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Private Client:Trusts and Probate, Private Client: Personal Tax, Court of Protection


Richard Dew’s practice is focussed on Wills, Estates and Trusts and related professional negligence. His practice is predominantly litigation, and he is frequently involved in large and complex claims. He also advises and represents in Court of Protection matters and provides expert advice in respect of tax and tax planning (principally capital taxation).


Qualified 1999. Co-author of Rossdale’s Administration of Estates (Fifth Edition) ‘Parker’s Will Precedents’, ‘Tolley’s Inheritance Tax Planning’ and ‘The Trusts and Estate Practitioner’s Guide to Mental Capacity’; contributed to ‘Ranking, Spicer and Pegler’s Executorship Law, Trusts & Accounts’ (25th ed Butterworths), ‘The Land Registration Act 2002’ (Lexis Nexis), International Trusts Disputes and Trusts & Accounts (Butterworths). 

Published articles include: “Brewster and the future for unmarried cohabitants” Lawskills Feb 2017, “Trusts & Disclosure” (2011) PCB 241, “Thy Will be done” STEP Journal April 2016, “2013 case round up” in TQR March 2014, Trusts and Disclosure, 2011 Private Client Business [2011] PCB 241-247; “Can TLATA 1996 be Interpreted as a Fiscal Bill?” Trusts and Estates Law & Tax Journal, May 2009, 11 (jointly with Gill Steel); • “A Wasted Opportunity” (Trustee Exclusion Clauses) T.E.L. & T.J. (2007) No.83 January/February Pages 23-25.

ACTAPS Contentious Barrister of the Year 2016

Reported cases include:

  • Cotterell v Beaumont (the Allendale Settlements) [2020] EWHC 2234 – Can section 57 Trustee Act 1925 be used to amend administrative provisions without a specific transaction? This important decisions shows that it can and will be useful to trustees in modernising their administrative provisions.
  • PQ v RS [2019] EWHC 1643. How to include illegitimate beneficiaries? Richard acted for trustees in obtaining approval so as to exercise their powers so as to add to the class of beneficiaries persons born out of marriage and excluded by the terms of an old trust.
  • Gelber v Sunderland Foundation [2018] EWHC 2344. An application by trustees of a settlement for the Marlborough family to apply substantial funds for the benefit of Blenheim Palace as a means of unlocking larger monies by means of a planning consent and modifying the powers to appoint trustees. Richard acted for a minor defendant.
  • M Family Trusts: An application to approve trustees entering into very substantial transactions to re-organise the trust holdings and to vary the terms of the trusts. Richard acted for the minor beneficiaries.
  • P Settlement Trusts: An application to vary trusts, Richard acted for two of the beneficiaries.
  • A Trusts: An application to vary very substantial trusts for the benefit of a minor


Chancery Bar Association; Professional Negligence Bar Association; STEP; ACTAPS.


Reading University (LLB First).

Lawyer Rankings

London Bar > Court of Protection and community care

(Leading Juniors)Ranked: Tier 5

Richard Dew Ten Old Square

London Bar > Private client: trusts and probate

(Leading Juniors)Ranked: Tier 2

Richard DewTen Old Square ‘Richard is a very capable barrister and easy to work with.’

Ten Old Square is described as a ‘very good set’ with ‘professional and approachable counsel who provide high-quality advice’. Richard Dew represented a firm of solicitors in Gorbachev v Guriev, in which a Russian billionaire saught disclosure of a document held by the firm concerning advice given to two trusts of which the claimant is a beneficiary. James MacDougald  represented the trust services prodiver in Velutini Perez v Equiom Trust Corp (UK) Ltd, in which a settlor directed the trustees to revoke a trust despite the trustees’ concern about the claimant’s capacity. Eason Rajah KC, as was, is now a High Court judge.