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Vulic Law

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Vulic Law is World bank group legal service provider in Serbia. We are independent, full-service commercial law firm based in Belgrade, Serbia, which specialize in mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, restructuring and insolvency, dispute resolution, real estate and employment law.

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Radoicic & Associates Joint Law Office

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Radoičić & Associates Joint Law Office has been operating for many years with its headquarters in Belgrade. In the course of our business, we have achieved successful business cooperation with numerous companies. We successfully provide legal services in all fields of law. Our Law Office is particularly specialized in the fields of Projects and energy; …

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Aleksic and Associates Law Office

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Aleksić & Associates is an independent, full-service corporate law firm. Our spectrum of services ranges from business law, to civil and criminal law. With over 320 attorneys, associates and advisors constantly engaged in client matters, we offer a complete range of legal services to clients and investors coming to Serbia and South East Europe.

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Andrejic & Partners

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Andrejic & Partners is a full-service law firm with an office in Belgrade. Our firm provides tailored legal services designed to meet all needs of our clients. We provide high-level consulting services to both multinational companies as well as small companies and start-ups.

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Legal market overview in Serbia

Further to private consumption growth and overall increased investment levels, Serbia’s economic recovery picked up steadily towards the end of 2021. The 2022 growth rate is expected to reach approximately 4.5%, with the fiscal deficit anticipated to slim down to 3% of GDP. Serbia has also benefitted from a new fiscal stimulus package, following on from the country’s authorities’ substantial Covid 19-related policy response.Serbia’s recovery, however, is likely to be impacted by the state of both European and global economies, which in turn are dependent upon the pandemic’s eventual retreat. Rising international energy prices also pose a major threat both to inflation and economic growth, and the downturn has already triggered high levels of unemployment, particularly among Serbia’s female and youth populations.As in 2020, it was business as usual throughout 2021 for most law firms, which, during the ongoing pandemic, have been able to continue delivering uninterrupted, full-scale legal services through both traditional and innovative methods.Notable examples of full-service domestic practices in Serbia include Joksovic, Stojanovic & PartnersPrica & Partners, JPM Jankovic Popovic & Mitic, Bojovic Draškovic Popovic & Partners and BOPA Bojanovic & Partners.Major regional law firms are also integral to Serbia’s legal market. High-profile names include Moravcevic Vojnovic and Partners in cooperation with SchoenherrLaw Office Miroslav Stojanovic, in cooperation with Wolf TheissBDK Advokati AOD, Petrikic & Partneri AOD in cooperation with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, Gecic Law and Karanovic & PartnersHarrisons Solicitors, which also runs a branch in London, remains the only English law firm with a Belgrade office.In a market where men traditionally dominate most high-level positions, with women more frequently holding lower-paid roles, noteworthy developments within Serbia’s legal market include increased levels of diversity among firms’ employees. Several legal practices have adopted robust diversity policies that largely fall in line with international standards. Particular attention is being paid to areas such as age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation and religion, along with non-discriminatory policies for single parents.