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(Leading Juniors)Ranked: Tier 4

Edward Franklin – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Edward is an intellectual heavyweight. It is apparent from his excellent drafting that he has easy command of complex legal principles. His advocacy is measured and all the more forceful for that. He has mastered the art of emphasis by understatement, and can convey to better effect with a few short words that which many struggle to achieve when addressing courts at great length.’

2 Harcourt Buildings, with ‘a broad range of quality advocates‘, is gaining a reputation for being ‘a prominent defence practice‘ as well as an established prosecution set. Catherine Donnelly is well-known for handling high-profile homicide and serious sexual offences cases. Jane Osborne KC balances defence and prosecution work, primarily prosecuting homicides, including those involving young people alleged to have connections to gangs. Edward Franklin is ‘an intellectual heavyweight’ with ‘an easy command of complex legal principles’ – he has considerable experience in complex multi-handed cases.