Regulatory Pressures Afoot


There must be mutual confidence and respect between industry and the regulator to achieve good compliance across the board, says Vicki Unsworth, head of the commercial and regulatory litigation team at Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd

The Isle of Man is widely considered to be a well-regulated jurisdiction with a robust regulatory framework overseen by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Businesses across a variety of fields are licensed, regulated, and overseen to undertake business by the FSA or alternatively are, since the introduction and implementation of the Designated Businesses (Registration and …

Law’s a beach, in the Caribbean


Editor Amy Ulliott deep dives into the last five years of The Legal 500’s Caribbean rankings to discover which firms come out ahead across some of the world’s most lucrative offshore jurisdictions, and highlights some key market trends

The Caribbean legal market is unlike most others in the world. The lucrative offshore jurisdiction remains a draw for international companies and foreign individuals looking to benefit from the region’s business-friendly regulations, and local markets are increasingly dedicated to moving away from the region’s reputation for secrecy following the increased scrutiny of the offshore world. …

Jersey and Guernsey: A friendly rivalry


Will Tolcher explores the history of the Channel Islands’ legal market and highlights which offshore firms come out ahead in The Legal 500’s decade worth of rankings

Although sharing elements of a common history, Jersey and Guernsey are two distinct jurisdictions, separated by 28km of water, with different legal systems and bar admissions. Due to their separate legal history – with a strong infusion of historic Norman law creating a few unique points compared to the law of England and Wales – …

Isle of Man picks up speed


Will Tolcher looks at a decade of The Legal 500’s rankings to reveal key trends in the Manx market and which offshore law firms are moving up the grid

A crown dependency, the Isle of Man has two unique calling cards other than its finance industry. The first is its world-famous TT motorcycle races. Running since 1907, competitors now whizz around closed public roads at speeds of up to 320 km/h. The other, perhaps secondary, clichéd image of Manx is the significantly more sedate …