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Interview with… Ramon Quisumbing, managing partner, Quisumbing Torres

“We have a framework for working with our clients on how they can respond to the pandemic. We call it the 3R approach – Resilience, Recovery and Renewal. While most businesses will pass through all three phases of the model, the phases themselves are non-linear and may recur or overlap, particularly for those with global operations.

In the first phase (Resilience), we helped clients manage the immediate crisis as they dealt with the business and legal implications of the pandemic, supply chain issues that threatened profits, or unfamiliar government regulations. We also helped businesses identify and prioritize issues and organize their responses effectively at the most critical time. Today, we find many of our clients going beyond the Resilience phase. They have reached a point of stability (Recovery) and have begun to implement changes in their business model and in the way they work and operate (Renewal). At these stages, we help clients reimagine their business, from building new competencies to divesting and securing the assets, partnerships and infrastructure that they need to transform their operations.

We recognize that each company is unique in its journey of Resilience, Recovery and Renewal. We actively listen to our clients, anticipating their needs and protecting their interests, as we help them futureproof their organizations by using this three-phased approach to provide customized guidance at every stage.”

We are Quisumbing Torres.

Established in 1963, Quisumbing Torres has been advising many of the most dynamic and successful business organizations in the Philippines and overseas for almost six decades.

With a team of more than 50 Philippine lawyers, we are a full-service firm, advising clients in the Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual Property, and Tax practice areas.

Our lawyers specialize not only from the standpoint of the above practice areas but also from the perspective of industries, including:

Consumer Goods & Retail

Energy, Mining & Infrastructure

Financial Institutions

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Quisumbing Torres is a member firm of Baker & McKenzie International.

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