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Leading Silks

Bridget Dolan KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Bridget is simply brilliant. She identifies the central issue of the case very quickly and provide a reasoned and technical analysis of the problem, along with a range of possible solutions to work through with the client. Her knowledge of the relevant case law and legislation is encyclopaedic, and her advocacy is clear, elegant and highly persuasive.’
Fenella Morris KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Fenella is astute and pragmatic. She is a real team player who goes out of her way to support her clients and instructing solicitors. She is at the top of her game and a real ambassador for women at the Bar.’
Michael Mylonas KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Michael is excellent in terms of his knowledge of the Court of Protection. He provides those instructing him with clear and practical advice. He is a supreme problem solver who can see a clear pathway through difficult situations.’
Jenni Richards KC39 Essex Chambers 'Jenni's ability to devour huge amounts of information is phenomenal. She gives every case everything she has. She always has the ear of the court and brings a real clarity to the issues in her submissions. Her written work is also cogent and to the point and presented in a way that clients understand and are able to properly consider and digest.'
Vikram Sachdeva KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Vikram is extremely intelligent and supremely confident on his feet. He always has a plan to approach any situation thrown at him and is well-liked by the judiciary.’
Tracey Angus KC5 Stone Buildings 'Tracey is very incisive, good at explaining complex and difficult areas of law to the lay client, and writes opinions that are measured and clear to read and understand. She thinks out of box and come up with novel strategies for dealing with complex legal issues on which there are no established case authorities.'
Nageena Khalique KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Nageena is an excellent barrister, and her written submissions are considered and detailed. Her advocacy is very persuasive. She is often instructed on cases at the cutting edge and provides very useful insight into recent judgments and state of the law.'
Debra Powell KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Debra is an exceptional advocate who is able to cut to the key issues and is quite formidable. She is extremely clear on rules of evidence and any limitations of the court.'
Penelope Reed KC5 Stone BuildingsPenelope is excellent at cutting through the issues and drilling down to the key points.
David Rees KC5 Stone Buildings 'David has an outstanding mind and quickly grasps the most complex issues, but then combines that with great communication skills and a practical approach. He focuses on getting a positive outcome by seeking to engage with all parties rather than taking an unnecessarily adversarial approach. He is the number one choice for CoP work.'
Caoilfhionn Gallagher KCDoughty Street Chambers ‘In court Caoilfhionn is a relentless opponent, quick minded, confident and lethal.’
Katharine Gollop KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersA very responsive silk. She is considered and sensitive to the very difficult emotive issues in a case.
Eason Rajah KCTen Old SquareEason is exceptionally clever, commercially and emotionally astute and has the oversight and ability to make extremely difficult judgement calls when the chips are down. He is supportive of his junior barristers and instructing solicitors and instils confidence in everyone on the team.
Andrew Sharland KC11KBW ‘Andrew is very responsive and pragmatic. He is excellent on paper and in court.’
Aswini Weereratne KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Aswini is very experienced and knowledgeable. She is confident and assured in her advocacy. She provides clear and cogent advice and ensures that the vulnerable client is at the forefront in every case. She is excellent at handling complex matters and does so with ease.’
David Wolfe KCMatrix Chambers ‘David's greatest strength is his tactical awareness. He thinks outside the box and introduces novel solutions to problems. His commitment to the interest of justice and the rule of law is fundamental. His personality makes him a persuasive and effective advocate. He has an engaging personality.’

2022 Silks

Alexander Ruck Keene KC (Hon)39 Essex Chambers ‘Alex is a CoP and community care matters expert. He is refreshing in his enthusiasm and energises clients and instructing solicitors alike.’
Sophia Roper KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Sophia provides incredibly detailed and thorough advices which is extremely useful. The quality of her written advice is so high that it makes a very good precedent for other cases.’

Leading Juniors

Nicola Greaney39 Essex Chambers ‘Nicola is a refreshing barrister. She is excellent in advisory work and on her feet and can contend with complex facts with ease.’
Rhys HaddenSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Rhys has a gift of putting clients at ease with his friendly and empathetic manner and practical, sound advice. He makes himself accessible and available for advice and is extremely knowledgeable about legal and practical issues facing public and statutory bodies. He is clear, thorough and persuasive in court hearings and discussions with parties outside of court. He is an all around safe pair of hands.
Bethan HarrisGarden Court Chambers ‘Bethan has an exceptional ability to identify the core issues in a case and provides clear advice on the way forward. Her advocacy is both persuasive and well formulated.’
Justin HolmesRadcliffe Chambers ‘Justin is very experienced and always provides sound and clear advice to the clients. He is excellent in his written advice and at conferences or mediations. He is extremely eloquent and well presented at hearings.’
Alison MeacherGatehouse Chambers 'Alison is thorough and great eye for detail. She is very responsive and thinking outside the box.'
Gráinne MellonGarden Court ChambersA brilliant barrister with exceptional experience in Court of Protection matters. She is excellent with young vulnerable people. A junior who is always on top of her game.
Fiona Paterson39 Essex ChambersFiona is simply masterful in court. She has the ability to translate complex and extensive information into compelling and persuasive submissions.
Emma SuttonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersEmma is masterful at case management. A meticulous and reliable barrister, who has an excellent manner with all parties in proceedings.
Neil Allen - 39 Essex ChambersAn unflappable and incredibly intelligent junior, who has wonderful client empathy.
Tim Baldwin - Garden Court ChambersAn excellent advocate, who is very clear and concise and has a no-nonsense approach to litigation.
Mark Baxter5 Stone BuildingsHe has an incisive eye and inspires confidence in clients. His advocacy is crisp, and he can rise above the fray to hold the ear of the judge.
Ulele Burnham  – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Ulele is standout counsel in the Court of Protection. She is considered to be one of the ‘original’ practitioners within this area and her gravitas is obvious in all instructions. She is trusted by practitioners and judges alike to lead the case to the right outcome.’
Malcolm Chisholm - 1GC | Family LawMalcolm is a very effective advocate, who expresses his client's position succinctly and persuasively.
Piers Feltham - Radcliffe ChambersPiers combines a bespoke Court of Protection property and affairs practice with excellent Chancery knowledge.
Annabel Lee - 39 Essex ChambersAn outstanding junior. She prepares her cases with meticulous precision.
Shu Shin LuhDoughty Street Chambers 'Shu Shin is extremely thorough and absolutely committed to the client's best interests. She never gives up and is absolutely a force of nature. She leaves no stone unturned in support of a client's case.'
Susanna RickardSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Susanna is an excellent barrister. She knows each case inside out and in complex cases navigates through large amounts of information to identify the critical issues which needed to be address. She has complete command of the case and is always thoroughly prepared.’
Anna Tkaczynska - Serjeants' Inn ChambersPractical, extremely approachable, and her preparation is meticulous - she doesn’t miss a detail.
Mungo Wenban-Smith - 39 Essex ChambersPersuasive, approachable, practical and pragmatic.
Georgia Bedworth - Ten Old SquareGeorgia is a very approachable barrister, and provides very strategic advice.
Ian Brownhill  – 39 Essex Chambers  ‘Ian is incredibly knowledgeable in many fields. His advice is always very considered and balanced, and he is adept at putting clients at ease and is always very approachable.
Helen Curtis - Garden Court ChambersHelen's background in mediation is a real asset to Court of Protection cases. She also has a great deal of experience in mental health law.
William East5 Stone Buildings ‘William has a great mind, a very calm manner, and is highly respected by colleagues and judges.’
Alev Giz - 1GC | Family LawAlev is an incisive and strategic advocate, who maintains a calm composure and inspires confidence in clients.
Conrad Hallin - Serjeants' Inn ChambersConrad demonstrates an excellent grasp of the technical complexities of the Mental Capacity Act, and the surrounding secondary legislation. As an advocate, his approach is calm and composed.
Ruth Hughes5 Stone BuildingsA formidable practitioner in the Court of Protection field, who the bench responds well to.
Nicola Kohn - 39 Essex ChambersShe is an impressive court advocate, who is naturally very quick on her feet.
Edward LambDeka ChambersVery knowledgeable, very committed and good with clients.
Oliver Lewis Doughty Street Chambers 'Oliver is good at cutting through complexity to get to the legal heart of the matter and good at truly understanding the complexity of the case. His advocacy is very clear, focused and extremely-well informed.'
Katherine McQuail - Radcliffe ChambersKatherine is extremely hard working and tenacious. She is tremendous with clients, particularly vulnerable ones, and builds rapport quickly.
Sophy Miles Doughty Street Chambers 'Sophy is an outstanding barrister. The depth of her knowledge is difficult to rival and her calm approach to cases placed both professional and lay client's at this ease. She is star practitioner in mental capacity and mental health law cases.'
Nicholas O'Brien - Coram ChambersA safe pair of hands, who provides very clear and measured advice. He is practical and good on his feet.
Lee ParkhillCornerstone BarristersAn excellent barrister. His knowledge of his subject areas is incredible, and he conveys complex information in a clear manner that professional and lay clients understand.
Leon Pickering - Ten Old SquareLeon is a very intelligent junior. His advice is clear, reassuring and friendly.
Dominic Preston Doughty Street Chambers 'Dominic is a very intelligent and articulate man who has excellent analytical skills.'
Katarina Sydow - Outer Temple ChambersKatarina is very quick, thorough and knowledgeable. She is extremely responsive and always willing to help.
Claire van OverdijkOuter Temple ChambersAn articulate and persuasive advocate with incredible intellectual ability, who goes the extra mile for her clients.
Jack Anderson39 Essex Chambers ‘Jack is able to consider matters on balance and plot the trajectory with confidence.’
Antonia Benfield Doughty Street Chambers 'Antonia is unparalleled in her knowledge and expertise in age assessment disputes. She is extremely efficient and sharp.'
Steve Broach39 Essex Chambers ‘Steve is a go to barrister for challenges to local authorities and government departments. He is clear, persuasive and extremely quick minded.’
Tessa Buchanan - Garden Court ChambersTessa has a brilliant mind, and is extremely meticulous.
Daniel Clarke Doughty Street Chambers 'Daniel is diligent and thoughtful. His drafting is clear, precise and persuasive. He is practical and gives considered and thoughtful advice within agreed timescales to get the best outcome for vulnerable clients.'
Sian Davies – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Sian is incredibly knowledgable and insightful. She is able to simplify complex issues and remove irrelevant factors to dispute.’
Catherine Dobson - 39 Essex ChambersCatherine's organisational skills are outstanding. She quickly gets to grips with extremely complex case issues in a very short space of time.
Peggy Etiebet - Cornerstone BarristersShe is an articulate and forceful barrister in court, with particular expertise at dealing with complex Court of Protection matters involving mental health.
Alexis Hearnden - 39 Essex ChambersAlexis has an incisive eye, cutting through excess detail to get to the central issues of a case quickly and always provides very clear and sensible advice.
Jordan Holland5 Stone Buildings ‘Jordan is a  junior who remains unflappable and composed, no matter how fraught a case may be.
Connor Johnston - Garden Court Chambers 'Connor is very bright, dedicated and tireless in his pursuit of justice for clients. He is very quick at considering the papers and providing very detailed and clear written advice. He has good communication skills and is approachable.'
Arianna Kelly – 39 Essex Chambers 'Arianna is a fantastic barrister whose knowledge of the care act is a huge asset to COP cases. She is always willing to help out on cases and can turn cases around quickly, providing great advice on complex issues in short timeframes.'
David Lawson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersDavid is an incredibly dedicated barrister. He always looks at the issues from every possible angle, finding innovative ways to resolve what can appear to be intractable disputes. He is calm and thorough, inspiring confidence in instructing solicitors and clients.
Louise MacLynn - 1GC | Family LawA pragmatic junior with the ability to see the bigger picture.
Peter Mant - 39 Essex ChambersAn expert in Court of Protection work. He is the calm in the eye of the storm, and never loses his composure.
Rowena Moffatt Doughty Street Chambers 'Rowena is the epitome of a safe pair of hands. She has an incredible knowledge of the law and her advice is always clear and thorough.'
Zia Nabi Doughty Street Chambers 'Zia is a highly skilled advocate. He provides excellent and prompt advice and his drafting skills are excellent.'
Mathew Roper5 Stone Buildings ‘Mathew provides pragmatic advice in tricky situations.’
Katharine Scott - 39 Essex ChambersA very reliable junior who absorbs information and complex legal arguments incredibly quickly.
Tom Stoate – Doughty Street Chambers 'Tom is a practical and very constructive barrister. He is an excellent tactician and is superb on his feet. He is exceptionally talented and is very experienced in this field.'
Alexander CampbellCornerstone Barristers  ‘Alexander is really strong on case preparation, presenting excellent written arguments that are to the point and persuasive.’
Christine Cooper - Field Court Chambers 'Christine is an exceptional barrister, both in terms of her legal knowledge and her advocacy skills. She is a robust advocate as well as a skilled negotiator. She is extremely experienced in COP work, and deals with some of the most difficult aspects of community care law, such as financial arrangements for social care.'
Richard Dew Ten Old Square ‘Richard is excellent in his writing and advocacy, and his knowledge of this area shines through.’
Alexander Drapkin  – 5 Stone Buildings ‘Alexander is a gifted barrister who can handle complex property and affairs and health and welfare issues in the Court of Protection. He makes complex and intricate issues simple, and straightforwardly explains his advice.’
Francesca Gardner39 Essex Chambers ‘Francesca is diligent, organised and timely with preparing advice and documents. She fights aggressively for her clients, forensically prepares for cases and leaves no stone unturned. She has a real ‘human’ quality and really understands and cares about the cases she works on.’
Varsha Jagadesham – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Varsha is a fantastic barrister. She deals with cases meticulously, thoroughly and pragmatically, never leaving a stone unturned.’
Nabila Mallick – No5 Barristers' Chambers ‘Nabila is clear and direct in her communication and advice, strategically innovative and progressive, and has good punchy drafting skills.’
Asma NizamiOne Pump Court ‘Asma is very pragmatic and takes a very proactive approach in proceedings both during her prep and at court. She proposes sensible solutions at court, she is very persuasive and has a very good ability at securing agreement from the other side.’
Eliza Sharron – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Eliza is poised, compassionate and effortless in her approach. She is extremely well-regarded by judges and inspires good practice and professionalism in those around her.’ 
Hannah Slarks 11KBW ‘Hannah is fiercely bright and tactically astute. She knows her case thoroughly and is happy to take the lead in the group.’ 
Azeem Suterwalla - Monckton Chambers 'Azeem knows the facts of cases inside out, knows how to tactically pursue matters and is always well-prepared with authorities to back up legal arguments.'

Rising Stars

Imogen Proud - Monckton Chambers 'Imogen is excellent, sensitive to vulnerable clients, amiable, helpful and has a quick grasp of the brief.'
Alex Cisneros - Outer Temple Chambers 'Alex is a go to barrister for COP work. He is very well organised and responsive. His written skills are superb, and he presents his arguments carefully. He is a measured but an effective advocate.'
Eliza Eagling   - 5 Stone Buildings 'Eliza is extremely bright and experienced beyond her year of call. She provides a clear and concise advice.'
Emma Foubister - Matrix Chambers 'Emma is excellent. Her preparation and advocacy are remarkable.'
Khatija Hafesji - Monckton Chambers 'Khatija is a dedicated barrister with knowledge beyond her call. She is already very well respected by her peers and is a regular 'go-to' junior barrister for children's rights' cases. Equally good on her feet as she is with her written work.'
Thomas JonesDeka Chambers ‘Thomas shows real attention to detail and grapples with cases quickly. He is conscience and pulls off a firm but fair approach with other parties when in pre-hearing discussions. He is a good advocate in putting forward the case and equally looking for constructive ways forward.’
Mary-Rachel McCabe – Doughty Street Chambers 'Mary-Rachel is concise and persuasive on her feet. Her advice is strategically minded, with a clear focus on the individual at the heart of the case. She can easy get to grips with complex cases. The quality of her written work is excellent.'
Ollie Persey - Garden Court Chambers 'Ollie is extremely approachable and happy to assist with all stages of work. He is extremely patient with new solicitors, and happy to share his expertise and experience outside of the immediate case he is instructed on.'
Jake RylattSerjeants' Inn Chambers ‘Jake has an eye for detail and is a passionate advocate for those he represents. He is polite and courteous to opposing counsel whilst representing his client to the highest of standards. He takes an analytical approach to cases and leaves no stone unturned with the issues in the case.’

Court of Protection and community care in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘an excellent London set’, and ‘each barrister in this set is clearly of a high-quality calibre’. The key areas of strength for the team are serious medical treatment, health and welfare cases, along with property and affairs matters. Jenni Richards KC is representing an appellant in a case in the Supreme Court that involves consideration of the adequacy of community care services provided to a woman with learning disabilities who died whilst in the care of the state. Vikram Sachdeva KC recently represented University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust before the Court of Protection in a matter involving conflict between mother and wife of a man in a coma regarding whether or not he should be taken off life support. Alexander Ruck Keene KC (Hon) was appointed as silk honoris causa in March 2022.



‘Incredibly knowledgeable set at the forefront of developments in mental capacity work.’

’39 Essex has a broad range of top-notch barristers who are all leaders in their fields. An excellent set of chambers.’

‘Impressive strength in depth in the court of protection work.’

‘The quality of counsel and level of expertise in CoP at the chambers is unrivalled.’

‘Chambers has a great range of barristers, particularly in the field of Court of Protection work.’

’39 Essex boastd the best Court of Protection practitioners in the field.’


‘All of the clerks are very helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerks are consistently professional and helpful.’

‘The clerks are helpful and courteous and try their best to make counsel available.’

‘The clerks at the chambers are quite simply exceptional. Sheraton Doyle and Oscar Redif do everything they can to assist.’

‘Clerks are friendly, approachable and efficient. Peter Campbell and Sheridan Doyle are great at anticipating problems and resolving them before they become an issue.’

‘Excellent clerking team. Peter Campbell will always go the extra mile to try and ensure the client has cover for a hearing which is often on an emergency basis.’

Work highlights

    Serjeants' Inn Chambers

    Serjeants’ Inn Chambers is ‘the leading set in relation to complex cases in the Court of Protection involving serious medical treatment’ and has ‘an excellent clerking team’. Recently, Bridget Dolan KC was instructed by the Official Solicitor in Sandwell and Birmingham Hospital v TW, on behalf of an individual who suffered a catastrophic stroke with no chances of any meaningful recovery. Rhys Hadden is ‘one of the best juniors who is always incredibly well prepared, strong on his feet and is a skilled negotiator’. Sophia Roper KC became silk in March 2022.



    ‘Serjeants’ Inn is the go-to set for complex cases’.

    ‘Serjeants’ Inn offers high quality of barristers experienced in Court of Protection matters.’

    ‘Chambers is excellent. The depth of knowledge and experience is phenomenal.’

    ‘Serjeants’ Inn is one of the best chamber – particularly for medical cases. Strong mix of very good juniors and silks.’

    ‘Serjeants’ Inn is the go-to set for all emergency treatment order cases and matters of a healthcare advisory nature generally. Availability of counsel, including out of hours, is second to none.’

    ‘Serjeants’ Inn are one of the best chambers in this area of law. They have a number of top quality experts in COP.’


    ‘The clerks are very attentive and always ready to assist with urgent cases.’

    ‘The clerks are efficient and responsive when dealing with enquiries or counsels’ diaries. Fee estimates are commercially sensitive and reasonable.’

    ‘Tom O’Connor never fails to make a call to SI engaging, whatever the circumstance and Lee Johnson goes out of his way to make preferred choices available. Also Jennifer Pooler is rising up the ranks.’

    ‘The clerks are very friendly and efficient. They act swiftly. Josie Elizabeth Ryan is friendly, professional and efficient in booking counsel, getting papers sorted and liaising on all matters incidentally.’

    ‘Joe Ralph is an excellent clerk and will do all he can to assist.’

    ‘Lee Johnson, Tom O’Connor, Joe Ralph and Natasha Southgate are all quick and responsive and good at keeping updated about options and what is going on with counsel & their availability.’

    Work highlights

      5 Stone Buildings

      5 Stone Buildings is ‘a go-to set’ for Court of Protection property and affairs work and has ‘a number of very useable, knowledgeable and high quality counsel’. David Rees KC in Re CI, a cross-border property and affairs case, advised the petitioner’s deputy on the extent of his powers and the steps needed to obtain recognition of his orders in other jurisdictions to protect the petitioner’s interests in the offshore settlements worth £100m.



      ‘A go-to set in Court of Protection cases. Chambers has a lots of fantastic senior-juniors in particular.’

      ‘Excellent set in Court of Protection work. The set is clearly very committed to this unique area of work, and are extremely experienced in the unusual issues that such work can give rise to.’

      ‘5 Stone Buildings is the pre-eminent set for Court of Protection property and affairs work. Their reputation in this regard is very well deserved.’

      ‘5 Stone Buildings has strength in depth in Court of Protection.’

      ‘5 Stone Buildings has a large number of exceedingly talented and well-respected Court of Protection property and affairs practitioners from KC level to more junior barristers.’


      ‘The clerks are always extremely personable and willing to have open discussions around timescales and costs.’    

      ‘Clerks are always efficient and helpful.’

      ‘Clerks room is responsive and work hard to provide service to match the calibre of members.’

      ‘Paul Jennings and Dan Coote and their team are friendly, helpful and organised.’

      ‘Paul Jennings is the nicest senior clerk in the business – always happy to help. The clerking team under his lead are engaged, responsive and friendly.’

      Work highlights

        Doughty Street Chambers

        Doughty Street Chambers has an ‘excellent expertise and depth of knowledge in community care and health and welfare Court of Protection matters’. Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC in R (EG) v Secretary of State for Justice and the Parole Board acted for the Official Solicitor in a series of cases concerning prisoners who lacked the capacity to engage in Parole Board proceedings. Mary-Rachel McCabe is also recommended.



        ‘The chambers has experienced counsel in COP, and always has a choice of advocates.’

        ‘Chambers offers a wealth of experienced COP counsel. Counsel’s experience is wide ranging, to include academic and research backgrounds which adds real depth to the quality of advice.’

        ‘Doughty Street Chambers is a very strong set in Court of Protection, civil liberties, human rights and healthcare areas of practice. They have a broad and sympathetic practice, which puts vulnerable clients at the heart of what they do.’

        ‘Doughty Street Chambers has an excellent community care practice. They have a good range of counsel at the junior end as well as excellent leaders.’

        ‘Doughty Street has wide range of experienced counsels and they are always available to provide advice even at a short notice.’

        ‘Doughty Street Chambers is a hugely impressive set. They have so many impressive juniors, and there is always someone on hand to help. They offer great collaboration, training and networking opportunities.’


        ‘The clerks are very help and responsive to emails. They are friendly and supportive, assisting to find counsel.’

        ‘The clerks are brilliant. They are all excellent, but particularly noteworthy are Rachel Finch and Emily Norman. They are always so helpful and efficient.’

        ‘The clerks have been very good at dealing with queries any any concerns. They are very polite and come back very quickly.’

        ‘The clerks are excellent. Emily in particular will go over and above to ensure cases are covered promptly.’

        ‘Tim Broom is very quick to respond and extraordinarily helpful and well-organised.’

        ‘The clerks are very efficient in communicating with lawyers and updating counsel about proceedings.’

        Work highlights

          1GC | Family Law

          1GC | Family Law‘s members are regularly instructed by the Official Solicitor, NHS trusts, family members and local authorities in the health and welfare, property and affairs, and care and private law matters. The team also handles the damage claims arising from unlawful deprivation of liberty under the Human Rights Act. Andrew Bagchi KC has expertise in marriage and medical treatment cases. ‘Persuasive advocate’ Malcolm Chisholm, who is ‘able to take the heat out of difficult, and emotionally charged situations’ and Alev Giz, who focuses on issues of capacity, deprivation of liberty, expert evidence and best interests in health and welfare matters are the key juniors in the team.



          ‘1 Garden Court offers helpful and knowledgeable training in the field of Court of Protection.’


          ‘Clerking has always been very efficient and reliable.’

          ‘The clerks provide a good and efficient service.’

          ‘The clerks are responsive and always try to assist.’

          Work highlights

            Garden Court Chambers

            Garden Court Chambers is ‘a reliable’ and a ‘complete chambers’. ‘The counsel work in multiple areas to a high standard and are very good at areas with a complex overlap’. It has expertise in handling all levels of the Court of Protection system, handling health and welfare matters for the Official Solicitor, as well as other work for litigation friends and families, including both health and financial welfare matters. Gráinne Mellon recently handled a case related to residence and care issues of a young man with diagnosis of autism who exhibited challenging behaviours. Ollie Persey is a key junior.



            ‘Garden Court Chambers has an incredible strength-in-depth and are able to offer counsel at very short notice.’

            ‘Garden Court Chambers is a quality chambers. Counsel are usually available and able to turn things back quite quickly.’

            ‘Garden Court Chambers always has a breadth of availability for hearings, including at short notice.’

            ‘Garden Court Chambers has a broad range of expertise and are always available to assist with urgent matters.’

            ‘Garden Court Chambers is very organised. If a particular barrister is unavailable for a hearing, chambers is able to find cover within the team.’

            ‘Garden Court Chambers offer helpful and knowledgeable training in the field of Court of Protection and Community Care.’


            ‘The clerks are very helpful and work promptly.’

            ‘The clerks are unwavering in their willingness to assist instructing solicitors. Harriet Massie and Helen D’Agostino are powerhouses – they understand the role, yet they exceed even the expectations of the most demanding solicitors.’

            ‘Tim Hempstead is extremely reliable and organised.’

            ‘All of the clerks at Garden court are very helpful and responsive.’

            ‘The clerks are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are patient and kind.’

            ‘The clerks are responsive and always respond to queries in a timely manner and ensure appropriate Counsel is identified depending on the nature of the challenge.’

            ‘The clerks are great, they are speedy in their responses and always provide a choice of counsel.’

            Work highlights

              Matrix Chambers

              Matrix Chambers carries wide experience in handling human rights law and mental capacity law. David Wolfe KC recently instructed in the appeal to the Court of Appeal in relation to a High Court judgment which concluded that access to holidays and recreational activities can be part of what is provided for under a community care plan. Zoë Leventhal KC took silk in March 2022.



              ‘Matrix is a brilliant set with many superstar barristers.’

              ‘Matrix is a leader in the community care area.’


              ‘The clerks are all really helpful. Frankie Penton and Liz Bousher are both consistently amazing.’

              Work highlights

                Radcliffe Chambers

                Radcliffe Chambers’ Court of Protection team handles a range of property and affairs work, crossing over with the set's broader reputation in private wealth matters. In the Supreme Court of Bermuda, Piers Feltham represented one of the children in Wong v Grand View Private Trust, a long running Bermudian trusts case concerning the founders of the Formosa Plastics Group involving both a range of Chancery issues and mental capacity matters.



                ‘A great set of chambers. Streets ahead of most other chancery sets.’

                ‘Radcliffe Chambers is an excellent chambers.’


                ‘Clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

                ‘Justin Allen is excellent and always willing to help and find the right barrister for the job.’

                Fiona Fitzgerald is an inspiring chief executive.’

                Work highlights