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Leading Silks

Bridget Dolan QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersIs able to assimilate vast quantities of information very quickly and identify the nub of the problem quickly. She notes and discards irrelevancies, concentrating on the things that will matter to the judge.
David Lock QC - Landmark ChambersHas the ability to disseminate complex legislation, case law and legal concepts into simple, understandable and manageable advice.
Fenella Morris QC - 39 Essex ChambersIs a brilliant barrister who works tirelessly for clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. Her personable style with the client puts them at ease. She is an expert in public law and her advice is invaluable.
Michael Mylonas QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersIs a dream to work with. Creative, dynamic and a fantastic advocate. He can turn his hand to varied interesting areas and really has the ear of the court. If I have a novel point to run or a vulnerable client who needs help – I turn to him.
Jenni Richards QC - 39 Essex ChambersA fantastic advocate.
Vikram Sachdeva QC - 39 Essex ChambersHas exceptional intellectual flexibility and is able to formulate an argument with unusual speed. He also has a light touch with clients, both lay and professional as a result of which he commands enormous loyalty from solicitors.
Tracey Angus QC - 5 Stone BuildingsImmerses herself in the detail of a case and she has a knack for quickly getting right to the crux of the issues, and to provide concise, clear and rational advice.
Andrew Bagchi QC - 1GC | Family LawIs a strong and forceful advocate. He has a lovely personable nature who inspires confidence in his clients yet manages to put them at ease.
Christopher Johnston QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHas an excellent eye for detail.
Nageena Khalique QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersIs hardworking and driven by helping the most vulnerable of society. Nageena always acts with integrity.
Angus Moon QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA great advocate who is really easy to work with.
Penelope Reed QC - 5 Stone BuildingsA very skilled litigator.
David Rees QC - 5 Stone BuildingsHe knows it all, is great in conference, writing and court. Always helpful, always cheerful. Full of ideas - always interested. The best of the best.
Martin Westgate QC - Doughty Street ChambersA hugely experienced silk.
Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC - Doughty Street ChambersHugely intelligent and tenacious, but with tremendous judgement, which makes her incredibly effective.
Katharine Gollop QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA persuasive advocate.
Michael Horne QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHis approach and manner with the lay client and witnesses is fantastic. Working as part of a team with instructing solicitor is very much appreciated. Knowledge and experience in Court of Protection is great.
Helen Mountfield QC - Matrix ChambersImmensely experienced.
Parishil Patel QC - 39 Essex ChambersA particularly strong silk.
Debra Powell QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersWhen she speaks, parties and judges listen. She is very calm and clear, and clients love that about her. She is outcome focused and very good at navigating through complex and emotional subjects without getting diverted. And she doesn't miss a single detail.
Eason Rajah QC - Ten Old SquareAn excellent all-rounder. He gives excellent advice in a commercially savvy way. He is brilliant in court. He is a serious strategist.
Kelvin Rutlegde QC - Cornerstone BarristersHas a good eye for detail.
Fiona Scolding QC - Landmark ChambersShe is technical, strategic, honest, practical, enthusiastic and a real joy to work with.
Aswini Weereratne QC - Doughty Street ChambersExcellent advocacy skills in terms of being able to set out nuanced arguments, excellent drafting skills.
David Wolfe QC - Matrix ChambersAn outstanding silk.

2019 Silks

Victoria Butler-Cole QC - 39 Essex ChambersNot only is she an excellent advocate with an excellent knowledge of the law she is also a very worthy opponent who fights for her clients.

2020 Silks

David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersBrilliantly clever, kind, thoughtful, respected by judges and opponents, fair and a phenomenal advocate.

2021 Silks

Jonathan Auburn QC11KBW 'Jonathan has an extraordinary skill of being remarkably calm and clear even in the most protracted cases. He has extensive experience in education and adult social care cases and is known for his meticulous preparation and will always present the case in the best light for his clients.'
Jamie Burton QC - Doughty Street ChambersHe always gives realistic advice, pointing out the weaknesses of the case, but then fights tooth and nail for what the client needs.
Christopher Buttler QC - Matrix ChambersHis written advocacy is fantastic. He is concise but he always nails the key points that win the case.
Sarah Hannett QC - Matrix ChambersA great junior counsel.
Sarah Haren QC - 5 Stone BuildingsIs unflappable and always well-prepared. That's undoubtedly because she is highly intelligent and quickly able to see a forward path or a way around an obstacle. She is quietly authoritative as an advocate, capable of modulating her tone to suit her forum.

Leading Juniors

Bethan Harris - Garden Court ChambersBethan's advocacy is second to none, she is calm and measured whilst conveying persuasive and well thought out arguments.
Justin Holmes - Radcliffe ChambersBright, tough in court, very good papers turnaround and good with clients and not too expensive.
Alexander Ruck Keene - 39 Essex ChambersA true expert full of passion for the rule of law, fairness and equality. Has a very easy manner and ability to clearly explain complicated areas of law with clarity and ease.
Fiona Paterson - 39 Essex ChambersVery skilled and highly sensitive. Great on detail.
Barbara Rich - 5 Stone BuildingsA very capable barrister.
Neil Allen - 39 Essex ChambersNeil’s knowledge of the whole span of mental health, community care and public law is comprehensive. He applies that knowledge with great judgement and one never doubts his analysis. He is excellent on the papers, as he is on his feet.
Tim Baldwin - Garden Court ChambersIs clever, careful, thorough and helpful.
Ulele Burnham - Doughty Street Chambers ‘An excellent advocate: calm but tenacious with great courtroom presence. She has excellent judgement: judges respect her, clients like her.
Malcolm Chisholm - 1GC | Family LawHas the ability to see the bigger picture and to pursue those issues which will ultimately achieve the client’s objectives.
Piers Feltham - Radcliffe ChambersTactical nous. Intellect. Very gentle approach (so necessary with Court of Protection work) but solid understanding of all things Chancery and Court of Protection. If you have a problem, Piers is the barrister to go to.
Nicola Greaney - 39 Essex ChambersHas a very good grasp of tricky CoP issues and public law matters.
Rhys Hadden - Serjeants' Inn ChambersNot only is he extremely knowledgeable in the field, his drafting is very accurate and his advocacy persuasive. In addition he is very personable and empathetic, and therefore excellent at dealing with sensitive issues, particularly where there are litigants in person involved, or the lay client is in attendance.
Annabel Lee - 39 Essex ChambersAnnabel’s drafting is very succinct, very clear and detailed. Her advocacy is very persuasive and she is indeed a very good negotiator at the pre-hearing discussions with the other party's set.
Shu Shin Luh - Doughty Street ChambersShe is my first port of call in trafficking cases for her expert knowledge and quality work. Always willing to help, will respond very quickly. Goes the extra mile to assist on a matter. Cares about the outcomes for the client.
Alison Meacher - HardwickeIs a confident litigator, who strives to achieve the best result for the client. Her advocacy skills are excellent and she is exceptionally good at negotiation. Alison has vast experience in Court of Protection work, both welfare and finances.
Gráinne Mellon - Garden Court ChambersHer advocacy is very strong. She is persuasive and can convey very complex issues in an engaging and understandable manner.
Susanna Rickard - Serjeants' Inn ChambersShe is practical and able to get to the route of the issue and then look at how it is addressed.
Sophia Roper - Serjeants' Inn Chambers ‘She is like the Encyclopaedia Britannica of COP cases. She picks up very difficult matters very quickly. She is very responsive which when you are dealing with urgent, sometimes medical treatment cases, is very welcome. She is a calm and collected advocate and can put family members at ease.
Leon Sartin - 5 Stone BuildingsIs clear in his advice.
Emma Sutton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersIs tenacious, detailed, thorough, confident, an exceptional advocate and argues a point well and, if required, fiercely. Whenever I instruct her I have complete confidence that the case will be handled exceptionally.
Anna Tkaczynska - Serjeants' Inn ChambersExtremely thorough, meticulous attention to detail and excellent drafting skills, tenacious and firm, but calm.
Mungo Wenban-Smith - 39 Essex ChambersExtremely bright with a thorough knowledge of the law.
Nick Armstrong - Matrix ChambersRated for community care judicial reviews.
Mark Baxter - 5 Stone BuildingsSees potential pitfalls before they arise and is thinking about how they are managed before they do.
Georgia Bedworth - Ten Old SquareHer Opinions are clearly written and presented and technical issues are explained in a succinct and precise manner.
Helen Curtis - Garden Court ChambersAttention to detail, calmness under pressure, articulate, commanding presence.
William East - 5 Stone BuildingsAn effective litigator.
Alison Easton - Coram ChambersIs responsive, conscientious, and dedicated to advocating for the client. Alison works very hard to achieve positive outcomes for the client and you can trust her to give every case her attention and care.
Charlotte Edge - 5 Stone BuildingsA very bright junior.
Alev Giz - 1GC | Family LawIs an excellent and assured advocate, her preparation is flawless, and she presents a case with poise. She really holds the court's attention.
Conrad Hallin - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA strong advocate.
Edward Lamb - 9 Gough ChambersConfident and highly articulate advocate.
Katherine McQuail - Radcliffe ChambersShe can work through complex factual and legal issues and provide clear advice and solutions. She is easy to work with and very accommodating.
Sophy Miles - Doughty Street ChambersHas a very good eye for detail.
Maria Moodie - Garden Court ChambersA very responsive junior.
Nicholas O'Brien - Coram ChambersProvides clear advice and is able to communicate with social workers in a way that they are able to easily understand. He is very approachable.
Claire van Overdijk - Outer Temple ChambersIs a great advocate, a clear communicator and excellent when it comes to providing technical and practical legal advice.
Leon Pickering - Ten Old SquareVery clever. Organised and smooth. Good advisor in conference and writing.
Dominic Preston - Doughty Street ChambersIs a fearless advocate who will work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome on a case. He is quick on his feet and delivers submissions in a succinct and persuasive manner.
Stephen Reeder - Doughty Street ChambersIs very constructive and fights his client’s corner well in court.
Katarina Sydow - Outer Temple ChambersHas an astonishing ability to assimilate vast quantities of information in very little time and reduce it to a written advice or position statement for the court that wonderfully captures all the key elements of a case.
Joanne Clement - 11KBW 'Joanne is exceptionally focused and clear in her submissions, and is able to advance difficult positions on behalf of government with authority.'
Catherine Dobson - 39 Essex ChambersCatherine is phenomenally clever - she has an impeccable grasp of the case law and legislative framework and is able to apply this to novel or unusual circumstances in a way which is clear and highly effective. Her written work is extremely clear and elegantly worded. She is always accessible and fantastic with clients.
Peggy Etiebet - Cornerstone BarristersAn excellent advocate who knows the law inside out and who is a joy to work with.
Alexis Hearnden - 39 Essex ChambersAlexis is thorough and detailed in her advice. Her drafting is excellent, and she has a reassuring and measured approach to difficult and complex issues.
Jordan Holland - 5 Stone Buildings ‘Jordan is very intelligent and knowledgeable of the law. He is very confident and not afraid to commit to an opinion or strategy. We would describe Jordan as being strategically savvy, very approachable, straightforward and fun to work with.
Ruth Hughes - 5 Stone BuildingsShe is exceedingly bright. She is willing to give clear advice on a way through often evidentially or technically complex matters. In my view, she is a strong and succinct advocate (both on paper and at court).
Nicola Kohn - 39 Essex ChambersGoes above and beyond for her clients. She is also a charming and skilled advocate, with real courtroom gravitas.
David Lawson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersClearly a silk in the making and is head and shoulders above the rest.
Zoë Leventhal - Matrix ChambersBright, responsive and approachable
Oliver Lewis - Doughty Street ChambersOliver is committed to protecting the rights of vulnerable people and will always provide advice based on that objective. He is always prepared and provides in-depth advice considering a range of options.
Louise MacLynn - 1GC | Family LawShe grasps the key issues very quickly and has a calm and pragmatic approach. She is approachable and empathic. The clients really like her; she inspires confidence and is very good at diffusing situations where feelings are running high. She is a very effective advocate.
Peter Mant - 39 Essex ChambersIs an excellent barrister with an enviable reputation within the Court of Protection field. He is very pragmatic, personable and delivers clear and effective advocacy. It is a pleasure to work with him.
Rowena Moffatt - Doughty Street ChambersRowena is a star in the making. Her specialism is the intersection between immigration and community care law.
Lee Parkhill - Cornerstone BarristersA persuasive and confident advocate, his knowledge and experience in respect of Court of Protection litigation is outstanding.
Katherine Scott - 39 Essex ChambersAn excellent senior junior, who leads her own team with great skill and charm.
Sarah Simcock  - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Sarah is an expert in Court of Protection work, she is thorough and dedicated and and a clear and effective advocate and is a pleasure to work with.'
Amy Street - Serjeants' Inn ChambersOne of the most thorough and careful barristers I have worked with. She has extremely high standards, and is very diligent and capable.
Zoë Whittington - Cornerstone Barristers ‘Always approachable, makes contact quickly and keeps you up to date with how things are progressing. Advocacy is excellent and has superb knowledge of the subject matter.

Rising Stars

Antonia Benfield - Doughty Street ChambersAstonishingly bright. Antonia’s strengths include being incredibly fast to grasp all details of the case and having a mastery of every minute detail of the claim. She has amazing analytical skills.
Daniel Clarke - Doughty Street ChambersVery thorough, hard working, goes the extra mile, reliable, provides in-depth advice.
Tom Jones - 9 Gough ChambersVery knowledgable in the areas of deprivation of liberty safeguards.

Court of Protection and community care in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is at ‘the true epicentre of the Court of Protection Bar, with an unparalleled array of talented barristers across all levels of call and experience and who appear in the most important cases year in year out.’ It has an ‘incredibly wide pool of barristers- juniors and seniors who all provide a top-quality and prompt service. Its training is excellent (particularly the video seminars during Covid) and its Mental Capacity Newsletter is essential for anyone working in this area.’ In BH v NHS England and others Jenni Richards QC advised NHS England in a multi-party dispute concerning the capacity and needs for care and treatment of a young woman with learning difficulties and mental health problems. Fiona Paterson's and Annabel Lee's respective practices continue to go from strength to strength as they ascend the junior rankings. Parishil Patel QC, Peter Mant, and Katherine Scott are among a host of new entrants to this year's rankings.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

If we need top-notch people we go to them', said one client of Serjeants' Inn Chambers due to it being the ‘top set for health and welfare CoP work with its number of really strong advocates who work remarkably well as a team.’ It is an ‘exceptional team and the choice is so good that you can make decisions on who to instruct as nuanced as to how someone might argue a particular point.’ Michael Mylonas QC was instructed by Welsh Health in Welsh Health v AB – Serious Medical Treatment/Force-feeding which related to a 50-year-old man with autistic spectrum disorder who, after killing his father, attempted to starve himself. The case centred on the man lacking capacity and an application to obtain an order that he should be force-fed. This year sees Bridget Dolan QC reach the summit of the silk rankings, while there were also worthy promotions for Nageena Khalique QC and Emma Sutton, amongst others, and new rankings for Amy Street and David Lawson.

5 Stone Buildings

5 Stone Buildings ‘as a whole is well-known and well-respected for private client and Court of Protection work, particularly property and affairs.’ The set ‘attracts really good quality work because of its expertise.’ Tracey Angus QC has been acting for the attorneys and executors of Lady Bathurst in Re Bathurst. The estate of the late 8th Earl Bathurst is valued in excess of £40m and includes assets of national importance. The case raises complex issues about the construction of a testamentary instrument made by the Court of Protection as well as the ownership of chattels. 'Mr Elder law' David Rees QC rises in this year's rankings, while Ruth Hughes and Jordan Holland are new entrants at the junior end.

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is an ‘excellent set that is always motivated to help. Its barristers are the cream of the crop.’ Also, various clients have praised  its webinars during the Covid-19 and have said’ Chambers is well ahead of other Chambers in keeping others updated with the knowledge it has collated and that has been so useful.’ The ‘brilliant’ set is able to handle the full range of community care and Court of Protection matters. One highlight to note is the promoted Martin Westgate QC acting for Liberty R (JCWI) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] EWHC 452 (Admin), EHRC, Residential Landlords Association and Liberty intervening. He also acted for the claimant in MK v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] EWHC 3573 (Admin), a judicial review challenge to the delays in the process for deciding asylum claims by unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC joins this year's silk rankings, and Ulele Burnham's practice continues to go from strength to strength, while in rising stars Antonia Benfield and Daniel Clarke, the future of the team looks bright.


1GC | Family Law is a highly regarded set for Court of Protection work and is regularly instructed in a wide range of health and welfare matters. Other areas of expertise include forced marriages involving adults who lack capacity. Members are also active advising on a myriad of other complex issues such as the withdrawal of treatment or the imposition of treatment ( such as feeding) on incapacitated or resistant patients. Due to its family law expertise the set also specialises in issues relating to 16- and 17-year olds who lack capacity and who are emerging from the care system. The 'strong and forcefulAndrew Bagchi QC and 'excellent effective advocateMalcolm Chisholm both receive promotions in this year's silk and junior tables, while the 'highly intuitive' Louise MacLynn is a new entrant to this year's rankings. The 'excellent technical lawyer' Alev Giz is also well regarded by clients and peers alike.

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is a ‘brilliant set that has a strong Court of Protection team. Counsel are very approachable and friendly, whilst providing a high standard of advice and representation.’ ‘The reputation of Garden Court is for being the most fearless set, absolutely committed to the underdog clients and robust in its advocacy, even when the case is difficult.’ Described as 'extremely knowledgeable', Gráinne Mellon's practice continues to draw praise as she gains promotion in this year's junior rankings.

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers has particular expertise where community care issues interact with other legal issues such as migration matters, prison law, mental health protection or children in care cases. The community care team frequently acts in cases involving all aspects of domestic community care entitlements. David Wolfe QC acted for the Equality & Human Rights Commission intervening in a major Supreme Court case which looked at Article 5 of the ECHR. The case concerned whether parents could consent to their 16- or 17-year-old children being locked up. Meanwhile, Christopher Buttler was successful in a challenge to the Secretary of State’s policy that victims of human trafficking who claim asylum will not have their application for leave determined until after their asylum cases have been considered.

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers is an ‘approachable’ set 'with strength and depth’ for Court of Protection matters. It has ‘strong counsel who all share a willingness to work hard and to go the extra mile’. Justin Holmes, Katherine Mcquail, and Piers Feltham are the key names to note. Areas of expertise include working on the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney, the granting of authority to deputies and attorneys to conduct litigation as well as the making of statutory wills.