The pervasive impact of your mood

Guest Blog : The MOSAIC Mood Index Series

Your mood stays with you much longer than you think and has an impact that you probably aren’t even aware of.

  When we are in the grip of a strong emotion (positive or negative), we hold onto it much longer than we realise. Even though the moment may have passed, we internalise it and it stays with us. What is interesting is that that strong emotion we felt can affect the decisions we make for …

Having an honest conversation with ourselves is the first step

Guest Blog : The MOSAIC Mood Index Series

The MOSAIC Mood Index 2020 was launched to capture the mood of the legal profession. Supported by The Legal 500, the report surveyed 1,477 respondents from the legal sector around the world to gauge attitudes towards wellbeing and work.

Intellectually we all understand that how we feel has an effect on us. We understand that most of the time that the feeling will pass. Not always but in most cases, the feeling is often fleeting. We are not talking here about the feelings that come from intense loss and grief or trauma, rather the …