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London Bar > Property litigation Tier 3

Selborne Chambers combines broad real property expertise with a 'truly fantastic' landlord and tenant offering, with members handling complex cases in areas including rights to light, easements, adverse possession, and trespass, alongside estates and development disputes, lease renewals, and breach of covenant cases. Jonathan McNae acted for the successful manager in the  Canary Riverside Estate Management Limited & others v Coates & Circus Apartments Limited case, a long-running dispute between owner, landlord, and tenants including the creation of a confidentiality club. Mark Warwick QC maintains a leading practice across real property and landlord and tenant cases, and appeared for the appellant before the Court of Appeal in Dhillon v Barclays Bank plc & the Chief Land Registrar, a Land Registration Act case concerning whether, for the purposes of paragraph 3(3) of Schedule 4 to the Land Registration Act 2002, there were exceptional circumstances which justified the Court not making an order rectifying the land register in the wake of a mortgage fraud. Nicholas Trompeter QC took silk in 2021, and was involved in the Supreme Court test case Hurstwood Properties (A) Ltd v Rossendale Borough Council, concerning schemes designed to avoid the payment of national non-domestic rates on empty properties by leasing them to SPVs, acting for the respondents. Ian Clarke QC acted for the successful defendant in Richards v Harvey, a case concerning a high-value contractual claim relating to the sale of units at a development.

Leading Silks

Mark Warwick QC - Selborne ChambersMark is simply tremendous and is absolutely someone who you would want to have on your team. He is unquestionably hard working, always makes himself available and is always one step ahead. A leader in his very own right.
Ranked: Tier 3
Gary Blaker QC - Selborne ChambersGary is calmness incarnate. He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to put clients at their ease. In court he is tenacious but always with respect. With judges he is firm when he needs to be and always seems to have the ear of the court.
Ranked: Tier 4
Romie Tager QC - Selborne ChambersHe boldly goes where other barristers fear to tread, but always exercising good judgment; excellent tactician; utter command of the court room; able to store vast quantities of data in his head.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ian Clarke QC - Selborne ChambersUser friendly, bright, pragmatic
Ranked: Tier 5
Clifford Darton QC - Selborne ChambersAn excellent advocate who always appears unflustered in court. He has strong attention to detail and provide excellent client care.
Ranked: Tier 5

2021 Silks

Nicholas Trompeter QC - Selborne ChambersSoftly spoken, but packs a big punch. Good attention to detail.

Leading Juniors

Justin Kitson - Selborne ChambersA formidable advocate with an ability to assimilate a vast amount of information in a short space of time whilst applying the law swiftly and effectively, to provide detailed, practical and realistic advice. Always accommodating and goes more than the extra mile to make sure of a first rate service every time.
Ranked: Tier 2
Stuart Hornett - Selborne ChambersStuart is extremely conscientious and has an a good approach with clients and a very good understanding of the more complex legal issues. He is also very tactically minded, giving good practical advice.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Jonathan McNae - Selborne ChambersJon is a genuine problem solver. He is extremely patient and clear thinking in high pressure situations. Tenacious, detailed but also pragmatic.
Ranked: Tier 3
Neil Mendoza - Selborne ChambersNeil is an excellent trial advocate and particularly distinguished at cross-examination. He is very reliable, pragmatic and a safe pair of hands.
Ranked: Tier 3
Richard Clegg - Selborne ChambersAbsolutely brilliant and tenacious with opponents. Very clear and precise advice, well explained for clients; an absolute pleasure to work with. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Ranked: Tier 3
Robert Brown - Selborne ChambersIn-depth knowledge of the law. Excellent analytic approach to cases, with clear and considered advice. Keen eye to the practicalities of a matter and the client's best interests. Measured, effective advocacy.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
David Warner - Selborne ChambersA first-class advocate who doesn't mess around in the courtroom. His written advice is clear and unequivocal no matter how complex the matter. Clients appreciate his approachable manner coupled with his clear advice when he advises in conference. He is my go to for all complex property and commercial matters.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Alice Hawker - Selborne ChambersAlice is an exceptional junior barrister. She digests complex material with seeming ease and at pace, whilst completely grasping all elements and demonstrating an encyclopaedic knowledge of the materials. She is contactable, approachable and entirely dependable. She also works incredibly hard and manages to give the impression that she is always prioritising you and your instruction. Her advocacy comes across as beyond her years and she has an excellent feel for the court room and the direction of the judge.
Ranked: Tier 5
Simon McLoughlin - Selborne ChambersTalented, bright, technically adept and tactically astute. He has good calm measured client manner and strong communication and advocacy skills - a bright future beckons.
Ranked: Tier 5
Isabel Petrie - Selborne ChambersIsabel is excellent. She is proactive and to the point. Nothing is too much trouble.
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5
Rahul VarmaSelborne Chambers 'Rahul is professional, practical and provides in-depth advice. He is supremely approachable and calm under pressure.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Sarah Walker - Selborne ChambersA supremely bright, reliable and hard-working barrister. The quality of Sarah's written work is always of an extremely high standard and she has the persuasive and intelligent advocacy style to match.
Ranked: Tier 5
George Woodhead - Selborne Chambers  'George is a rare breed, a brave tenacious advocate, coupled with a exceptional client handling skills and impressive solicitor handling skills. Solicitors have no qualms in instructing him on a heavy hitting case against QC opponents given his sharp intellect and excellent tactical skills. '
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Professional negligence Tier 4

The 'excellent' Selborne Chambers has 'a depth of counsel', with noted expertise in handling professional negligence claims in relation to property transactions. Gary Blaker QC is 'very thorough' and 'his advocacy is very measured, calm and convincing', and has notable expertise in advising on claims involving property identity fraud. Hugh Jackson has extensive experience in multi-party cases, and acts in claims brought against solicitors, surveyors and valuers. Nicholas Trompeter QC was elevated to silk in the 2021 round.

Leading Silks

Gary Blaker QC - Selborne ChambersGary is calmness incarnate. He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to put clients at their ease. In court he is tenacious but always demonstrates respect.
Ranked: Tier 4

2021 Silks

Nicholas Trompeter QC - Selborne ChambersClients always feel that he is part of the team, and there with the client all the way.

Leading Juniors

Hugh Jackson - Selborne ChambersHe is very hard-working and provides clear and measured advice. Well-respected by clients.
Ranked: Tier 2
Justin Kitson - Selborne ChambersA formidable advocate. He is always accommodating and goes more than the extra mile to make sure of a first-rate service every time.
Ranked: Tier 2
James Newman - Selborne ChambersHe has a great manner with clients and is quick to grasp the key issues of a case.
Ranked: Tier 5
Edward Bennion-Pedley - Selborne ChambersEdward has keen analytical skills and is very persuasive. He provides commercial advice.
Ranked: Tier 6



Very responsive and easy to deal with‘.

Good range of counsel‘.


The clerks are all great and very responsive‘.

The clerks are friendly, knowledgeable and practical in their approach‘.

Darren Madle is always on top of matters‘.

Superb, efficient clerking‘.

London Bar > Defamation and privacy

London Bar > Private client: trusts and probate

Leading Silks

Ian Clarke QC - Selborne ChambersIan is a fierce litigator with a fantastic intellectual mind. His analytical mind is a force to be reckoned with.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Francis Ng - Selborne ChambersFrancis has a keen tactical brain and is great at looking at the strategy of a case. His advice is pointed, accurate and practical with an eye for detail. He is a rising star in the field of contentious trusts and probate and destined for great things. Excellent in Court and his preparation is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 4
George Woodhead - Selborne ChambersGeorge is a rare breed, a brave tenacious advocate, coupled with a exceptional client handling skills and impressive solicitor handling skills. Solicitors have no qualms in instructing him on a heavy hitting case against QC opponents given his sharp intellect and excellent tactical skills.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Company and partnership

Company - Leading Silks

William McCormick QC - Selborne ChambersA seasoned practitioner who inspires instant confidence with the clients.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Environment

Leading Silks

Clifford Darton QC - Selborne ChambersAn excellent advocate who appears unflustered in court and shows strong attention to detail.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Commercial litigation

Leading Silks

Romie Tager QC - Selborne ChambersRomie boldly goes where other barristers fear to tread, but always exercising good judgement. He is an excellent tactician with utter command of the court room and is able to store vast quantities of data in his head.
Ranked: Tier 5

Leading Juniors

Stuart Hornett - Selborne ChambersHe has very good judgement and is good at anticipating outcomes. A very confident advocate who drafts clear paperwork.
Ranked: Tier 4
Richard Clegg - Selborne ChambersAbsolutely brilliant and tenacious with opponents. He provides very clear and precise advice, well explained for clients - and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Media and entertainment (including art and cultural property)

Selborne Chambers is a leading commercial chancery set. It is noted for the clear and practical advice it provides, which can be innovative, and is always mindful of clients commercial considerations. Chambers recognises the benefits of working closely with those instructing and with lay clients, and members with expertise in complementary areas can work together in teams to clients best advantage. Chambers has been praised for its responsiveness, availability and excellent turnaround. Chambers is instructed by many leading firms of solicitors, and many members accept instructions by direct access.

Types of work undertaken: Members are instructed in a wide variety of commercial and chancery areas, with an emphasis on business, corporate and commercial matters (at both litigious and transactional stages); company and financial services; corporate and personal insolvency; all areas of property-related matters; trusts and estates work; international/offshore work; civil fraud and asset recovery; telecommunications; sports law; gambling and spread betting. Professional negligence is covered in all these fields, working with solicitors, valuers, accountants, professional trustees, and financial managers and advisors. Much of the work is done in London, though members frequently advise and appear throughout the United Kingdom and in other foreign jurisdictions (including the USA, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Israel). Chambers has a regular seminar programme which it promotes in chambers and other parts of the country which is highly praised. The seminars are accredited for legal training. Members of chambers also frequently speak at large conferences on topical legal issues.

Administration: chambers is served by a highly responsive and friendly clerking team, allowing work to be processed promptly and efficiently. Please contact the senior clerks, Paul Bunting and Darren Madle (T: 020 7420 9500) or


Senior Clerk Paul 7420 9502
Senior Clerk Darren 7420 9504
Deputy Senior Clerk Richard 7420 9503
First Junior Clerk Oliver 7420 9505
Member of Chambers WARWICK QC, Mark (1974, 2013)
Member of Chambers TAGER QC, Romie (1970, 1995)
Member of Chambers HOSSAIN QC, Ajmalul (1976, 1998)
Member of Chambers MCCORMICK QC, William (1985, 2010)
Member of Chambers BLAKER QC, Gary (1993, 2015)
Member of Chambers CLARKE QC, Ian (1990, 2016)
Member of Chambers DARTON QC, Clifford (1988, 2019)
Member of Chambers TROMPETER QC, Nicholas (2006, 2021)
Member of Chambers KREMEN, Philip (1975)
Member of Chambers BOYD, Stephen (1977)
Member of Chambers JACKSON, Hugh (1981)
Member of Chambers UFF, David (1981)
Member of Chambers MENDOZA, Neil (1982)
Member of Chambers SPACKMAN, Mark (1986)
Member of Chambers HORNETT, Stuart (1992)
Member of Chambers KYNOCH, Duncan (1994)
Member of Chambers GOOLD, Alexander (1994)
Member of Chambers WARNER, David (1996)
Member of Chambers SINAI, Ali Reza (1997)
Member of Chambers CLEGG, Richard (1999)
Member of Chambers KITSON, Justin (2000)
Member of Chambers NEWMAN, James (2000)
Member of Chambers McNAE, Jonathan (2001)
Member of Chambers SANDHAM, James (2003)
Member of Chambers BEER, Julia (2003)
Member of Chambers BENNION-PEDLEY, Edward (2004)
Member of Chambers WEBB, Henry (2005)
Member of Chambers DE LA PIQUERIE, Paul (2006)
Member of Chambers VARMA, Rahul (2007)
Member of Chambers BROWN, Robert (2008)
Member of Chambers McLOUGHLIN, Simon (2009)
Member of Chambers WOODHEAD, George (2009)
Member of Chambers WELFORD, David (2010)*
Member of Chambers HAWKER, Alice (2011)
Member of Chambers HOPE, Barnaby (2011)
Member of Chambers COLE, Max (2011)
Member of Chambers TOWERS, Nicholas (2011)
Member of Chambers PETRIE, Isabel (2012)
Member of Chambers KUEHL, Lara (2012)
Member of Chambers WALKER, Sarah (2013)
Member of Chambers NG, Francis (2013)
Member of Chambers KWOK, Oberon (2014)
Member of Chambers de BENEDUCCI, Chris (2015)
Member of Chambers Webb, Daniel (2015)
Member of Chambers BURROWS, Christopher (2016)
Member of Chambers BAKER, Rosamund (2016)
Member of Chambers MYERS, Maxwell (2016)
Member of Chambers FRAZER, Tom (2017)
Members of Chambers * Door tenant
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Stephen Boyd  photo Stephen Boyd A founder member of Selborne Chambers, Stephen is a barrister, mediator and…
Mr Robert Brown  photo Mr Robert Brown
Christopher Burrows  photo Christopher Burrows A chancery practitioner undertaking work in the areas of real property, insolvency…
Ian Clarke photo Ian ClarkeIan continues to be ranked in both Chambers and Partners and the…
Richard Clegg  photo Richard Clegg Richard specialises in commercial disputes, frequently of an international nature, and property…
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Alexander Goold  photo Alexander Goold Alexander is a commercial and chancery practitioner, whose work spans litigation, international…
Mr Barnaby Hope  photo Mr Barnaby Hope
Stuart Hornett  photo Stuart Hornett Stuart’s practice comprises commercial Chancery, property and professional negligence. He has reported…
Ajmalul Hossain photo Ajmalul HossainAjmalul Hossain QC has vast experience of advocacy in complex and high-value…
Hugh Jackson  photo Hugh Jackson Commercial chancery practice centred on land and finance, business, and IT. Expertise…
Justin Kitson  photo Justin Kitson Justin is widely recognised as a leading junior barrister in chancery and…
Philip Kremen  photo Philip Kremen Both in the United Kingdom and internationally, Philip’s reputation is unrivalled as…
Miss Lara Kuehl  photo Miss Lara Kuehl Barrister specialising in general commercial litigation and arbitration, real property and construction.…
Mr Oberon Kwok  photo Mr Oberon Kwok Oberon specialises in insolvency, property and commercial litigation. He has in-depth experience…
Duncan Kynoch  photo Duncan Kynoch Duncan is a commercial chancery practitioner. He has appeared in numerous reported…
William McCormick photo William McCormickCommercial work covers a broad range of which recent examples include: Representing…
Simon McLoughlin  photo Simon McLoughlin All areas of commercial chancery litigation, arbitration and advisory work, including general…
Jonathan McNae  photo Jonathan McNae Jonathan’s practice focuses on all aspects of residential and commercial property, contract…
Neil Mendoza  photo Neil Mendoza A highly accomplished commercial litigator whose practice substantially involves disputes in a…
Isabel Petrie  photo Isabel Petrie Isabel’s practice covers all areas of Commercial Chancery litigation. She is regularly…
James Sandham  photo James Sandham James is a specialist chancery and property practitioner and typically acts in…
Mr Mark Spackman  photo Mr Mark Spackman Mark Spackman has a heavyweight civil practice at Iscoed Chambers and is…
Romie Tager photo Romie TagerRomie is a specialist in commercial and property law. His experience covers…
Nicholas Towers  photo Nicholas Towers Nicholas specialises in complex commercial and chancery litigation and arbitration. He is…
Nicholas Trompeter  photo Nicholas Trompeter Nick’s practice encompasses all areas of Commercial Chancery litigation, including commercial and…
David Uff  photo David Uff David is a specialist in commercial/chancery litigation and dispute resolution and combines…
Rahul Varma  photo Rahul Varma
Sarah Walker  photo Sarah Walker Sarah’s practice covers all elements of chancery litigation, including commercial disputes as…
David Warner  photo David Warner David Warner is an experienced chancery and commercial litigator with particular expertise…
Mark Warwick photo Mark WarwickMark is a leading practitioner in property litigation. He also acts in…
Mr Henry Webb  photo Mr Henry Webb Henry practises in commercial chancery and property law.  His commercial chancery experience…
Mr Daniel Webb  photo Mr Daniel Webb
George Woodhead photo George WoodheadGeorge specialises in property, contested probate and trusts, and commercial litigation in…
Chris de Beneducci  photo Chris de Beneducci Chris has a busy and varied commercial chancery practice, which covers disputes…
Paul de la Piquerie  photo Paul de la Piquerie Paul regularly appears in the County Court, High Court, First-Tier and Upper…