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Dispute resolution Tier 4

Andrejic & Partners fields 'a great group of lawyers'. Dispute resolution head Vladimir Peric's experience includes handling several hundred enforcement and litigation procedures; Aleksandar Andrejic regularly works on some of the largest disputes in the market; and junior partner Andjelija Vasic is a civil and criminal litigation expert.

Practice head(s):

Aleksandar Andrejic; Vladimir Peric; Andjelija Vasic

Other key lawyers:

Silvija Stankovic


We are delighted with Andrejic & Partners. They do their best in all circumstances and are very friendly and experienced.

They think outside the box in order to protect clients’ interests.

A great group of lawyers! We like their approach and the energy they bring to the job.

They work very diligently for their clients and make sure everything is satisfactory.

They are always available and helpful – you can call them for help at any time.

Aleksandar Andrejic is a great lawyer. I am very pleased with his service and would recommend him to anybody.

Vladimir Peric’s advice and service are remarkable; he is dedicated to details, and goes beyond the usual effort to establish more personal relations with clients.

Andjelija Vasic is a great lawyer – we are very pleased with her performance.

Key clients

Logmaxx Alpha

Logmaxx Beta

Falco doo

Imlek AD

Edward Vermeer

STK Engineering GmbH

Raj Kos doo

DE-TA-P doo

BDD Sinteza

Fintex M4

UD Stari grad

Miroslav Mirkovic



Farma 5

Gregorc Vinko

Agentservis doo

Boss Max

LN Solutions

Ered Netherland BV

Eyemaxx Management

Real estate and construction Tier 4

Andrejic & Partners 'delivers fast and efficient work'. The team acts for both international companies and domestic companies on major real estate transactions. Aleksandar Andrejic leads the firm’s real estate department, which includes experienced partner Vladimir Peric, junior partner Andjelija Vasic and senior associate Silvija Stankovic.

Practice head(s):

Aleksandar Andrejic; Vladimir Peric

Other key lawyers:

Andjelija Vasic; Silvija Stankovic


Delivers fast and efficient work with a very useful and authoritative approach.

We are exceptionally pleased with the dedicated and individual approach that we received from this firm.

We are delighted with the service they provide.

Besides being a top professional, Aleksandar Andrejic is personally committed to his clients.

We are very pleased with the remarkable services provided to us by both Aleksandar Andrejic and Vladimir Peric.

Vladimir Peric is dedicated to detail, and goes beyond the usual effort to establish a more personal relationship with the client.

Vladimir Peric is an example of a great expert and a very good lawyer, but the entire team is very helpful.

Senior associate Silvija Stankovic is also highly appreciated.

Key clients

Eyemaxx International Holding & Consulting

Ered Netherlands BV II

Log Center doo

Imlek AD

Edward Vermeer

STK Engineering GmbH

BDO Austria GmbH

Villa Dincic doo Silver Lake

Jugoslovenski institut za urbanizam i stanovanje doo, Beograd

OXO Capital d.o.o.

DEC International Netherland

Triglav Nepremencine d.d. Slovenia

FPM Tuttomobili Tirana, Albania

Logmaxx Alpha AD

Logmaxx Beta d.o.o.

Villa & Spa Stevic

Gregorc Vinko

Agentservis doo

Andrejic & Partners is a full-service law firm with an office in Belgrade. Our firm provides tailored legal services designed to meet all needs of our clients. We provide high-level advisory services to both large corporations and small businesses and start-ups. Our firm is established by experienced professionals with vast experience in the legal market. The expertise of our team enables us to provide legal aid in all matters and industry sectors.

Exceptional legal service with a pragmatic, result-oriented approach
Our mission is to fully comprehend the client’s legal and business concerns and offer the best solution. Active across all business sectors and industries, our company offers cross-border transaction services and collaborates with other companies in the field. The team of reputable professionals with significant market experience is committed to delivering high-quality service that brings value to our clients’ businesses.

Experienced and pragmatic
Andrejic & Partners is established by legal professionals with a track record of assisting clients in some of the landmark transactions that occurred in Serbian and regional markets. Our practice is consistently expanded to different areas of the legal spectrum and we are successfully adapting to new challenges that technology and market changes are introducing to our partners. Members of our team have operated with some of the world’s most prominent businesses, banks, and multinational organizations, as well as governments, state-owned enterprises, start-ups, and NGOs.

Tailored team
Our team supports clients throughout their most complex business transactions. On each project that may require specific expertise, we actively collaborate with professionals in the field. We build our teams around the needs of the client and bring in the expertise of every field of business that is necessary.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and Finance Aleksandar Andrejic +381 66 444 417
Dispute Resolution Vladimir Peric +381 66 444 417
Commercial, corporate and M&A Aleksandar Andrejic +381 66 444 417
Employment & Immigration Mirjana Mladenovic Paripovic +381 66 444 417
Intellectual Property Silvija Stankovic +381 66 444 417
Projects and Energy Natasa Stoiljkovic +381 66 444 417
Real Estate and Construction Aleksandar Andrejic +381 66 444 417
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Aleksandar Andrejic  photo Mr Aleksandar Andrejic Managing Partner
Ms Mirjana Mladenovic Paripovic  photo Ms Mirjana Mladenovic Paripovic Attorney at Law
Mr Vladimir Peric  photo Mr Vladimir Peric Attorney at Law
Ms Natasa Stoiljkovic  photo Ms Natasa Stoiljkovic Attorney at Law
Number of lawyers : 10
Serbian Bar Association

CLIENT: Dr. Michael Müller, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Eyemaxx Real Estate AG
TESTIMONIAL: We appointed Andrejic & Partners to represent us in all of our business affairs in Serbia ranging from day-to-day operational assistance up to large M&A transactions of our property. We are very satisfied and happy with the provided services. The firm is tackling very difficult tasks and deadlines with success and we are eager to continue our cooperation.

CLIENT: Maximillian Pasquali, Partner
TESTIMONIAL: Aleksandar Andrejic, managing partner at Andrejic & Partners is a young legal professional with keen interest in economical solutions just as much as in straight forward legal problem-solving. It is always a pleasure to work with Aleksandar, especially because of his talent to grasp complex facts in a swift and elegant manner. I have had the pleasure to retain Aleksandar’s services in several multi-million Euro cross border transactions. Always with the same outcome: Success. It was definitely the right decision of Aleksandar to start something new on his own. I wish him all the best for the upcoming challenges.

CLIENT: Peter Falb, director
COMPANY/FIRM: Log Center ltd
TESTIMONIAL: Andrejic & Partners has assisted us through significant corporate changes, restructuring and diverse legal cases. We are pleased with the services provided, they were proactive and timely. Would recommend them to other partners and we are looking forward to further successful cooperation.

CLIENT: Kristijan Stojanovic, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: STK Engineering GmbH
TESTIMONIAL: The firm and Mr. Aleksandar Andrejic in particular is very professional and experienced even in most unusual legal dilemmas related to new technologies. We are pleased that Andrejic & Partners proven that they are up to the challenge and provided innovative solutions to our specific requests. We hope that we will cooperate with the firm for many years to come.

CLIENT: Aleksandar Djordjevic, director
COMPANY/FIRM: Integro Engineering ltd
TESTIMONIAL: We are delighted with the services of Aleksandar Andrejic and Andrejic & Partners. Their team is guiding us through very complicated and innovative legal transactions and we could not stress enough how thankful we are for the support they are providing to us.

CLIENT: Milka Veselinova, CEO
TESTIMONIAL: Aleksandar Andrejic is representing us for years in several complex litigations and we are delighted with the services up to now. Since we appointed the firm, our position in the litigation improved drastically and we successfully challenged the requests imposed against us. The lawyers in the firm are friendly and professional, we hope for a fruitful cooperation for many years.

Andrejic & Partners advises Eyemaxx Real Estate on Partial Disposal of Eyemaxx Real Estate’s Portfolio to CTP Invest in Serbia

Andrejic & Partners have advised Eyemaxx International Holding & Consulting GmbH and Log Center doo Belgrade in a complex share and land purchase transaction where we provided assistance during a sale procedure of part of their Serbian assets. The work included complete assistance to the client related to sale of the land and the shares in Serbia. The firm helped client in reviewing and negotiating the Framework Agreement and over 30 schedules to that agreement as well. Subject of transaction were logistics compound near Belgrade with leasable area of 28,600 sqm.

CTP Invest is a privately held developer and manager of business parks in Central Europe.

Eyemaxx Real Estate is a developer of residential office properties, micro and student apartments, hotels and serviced apartments, urban quarters, as well as retail and logistics. The company’s core markets are Germany and Austria.

Andrejic & Partners Advises Eyemaxx Real Estate AG on EUR 10 Million Loan from Bank of China

Andrejic & Partners has advised German listed company Eyemaxx Real Estate AG on providing collaterals and giving security for a EUR 10 million loan from Bank of China’s Frankfurt branch. Our firm advised the client in all aspects of the transaction including obtaining National Bank of Serbia approval, reviewing the cadastral registries and certification of local documents.

Andrejic & Partners Advises Eyemaxx International Holding & Consulting on Organizational Restructuring in Serbia

Andrejic & Partners has advised Eyemaxx International Holding & Consulting, a member of the Eyemaxx Real Estate AG group, on its restructuring in Serbia.

The restructuring consisted of an entire change of management in Eyemaxx’s four Serbian entities, employee changes, and a change of the corporate seat of all four Serbian entities.

Andrejic & Partners represented Logmaxx Alpha AD in a EUR 4 million litigation

Andrejic & Partners represented a Serbia-based company Logmaxx Alpha AD, a joint stock company, owner of a premium-located logistic center in a multi-million-euro litigation against former tenant for recuperation of damages.

Andrejic & Partners represented a foreign investor in a EUR 2.5 million litigation

The firm represented a foreign investor in a litigation for annulment of sale and purchase agreement of the land valued EUR 2.5 million. Case was settled between the parties.

Andrejic & Partners advises STK Engineering GmbH an Austrian IT company on implementation of “smart-contracts”

Our firm has represented STK Engineering GmbH on implementation of “smart-contracts” which are block-chain based technology in order to use the technology in real-estate investing. The technology can revolutionize the real estate investing in case it get properly developed.


Andrejic & Partners is a full-service law firm with an office in Belgrade. Our firm provides tailored legal services designed to meet all needs of our clients. We provide high-level consulting services to both multinational companies as well as small companies and start-ups. Andrejic & Partners is established by legal professionals with a track record of assisting clients in some of the landmark transactions that occurred in Serbian and regional markets.

Our practice is consistently expanded to different areas of the legal spectrum and we are successfully adapting to new challenges that technology and market changes are introducing to our clients. Members of our team have represented some of the most respected and reputable businesses in the world, banks, international organizations as well as governments, state-owned entities, startups and NGOs