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TIPLO Attorneys-at-Law is a local boutique firm that handles all IP-related advisory, transactional and contentious work, with expertise across a number of design and engineering fields. The litigation department has vast experience in civil and criminal litigation as well as unfair competition cases. The group, which often works alongside its liaison office in Japan, has particular expertise in IP enforcement. JK Lin, Johnny Yang and Win-Chin Gau are the names to note.

TIPLO Attorneys-at-Law - Mandarin translation: 当地精品律师事务所TIPLO Attorneys-at-Law 凭借在设计和工程领域的专业知识,专门处理所有知识产权事务、诉讼和非讼案件。 其诉讼团队在民事和刑事诉讼以及不公平竞争案件方面久经沙场。 该团队常与日本联络处合作,尤其擅长知识产权执行。JK Lin、 Johnny Yang 和 Win-Chin Gau 是该团队的主力军。

Baker McKenzie is able to assist businesses with operations in Taiwan with all aspects of the protection and exploitation of their IP rights – with experience in a number of Trade Secret Act 2013 cases. The team handles the local elements of a number of global patent and trade mark portfolios for clients in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronics industries, as well as assisting local corporates with standalone IP issues. Highlights for practice head Grace Shao included assisting a major US-based manufacturer with strategy and handling a subsequent criminal complaint regarding an infringement of its trade mark. Lindy Chern, Da-Fa Feng and Jo-Fan Yu are also noted.

Baker McKenzie - Mandarin translation: Baker McKenzie  协助在台企业处理知识产权保护和侵犯方面的所有事务,曾成功处理数起《2013年商业机密法》案件。 该团队还专门为制药、化妆品和电器业客户处理全球专利和商标组合事务,并协助当地公司解决知识产权纠纷。 团队主管Grace Shao的成功案例包括协助一家领先的美国生产商制定战略,处理一起相继发生的商标侵权刑事诉讼。Lindy Chern、 Da-Fa Feng 和 Jo-Fan Yu 也是该团队的骨干。

Jones Day is able provide counsel on IP portfolios, enforcement and defence. The group is often called upon to co-ordinate strategies for mounting multi-party and international litigation efforts, in which the team, co-led by Jason Chen, Simon Yu and Po-Chien Chen, has significant experience. In a case of global significance, the group is representing Qualcomm in appealing a $773m fine issued by the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission regarding the client's licensing model and chip-set sales practices. In another highlight, it is acting for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in drafting and prosecuting US patent applications, ensuring alignment with the company's business objectives. In another stand-out matter, it is representing Hitachi Consumer Electronics and Hitachi Maxell as licensors of a package of patents for televisions in two civil claims for torts and breach of contract, brought by a licensee.

Jones Day - Mandarin translation: Jones Day 能够提供知识产权组合、执行和保护方面的专业意见。 该团队经验丰富,常负责协调多方和国际诉讼工作。团队主管为Jason Chen、Simon Yu 和Po-Chien Chen。 该团队在一起全球瞩目的案件中代表Qualcomm就台湾平等贸易委员会,对客户授权模式和芯片组销售作出的7.73亿美元罚款决定提出上诉。 除此以外,该团队目前正代表台湾半导体生产厂起草和起诉美国专利应用,以要求其符合客户公司的商业目标。 该团队的另一成功案例为代表电视机专利授予方Hitachi Consumer Electronics 和 Hitachi Maxell处理两起民事诉讼,向被授权方提出侵权和违约起诉。

The team at Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law stands out for its full-service patent offering, which represents client interests in Taiwan and other jurisdictions, especially the Greater China region, where it draws on the firm's cross-Strait presence. It is also adept at handling global patent prosecution strategies across a number of technical fields. On the enforcement front, the group draws on specialist expertise in a variety of mechanical, electronic and biological engineering fields, to inform patent management, strategy consultation, third-party applications and compulsory licence services, in addition to handling the range of tax planning and dispute resolution matters. Dennis Huang and Hsiu-ru Chien acted for Toshiba Corporation in the filing of a joint patent infringement lawsuit against five separate defendants accused of infringing Taiwan patents for flash memory products; successfully claiming full damages before the IP court. Chien, Tony Lin and Tzu-Lien Ou successfully represented Nichia Corporation in an appeal brought to the Intellectual Property Office by Everlight Electronics Company concerning a historic cancellation action filed by the client. Other experienced team members include Greater China IP expert Daisy Wang, IP all-rounder Ruey-Sen Tsai and Arthur Li, who leads the Japanese IP group.

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law - Mandarin translation: Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law 提供全面的专利服务,在台湾和其他地区代表客户利益,尤其凭借其在两岸的业务网络,为大中国地区客户提供专业服务。 该团队还擅长数个技术领域全球专利起诉策略。 在执行方面,该团队利用机械、电子和生物工程领域的专业技术,提供专利管理、策略顾问、第三方应用和强制许可服务,并处理税务计划和纠纷解决。Dennis Huang 和 Hsiu-ru Chien 曾代表东芝对五个被告提起侵权闪存产品台湾专利的联合专利侵权诉讼,并在知识产品法庭赢得全额赔偿。 Chien, Tony Lin 和 Tzu-Lien Ou 成功代表Nichia Corporation应对亿光电子向知识产权办公室提起有注销上诉。 该团队的其他资深律师包括大中国区知识产权专家Daisy Wang、知识产权通才Ruey-Sen Tsai 和领导日本知识产权团队的 Arthur Li。

At the forefront of the Taiwanese IP market, boutique firm Saint Island Group is able to advise clients on the spectrum of IP work across the Greater China region. Highlights for Sumin Lai included successfully representing HTC in the enforcement of a patent before the Taiwan IP Court. He also successfully defended the Taiwan subsidiary of Samsung in two patent infringement disputes brought by separate local companies; the cases are now on appeal. Tony Chang acted for Tokyo-based Kosé Corporation in its enforcement of a patent for the design of a cosmetics container, resulting in a substantial award for damages. Julia Hung, Frank Liu and founding partner Patrick Yun are also key contacts.

Saint Island Group - Mandarin translation: 处于台湾知识产权市场前沿的精品律师事务所 Saint Island Group  为客户提供大中国区知识产权服务。 Sumin Lai的成功案例包括成功代表HTC在台湾知识产权法庭处理专利执行案件。 他还代表三星台湾子公司处理由多起当地公司提起的两起专利侵权纠纷案;该案件现处于上诉阶段。Tony Chang 代理东京的Kosé Corporation处理化妆品容器设计专利执行纠纷,最终赢得可观的赔偿金。Julia Hung、 Frank Liu 和创始合伙人 Patrick Yun 也是该团队的领军人物。

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm handles trade mark, copyright and patents matters, and has an increasingly active trade secrets practice. The group regularly acts for domestic and foreign clients on anti-counterfeiting strategies and in the defence of infringement allegations. Jeanne Wang successfully assisted Micron Technology with an investigation into trade secrets misappropriation, which led to the indictment of former employees and semiconductor manufacturer, United Microelectronic Corporation; the criminal case is still ongoing. Wang, together with Vincent Lin, acted for Chang Chun Petrochemical Corporation in the successful filing of an invalidation action against Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co. regarding a patent. Joyce Ho represented Western Digital Technologies in its trade mark opposition against the registration of the myBookwith device mark, successfully arguing that it bore a similarity to an existing trade mark. Jennifer Lin is another key practitioner.

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm - Mandarin translation: Tsar & Tsai Law Firm 专门处理商标、版权和专利事宜,并在商业机密方面经验日增。 该团队常代理国内外客户,提供防伪策略和侵权辩护服务。Jeanne Wang成功协助Micron Technology调查盗用商业机密案,该案由半导体生产商United Microelectronic Corporation和前员工提起诉讼;目前案件还在进行中。 Wang和Vincent Lin代理 长春石油化学公司就Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co.专利事件,成功提出无效宣告请求。Joyce Ho 代表西方电子科技反对  myBookwith 设备商标注册,并提出其商标与客户现用商标雷同的有力指控。Jennifer Lin 是该团队的另一名金牌律师。

Eiger's client base is predominantly composed of North American and European companies with operations in Taiwan or plans to establish a local presence. The group, which is jointly headed by IP lawyers John Eastwood and Eve Chen, regularly handles civil and criminal IP enforcement litigation, for clients including Philip Morris International, Kering Group, Abercrombie & Fitch and Subway International. It also acts as co-ordinating counsel in cross-Strait litigation matters. Highlights included handling ongoing anti-counterfeiting work for Prada and the co-ordination of Asia-Pacific filing work for Waven Jeans and Belly Bandit, as well as domestic trade mark filings  for Comcast. It also handles contentious and non-contentious technology licensing work for Dolby. Other practitioners of note include trade mark lawyers Michael Werner and Tania Su.

Eiger - Mandarin translation: Eiger 的客户主要为在台设点或计划在台拓展的北美和欧洲公司。 该团队主管为知识产权律师John Eastwood 和 Eve Chen,主要业务为民事和刑事知识产权执行诉讼;客户包括Philip Morris International、Kering Group、Abercrombie & Fitch 和 Subway International。 该团队还协调两岸诉讼事务。 成功案例包括正在进行的Prada防伪工作,以及帮助Waven Jeans、Belly Bandit协调亚太地区工作,并为Comcast提出国内商标维权。 该团队还为Dolby处理诉讼和非讼技术许可事务。 团队其他骨干成员有商标法律师Michael Werner 和 Tania Su。

The technology law team at Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law handles a variety of IP work for hi-tech and biotech clients, with particular expertise in green technologies. The group is also experienced in patent and trade mark prosecutions, including cases with a cross-border aspect. Highlights for the group included advising a global bicycle manufacturer on local trade mark disputes, and handling patent prosecution for a software and online service provider. The group also advised a German semiconductor manufacturer and service provider on patent infringement issues regarding the client's competitors in Japan, Taiwan and China. Yulan Kuo is noted alongside Frank Shao-Fan Lu and Wenyueh Chung.

Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Formosa Transnational Attorneys 的科技法律师团队专门为高科技和生物科技公司处理各种知识产权案件,尤其擅长绿色科技领域。 专利和商标诉讼,包括跨境诉讼也是该团队的强项。成功案例包括帮助一家全球自行车生产商解决本土商标纠纷,并为一家软件和网上服务供应商处理专利诉讼。 该团队还帮助一家德国半导体生产商和服务供应商处理客户在中、日、台的竞争对手专利侵权案件。  Yulan Kuo 、Frank Shao-Fan Lu 和 Wenyueh Chung都是该团队的佼佼者。

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP's team, which is based across the US and Taiwan, has a strong track record assisting Taiwanese companies with all aspects of their IP portfolios across the globe. The Taipei office is also well placed to advise multinationals with operations in Taiwan. Areas of expertise include: M&A issues; patent, trade mark, copyright and trade secrets disputes; licensing; and invalidity proceedings. The Taipei office is led by Robert Benson, who successfully defended TPK Touch Solutions against patent infringement proceedings raised in China. Other highlights include representing Robert Bosch and Foxconn Technology Group in an International Trade Commission investigation brought by JST Corporation and a parallel district court action alleging patent infringement; a matter that goes to trial in November 2018. Hsiwen Lo is the other key name in Taipei and specialises in technology-related IP issues.

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP - Mandarin translation: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP 的 团队遍及美国和台湾,专门协助台湾公司解决全球范围的知识产权组合事务,战绩辉煌。 其台湾办事处还为在台设点的跨国公司提供服务。 专业范围包括并购、专利、商标、版权和商业机密纠纷、许可和无效宣告诉讼。 Robert Benson担任台湾办事处主管,曾成功代表TPK Touch Solutions赢得在中国引发的专利侵权案件。 另一成功案例为代表Robert Bosch和富士康科技集团应对JST Corporation提出的国际贸易委员会调查,以及平行区法庭的专利侵权指控;该案于2018年11月审判。Hsiwen Lo 也是台湾的金牌律师,擅长科技知识产权案件。

Top Team International Patent & Trademark Office acts for local and international clients across a range of industries - with a notably a strong offering for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers - on contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters, and has a prominent Japanese client base. Founding and managing partner Henry Hong leads a team that includes patent specialists Jonathan Yen,  Jessica Chen, and Nick Tung; administrative patent experts Peggy Wu and Mei-Chun Wang, who leads on issues involving Japan and China; and dual-Taiwan and California-qualified trade mark attorney Julia Liu. Stand-out clients include Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, NEC Corporation, TDK Taiwan, MediaTek and Acer.

Top Team International Patent & Trademark Office - Mandarin translation: Top Team International Patent & Trademark Office 为国内外各行业客户提供法律服务,尤其是协助制药和医学设备生产商处理诉讼和非讼知识产权纠纷,深受日本客户的青睐。 领导这一团队的是创始人兼管理合伙人Henry Hong。该团队还包括专利律师 Jonathan Yen、 Jessica Chen和Nick Tung; 行政专利专家Peggy Wu 和领导日本和中国事务的 Mei-Chun Wang,以及获得台湾和加拿大资质的商标法律师Julia Liu。  重要客户包括三菱电机、日本电器、 TDK 台湾、联发科技和弘基。

Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law has a strong prosecution department, which represents a variety of international corporates in pursuing infringements across the Greater China region. The firm also has a strong patent litigation offering and an active trade mark team, which regularly handles domestic and international applications. Crystal Chen and Parkson Hsu successfully represented Rimowa in its long-running civil litigation against another luggage manufacturer over the design of a suitcase. Other key names include seasoned litigator Jesse Peng and trade mark expert Yiling Liu. The impressive client roster includes Ferrari, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Red Bull and Microsoft.

Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law 的诉讼团队训练有素,专门代表各类国际公司处理大中国地区的侵权案件。 该公司还拥有一支精明能干的专利诉讼和商标法团队,专门处理国内外专利申请。Crystal Chen 和 Parkson Hsu 成功代表Rimowa处理与另一家箱包生产商就箱包设计的长期悬而未解的民事诉讼。 该公司的其他金牌律师包括Jesse Peng 和商标法专家 Yiling Liu。 重要客户包括法拉利、酩悦 轩尼诗-路易 威登集团、红牛和微软。

Described by one client as the 'first choice in Taiwan for IP issues', Winkler Partners is a key name for Taiwan-related trade mark, patent, copyright and trade secret matters. Utilising its 'excellent knowledge of local courts', the 'very skilled' trade mark team handles prosecution and enforcement work for global luxury brands, pharmaceutical companies, and clients in the entertainment, semiconductor and other major sectors.  Practice head Peter Dernbach specialises in strategy and the enforcement of trade mark and copyright portfolios. Gary Kuo is an IP litigator with substantial court experience. Christine Chen has a strong track record in trade mark infringement cases. The group successfully negotiated on behalf of a US-based internet and technology company in a dispute over the brand name of its mobile phone device; the opposing party had registered trade marks in China, the US and Taiwan. It is also acting as co-ordinating counsel to a leading corporate in the e-commerce space in advising on regional clearance for its products across multiple Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

Winkler Partners - Mandarin translation: Winkler Partners 被一家客户誉为“台湾知识产权事务首选律师事务所",是台湾商标、专利、版权和商业机密方面的领头羊。 这支团队“素质卓越”,利用“对当地法庭的深入了解”,为国际奢侈品品牌、制药公司和娱乐、半导体和其他重要行业提供诉讼和执行服务。团队主管Peter Dernbach擅长商标和版权组合策略和执行。Gary Kuo是知识产权律师,拥有丰富的法庭经验。Christine Chen 在商标侵权方面战绩辉煌。 该团队代表美国网络和科技公司就手机品牌名纠纷与对方达成协议;对方在中国、美国和台湾注册了商标。 该团队还作为协调顾问,协助一家电子商务领先公司在亚太地区多个国家净空产品。

Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law provides full IP services to domestic and international corporates and government bodies under the leadership of Kuo-Hua Fan, who has particular expertise in cross-Strait matters. The group regularly files patent and trade mark applications, while also assisting clients with the IP aspects of transactions and disputes. In one stand-out matter, the group advised the National Centre for Traditional Arts on the copyright status of its entire art collection. The group is currently leading on Flip Chip Opto's litigation strategy in defence of a patent infringement claim raised in Taiwan.

Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law - Mandarin translation: Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law 在Kuo-Hua Fan的领导下,向国内外公司和政府机构提供全面服务,尤其擅长处理两岸事务。 该团队提供专利和商标申请服务,而且协助客户交易和纠纷的知识产权事务。 成功案例包括协助国家传统艺术中心捍卫所有艺术收藏的版权。 该团队目前负责Flip Chip Opto台湾专利侵权诉讼策略。

Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Yvonne Lin 是 Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law 的主要联系人。该事务所为国内外公司提供知识产权相关的所有服务, 主要客户集中在美国和日本。

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP stands out for its expertise in IP matters relating to the hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries. The group's key areas of practice include patent and trade mark licensing, IP litigation and trade secrets. The Taipei office often works closely with the firm's US operations, serving trans-Pacific corporates. Ming-Tao Yang and Robert Yoches are recommended for matters involving the US. Gary Ma leads the team.

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP - Mandarin translation: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP 擅长高科技和制药业知识产权业务。 该团队的专长包括专利和商标许可、知识产权诉讼和商业机密事务。 其台湾办事处与美国办事处密切合作,为泛太平洋地区公司提供服务。Ming-Tao Yang 和 Robert Yoches 擅长处理美国事务;Gary Ma 是团队主管。

Yvonne Lin is the main contact at Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law, which handles all aspects of IP for a mix of foreign and domestic corporates, with a particular focus on US and Japanese clients.

K&L Gates is well placed to handle IP issues across jurisdictions, where it leverages its international office network. The group advises international corporates on the local registrations of their IP portfolios, as well as handling litigation. It is also able to assist Taiwanese companies with litigation abroad. Jacqueline Fu is recommended for life sciences-related work, alongside experienced trade mark litigator Parmi Hsieh.

K&L Gates - Mandarin translation: K&L Gates 利用其全球网络,善于处理各地区知识产权事务。 该团队帮助国际公司在当地注册知识产权组合,并处理诉讼; 除此以外,还协助台湾公司处理国外诉讼案件。Jacqueline Fu 精于处理生命科学事务;Parmi Hsieh是身经百战的商标法律师。

The team at LCS & Partners covers areas including licensing, negotiation and consultation on IP matters, in addition to handling criminal, civil and administrative litigation. It often assists corporate clients with technology transfers, cross-border co-operation and IP-related tax issues. The group is able to assist with registrations, availability searches and renewals concerning patents and trade marks. Adam Yang, Alex Yeh and Bob Pan are the names to note.

LCS & Partners - Mandarin translation: LCS & Partners 的业务范围包括知识产权许可、协议和磋商,并处理刑事、民事和行政诉讼。 该团队还协助公司解决技术转让、跨境合作和知识产权税务问题。 专利和商标注册、可用性搜查和续展也是该团队之所长。团队主力军有 Adam Yang、 Alex Yeh 和 Bob Pan 。

At Lee, Tsai & Partners, Jane Tsai leads on trade mark issues, where she handles prosecution and litigation for domestic and international corporates before the Taiwanese courts. Chung-Teh Lee and Jerry Huang are also key practitioners.

Lee, Tsai & Partners - Mandarin translation: Jane Tsai 负责 Lee, Tsai & Partners 的商标事务,代表国内外公司在台湾法庭处理起诉和诉讼。Chung-Teh Lee 和 Jerry Huang 也是该团队的杰出人才。

Tai E International Patent & Law Office is a large boutique IP firm, which advises international and domestic corporates on all aspects of their IP portfolios. The patent division is able to draft documents in English, Japanese and Mandarin, which is of particular benefit to Taiwanese companies filing abroad. In terms of prosecution work, the firm is divided into four main divisions: electrical, mechanics, chemistry and biotechnology, representing a diverse range of clients. Other areas of practice include trade mark applications and trade secrets cases. Fred Yen, Amanda Hung and Henry Guei are noted.

Tai E International Patent & Law Office - Mandarin translation: Tai E International Patent & Law Office 是一家大型精品知识产权公司,专门为国内外公司提供全面的知识产权组合服务。 公司能够草拟英文、日文和简体中文版本的专利文件,便于台湾公司在国外的申诉。 该公司的起诉领域包括电器、机械、化学和生物科技四个方面,为各领域客户提供服务。 其他业务范围包括商标申请和商业机密事务。Fred Yen、Amanda Hung 和 Henry Guei 是该公司的骨干。

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