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Radoičić & Associates, with its headquarters in Belgrade, is one of the leading corporate offices in the Republic of Serbia that provides a full legal service. We are a team of experienced professionals who are fully committed to our clients. In addition to legal services, our team is able to provide you with the services of top economists and advisors from other expert fields with whom our team has a long-standing cooperation.

We offer complete legal support to clients and investors. We immodestly believe that our team consists of the best lawyers and advisors from other fields whose work and contribution makes our Office one of the most successful offices in the Republic of Serbia. Thanks to our expert and dedicated team, we are able to provide a wide range of legal services to domestic and international clients. The range of our services includes complete civil law, corporate law, energy, as well as tax law. We especially emphasize that we probably have the richest experience in the Republic of Serbia when it comes to energy. For many years now, we have been providing legal services to a state-owned company whose registered activity is electricity distribution and maintenance of the electricity distribution system. It is the largest company in the Republic of Serbia. We also represent privately owned companies whose activities are wholesale of solid and liquid fuels, storage and production of derivatives, compressed gas and biofuels. We are thoroughly acquainted with all procedures and regulations that apply to the import, export and storage of energy, as well as the application of customs and tax regulations in this field.

Corporate, commercial and M&A: – Our Office provides various types of legal services in the field of corporate law, such as all kinds of legal advice when founding companies, choosing the legal form, as well as regulating the mutual relations of the founders. We provide legal assistance in the implementation of status changes such as mergers, acquisitions and unbundling of companies, restructuring, as well as in the preparation of all necessary documents required for the implementation of changes. Our team will provide all the assistance in passing the necessary acts in business.

Energy, infrastructure & PPP: Our Law Office has special expertise in this field. We have extensive experience in advising and providing legal services related to business, distribution, storage, import and export of various types of energy-generating products.

Real estate and construction: Our team of lawyers successfully provides services to its clients in legal, financial, tax and other aspects related to real estate, including proceedings before the competent state authorities. We are especially engaged in the construction of the facilities on Greenfield and Brownfield investments principle. Our team of experts is well acquainted with the real estate market in Serbia, which contributes to the successful business of our Office with clients in all aspects of this field.

Corporate crime and white-collar: Our Office offers advice and expert legal assistance to legal entities and their representatives in criminal proceedings.

Dispute settlement :  Our Office successfully represents clients in court proceedings and proceedings before administrative authorities as well as before arbitrations. Our practice in representing clients in court proceedings has been expanding since the start of the Office’s work and we consider this segment of our practice to be one of the most important. We take a strategic approach to resolving disputes by carefully analyzing every fact and our work is based on making the best possible decision for our clients as well as taking all necessary legal actions to implement it. Our team pays special attention to the legal aspects of the procedure as well as the real possibilities of implementing court decisions. We provide this type of services in the following disputes: banking and financial disputes, commercial disputes, construction disputes, labor disputes, environmental disputes, insurance disputes and disputes in the field of trade and collection of receivables.

Collection of receivables: In our Office, special attention is paid to the collection of receivables of our clients so that the proceedings conducted before the court would not be without effect or remain uncollected. In this respect, we try to collect the receivables out of court first and to use all the security instruments that can be realized and the client’s receivables collected. If it is not possible to collect the client’s receivables in this way, then we take all necessary actions to realize and collect receivables through the enforcement procedure.

Bankruptcy law : In representing our clients, there have often been situations of bankruptcy of creditors or debtors of clients, which brought about the need for special dealing with this branch of law in our Office. Bankruptcy means a situation when there are not enough funds to collect all receivables. Therefore, in a given situation, the main goal of our work is the best possible protection of the interests of our clients and maximizing collection in bankruptcy proceedings. This protection includes, first of all, representing the client in bankruptcy proceedings as well as representation in civil proceedings for the realization and collection of receivables. In addition, the Office participates, as a legal advisor, in proceedings under Pre-pack Reorganization Plans (UPPR). In cooperation with certain financial advisors, whenever possible or when the circumstances of a particular case allow, we try to implement the procedure of rehabilitation of business entities either through UPPR or through reorganization plans submitted after the submission of proposals for bankruptcy proceedings.

Administrative and Tax law : Administrative procedures and disputes, due to their complexity and specificity, often require a careful and cautious approach. We also provide our clients with legal advice on the interpretation of regulations. The tax aspect of each individual transaction is an indispensable segment of a serious and comprehensive legal analysis. In this respect, our services, as a rule, necessarily include tax expertise or an overview of the relevant tax implications of each individual legal transaction. Moreover, tax implications very often determine the structure of specific transactions, so our services include the development of the most optimal domestic and cross-border tax structures.

In our work, we take an active approach to clients who need tax services. Whether it is analyzing tax regulations, tax advice, conducting tax proceedings or representing in tax disputes, we always try to look at all aspects of potential tax liabilities and risks, so that we can offer the most appropriate solution to the client while fully respecting his business interests.

Labor law : We provide our clients with all necessary legal assistance in the field of labor law, such as drafting all types of contracts, organization of internal procedures with employers, payment of severance pay, minimum amounts provided by law, employment of foreign nationals, conducting procedures in termination of the employment contract, termination of contractual relation, etc. We provide legal services in resolving disputes between employees and employers by representing clients in labor disputes before courts and arbitrations.

Contract law : Our team specializes in drafting all types of contracts within individual fields of our work, as well as all other fields, through a complex approach and analysis of the entire transaction as well as adequate legal protection that the contract should include. Some of the agreements we make are: commercial law agreements, international commercial law agreements, property right agreements, contract law agreements, labor law agreements, family law agreements, inheritance agreements, banking and financial agreements, insurance agreements, construction agreements, etc.

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Stefan Cvetkovic photo Stefan CvetkovicPartner – Head of the Civil Law Department  
Jelena Mladenovic photo Jelena MladenovicSenior Associate
Milutin Radoičić photo Milutin RadoičićFOUNDER AND MANAGING PARTNER
Ana Radoičić photo Ana RadoičićPartner – Head of the Executive Departmen
Total number of lawyers : 15 :
Belgrade Bar Association

CLIENT: Siniša Puškar – Director of the Directorate for Corporate Affairs
COMPANY/FIRM: Elektrodistribucija Srbije d.o.o. Belgrade
TESTIMONIAL: We hereby give a recommendation to the “Joint Law Office Radoičić& Associates” with which ElektrodistribucijaSrbijed.o.o. Belgrade has been achieving successful long-term cooperation. The legal team of the law office continuously provides comprehensive legal logistics in all cases for which they are engaged. The cooperation so far has resulted in the successful completion of the proceedings in which we are represented by this law firm.

CLIENT: Gordana Brajović – Legal Representative
TESTIMONIAL: For decades, our company has been very successful in the distribution of oil and other energy sources. During the years of our business, we have cooperated with numerous law firms. Of all the offices with which we have cooperated so far, we would like to single out the Law Office Radoičić and Associates, which definitely stands out for its professionalism, innovation and creativity. The quality of legal services provided to us during the years of cooperation with the Law OfficeRadoičić and Associates is exceptional and we look forward to the fact that our cooperation will continue in the years to come.

CLIENT: Milan Boričić – Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Deversity d.o.o.
TESTIMONIAL: The Law Office Radoičić and Associates assisted us in implementing the status change of the merger with the joining, and with this change we merged another company with our company. After the acquisition procedure, our legal team drafted all the normative acts for us. We look forward to continuing our cooperation and mutual success.

CLIENT: Katarina Vujić – Director
TESTIMONIAL: We are extremely satisfied with the services provided to us by the Law Office Radoičić and Associates. Since we established cooperation with this office, our business results have been significantly better, and the changes we have introduced into our system, and these changes have been proposed by our lawyers, have contributed to all this. The lawyers we work with are pleasant, professional and open to hear our suggestions in order to find the best module that will best suit the interests of our company.

CLIENT: Ivona Stojiljković – Director
TESTIMONIAL: We have been cooperating with the Radoičić and Associates Law Office for many years. Our experiences based on the cooperation so far are more than positive. At all times, we have at our disposal an adequate legal service provided by a legal team consisting of the most eminent lawyers in Serbia. We would recommend everyone to cooperate with this office.

Law Office Radoičić and Associates sincerely and deeply believes that diversity and heterogeneity positively encourage creative processes within the work, strengthen team spirit and help to quickly and easily see and solve complex problems.

We believe that every issue needs to be approached from several angles, and that every situation can be viewed correctly, only if it is viewed from several aspects. For this reason, we believe that diversity should be strived for, both within our team and in relation to the clients we work with. We see differences in culture, language and nationality only as a positive incentive to make new contacts in order to expand our own horizons.

We are committed to gender equality and we try to break down prejudices about gender-based jobs by our own example. Our team is mostly made up of women, which we are especially proud of, as we believe that our female colleagues are the most precious part of our successful work team.

Our lawyers participate in numerous humanitarian organizations. We especially express our empathy towards children, and we allocate special funds for the work of humanitarian organizations that raise funds for the treatment of children suffering from rare diseases. We believe that investing in the health and education of children is the best investment that every society must afford.

Law Office Radoičić and Associates is able to provide legal services in all areas of law in the Republic of Serbia and in the Republic of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Croatia.

We have successful business cooperation with law firms operating in other republics in Eastern Europe, which is why we are able to provide our clients with adequate legal services even when the needs of our clients exceed the jurisdiction of the Republic of Serbia.

The network currently covers 5 jurisdictions:

  • The Republic of Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • North Macedonia
  • The Republic of Croatia


Radoičić & Associates Joint Law Office has been operating for many years with its headquarters in Belgrade. In the course of our business, we have achieved successful business cooperation with numerous companies. We successfully provide legal services in all fields of law.


Our Law Office is particularly specialized in the field of energy. For many years we have been representing the largest company in the field of electricity distribution in the Republic of Serbia. In addition, we represent a large number of eminent companies in the field of trade, transport and storage of oil and petroleum products and LPG. According to the needs of clients, we also participate in finding the best financing conditions for projects, control compliance with the law or regulatory standards and manage projects for clients. We are thoroughly acquainted with all procedures and regulations that apply to the import, export and storage of energy generating products as well as the application of customs and tax regulations in this field.


The Radoičić & Associate Joint Law Office specializes in commercial and corporate law.

In this respect, we provide a very wide range of services related to legal advice and support in all aspects of business, from the establishment of the company, drafting general legal acts, member agreements, articles of association to all other internal corporate documents. In addition, our services include consulting on: company management options, holding governing body meetings, restructuring, status changes, capital, property or business takeovers, financing and capital repatriation options, detailed legal analysis and company liquidation proceedings. .

We provide legal assistance in the implementation of status changes such as mergers, acquisitions and unbundling of companies, restructuring, as well as in the preparation of all necessary documents required for the implementation of changes. Our team of lawyers provides all the necessary legal assistance when registering incorporation and changes before the Business Registers Agency, foreign investments, as well as when investing in energy and infrastructure facilities. We have extensive experience in representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings and all proceedings related to or arising from bankruptcy proceedings. We participate in finding optimal legal solutions in the course of business and all in order to achieve the best business results of the Client.


Our team of lawyers provides services in legal, financial, tax and other aspects related to real estate, including proceedings before the competent state authorities. Our team of experts is well acquainted with the real estate market in Serbia, which contributes to the successful business of our office with clients in all aspects of this field.

Some of the services our team provides in this field are: advising investors on all aspects of real estate investment, including location selection, financing, construction, exit strategies, etc., participating in negotiations and concluding pre-agreements and purchase agreements and lease agreements, preparation and drafting of transaction agreements, finances, construction, security and other necessary agreements and documents, we provide active legal assistance to clients before the competent administrative bodies in the process of obtaining building permits, registration and entry in public registry and other procedures, advising in litigation for real estate and environmental issues.

In construction projects, we participate in the negotiation and drafting of contracting, design and supervision agreements during the implementation of large investment projects. We provide consulting services in a variety of real estate transactions, including restitution, expropriation and mortgages.