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2 Harcourt Buildings, with ‘a broad range of quality advocates‘, is gaining a reputation for being ‘a prominent defence practice‘ as well as an established prosecution set. Catherine Donnelly is well-known for handling high-profile homicide and serious sexual offences cases. Jane Osborne KC balances defence and prosecution work, primarily prosecuting homicides, including those involving young people alleged to have connections to gangs. Edward Franklin is ‘an intellectual heavyweight’ with ‘an easy command of complex legal principles’ - he has considerable experience in complex multi-handed cases.

Leading Silks

Jane Osborne KC – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Jane has an excellent legal brain. Her written and oral submissions are of a very high standard. She has a comprehensive knowledge of her brief. Her cross-examination is suitably concise and effective. Her final speeches are very jury friendly and effective.' 
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Ranked: Tier 2
Tom Nicholson2 Harcourt BuildingsTom is a good lawyer. He is hard-working and a pleasure to work with.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Sam Barker – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Sam is an excellent lawyer and a naturally gifted advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Edward Franklin – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Edward is an intellectual heavyweight. It is apparent from his excellent drafting that he has easy command of complex legal principles. His advocacy is measured and all the more forceful for that. He has mastered the art of emphasis by understatement, and can convey to better effect with a few short words that which many struggle to achieve when addressing courts at great length.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Jenny Burgess – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Jenny is a class act. She is meticulously prepared and knows her cases inside out. She is a confident, engaging advocate who gets straight to the point with legal arguments. She is reasonable in the points she takes and is very persuasive. Her closing speeches are also great.’
Ranked: Tier 4


‘Keith Poynter is really good and very straightforward to deal with. Gary Wright is a really nice guy and a very helpful clerk. They’re both really safe pairs of hands.’

‘Keith Poynter is a top clerk and a natural leader. He is extremely responsive, always available and great at sorting diary issues. He is widely respected by solicitors, counsel and other clerks. He is ably assisted by Gary Wright who complements his proactive approach.’

‘2 Harcourt Chambers has now developed into a set with a prominent defence practice. Historically, they have had a reputation as being a prosecution set but are now conducting complex and high-profile defence work.’

‘A premier league set in every respect.’

‘2 Harcourt Buildings is an outstanding chambers. It has a national reputation for conducting the most serious prosecutions, and is a ‘go-to’ set for two counsel cases. At the junior end it is arguably the most experienced and able set of criminal juniors at the Bar.’

‘A fine chambers with a broad range of quality advocates. A top set.’

‘A set whose clerks are always happy to assist where they can. Both senior and junior members are popular and sought-after.’

London Bar > Fraud: crime

Leading Silks

Jane Osborne KC – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Jane assimilates case papers rapidly and has a clear grasp of the details. She gives important strategic advice from the outset of her instructions and is very pragmatic and forthright with clients when necessary.’
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Dominic Hockley  – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Dominic is bright, diligent, knowledgeable and has very good judgement. He has excellent interpersonal skills which allows him to gain the trust of instructing solicitors, clients, opponents and judges alike. He has extensive experience in dealing with heavy fraud cases and is able to deal with factually complex matters with ease.’ 
Ranked: Tier 3
John Ojakovoh – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘John is highly intelligent, has a good eye for detail and is very thoroughly prepared. He is liked by judges and extremely effective in cross-examination.’
Ranked: Tier 4

2 Harcourt Buildings is an outstanding set of criminal barristers, with counsel of the highest quality at every level. Members of chambers prosecute and defend in the full range of criminal cases and are noted for their dedication, commanding courtroom performances, and sound advice.

Members of 2 Harcourt Buildings regularly appear in cases involving homicide, terrorism, bribery and corruption, fatal and non-fatal non-accidental infant head injury, rape, serious, prolific, and historic sexual offences (including institutional abuse), and drug dealing on a massive scale. In addition, chambers has a particular specialism in cases investigated under Serious and Organised Crime Command, and the National Crime Agency. Regular instruction in the most heavyweight of criminal cases, combined with a tradition of retaining two counsel cases within chambers whenever possible, provides the juniors at 2 Harcourt Buildings with experience far beyond their call, enabling them to command the respect of opponents and judges alike.

Recent cases include: the defence of David Fuller for the historic murder of two young women in Tunbridge Wells and the sexual abuse of multiple corpses in the mortuary at Pembury hospital, the prosecution of London GP Manish Shah for sexual offences committed against 24 female patients, and of Diana Danescu the conservative party election agent convicted of fraud.  Also, the prosecution of Robert Wells, the GP convicted of multiple counts of historic rape and indecent assault against five children and teenagers he had drugged to facilitate his offending.

Work undertaken
Crime: Members of 2 Harcourt Buildings regularly appear in cases involving homicide, terrorism, bribery and corruption, fatal and non-fatal non-accidental infant head injury, rape, serious, prolific, and historic sexual offences (including institutional abuse), and drug dealing on a massive scale. In addition, chambers has a particular specialism in cases investigated under Operation Trident or by the Flying Squad, Serious and Organised Crime Command, and the National Crime Agency.

Financial crime:  Barristers at 2 Harcourt Buildings specialise in high value and complex financial crime.  Members of chambers are well known for their advisory skills, their performance in court, and their ability to process, assimilate and present the large quantities of information often involved in such complex cases.

Members of 2 Harcourt Buildings regularly appear in fraud and financial crime cases involving allegations in all areas but particularly including multi million pound banking fraud, diversion fraud, investment and boiler room frauds, tax fraud, duty evasion, money laundering allegations, bribery and corruption charges, cyber-crime offences, and immigration fraud.  Instructions come from all areas, but particularly cases prosecuted by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS, the SFO and the FCA, and investigations conducted by HMRC.  Members of vhambers are experienced in conducting private prosecutions and are alert to the particular challenges such proceedings can present.  Barristers at 2 Harcourt Buildings are frequently instructed fro the outset of an investigation, providing advice pre-charge, through to the conclusion of proceedings, including dealing with restraint and confiscation.

The presentation of evidence electronically at trial is something chambers as a whole is familiar with.  Junior members of chambers often appear as junior counsel and learn by example how to present and manage complex investigations and trials.

Recent cases include: the prosecution of Feezan Hameed, responsible for the biggest vishing fraud in UK history; the first known election fraud prosecution alleging misrepresentations to voters; the prosecution of Diana Danescu, also prosecuted for and convicted of election fraud.

Professional discipline: 2 Harcourt Buildings is establishing a reputable inquests and public inquiries practice. Members of chambers act for bereaved families, medical professionals and state Interested Persons in Article 2 inquests heard before juries. Members are able to bring their expertise in criminal law to inquests involving evidence from the police, the prison service and the probation service, as well as a high standard of advocacy developed in the Crown Courts.

Last year, chambers appeared in the inquests into the inquests into the Fishmongers’ Hall Attack, acting as part of the counsel team instructed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department and the Ministry of Justice. Chambers offers advice in inquests matters that crossover into public law, with members advising the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to a potential judicial review arising from whistle-blower evidence concerning a historic inquest into a sensitive police shooting, and advising on, and drafting grounds of, the judicial review of the decisions made by coroners during the course of inquests.

Members are regularly sought after to represent both the council and registrants before the General Dental Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council. Members have been instructed in the full array of proceedings including lengthy substantive hearings before the Conduct and Competency Committee, hearings before the Health Committee, restoration applications, registration appeals, and fraudulent/incorrect entry cases

Recruitment: Chambers prides itself on offering structured, challenging and fulfilling twelve-month pupillages to high quality applicants. Chambers aims to prepare all pupils for a successful career within our chambers and actively seeks to recruit junior tenants from amongst their number.

Department Name Email Telephone
Joint Head of Chambers James Dawes KC jdawes@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Joint Head of Chambers Paul Cavin KC pcavin@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Jennifer Knight KC jenniferknight@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Jane Osborne KC josborne@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Sean Brunton KC sbrunton@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Mark Paltenghi mpaltenghi@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Mark Gadsden mgadsden@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Jane Carpenter jcarpenter@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Toby Fitzgerald tfitzgerald@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Sally Halkerston shalkerston@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Sally Thompson sthompson@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Nicholas Alexander nalexander@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Catherine Donnelly cdonnelly@2hb.o.uk 020 7353 2112
Fer Chinner fchinner@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Paul Casey pcasey@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Christopher Stimpson cstimpson@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Kate Blumgart kateblumgart@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Subhanker Banarjee sbanarjee@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Tom Nicholson tnicholson@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Sally Mertens smertens@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Edward Franklin efranklin@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Jenny Burgess jburgess@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Duncan Cooke dcooke@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
John Ojakovoh jojakovoh@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
James Caldwell jcaldwell@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Dominic Hockley dhockley@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Natalia Constantine nconstantine@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Sam Barker sbarker@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Imogen Nelson inelson@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Amy Oliver aoliver@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Charles Drinnan cdrinnan@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Mahesh Karu mkaru@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
William Goss wgoss@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Page Nyame pnyame@2hb.co.uk 020 7353 2112
Photo Name Position Profile
James Dawes photo James Dawes
Catherine Donnelly photo Catherine Donnelly Specialist in homicide and child sex abuse. Criminal Defence Criminal Prosecution – Grade…
Edward Franklin photo Mr Edward Franklin
Dominic Hockley photo Dominic Hockley Dominic has a reputation for fearless advocacy and sound legal advice. He…
Mahesh Karu photo Mahesh Karu Mahesh is a dedicated advocate with a drive to ensure his clients…
Jennifer Knight photo Jennifer Knight Jennifer has a strong prosecution and defence practice in serious and complex…
Tom Nicholson photo Tom Nicholson Tom is a leading specialist criminal barrister, whose reputation is built on…
Page Nyame photo Page Nyame Page is a highly regarded junior specialising in corporate crime and public…
Jane Osborne KC photo Ms Jane Osborne KC Jane has a leading criminal practice in complex prosecution and defence work…
Keith Poynter : Senior Clerk
Gary Wright : First Junior Clerk
Joseph Scanlan : Second Junior Clerk
Amanda Copas : Third Junior Clerk

CLIENT: Gerard Maye Legal
TESTIMONIAL: This set is outstanding in all respects; calibre of counsel, top-flight individuals with clerks who ‘are unmatchable in service and client care.