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Focus on… MOLITOR

MOLITOR will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2021, having built a brand as a one-stop shop for clients seeking its renowned litigation expertise as well as its advisory services and legal technical support in various domains. Whilst being an independent firm based in Luxembourg, we have a broad international network continuously developed and maintained since the firm was founded. We have always sought diversity in our geographical markets, client base and areas of expertise. Consequently, we serve local and international clients, including banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, commercial and industrial companies, government and public administrations, non-profit organisations, and other domestic and international law firms.

Our practice areas are Banking & Finance, Business and Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Employment, Pensions and Immigration, Insolvency and Restructuring, Insurance, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Media, Data, Technologies and IP, and Real Estate, Zoning and Environment. We also have two dedicated international advisory desks: a China Desk and a German Desk, run by Chinese- and German-speaking lawyers respectively, who are the contact point for our Chinese and German clients and act as the liaison with other lawyers at MOLITOR, calling upon their expertise if necessary.

In order to cater for the needs of our varied client portfolio, we focus strongly on having a diverse human capital pool, both technically and culturally. We recruit and train our lawyers such that they can advise on matters in up to two of our major practice areas. Our staff work together cohesively, applying our key values of placing team goals above individual goals and focusing on building trust and rapport with our clients, who note that approachability is one of our differentiating traits, alongside service excellence, when they describe our firm to others.

Our team comprises some ten nationalities, being a mixture of talents nurtured in-house and experts joining us from the most well-known international law firms. Staff satisfaction and commitment are at the forefront of our priorities as we believe that if you take care of the employees first, they will do a better job of taking care of clients and deliver the elite experience that we aim to provide for each of them individually.

We therefore have a strong focus on how we recruit train and reward our staff and always ensure that they are fully aligned with our work culture built around our four fundamental values: Service Excellence, Integrity & Trust, Teamwork and Approachability.

Firm timeline

The firm was founded in 1996 by Michel Molitor and grew linearly over the years. The firm originally comprised eight lawyers, but expanded to the extent that by 1999 MOLITOR moved to new larger premises in a prominent area of Luxembourg City. The firm continued its expansion and secured additional premises closed to the main office in 2006. From the outset, MOLITOR’s three core practice areas have focused on business and commerce (including employment and real estate), corporate, banking and finance law, and litigation and dispute resolution. However, new practice areas evolved as the firm grew, including the Media, Data, Technologies and IP department which was established in 2007. A significant merger took place in 2017, when MOLITOR joined forces with Jacques Wolter and his time-honoured law firm. Jacques and his team have strengthened the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department, especially in terms of mediation and alternative dispute resolution expertise.