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Focus on… ETAH-NAN & C°

ETAH-NAN & C° is a bilingual (French and English) Law Firm created in 1985. The Firm presently has eleven members. This makes the firm one of the biggest by prevailing local standards. Members in the Firm are essentially Civil (French Lawyers), Common Law Lawyers (English Lawyers), American Lawyers and others specialised in Comparative Law (English and French Law).

The Firm is principally involved in legal, regulatory and tax advisory services to corporate entities and State corporations and also general litigation. Over the years, the Firm’s expansion has been facilitated by its collaboration with other Law and Consultancy Firms across the world and has become the preferred destination for referral assignments in Cameroon.

The Firm’s Major Areas of practice include Corporate law, Employment and Human resources law, Competition law, Dispute resolution, General Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Procurement Law, Real Estate, Taxation Law and Construction Law. We assist clients operating in diversified sectors of activities including Banking and Finance Services, Technology, Media and Telecoms, Extractive Industry, Transport, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness.