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London Bar > Insolvency

Rising stars

Thomas Cockburn9 Stone Buildings 'Tom is very focused and detailed with a good ability to absorb facts and get to the nub of the matter.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Peter Shaw KC9 Stone Buildings ‘A superb advocate – calm, measured and technically brilliant.’
Ranked: Tier 1

2021 Silks

Joseph Curl KC9 Stone Buildings ‘His preparation is second to none and he has an exceptional ability to respond to any question or challenge by a judge in a comprehensive and persuasive manner.'

Leading Juniors

Rory Brown9 Stone Buildings ‘A good strategist who is attentive to detail and excellent on documents.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Faith Julian9 Stone Buildings 'Faith is bright, strategically astute, and works very well as part of a team.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Giselle McGowan9 Stone Buildings 'A very good lawyer. Clear and concise in her advice.'
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Property litigation

Leading Juniors

Edward Denehan9 Stone BuildingsWhat makes Edward stand out is not just his skills as an advocate but his willingness to work as part of a team and assist in preparing the case throughout and the value that his advice in that regard brings. 
Ranked: Tier 2
Philip Brown9 Stone Buildings 'Philip provides sound advice on legal position without becoming diluted or confused by the emotional aspects.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Timothy Cowen9 Stone BuildingsTim is extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field, his opinions and strategies are always spot on.
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Fraud: civil

Leading Juniors

Rory Brown9 Stone BuildingsRory is a natural advocate, measured, meticulous and ruthless. A brilliant cross examiner and super strong on the academic side of fraud. Particularly good at the fraud/insolvency cross over. He is often used on the tough cases because he can get results.'
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Private client: trusts and probate

Leading Juniors

Rory Brown9 Stone Buildings ‘Rory is a tenacious barrister who commands respect from clients and peers. He is very bright and carries excellent advocacy skills.’
Ranked: Tier 3

9 Stone Buildings is a commercial chancery set and one of the oldest established chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, with a history dating back to 1893. Although it has a proud tradition and heritage, it is a modern and progressive set committed to meeting the needs and expectations of all its clients with professionalism and integrity. Its members have a reputation for advocacy, knowledge and experience enabling it to provide clients with the highest standards of legal advice and representation in today’s fast-changing world.

The set: Many of its members are leaders in their respective fields of practice, regularly appearing in all levels of courts and tribunals both in the UK and overseas jurisdictions where some have established practices.

9 Stone Buildings provides comfortable facilities staffed by a friendly and helpful clerking team equipped with up-to-date technology. It additionally provides an extensive seminar programme on topical issues for which it is accredited by the Law Society to offer CPD hours. Chambers is conveniently located in Lincoln’s Inn.

In recent years the chambers have been joined by some notable established practitioners in line with Chambers’ policy of selective recruitment.

Types of work undertaken: All members undertake advocacy, drafting and advice in a broad range of matters. These include all types of contract and commercial dispute, including construction, as well as confidential information, passing off, covenants restricting business activity or employment, companies and partnership matters, minority rights, directors’ duties, internal disputes and mergers and acquisitions.

Claims to land, issues of title, boundary disputes, easements and rights of way are dealt with, together with landlord and tenant issues, including business, agricultural and residential tenancies, leasehold enfranchisement and housing. Law of commons and charities law are dealt with.

Corporate and personal insolvency are dealt with, as well as financial services matters, including investment transactions, investor protection, stock exchange matters, regulation, market abuse, insider dealing and market manipulation.

Trusts, settlements and wills are a particular specialism, as well as probate, administration of estates and family provision.

Banking, insurance, consumer credit and hire purchase are handled, as well as mortgages, guarantees and credit arrangements, fraud (including commercial fraud), conspiracy, mistake and constructive trusts. Injunctions and professional negligence are specialisms, as well as Court of Protection work, conflict of laws, judicial review and employment law.

Members undertake work in a variety of overseas locations, including Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland, France, Gibraltar, Asia, the Caribbean and the US.

Senior clerk Alan Austin
Junior clerk David Clayton
Junior clerk Jake Price
Junior clerk Charlie Hamilton
Head of Chambers SHAW KC, Peter (KC 2017)
Member of Chambers CURL KC, Joseph (KC 2021)
Member of Chambers JACOB, Isaac E (1963)
Member of Chambers MEARES, Nigel (1975)
Member of Chambers DENEHAN, Edward (1981)
Member of Chambers YOUNG, Martin (1984)
Member of Chambers BROWN, Philip (1991)
Member of Chambers RICHMAN, Helene Pines (1992)
Member of Chambers COWEN, Timothy (1993)
Member of Chambers BROMILOW, Daniel (1996)
Member of Chambers BROWN, Rory (2009)
Member of Chambers MACE, Andrew (1997)
Member of Chambers CALLARD, Graham (2001)
Member of Chambers McGOWAN, Giselle (2011)
Member of Chambers JULIAN, Faith (2013)
Member of Chambers COCKBURN, Thomas (2015)
Member of Chambers WRIGHT, Paul (2017)
Member of Chambers WANNAGAT, Nora (2018)
Member of Chambers SHIPLEY, Andrew (2017)
Member of Chambers BROOKE, Andrew (2021)
Overseas Member CRITELLI, Nicholas* (USA 1991)
Overseas Member LEVY KC, James* (Gibraltar 1972)
Overseas Member ASHTON, Dr Raymond* (Guernsey 1979)
Overseas Member LICUDI KC, Gilbert (Gibraltar 1998)
Door Tenant DOYLE Louis* (1996)
Door Tenant FENNELL, Steven* (2014)
Academic Member KEAY, Professor Andrew
* Door tenants/Overseas Member
Daniel Bromilow photo Daniel BromilowDaniel Bromilow studied law at Robinson College, Cambridge and joined Chambers after…
Andrew Brooke photo Andrew BrookeAndrew Brooke joined Chambers in October 2022, following  completion of his pupillage.…
Philip Brown photo Philip BrownPhilip has a wide ranging commercial chancery practice which includes advocacy, drafting…
Philip Brown photo Philip BrownPhilip has a wide ranging commercial chancery practice which includes advocacy, drafting…
Rory Brown photo Rory BrownRory has a commercial-chancery practice focusing on litigation in the following areas:…
Graham Callard photo Graham CallardGraham is a tax lawyer with over 30 years of experience. Graham…
Thomas Cockburn photo Thomas Cockburn
Timothy Cowen photo Timothy Cowen
Joseph Curl photo Joseph CurlJoseph Curl QC specialises in commercial Chancery, with the emphasis on insolvency.…
Edward Denehan photo Edward DenehanEdward’s practice is exclusively property based. It therefore includes real property, both…
Isaac Jacob photo Isaac JacobDescribed by “The Lawyer” as one of the stars of the Chancery…
Faith Julian photo Faith Julian
Andrew Mace photo Andrew Mace
Giselle McGowan photo Giselle McGowanGiselle McGowan has a commercial chancery practice with a particular emphasis on…
Nigel Meares photo Nigel Meares
Helene Richman photo Helene RichmanHelene Pines Richman has specialised in private client, property law and related…
Peter Shaw photo Peter ShawMr Shaw was formerly a solicitor admitted in 1986. He has had…
Andrew Shipley photo Andrew Shipley
Nora Wannagat photo Nora Wannagat
Paul Wright photo Paul Wright
Martin Young photo Martin YoungAn experienced and versatile advocate and advisor with principle areas of practice…
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