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Delphi: Be progressive

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David Aversten, managing partner of Delphi

How are client demands changing in Sweden, and how have you adapted?

Our clients’ demands have not changed dramatically over the last few years. We are working with professional clients who expect nothing but the very best. However, apart from providing first-class legal advice, we acknowledge the importance of building and maintaining a close and long-term relationship with our clients, as well as being proactive in our counselling.

We are continuously recruiting newly graduated lawyers as well as senior resources. In the past few years we have also strengthened our expertise and business support to ensure high-end advice and services to our clients.

During the past years we have invested heavily in artificial intelligence and digitalisation to maintain our reputation as a ‘front-edge’ and progressive law firm. The rapid changing world makes it a very exciting time being a business lawyer, with constant development and a wide range of technical developments in the market. We are currently working on the implementation of several AI-systems and other technical tools that will support our operations – and there is still great potential for making our profession even more exciting and challenging in the future.


In the current market, how do you set yourself apart?

Delphi has a broad legal expertise with many highly ranked lawyers with specific knowledge in a wide range of areas. We have a broad international network, but we also have a local presence with five offices around Sweden.
Many of our lawyers are specialists in high-tech fields such as IT, intellectual property and life sciences. Our drive and interest in business and technology is probably a big part of our success. Being an innovative and progressive firm, we always try to go the extra mile to understand our clients’ businesses and challenges. We believe that makes us a close partner to our clients, not merely a legal supplier.

We have an ‘agile’ way of leading our legal projects, which means we are always prepared to adapt to unforeseen and ever-changing circumstances. We put together small and custom-made teams, with high partner attention, to provide the first-class legal advice.


Where are you seeing growth, both domestically and internationally?

The Swedish and Scandinavian market is buoyant in general. There is a strong ongoing trend for digitalisation, and as a consequence we see a lot of transactions in relation to tech companies, ranging from venture investments into start-ups to buy-out transactions within all sizes of companies covering small-, mid- and large-cap transactions.

For a long time the stock market in Sweden has been booming and for many years there has been a lot of activity in publicly traded companies and IPOs. Although activity is still high, the IPO trend appears to have slowed down and there may be a shift towards more public-to-private transactions. Regardless, the private M&A market is still very active and we see a lot of activity from both corporate clients as well as private equity clients.