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Focus on… Čechová & Partners

Čechová & Partners is an independent Slovak law firm with a 30-year history. Since its establishment in 1990 it has been involved in advising clients in all areas of commercial law. The skills of its legal team have been reflected in the high satisfaction of the firm’s clients, as well as by the top ratings in numerous international and Slovak legal rankings every year.

The primary focus of Čechová & Partners is on corporate clientele. The clients of the firm include not only foreign companies (mainly multinational corporates and their subsidiaries), but also large international law firms and local businesses. Čechová & Partners has an established client base,  with clients returning to seek  legal advice on a regular basis for many years. Čechová & Partners works for many clients on regular daily basis.

Members of the team of Čechová & Partners are recognised experts in relevant areas of Slovak and European law and speak many different languages – Slovak, Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian. They also perfectly understand clients’ needs and their business requirements. It is part of the first core value of the firm – professionalism. Čechová & Partners views its clients as partners of the firm. The members of Čechová & Partners are able to bring together a comprehensive team of experts capable and knowledgeable to provide clients with advice on different types of agenda.

The second core value of the firm is flexibility. Members of the firm are well aware that only having good knowledge of law is no longer enough. They aim to identify and adapt to unique and changing requirements as rapidly as possible.

And last, but not the least, the main core value of Čechová & Partners’ team is integrity. Čechová & Partners values the trust its clients place in it. The lawyers of Čechová & Partners work in line with the principles of decency and honesty, which they put first in the relationship between the law firm and its clients. In recognition of these values, all members of the firm advocate the principles of the fight against corruption, and apply the principles of internal compliance. The firm encourages all its employees to adopt the same approach.

Čechová & Partners has a long tradition of community involvement, cooperation with third sector organizations and pro bono activities. In 2020 its lawyers spent more than 200 hours working pro bono.

When it comes to gender diversity, Čechová & Partners stands at the forefront in Slovakia. Unusually for the Slovak business environment, the majority of partners and managers in Čechová & Partners are women. In 2018, Katarina Cechova won the title “Top Businesswoman of the Year” in the competition of the leading Slovak economic daily Hospodárske noviny. [].

In June 2020 Katarina Cechova, managing partner, was listed in the IFRL1000 Women Leaders 2020.

As evidenced during the COVID-19 crisis, Čechová & Partners is able to react and assist flexibly and adjust to new conditions quickly. This allows providing law services on time, without unnecessary downtimes. The IT infrastructure and personnel of Čechová & Partners support such flexibility – all employees have been able to work remotely, including holding meetings, having access to the relevant client resources and working with relevant legal databases and software.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the clients of the firm have received on regular basis all relevant updates for each law area for free.

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