A very articulate advocate, able to present complex arguments in a straightforward manner, who shows the ability to relate to others.
Sarah Bafadhel9BR ChambersSarah is an outstanding practitioner with good drafting and advocacy skills and her knowledge of international criminal law and procedure is excellent.’
Amal ClooneyDoughty Street Chambers ‘She is the master of having a complete strategy and advancing the law one case at a time, always with the bigger picture in mind.’
Louisa Collins5 St Andrews Hill ‘Louisa effectively identifies the most effective arguments in her client's case and deploys them incredibly effectively.’
Rosemary Davidson6KBW College Hill ‘A superb intellect and brilliant judgement. Rosie is one of the most highly regarded practitioners in this field.‘
Haydee Dijkstal33 Bedford RowIn the field of international criminal law, Haydee is a leading authority on the judicial review of decisions related to the opening of investigations at the International Criminal Court.’
Tatyana Eatwell Doughty Street Chambers ‘Tatyana is a go-to junior in international criminal law cases. She combines her academic prowess with common sense and superb judgement.’
Aidan EllisTemple Garden Chambers ‘Aidan is known as an excellent drafter.’
Julia FarrantFurnival Chambers ‘A superb barrister - clever, thoughtful and fluent. Paperwork of outstanding quality.‘  
Myles GrandisonTemple Garden Chambers ‘Myles is a first choice for any defendant in need of a lawyer able to pull out a novel argument in a seemingly hopeless case.’    
Gillian Higgins9BR Chambers ‘An experienced advocate who has been in all the leading cases that have framed international criminal law. She is able to get to the route of the case and provides energy and dynamism in her work.’
Rachel KapilaCloth Fair Chambers ‘Rachel is the only sensible choice for any extradition silk in need of the best junior, with the most penetrating mind, for the most difficult case.’   
Adam Payter6KBW College Hill ‘His case preparation is watertight and diligent. Adam’s creative approach to the law and ability to think outside the box is an invaluable contribution.’
Alexander dos SantosSerjeants’ Inn ChambersAlex is a consummate advocate. A safe pair of hands for any extradition case.
Benjamin Seifert - 1 Crown Office Row  ‘Ben is charming and tenacious. He exploits every angle of a case and will not be deterred from a challenge.’
Nina TavakoliRed Lion Chambers ‘Her attention to detail and overall legal judgement are second to none. She is an experienced and outstanding advocate both in the UK and international courts.’    
David YoungRed Lion Chambers ‘He is clear, to the point, and passionate about his cases. He is known to be effective in court, including in questioning witnesses.’
David Ball 36 Group ‘He prepares a case like no other, and is always up to speed on the latest legal developments. Recommended for extradition cases.’
Sam Blom-Cooper25 Bedford Row ‘Sam is a powerful force. He has excellent forensic skills, and has an incisively critical eye both for individual items of evidence as well as the larger factual picture.’
Hannah Burton – Furnival Chambers ‘She prosecutes robustly and fairly, and she has significant experience acting for issuing judicial authorities in complex extradition appeals before the High Court.’
Rhys DaviesTemple Garden Chambers ‘A leading advocate who is vastly experienced in UN special procedures applications and is able to advise clients in the most complex international cases.’
Richard Evans6KBW College Hill ‘Richard is a class act – stately and serene, but forceful as required. He is a go-to junior for prosecuting complex Part 2 cases.’
Monica Feria-TintaTwenty Essex ‘Monica is a highly respected international lawyer who brings her great knowledge in the field of academia to the Bar.’
Graeme HallDoughty Street Chambers ‘Graeme is a persuasive, tenacious and well regarded defence extradition advocate.’
Megan HirstDoughty Street Chambers ‘She is a first-rate lawyer who is incredibly committed to her clients. She has a wonderful advocacy style, calm but authoritative.
Reka Hollos  – Three Raymond Buildings 'Reka is incredibly bright, charismatic and hard-working. Her written advocacy is very strong.'
Kathryn Howarth  –Temple Garden Chambers 'Very knowledgeable and diligent in her preparation work, able to identify and pursue novel and complex grounds to resist extradition and persuasive on her feet.'
Stefan Hyman9BR Chambers ‘He is imaginative and insightful and has a very energetic, charming court manner – judges like him.’
Ben Joyes9BR Chambers ‘A great team player and good advocate with a relaxed style in extradition cases.’
Joshua Kern 9BR Chambers 'Very diligent and articulate, and is helpful in guiding you, especially in higher courts.'
Gemma Lindfield5 St Andrews Hill ‘Gemma is a safe pair of hands for taking on any case and one of the best barristers for cases where there is a cross-over with extradition law and family law.’
Ben Lloyd6KBW College Hill ‘One of the extradition Bar’s most revered prosecution juniors, with an ingrained sense of fairness that instils immediate confidence in any tribunal.’
Amelia NiceDoughty Street Chambers ‘Very engaging advocacy style, a thoughtful advocate, brilliant with clients. Understated but very intelligent.’
Émilie PottleTemple Garden Chambers ‘Emilie is very hard working and highly intelligent.’
Jelia Sane Doughty Street Chambers ‘Jelia is a first-class lawyer, with a great knowledge of international criminal law, and she is passionate in her protection of the victims of international crimes.’  
Mark Smith5 St Andrews Hill 'Mark is extremely good and one of the best in arguing and winning cases on legal and technical grounds, and he is also one of the best when it comes to an overlap with extradition and family law proceedings.'
Kirsty Sutherland 9BR Chambers ‘Kirsty is an experienced, hard-working and thorough counsel who prepares cases meticulously.’
Jonathan Swain9BR Chambers ‘He is a great all-rounder. Prosecutes and defends with equal grace and skill.’
Alex Tinsley  - Doughty Street Chambers ‘Alex brings a depth of insight into extradition cases which is rarely seen. His arguments are thorough, well researched and novel – an incredibly bright advocate.’
David Williams5 St Andrews Hill ‘David is especially strong when extradition and family proceedings collide.’
Jonathan Worboys 4 New Square ‘Jonathan has a wonderful ability to see to the heart of the matter and to explain the key questions process clearly, bringing the team and the clients together in agreeing upon key strategic points.’

Rising Stars

Georgia Beatty 5 St Andrews Hill ‘She is excellent in all aspects of her work – oral and written advocacy, case preparation and client care – and she is able to successfully challenge a case that other barristers cannot.’    
Juliet Wells – Temple Garden Chambers ‘Juliet is an up-and-coming barrister of real promise - her written advocacy is forceful and concise, much like her oral advocacy.’

International crime and extradition in London Bar

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers remains reputed for handling the most complex international crime and extradition cases, including the prosecution and defense of cases alleging genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes; and is also well known for victim representation before international courts. Leading Megan Hirst, Tim Moloney KC is representing three Guantanamo Bay detainees in an ICC prosecution of alleged war crimes in Afghanistan before the Appeals Chamber, while Steven Powles KC is representing a group of victims of US drone strikes in Pakistan before the Appeals Chamber of the ICC. Amal Clooney has been appointed as special adviser to the ICC prosecutor on the genocide case against Omar al-Bashir, who served as the seventh head of state of Sudan under various titles from 1989 until 2019, when he was deposed in a coup after spending the last decade of his rule indicted by the ICC.


‘Doughty Street is a joy to work with since they have high calibre staff who provide an excellent service in support of the counsel, solicitor and the client. Tracy Oritsejafor is our main contact and she is unfailing professional and capable. It is no surprise she has recently been promoted to Assistant Practice Manager.’

‘Very efficient, polite, helpful and easy to work with.’

‘Their clerks are always very helpful and quick to act and respond to any query.’

‘James Tippey and Chloe Cousins, they have always been helpful, proactive and extremely flexible.’

‘Matt Butchard – bends over backwards to help. Always finds a solution.’

‘Doughty Street is probably the ultimate barristers chambers overall and everything about them is top level and of excellent standard. Your case is in very good hands with Doughty St.’

‘Strong set, with excellent senior juniors and king’s counsel.’

‘Doughty Street is rightly regarded amongst the top sets in Extradition practice, and possibly the no 1 set. They have an incredible depth of talent throughout and are in high demand as a result. Wherever possible, they assist with cases and do not disappoint. It is a first class service.’

Work highlights

Furnival Chambers

Furnival Chambers‘ members continue to receive instructions in a range of high-profile extradition cases, with many instructions coming from the CPS. Leading Nicholas Hearn, Joel Smith KC is representing the CPS in USA v Tahilramani, extradition proceedings concerning a person known to be ‘Hollywood Con Queen’, involving allegations of defrauding aspiring actors and film workers by pretending to be high-profile figures in the entertainment industry and luring them to Indonesia, where they would pay inflated fees to a driver. Julia Farrant acted for a Polish judicial authority in an extradition matter related to a multi-handed conspiracy to traffic people from Poland to the UK. In a test of the new post-Brexit legislative framework, Hannah Burton was instructed in Badea v Romania a case considering if Article 597 of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement mandates a specific proportionality assessment when considering whether extradition is compatible with Article 8 of the ECHR under s.21 of the Extradition Act 2003.


‘I have a lot of respect for the extradition team at Furnival.’

‘Excellent clerks, courteous and efficient.’

Work highlights

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is experienced in advising corporate and individual clients on extradition exposure in international criminal cases, and the set’s barristers have been instructed in numerous cases before international courts such as the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Leading Jessica Jones, Alex Bailin KC represented the former CEO of Autonomy in USA v Michael Lynch, an extradition case in relation to allegations of fraud by HP concerning its $11bn purchase of the company, with Mark Summers KC opposing him for the US government. Clare Montgomery KC represented the former vice president of FIFA Jack Warner in an appeal against extradition from Trinidad to the United States, while Mark Summers KC  has been instructed in Japan v Chappell, a case concerning a jewellery heist in Tokyo in 2015; a rare case of extradition from the UK to Japan in the absence of an extradition treaty between the states.


‘Excellent strength in depth.’

‘Excellent clerking!’

Work highlights

Three Raymond Buildings

Remaining a pre-eminent set in the extradition space, Three Raymond Buildings regularly advises and represents requesting judicial authorities, foreign governments, and requested individuals. Helen Malcolm KC is acting for the CPS on behalf of the government of Azerbaijan in high-profile extradition proceedings concerning Zamira Hajiyeva, wife of the former chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan and subject of the UK's first Unexplained Wealth Order. Rachel Barnes KC was instructed by the Kuwaiti government in Kuwait v Badie, a case concerning the first proposed extradition under UK-Kuwait treaty, raising questions about human rights standards in that jurisdiction, while Rachel Scott was led by James Lewis KC as junior counsel for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in the Privy Council appeal of former FIFA president Jack Warner against the order for his extradition to the USA on corruption charges.


‘Dean Brown is a very astute clerk who manages his team of very talented barristers with some considerable style.’

‘Dean Brown is one of the finest criminal clerks in the country.’

‘3 Raymond Buildings are (rightly) regarded as a top ranking set for crime, extradition and police regulatory matters. They are the traditional powerhouses in criminal and quasi-criminal law.’

‘Probably the best criminal set of barristers in the country. Some stunningly good barristers at all levels.’

‘The best extradition set in the country.’

‘Very strong at the senior end for extradition.’

‘Very well organised, efficient and provide a great service.’

Work highlights

5 St Andrews Hill

With a particular strong extradition practice, 5 St Andrews Hill has a track record of handling Interpol red notices, and represents clients at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and in appeals to the Divisional and Administrative Courts, Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. David Josse KC is instructed in Government of Ukraine v Sivkiv, dealing with issues of extradition during times of armed conflict. Natasha Draycott is representing the requested person in Government of Albania v Seferi, an extradition case regarding offences of drug trafficking with a competing request by the Italian Government. Rebecca Hill successfully persuaded the Administrative Court in Rae v USA that the district judge was wrong to conclude that conditions in county jails in Texas are adequate, requiring specific assurances from the US government.


‘Dean Cook and his colleagues are the best barrister’s clerks in the business, always willing and able to help, and overall offer an excellent service.’

‘Dean Cook – quick, helpful and knows more about extradition law than many solicitors!’

‘I was always greatly assisted by the clerking team, who are very responsive and always helpful. Dean Cook is particularly impressive.’

‘Very helpful clerks – proactive with a can do attitude, also flexible in negotiating counsel’s fees for private clients.’

‘5 St Andrews Hill is a top chambers as far as extradition law is concerned and have maintained the same high quality year after year. Always my first point of call for extradition cases.’

‘A well-known, well-regarded set in the area who have a wealth of interesting extradition work across the spectrum of extradition cases. The team is made up of strong individual practitioners in the field and all members appear frequently in first instance and appeal proceedings.’

‘I have had a very positive experience of chambers. They have a wide range experts in the field of extradition.’

‘I have worked with the set for a number of years regularly instructing at least another four extradition barristers for my cases, all of them among some of the most established extradition juniors in the field.’

Work highlights


9BR Chambers is equipped to handle high-profile extradition cases from across the world, and offers established expertise in international initiatives against bribery and corruption. Leading Gillian Higgins, Steven Kay KC is assisting Lundin Energy in Swedish universal jurisdiction proceedings regarding allegations the company aided and abetted war crimes committed between 1997 and 2003 in Unity State (then Sudan, now part of South Sudan) during the Second Sudanese Civil War, the first prosecution of a corporation for war crimes. In extradition work, Jonathan Swain represented the requested person in Burghelea v Bucharest Tribunal Romania - the case involved the question of if someone who had lawyers present, but was unable to attend a trial, should be considered as having been tried in absentia or not.


‘A leading international criminal law chambers, with a global reputation and the most experienced advocates.’

‘9BR has a good extradition team. All members of the team are very good and hard-working and work well together.’

‘Excellent set, building up a good extradition team and very easy to access.’

‘Leading set in international criminal law with a global reputation. Quality and experienced counsel and a range of expertise from top to bottom. ‘

‘9 BR is increasingly becoming an extradition force to be reckoned with.’

‘Their clerks are always most helpful.’

‘The clerks are always on time and friendly.’

‘Clerks are responsive.’

Work highlights

Temple Garden Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers‘ is notable for its work in both international criminal law matters and extradition cases in the UK. Aidan Ellis is representing Saif Al-Islam Gadaffi in admissibility proceedings before the International Criminal Court regarding alleged crimes of murder and persecution committed in Libya in 2011. Kathryn Howarth acted for the CPS in an extradition appeal in Maric v Croatia, requesting a Serbian man, now living in Derby, for alleged war crimes in 1991. Saoirse Townshend was instructed in Bazys and Besan v Lithuania, an extradition case before the Divisional Court regarding conditions in Lithuania’s prisons.


‘Clerks in general are polite and attentive.’

‘Always very helpful.’

‘In general, my experience has been very positive – with clerks able to assist with covering cases, including at short notice.’

‘A very good chambers, very professional.’

‘Temple Garden Chambers have some outstanding juniors.’

‘TG has a good number of experienced mid level juniors, so several options for clients.’

‘Temple Garden Chambers has a number of talented barristers in the field of extradition. I regularly encounter barristers from Temple Gardens at both Westminster Magistrates’ Court and the High Court.

Work highlights

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row’s areas of expertise include trials of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes before international courts in Asia, Africa and in the Hague. Leading Sam Blom-Cooper, David Hooper KC is instructed as lead counsel to represent the former prime minister of Kosovo before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo in 1998-99. Blom-Cooper is also instructed in International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals case Prosecutor v Turinabo et al., a case concerning allegations of a campaign of interference with protected witnesses and contempt of court by means of intimidation and bribery.


‘The clerks room is very well run and highly efficient. It has received awards for the quality of service, and the staff at all levels show real commitment to their work’

‘The clerks’ room provides a very efficient service to clients and is a modern working environment. The whole team work well together under the Senior Clerk, Guy Williams.’

‘The clerks are very helpful and responsive.’

‘The set has an extremely strong team of people.’

‘The set has a very solid group of barristers dealing with a wide range of work including international law and extradition. There are silks and juniors who undertake work in these fields and who have been involved in some of the leading cases. Many members of Chambers provide training for those working in the fields.’

‘A number of members of Chambers have appeared in virtually all the international courts and tribunals and have gained enormous experience in genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Likewise, there are a range of barristers who deal with extradition cases.’

Work highlights

6KBW College Hill

6KBW College Hill‘s David Perry KC is instructed to represent a person charged with money laundering and drug offenses in USA v Palionnijs, while Ben Lloyd is representing the defendant in Italy v Reisenauer, concerning a man who was arrested at Heathrow Airport on charges of human trafficking and sex exploitation. Lloyd was also instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service in a case involving two requests from the government of India for the extradition of alleged arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari. Richard Evans acted for the US government in Lazo v USA, where the requested person was wanted in the US in relation to drug trafficking allegations.


‘Clerks are professional and problem-solving. The chambers work like clockwork.’

‘The clerks are uniformly excellent and helpful.’

‘Andrew Barnes is very responsive.’

‘Very contactable, accommodative and responsive.’

‘Mark Essex: one word – brilliant!’

‘6KBW is one of the traditional powerhouse sets in crime and quasi-crime, and deservedly so.’

‘6 KBW is a chambers of real quality. They are very prosecution focused.’

‘Good chambers with strength in depth in the junior ranks.’

Work highlights