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Chambers of Lord Grabiner QC
One Essex Court

Private client: personal tax

Leading Silks

Julian Ghosh QC - One Essex CourtA formidable intellect combined with his own style of forthright and succinct advocacy has generated a reputation as one of the leading tax silks.
Ranked: Tier 2

2018 Silks

Jonathan Bremner QC - One Essex CourtProvides you with clear advice.

Commercial litigation Tier 1

One Essex Court is an 'excellent' and 'user-friendly' set that is ‘very good at all levels and particularly useful at the bottom as they have very high academic standards' according to instructing solicitors. The calibre of the barristers, from the top silks to the most junior juniors, ensures an impressive range of high-profile instructions. Lately, several of the set's members have had prominent roles on major cases, including Autonomy v Dr Michael Lynch, where Laurence Rabinowitz QC is leading the claim for Hewlett Packard, supported by Conall Patton. Rabinowitz QC and Patton are also facing Neil Kitchener QC in Omers v Tesco plcDavid Wolfson QC also represented EE in various claims brought by Phones4U arising out of its collapse.

Leading Silks

Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtA tremendously skilled advocate, his strategic and legal advice are spot-on.
Ranked: Tier 1
Sonia Tolaney QC - One Essex CourtFerociously clever and at the very top end of the commercial Bar.
Ranked: Tier 1
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtA go-to barrister for significant commercial disputes, he is very commercial and bright.
Ranked: Tier 1
Stephen Auld QC - One Essex CourtA very smooth and persuasive advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtHas the gravitas and command commensurate with his reputation.
Ranked: Tier 2
Neil Kitchener QC - One Essex CourtNever shies away from a fight and is not afraid of being imaginative.
Ranked: Tier 2
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtCombines great legal intelligence and knowledge with commerciality and common sense.
Ranked: Tier 2
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtThorough, thoughtful and a tenacious advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtVery intelligent, strategic and considered, and his confidence impresses clients.
Ranked: Tier 2
Kenneth MacLean QC - One Essex CourtA no-nonsense commercial advocate and cross-examiner of the first order.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jeffery Onions QC - One Essex CourtA huge support to the team throughout and his analysis was extremely forensic.
Ranked: Tier 3
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtA first-class silk for a complex and difficult case.
Ranked: Tier 3
Richard Boulton QC - One Essex CourtDid a superb job and his past career as an accountant pays dividends.
Ranked: Tier 4
David Cavender QC - One Essex CourtA superb silk.
Ranked: Tier 4
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtAn outstanding commercial silk who comes up with solutions few others would think of.
Ranked: Tier 4
Rhodri Davies QC - One Essex CourtHighly intelligent, charming, and very user-friendly.
Ranked: Tier 4
Camilla Bingham QC - One Essex CourtHer advocacy is first class and her cross-examination skills are up there with the best.
Ranked: Tier 5
Sa'ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtVery methodical, cool and calm, and very astute in terms of getting the right result.
Ranked: Tier 5
Andrew Lenon QC - One Essex CourtA very impressive barrister who cuts through the chaff.
Ranked: Tier 6

2018 Silks

Steven Elliott QC - One Essex CourtA master of the pen who formulates and delivers top-tier pleadings.

2019 Silks

Anna Boase QC - One Essex CourtHas a superb grasp of the law and very good on the factual details.

Leading Juniors

Jamie Goldsmith - One Essex CourtCombines hard work with a fierce intellect.
Ranked: Tier 1
Conall Patton - One Essex CourtHe has an outstanding reputation which is entirely deserved.
Ranked: Tier 1
Sebastian Isaac - One Essex CourtHe is bright, very good with solicitors, and a very effective advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alexander Polley - One Essex CourtBrilliant legal skills allied to superb forensic nous.
Ranked: Tier 2
Claire Reffin - One Essex CourtExcellent analytical mind, good clear advice, and strong academically.
Ranked: Tier 2
James MacDonald - One Essex CourtThoughtful and hardworking, with excellent judgement – very popular with solicitors, and rightly so.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtHas ability beyond her year of call and is all over the details of the case.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtExcellent – bright, energetic, team focused, and a calm and considered manner whatever the challenges.
Ranked: Tier 3
Michael Watkins - One Essex CourtHardworking, rigorous, sensible and very able.
Ranked: Tier 3
Michael D'Arcy - One Essex CourtAn extraordinarily talented barrister.
Ranked: Tier 4
Laurence Emmett - One Essex CourtIncredibly sharp and well-reasoned when it comes to difficult legal issues.
Ranked: Tier 4
Sandy Phipps - One Essex CourtHas a razor-sharp brain that cuts to the answer quickly and with no nonsense.
Ranked: Tier 4
Derek Spitz - One Essex CourtAn active senior junior with a broad commercial practice.
Ranked: Tier 4
Rachel Oakeshott - One Essex CourtA great junior, who works well in a team and gets through things at an impressive pace.
Ranked: Tier 5

Energy Tier 1

One Essex Court is 'the pre-eminent set for high-value and complex commercial disputes, including those in the energy sector'. The set is 'highly-regarded in China and Asia' and 'its work ethic and the excellence of its work are hard to fault'. Led by Lord Grabiner QC, who is 'a force of nature and is still battling hard in big cases', the set has leading lights such as John McCaughran QC, who acted for Shell International UK in a dispute arising out of a gas sale agreement with British Gas Trading Limited. Laurence Rabinowitz QC, leading Douglas Paine, acted for co-defendant Esso in the same case.  Daniel Toledano QC act for investment bank Macquarie Capital (Europe) Ltd in a claim relating to the a  €1.6bn equity and debt financing raised for the Meg I/Merkur offshore windfarm project in the North Sea. 'Clerks elsewhere are all, to a degree, a throwback to a Victorian era, but at One Essex they are more modern in their approach', remarks one client.

Leading Silks

Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtAn incredible advocate who has the gravitas and command commensurate with his reputation.
Ranked: Tier 1
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtA leading advocate in this area who combines great intelligence with commerciality.
Ranked: Tier 1
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtSo accomplished and natural, his submissions are masterpieces in elegant simplicity.
Ranked: Tier 1
Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtA superb advocate, very sharp but with graceful manners, who finds solutions to knotty legal issues.
Ranked: Tier 2
Jeffery Onions QC - One Essex CourtA formidable opponent – he has a tremendously impressive ability to master complex facts to distil high-quality legal advice.
Ranked: Tier 2
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtAlways well thought of in the energy space, he is super-bright but without any airs and graces.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtA strong presence in the market – technically superb, very hardworking and responsive.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ian Glick QC - One Essex CourtAn excellent silk and arbitrator who performs well in hearings.
Ranked: Tier 3
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtA smart cross-examiner with expertise in oil and gas contracts.
Ranked: Tier 3
Thomas Sharpe QC - One Essex CourtMagisterial – a genuine heavyweight who commands instant respect and confidence from his clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtVery commercial and bright – another “go-to” barrister for significant commercial disputes.
Ranked: Tier 3
Michael Fealy QC - One Essex CourtA standout lawyer – incisive with a great courtroom manner.
Ranked: Tier 4
Orlando Gledhill QC - One Essex CourtA team player and a very tenacious advocate who prepares for cases brilliantly.
Ranked: Tier 4
Sa’ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtSuccinct and convincing, he demonstrates good empathy with clients.
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Laurence Emmett - One Essex CourtVery clever, commercial and approachable; he identifies key issues and counter-arguments brilliantly.
Ranked: Tier 1
Conall Patton - One Essex CourtA gifted cross-examiner and very clear writer who is easy to deal with.
Ranked: Tier 1
Matthew Cook - One Essex CourtA good advocate who handles complex facts well.
Ranked: Tier 2
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtExceptionally diligent and committed, she can cut through the knottiest of legal and technical issues.
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtA formidable opponent, a great all-rounder and a real star; his written work is impressive.
Ranked: Tier 2
Owain Draper - One Essex CourtA solid mid-level junior – proactive, hardworking and a real fighter in court.
Ranked: Tier 4
Daniel Hubbard - One Essex CourtExperienced in complex and high-value arbitration and litigation in the energy sector.
Ranked: Tier 4
Douglas Paine - One Essex CourtA real expert in the energy sector – always on top of the detail and the industry context.
Ranked: Tier 4
Michael Watkins - One Essex CourtBright, very user-friendly, works extremely well as part of a team.
Ranked: Tier 4

Fraud: civil Tier 1

One Essex Court is a 'go-to set for commercial and fraud work' with 'quality people at all levels' who are 'very enjoyable to work with'. Both juniors and silks are regularly called upon to represent clients on the biggest claims. Notable cases involving multiple members of chambers include Autonomy v Michael Lynch, in which Laurence Rabinowitz QC and Conall Patton are representing Autonomy. Rabinowitz and Patton are also opposing sides to Neil Kitchener QC's team on the Tesco Profit Overstatement litigation, OMERS Administration Corporation & Ors v Tesco Plc.

Leading Silks

Neil Kitchener QC - One Essex CourtA stellar performer.
Ranked: Tier 1
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtOne of the absolute superstars – stupendously clever, but also responsive, diligent and thoughtful.
Ranked: Tier 1
Stephen Auld QC - One Essex CourtCommercial, sensible, and very client friendly.
Ranked: Tier 2
Sonia Tolaney QC - One Essex CourtHugely responsive, strategic, and an excellent advocate on paper and in court.
Ranked: Tier 2
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtClever, user friendly and good with clients, a persuasive advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtA technically excellent and forensic barrister.
Ranked: Tier 3
Richard Gillis QC - One Essex CourtHe is tenacious and never stops looking for innovative ways to bolster the case.
Ranked: Tier 3
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtHas consummate skills as an advocate – always chooses the right argument and displays great judgement.
Ranked: Tier 3
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC - One Essex CourtThe advocate I would most like to have in the trenches next to me on the most demanding matters.
Ranked: Tier 3
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtHis exceptionally quick mind brings an unrivalled courtroom presence to bear.
Ranked: Tier 4

2018 Silks

Steven Elliott QC - One Essex CourtA formidable advocate and a brilliant lawyer.

Leading Juniors

Alexander Polley - One Essex CourtIncredibly bright, quick on his feet and really user friendly.
Ranked: Tier 2
Henry Forbes Smith - One Essex CourtExceptionally intelligent and has profound experience in Russia and CIS-related litigations.
Ranked: Tier 2
Conall Patton - One Essex CourtAbsolutely outstanding.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jamie Goldsmith - One Essex CourtHas an ability to assimilate and analyse facts that is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 4

International arbitration: arbitrators Tier 1

One Essex Court offers an incredibly strong mix of returning judges, ex-solicitors, and top-notch barristers. Members cover a range of disciplines and regions, from ad-hoc arbitrations to investment treaty disputes.

IT and telecoms

IT and telecoms (excluding regulatory) - 2018 Silks

Philip Roberts QC - One Essex CourtHe is a first-rate advocate, very commercial with real understanding of the interplay between IT and IP.

Tax: corporate and VAT/indirect tax

Tax: corporate - Leading Silks

Malcolm Gammie QC - One Essex CourtHe has an encyclopaedic knowledge of tax law and how it has built up over the past 30 years.
Ranked: Tier 1
Julian Ghosh QC - One Essex CourtA go-to expert for issues involving the interaction of tax rules that turn on accounting treatment.
Ranked: Tier 1

Tax: VAT - Leading silks

Julian Ghosh QC - One Essex CourtA go-to expert for issues involving the interaction of tax rules that turn on accounting treatment.
Ranked: Tier 3

Tax: corporate - 2018 Silks

Jonathan Bremner QC - One Essex CourtBrilliant technical mind, strong common sense, admirable and experienced advocate.

Tax: VAT - 2018 Silks

Jonathan Bremner QC - One Essex CourtBrilliant technical mind, strong common sense, admirable and experienced advocate.

Banking and finance (including consumer credit) Tier 2

One Essex Court is 'one of the pre-eminent sets for financial markets disputes' with 'a range of barristers, the quality of whose advice and advocacy is unfailingly excellent', say instructing solicitors. Members regularly act on both sides of the table, although the calibre of its silks has led to it being an increasingly favoured choice of the banks. Recent highlights include  Sonia Tolaney QC leading the successful defence of Barclays Bank against a £1.6bn claim by Compucredit. Another lead case was Red Kite Management Limited & Ors v Barclays Bank PLC, in which Alain Choo Choy QC and Laurence Rabinowitz QC were on opposing sides.

Leading Silks

Stephen Auld QC - One Essex CourtGood at cutting through knotty issues to get to the heart of things.
Ranked: Tier 1
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtHe is a serious heavyweight when you have a problem that you don’t know the answers to.
Ranked: Tier 1
Sonia Tolaney QC - One Essex CourtNot only is she technically superb and a silky smooth advocate, she is just such a pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtPhenomenal on his feet – always charming and unflustered and judges really listen and trust him.
Ranked: Tier 1
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtAbsorbs enormous amounts of information with ease and explains highly complex and intertwined issues with enviable clarity.
Ranked: Tier 1
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtVery intelligent, likeable, open-minded and works with you as part of the team.
Ranked: Tier 2
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtHe is superb on his feet – calm and unflappable – and top drawer at cross-examination.
Ranked: Tier 2
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC - One Essex CourtOutstanding – a leading advocate in the area of banking litigation.
Ranked: Tier 2
Rhodri Davies QC - One Essex CourtA no-nonsense, fabulous advocate and a pleasure to deal with.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ben Strong QC - One Essex CourtA real team player, he gets to grips with the detail and is very responsive.
Ranked: Tier 3
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtA leader of the Bar.
Ranked: Tier 4

2018 Silks

Hannah Brown QC - One Essex CourtExcellent to work with, very intelligent, and is always all across the case law.

Leading Juniors

Michael D'Arcy - One Essex CourtHe provides forensic analysis, clear advice and excellent drafting.
Ranked: Tier 1
James MacDonald - One Essex CourtOne of the leading banking juniors at the Bar.
Ranked: Tier 1
Conall Patton - One Essex CourtOne of the leading banking litigation juniors of his generation.
Ranked: Tier 1
Jamie Goldsmith - One Essex CourtWithout a doubt a fantastic barrister.
Ranked: Tier 2
Sebastian Isaac - One Essex CourtVery strategic and extremely supportive – obtains fantastic results.
Ranked: Tier 2
Sandy Phipps - One Essex CourtExtremely user friendly and responsive, with an excellent client manner.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alexander Polley - One Essex CourtA great team player – he absorbs and digests very large amounts of information effortlessly.
Ranked: Tier 2
Laurence Emmett - One Essex CourtA very intelligent, methodical and hardworking barrister who quickly digests complex financial transactions.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtExtremely efficient and very thorough.
Ranked: Tier 3
Henry Forbes Smith - One Essex CourtFantastic on black letter law issues, particularly jurisdiction.
Ranked: Tier 3
Oliver Butler - One Essex CourtSmart, imaginative and hardworking.
Ranked: Tier 4
Emma Jones - One Essex CourtA very responsive, hardworking junior.
Ranked: Tier 4

Company and partnership Tier 2

Company - Leading Silks

Anthony de Garr Robinson QC - One Essex CourtHe is an outstanding company silk.
Ranked: Tier 2

International arbitration: counsel Tier 2

One Essex Court has an excellent reputation for international arbitration, and its clerking team is 'very efficient in finding appropriate barristers'. The set fields numerous top name silks and juniors with strong expertise in commercial arbitration and BIT claims. Recent highlights for members, such as John McCaughran QC and Nicholas Sloboda,  include successfully representing Israel Electric Corp, a defendant in East Mediterranean Gas v Egyptian General Petroleum Corp & Others. The set was recently boosted by the arrival of Alexander Gunning QC from 4 PUMP COURT.

Leading Silks

Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtAbsolutely outstanding.
Ranked: Tier 1
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtTop of my list for complex commercial arbitrations.
Ranked: Tier 1
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtExtremely impressive quality of work, availability and approachability.
Ranked: Tier 2
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtFantastic at getting on top of complex and detailed issues quickly, and great with clients.
Ranked: Tier 2
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtHe is friendly, engaging, charming, but brilliant, and he knows when to stick the knife in.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Boulton QC - One Essex CourtAn excellent cross-examiner, and the leading barrister on quantification of damages and forensic accounting issues.
Ranked: Tier 3
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtHe was born for arbitration work – his advocacy and cross-examination skills are second to none.
Ranked: Tier 3
Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtHas an extremely deep knowledge of construction/energy law and international arbitration practice and procedure.
Ranked: Tier 3
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtTakes a rigorous approach to his written and oral submissions.
Ranked: Tier 4
Sa'ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtProvides clear, commercial advice.
Ranked: Tier 4
Neil Kitchener QC - One Essex CourtAn absolutely brilliant advocate, you really don't want him on the other side.
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Conall Patton - One Essex CourtA gifted cross-examiner, very clear writer, and easy to deal with.
Ranked: Tier 2
Eleanor Campbell - One Essex CourtProvides concise advocacy that deals with exactly what the panel wants to hear about.
Ranked: Tier 3
Michelle Menashy - One Essex CourtDoes a superb job – highly recommended.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtA formidable opponent, his written work is impressive in all respects.
Ranked: Tier 3

Intellectual property Tier 3

One Essex Court is a 'high-quality, general commercial set with a serious IP specialism', where 'the combination of IP and commercial barristers seems to elevate both'. The set attracts praise for its 'good sector-specific knowledge' and 'strength in depth, with counsel of a range of levels of experience'. It has expertise across a range of soft and hard IP matters, and in a recent highlight Geoffrey Hobbs QC represented Abbvie Biotechnology in the Court of Appeal against Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics in litigation relating to the scope of declaratory relief available to biosimilar manufacturers; Hobbs QC also acted for Sky, alongside Philip Roberts QC, in its trade mark dispute against Skykick, including on the reference to the CJEU.

Leading Silks

Geoffrey Hobbs QC - One Essex CourtHe has encyclopaedic knowledge of trade mark law.
Ranked: Tier 1
Emma Himsworth QC - One Essex CourtShe is one of the very best trade mark experts at the Bar, with an easy style and encyclopaedic knowledge.
Ranked: Tier 4

2018 Silks

Philip Roberts QC - One Essex CourtHe is very unflappable, deeply knowledgable of the law and very composed in court.

Leading Juniors

Guy Hollingworth - One Essex CourtHe has phenomenal attention to detail, and is extremely bright and ready to assist with even the trickiest of clients.
Ranked: Tier 2

Competition Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Conall Patton - One Essex CourtA first-class commercial junior well able to turn his hand to competition law.
Ranked: Tier 3
Derek Spitz - One Essex CourtImpressive in competition damages litigation.
Ranked: Tier 3
Matthew Cook - One Essex CourtHe has incredible knowledge of the subject mater on a case.
Ranked: Tier 3
Owain Draper - One Essex CourtA real fighter in court.
Ranked: Tier 3

Financial services regulation Tier 3

Leading Silks

Ben Strong QC - One Essex CourtA junior silk whose star is on the rise – a legal brainbox.
Ranked: Tier 3

Insolvency Tier 4

Leading Silks

David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtA creative thinker and will come up with arguments that sound incredible but are credible.
Ranked: Tier 4

Mediators Tier 4

One Essex Court was joined by Ian Terry (former dispute resolution head at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP) in 2016; he regularly acts as a mediator of commercial disputes, and has broad commercial experience that involves several business sectors and jurisdictions.

Shipping Tier 5

Leading Silks

Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtHe is a persuasive advocate.
Ranked: Tier 5

Professional negligence Tier 5

One Essex Court's members are regularly instructed on professional negligence disputes involving solicitors, accountants, actuaries, auditors and financial services professionals. Alexander Polley is instructed in Boubyan v Various, a case against a number of professionals and fiduciaries arising out of poorly invested funds; audit negligence claim Moorhouse v PwC was also a recent highlight for the junior barrister.

Leading Silks

Sonia Tolaney QC - One Essex CourtIncredibly bright.
Ranked: Tier 3
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtVery knowledgeable.
Ranked: Tier 4
Andrew Lenon QC - One Essex CourtGreat on the detail.
Ranked: Tier 4
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtHe is a very capable silk.
Ranked: Tier 4
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtHe is exceptionally talented.
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Alexander Polley - One Essex CourtHe has has an awe-inspiring knowledge of the law and the ability to apply that swiftly and effectively to issues as they arise.
Ranked: Tier 5

Set overviews: England and Wales

A ‘premier’ set for big ticket commercial disputes, the ‘stellar, dynamic, and energeticOne Essex Court is ‘uniformly good’ and has a ‘deep bench strength’ of ‘extremely smart, hardworking, and commercially savvy barristers’ who are expert in financial markets disputes and international arbitrations, as well as being ‘fun to work with’. Or as one source put it: ‘It’s probably the top commercial set, end of.’ In recent news, Alexander Gunning joined from 4 PUMP COURT, Anna Boase took silk in 2019, and Sonia Tolaney QC has been elected chair of the Commercial Bar Association. One of chambers’ strength is its ‘elite’ clerks’ room, which is ‘super responsive, always goes the extra mile’, and has ‘an unrivalled reputation for flexibility, honesty, and transparency’. ‘The quality of the clerking is second to none and I am reminded how good they are because I am invariably disappointed whenever I use another set,’ offered one solicitor. Senior clerk Darren Burrows runs the ‘honest and pragmatic’ team like ‘a well-oiled machine’. He is assisted by ‘astute’ deputy senior clerk Jackie Ginty who is ‘very efficient, open, and responds promptly’ to queries. Clerks Rob Smith, Ben O’Hanlon, Jade Cassell, David Amdor, and Kirsty Hough, in particular, are ‘extremely personable and do all they can to assist’ solicitors and ‘provide a good insight into new talent and as to the work being done in chambers’. Jessica Barnes and Adam Wheeler are 'both responsive, friendly, and do their best to assist'. Offices in: London and Singapore

One Essex Court is a pre-eminent commercial set of barristers’ chambers in London. Members provide specialist legal advice, support and advocacy services worldwide, and the barristers’ expertise covers all areas of arbitration, litigation, regulation and dispute resolution.

The work here embraces all aspects of domestic and international trade, business, commerce and finance. Barristers at One Essex Court are recognised specialist counsel in the many diverse fields of commercial law, also regularly accepting nominations as arbitrators, mediators and experts.

The principal areas of practice are arbitration; banking and financial services; commercial litigation; civil fraud and investigations; company and insolvency; competition and EU law; energy and natural resources; insurance and reinsurance; intellectual property; media, entertainment and broadcasting; professional liability; public law; sports, gaming and licensing; and tax and revenue law.

Chambers is comprised of 111 full-time practitioners, who regularly appear before the domestic courts and tribunals, dealing with short County Court applications to major trials in the High Court and appeals before the Court of Appeal, the Privy Council and the Supreme Court, as well as the European Courts. They also appear in a wide range of foreign jurisdictions, particularly in the Caribbean (inc. Cayman, BVI, Bermuda and Bahamas) and the Far East, principally Hong Kong and Singapore, and those who act as international arbitrators are regularly appointed to panels with both domestic and overseas arbitral seats. Through the Singapore office at Maxwell Chambers, One Essex Court is able to handle enquiries from clients in real-time and provide local support and assistance to visiting barristers and arbitrators from chambers.

In addition to English law, some of the barristers here are also able to offer advice on the laws of Russia, Ukraine, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Barristers at One Essex Court aim to offer practical and innovative advice, whilst balancing all the commercial considerations. They appreciate the value of both prompt action and thoroughness, and are able to provide some of the most experienced, skilled and forceful advocacy available.

Members understand the pressures under which solicitors and their clients operate and appreciate that their own performance reflects on the lawyers who instruct them. Barristers here recognise that they are instructed to be part of a team and members also regularly undertake secondments to clients.

Professional clients instructing barristers at One Essex Court are principally solicitors and in-house legal departments, but members of the public, and commercial and non-commercial organisations are now able to instruct barristers directly on most civil matters. Where lay-clients or in-house legal functions work directly with Chambers, and a need arises, our strong referral network provides access to the most talented disputes solicitors.

Barristers at One Essex Court are drawn from the very best candidates coming to the Commercial Bar each year. Indeed, the ability of the set to continually attract the most talented pupils year-on-year, is a fundamental reason for chambers’ enduring position at the very top of the market. The selection process is naturally focused on intellectual excellence, but prospective pupils and tenants must also exhibit other valuable characteristics which, through a constant process of feedback from clients, we understand are equally valued.

One Essex Court operates a strict ‘no double booking’ policy. The availability of counsel is not ‘hedged’, risking calamitous booking clashes and depriving clients of their chosen counsel. Appropriate preparation time is reserved prior to all hearings and time is set aside at the end of a booking to allow for any overrun. This cornerstone of Chambers approach to the booking of work has long provided clients with unrivalled levels of service, reassurance and certainty.

The Clerks’ Room at One Essex Court is universally regarded as one of the elite operations at the Bar. Divided into teams to provide a dedicated service to distinct groups, clients can be assured of receiving appropriate recommendations, and where counsel for opposing parties are based in Chambers, the structure ensures that confidentiality is respected and maintained through suitable information barriers.

The clerks at One Essex Court have an unrivalled reputation for flexibility, honesty and transparency, particularly in relation to charging. Where estimated charges have been provided, barristers and their clerks will endeavour to keep within those parameters, assuming that no difficulties or unexpected delays are encountered. Both the clerks and the barristers are responsive where a client might be facing financial hardship, and are willing, where appropriate, to consider alternative funding structures.

Barristers at One Essex Court regularly provide presentations and seminars to clients on a wide range of subjects, often supporting in-house training programmes, which can be tailored to meet a particular client need.

Department Name Email Telephone
Clerk Darren Burrows
Members of Chambers GRABINER QC, Lord (1981 QC)
Members of Chambers BURNTON, The Rt. Hon. Sir Stanley
Members of Chambers STRAUSS QC, Nicholas (1984 QC)
Members of Chambers LEAVER QC, Peter (1987 QC)
Members of Chambers NEUBERGER, The Rt. Hon. Lord
Members of Chambers GLICK QC, Ian (1987 QC)
Members of Chambers FIELD, The Hon. Sir Richard
Members of Chambers GLOSTER, The Rt. Hon. Dame Elizabeth
Members of Chambers HOBBS QC, Geoffrey (1991 QC)
Members of Chambers SHARPE QC, Thomas (1994 QC)
Members of Chambers ONIONS QC, Jeffery (1998 QC)
Members of Chambers DAVIES QC, Rhodri (1999 QC)
Members of Chambers AULD QC, Stephen (1999 QC)
Members of Chambers MacLEAN QC, Kenneth (2002 QC)
Members of Chambers RABINOWITZ QC, Laurence (2002 QC)
Members of Chambers GAMMIE QC, Malcolm (2002 QC)
Members of Chambers McCAUGHRAN QC, John (2003 QC)
Members of Chambers GRAHAM QC, Charles (2003 QC)
Members of Chambers STYLE QC, Christopher (2006 QC)
Members of Chambers GILLIS QC, Richard (2006 QC)
Members of Chambers LENON QC, Andrew (2006 QC)
Members of Chambers ORR QC, Craig (2006 QC)
Members of Chambers de GARR ROBINSON QC, Anthony (2006 QC)
Members of Chambers SULLIVAN QC, Michael (2008 QC)
Members of Chambers KITCHENER QC, Neil (2008 QC)
Members of Chambers CHOO CHOY QC, Alain (2009 QC)
Members of Chambers WOLFSON QC, David (2009 QC)
Members of Chambers TOLEDANO QC, Daniel (2009 QC)
Members of Chambers CAVENDER QC, David (2010 QC)
Members of Chambers TOLANEY QC, Sonia (2011 QC)
Members of Chambers BOULTON QC, Richard (2011 QC)
Members of Chambers HIMSWORTH QC, Emma (2012 QC)
Members of Chambers GUNNING QC, Alexander (2012 QC)
Members of Chambers HOSSAIN QC, Sa'ad (2013 QC)
Members of Chambers BINGHAM QC, Camilla (2013 QC)
Members of Chambers STRONG QC, Ben (2014 QC)
Members of Chambers FEALY QC, Michael (2014 QC)
Members of Chambers NOURSE QC, Edmund (2015 QC)
Members of Chambers BROWN QC, Hannah (2017 QC)
Members of Chambers GLEDHILL QC, Orlando (2017 QC)
Members of Chambers COLTON QC, Simon (2017 QC)
Members of Chambers ROBERTS QC, Philip (2018 QC)
Members of Chambers ELLIOTT QC, Steven (2018 QC)
Members of Chambers BOASE QC, Anna (2019 QC)
Members of Chambers REDFERN, Alan (1995)
Members of Chambers FOYLE, Andrew (2006)
Members of Chambers MALONE, Michael (1975)
Members of Chambers TERRY, Ian (1980)
Members of Chambers REFFIN, Clare (1981)
Members of Chambers COOK, Matthew (1999)
Members of Chambers HOLLINGWORTH, Guy (2001)
Members of Chambers SPITZ, Derek (2001)
Members of Chambers GOLDSMITH, Jamie (2002)
Members of Chambers NADIN, James (2002)
Members of Chambers HUBBARD, Daniel (2003)
Members of Chambers MENASHY, Michelle (2003)
Members of Chambers PATTON, Conall (2004)
Members of Chambers EMMETT, Laurence (2004)
Members of Chambers FORBES SMITH, Henry (2004)
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Photo Name Position Profile
 Stephen Auld QC photo Stephen Auld QC

An extremely experienced trial lawyer and advisor, in relation to proceedings in the Courts of the UK and elsewhere and in international arbitration, who undertakes a wide and varied range of complex commercial work, frequently involving a number of jurisdictions. He has particular expertise and is widely experienced in banking and insurance, corporate acquisitions, City regulation, claims against professional and other financial advisers, substantial fraud and asset recovery, media-related cases such as film and music business contracts and jurisdiction issues. Recent cases include: Royal Bank of Scotland v Highland Financial Partners and Ors [2012] EWHC 1278 (Comm); Standard Bank Plc v Via Mat International Ltd and Anor [2013] EWCA Civ 490; McKillen v Misland (Cyprus) Investments and Ors [201 1] EWHC 3466 (Chancery) [2012] EWHC 505 (Chancery) [2012] EWHC 521 (Chancery); RyanAir v Esso Italiano SRL [2012] EWHC 200 (Comm); Apax Global Payments v Morina and Ors [2011] EWHC 2983 (Chancery); Cherrilow Ltd v Richard Butler-Creagh [2011] EWHC 2525 (QB).

 Mehdi Baiou  photo Mehdi Baiou

Mehdi undertakes a broad range of commercial work and has experience of appearing both led and unled in the High Court.  Core practice areas include (but are not limited to) banking and finance, derivatives, commodities and conflict of laws/jurisdiction. Appeared (with Adrian Beltrami QC, Anthony de Garr Robinson QC, Alexander Polley and Sandy Phipps) for the Defendant Bank, in The Libyan Investment Authority v Société Générale (listed in The Lawyers’ Top 20 Cases in 2017). In recent years, Mehdi’s practice has centered on complex derivatives disputes.  In Banco Santander Totta v Carris [2016] 4 WLR 49 he appeared (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC, John Odgers QC and Simon Colton) in the first action heard before the newly-created Financial List, concerning the sale of interest rate swaps to Portuguese transport companies.  In Marex Financial Limited v Creative Finance Ltd and Cosmorex Ltd [2014] 1 All ER (Comm) 122, he appeared (with Alain Choo Choy QC), where the Commercial Court considered the duties of a broker when closing out its client’s portfolio.
Other notable involvements include: One Step (Support) Ltd v Karen Morris Garner & Ors [2015] IRLR 215; [2016] IRLR 435; [2016] 3 WLR 1281 (with Craig Orr QC), before the Supreme Court (October 2017) (Judgment pending) on the important issue of Wrotham Park damages; and in a regulatory / competition context: R (oao Albion Water Limited) v. OFWAT & Anr [2012] EWHC 2259 (Admin); and Albion Water Limited v. Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig [2013] CAT 6 (with Thomas Sharpe QC and Matthew Cook) before both the Administrative Court and the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

 Camilla Bingham QC photo Camilla Bingham QC

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation. Her areas of practice include conflict of laws, contractual disputes, civil fraud, corporate insolvency and professional negligence. Recent cases include Jackson v Dear and anor [2013] EWCA Civ 89 and Cavendish Square Holdings BV v Makdessi [2012] EWHC 3582 (Comm). Camilla is admitted as a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean (Virgin Islands) and is registered with the DIFC on the Register of Practitioners (Part II) in Dubai.

 Anna Boase  photo Anna Boase

Barrister practising across a broad range of commercial work with a strong emphasis on advocacy.

 Abra Bompas  photo Abra Bompas

Abra Bompas’ calibre facilitates instruction at the highest level and enables her to service industry clients across the broad ambit of commercial dispute resolution in the High Court (both led and unled) and the Court of Appeal, as wells as in international arbitration.  Abra appears regularly in the Commercial Court.  Abra acts for clients in disputes arising in the banking and finance sector (including insolvencies and mis-selling), in contractual claims across a range of industries, in share sale / warranty claims, shareholder actions and fraud claims. Abra was also seconded to the FSA (now FCA).Abra is recommended in Who’s Who Legal Litigation 2018 as a “Future Leader” for her “standout expertise in business and financial matters, as well as contractual claims and shareholder disputes”. In litigation, Abra appeared in the Commercial Court in Yukos Finance B.V. and Others v Lynch and Others.  The Lawyer named the case one of “The Top 20 Cases of 2019”.  The claim is for up to circa US$  55 million.  The Yukos parties have made claims under Russian law arising out of the auctions of Yukos Oil in Russia in 2007.  Abra acts for one of the Defendants, a senior former employee of a Russian investment bank.
With Zoe O’Sullivan QC, Abra acted successfully for the McLaren group in CRS GT Limited v McLaren Automotive Limited and Others [2018] EWHC 3209 (Comm), an expedited Commercial Court dispute between the supercar manufacturer McLaren and one of its supplier, CRS.  CRS alleged that it had certain contractual rights in relation to two McLaren race cars which are eligible to race in the GT3 and GT4 race series respectively.  The case involved a complex mandatory interim injunction.

 Richard Boulton QC photo Richard Boulton QC

Broad range of commercial litigation, including breach of warranty, misrepresentation, civil fraud, professional negligence, share sale agreements, and international arbitrations with a particular focus on damages. Significant trial experience including lead counsel on five-week civil fraud case (Noble Resources v Philip Gross) in Commercial Court. Recent hearings include Teesside Power v HMRC (FTT – Tax); Fidex v HMRC (First Tier Tribunal – Tax); Hannam v Financial Conduct Authority (Upper Tribunal); Augean Plc v Huttons (Commercial Court 2014); and international arbitrations in Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. Previous experience as an accounting expert in numerous reported cases, including The Ikarian Reefer, Senate Electrical v Alcatel, BSkyB v EDS.

 Alexander Brown  photo Alexander Brown

Alexander has a very wide commercial litigation and arbitration practice, including civil fraud, injunctions, company, banking, energy, commercial judicial review, trusts and general commercial disputes. He is regularly instructed in complex, high-value claims, including those with international elements.
Alexander has particular experience in worldwide freezing injunctions (WFO), having appeared in several of the leading cases – including the recent significant decision of Fundo Soberano de Angola v dos Santos [2018] EWHC 2199 (Comm) where he appeared for the respondent and successfully set aside a US$3 billion WFO.  Most recently, he also appeared as (as sole counsel) in Tsareva v Ananyev; Galagaev v Ananyev [2018/19] (Comm), for D10, arising out of a US$100 million claim for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation and conspiracy in connection with the collapse of a major Russia bank.
Alexander has a wealth of advocacy experience, appearing in his own right before the Court of Appeal, in several High Court trials and in arbitral proceedings under a variety of rules.  He has also obtained numerous interim injunctions, including WFOs, search orders and disclosure orders.

 Hannah Brown QC photo Hannah Brown QC

Barrister with a broad commercial practice specialising in arbitration, aviation, finance, banking, civil fraud, insurance and reinsurance, oil disputes, and professional negligence.

 Patricia Burns  photo Patricia Burns

Patricia undertakes a broad range of commercial work, both contentious and advisory. She has substantial experience of complex, high-value litigation and alternative dispute resolution (including domestic and international arbitration and expert determination), particularly in the field of banking and finance. She has appeared in the Court of Appeal and the High Court as part of a larger team and has also acted as sole counsel in both the High Court and County Courts.Notable and recent involvements include:
MetLife Seguros de Retiro SA v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association [2015] EWHC 463 (Comm)
For JP Morgan Chase (with David Wolfson QC) before the Commercial Court (10 days), in a claim concerning the sum paid on the redemption of structured CER-linked notes.
M&G Broad European Loan Fund Ltd & Ors v Hayfin Capital Luxco 2 Sarl & Ors
For the claimant ROFR holders (with David Wolfson QC) in proceedings concerning the validity of transfers of shares and subordinated debt under the terms of a Shareholders’ Deed. See the related judgment M&G Broad European Loan Fund Ltd v Hayfin Capital Luxco 2 Sarl [2017] EWHC 1756 (Ch).
LCIA Proceedings
For the Respondent company (with David Wolfson QC), defending claims of bribery and corruption in connection with the acquisition of valuable mining rights in western Africa.
Rawlinson and Hunter Trustees SA v. SFO; Tchenguiz & Anr v. SFO
For the Serious Fraud Office (with Charles Graham QC and Simon Colton), in the highly publicised proceedings before the Commercial Court, defending allegations of malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office, trespass, false imprisonment and breaches of the Human Rights Act. The 12-week trial scheduled for October 2014 was ultimately settled.  See the following related judgments concerning Public Interest Immunity and Legal Professional Privilege [2014] EWHC 1102 (Comm) and Security for Costs [2014] EWHC 1103 (Comm).  Currently acting for the Serious Fraud Office (with Simon Colton QC) as respondent to various applications in the related but separate Tchenguiz v Grant Thornton proceedings.

The Rt Hon Sir Stanley Burnton  photo The Rt Hon Sir Stanley Burnton

Commercial arbitration, as arbitrator.

 Oliver Butler  photo Oliver Butler

Oliver has a broad commercial practice, encompassing litigation, arbitration and advice.
Oliver is currently acting for Barclays (with Ewan McQuater QC and Alexander Polley) in PCP Capital Partners LLP v Barclays Bank, one of The Lawyers’ Top 20 Cases of 2019. PCP claims damages of over £1 billion arising from its alleged role in a capital raising conducted by the bank in 2008. An 8-week trial is listed for 2020.
Other current and recent work includes:
Bilta (UK) Ltd & Ors v (1) RBS plc and (2) Mercuria Energy Europe Trading Ltd [2017] EWHC 3535 (Ch): For the Claimants (with Christopher Parker QC and Orlando Gledhill QC) in a 6-week trial in June/July 2018 of dishonest assistance claims relating to carbon emissions allowance (EUA) trading that formed part of an €88 million missing trader VAT fraud.
RREEF European Value Added Fund v Deutsche Alternative Asset Management (UK) (Ltd) (Comm) (2014-2016): For the Claimant (with Daniel Toledano QC and Orlando Gledhill) in a claim for over €150 million for breach of contract and/or gross negligence by a fund manager.
Mercuria Energy Trading Pte Ltd & Anor v Citibank NA & Anor [2015] EWHC 1481 (Comm): Acting for the defendant Citibank (with Daniel Toledano QC and Richard Mott) in expedited proceedings arising under master agreements for commodity (metal) ‘repo’ transactions, including counterclaims for over US$250 million and declaratory relief.
Pathfinder Minerals Plc & Ors v Veloso & Ors [2012] 2856 (Comm) Acting for the Claimants (with Craig Orr QC) successfully at first instance and in the Court of Appeal ([2013] Civ 505) in a claim for declaratory and injunctive relief arising out of a dispute over mineral rights in Mozambique valued at over US$ 500 million.

 Eleanor Campbell  photo Eleanor Campbell

Eleanor has been involved in a number of high profile trials including: Tangent Investments Ltd v. MF Global UK Ltd & Anr [2009] 2 All ER (Comm) 589, which saw the first claim of its kind in which damages for lost profits were awarded to a trader; Berezovsky v. Abramovich [2012] EWHC 2463 (Comm), and most recently Glenn v Watson, a three month trial in the Chancery Division arising out of a proposed £129 million investment in UK property.

Eleanor’s practice comprises all aspects of commercial litigation. For example, she recently acted for the third party respondent to an interim third party debt order in proceedings for the discharge of that order on grounds that (amongst other things) the debt was situated in India: Hardy Exploration & Production (India) Inc v Government of India v India Infrastructure Finance Company (UK) Limited [2018] EWHC 1916 (Comm); [2018] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 331

Eleanor has acted as sole advocate before numerous arbitral tribunals constituted (variously) under ICC, LCIA and ad hoc UNCITRAL rules and (with leader) of SIAC. Eleanor has also acted as sole counsel in numerous proceedings in the High Court. She speaks and reads French, and has appeared before an international tribunal where this skill-set has been utilised.

 David Caplan  photo David Caplan

David undertakes a broad range of commercial work and has extensive experience of working in various forums, including the High Court (both led and unled), the Court of Appeal (again, both led and unled), the Privy Council, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, and arbitrations. He is admitted as a member of the bar of the British Virgin Islands.

In the past year, David has acted on, amongst other things, the landmark Cukurova litigation, the Peak Hotels dispute (over the ownership and control of the Aman Resorts hotel group), Novatrust v Kea (a dispute over a private equity investment vehicle and the first derivative action on behalf of a foreign company that has been permitted to proceed before the English courts), and Goldman Sachs v Novo Banco (an $800m+ claim which raises issues under the European Banking Resolution and Recovery and Credit Institutions Winding Up Directives). David also maintains a busy advisory practice, and regularly advises on matters relating to banking, energy, the financial markets, civil fraud, arbitration enforcement and more.

 David Cavender QC photo David Cavender QC

Barrister specialising in all aspects of commercial dispute resolution in both litigation and international arbitration. Expertise in but not limited to: banking and financial services, commercial contracts (including agency), company law insolvency, contractual building disputes, insurance and reinsurance, injunctions, international and domestic sale of goods, and professional negligence with extensive experience of conducting trials.

 Alain Choo Choy QC photo Alain Choo Choy QC

Barrister practising across the broad spectrum of commercial dispute resolution (both litigation and domestic and international arbitration). Expertise in areas including, but not limited to: banking and financial services; company and insolvency law; civil fraud; energy and natural resources; insurance and reinsurance; regulation (city and industry); and professional negligence. Recent cases include: acting for an LME broker against large claims arising out of copper transactions; acting for defendants in proceedings for worldwide freezing relief in support of a multibillion claim in US courts; acting for a defendant firm of actuaries in a large professional negligence claim arising out of the firm’s review of the claimant’s insurance reserves; acting for a banking syndicate in connection with a dispute with shareholders regarding a forced sale of the shares of the debtor company; representing third parties seeking relief in respect of damage caused by interim injunction; representing a Liechtenstein trust enterprise in proceedings for an account and other relief against the bank; representing an investment bank in a claim for declaratory relief in respect of a facility agreement; dispute in Bermudan courts involving the management of a hedge fund; a shareholders’ dispute involving the grant of US$500m freezing order in support of an arbitration claim; a dispute between shareholders in a Bulgarian bank; an LCIA arbitration concerning the sale and purchase of shares in a Nigerian telecommunications company; a dispute between the owner of a powerstation and the station operator and manager regarding the owner’s rights to use of management information during the currency of the operation and management agreement; a dispute between one of the Big Four accountancy firms and an offshore property-owning trust regarding the performance of a contract for the provision of corporate finance services in connection with a collective investment scheme; a dispute between a shipping group and a bank regarding the performance by the bank of a mandate to raise equity capital for the group; and three related arbitrations (LCIA/ICC) concerning the financing of coffee and wheat in east Africa and the fraudulent procurement of such financing; advising on the construction of a long-term liquid natural gas supply agreement; advising on the construction of a £500m facility agreement in the light of potential breaches of financial ration covenants caused by the credit crunch; acting in Cayman Islands proceedings concerning a private equity fund dispute about the ownership and enjoyment of intellectual property rights to a world-famous brand; defending a claim by an Irish mortgage broker for alleged wrongful termination of a mortgage distribution agreement by a US investment bank due to the credit crunch; acting for a US Dollar/Turkish Lira trader in connection with losses sustained as a result of the forced close out of his trading book; advising a yacht owner in connection with the withdrawal of the banking licence of an Icelandic bank which had procured a letter of credit as security for the construction of the yacht; acting for a broker in connection with the forced close out of exchange traded sugar contracts of a large physical sugar trader who did business with the broker; acting for a group of US investors in connection with a US$150m plus fraud relating to the Azerbaijan privatisation programme.

 Michael Clark  photo Michael Clark

Michael Clark’s practice covers a broad range of commercial litigation in all of chambers’ key areas.  He has extensive experience in advocacy, including conducting High Court trials and appearing in the Court of Appeal unled, with particular expertise and experience in cross-examination.  This work is balanced by being led in larger trials and a busy advisory practice.  In addition, Michael has also acquired niche experience in financial services, and energy and utilities regulation, having worked for the former FSA, FCA, Ofgem and Ofwat.

Michael is currently instructed in a high value claim against a bank for selling shares of interest rate swaps on the basis of alleged misrepresentations, breaches of duties of good faith, and duress, and in an international claim involving the supply of bandwidth by a fleet of satellites.  He was engaged by the claimants/appellants (at the permission stage, before the Court of Appeal) in the highly publicised Clutterbuck v. Al Amoudi [2014] EWHC 383 (Ch) proceedings, concerning fraudulent misrepresentation, and breach of trust, arising from an alleged joint venture agreement for property development.

Other notable cases in which Michael has acted include Landmark Investments Ltd v. Dome Cleaning Services Ltd. [2015] EWHC 58 (QB); Seakom Ltd v. Knowledgepool Group Ltd [2014] EWCA 1164; [2013] EWHC 4007 (Ch), Nationwide Building Society v. Thompson [2013] EWHC 4515 (Ch), Eilon & Associates Ltd v. easyGroup IP Licensing Ltd [2011] EWHC 4094, Manoudakis v. easyGroup Holdings Ltd [2011] All ER (D) 171 (Oct), United States Securities & Exchange Commission v. Manterfield [2010] 1 W.L.R. 172, and Itsalat International Company Ltd v. Allied TC Plc [2009] EWHC 1265(CH).

 Gideon Cohen  photo Gideon Cohen
 Simon Colton  photo Simon Colton

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration, including all forms of contractual disputes, civil fraud, banking disputes, professional negligence, agency, sale of goods, economic torts, financial services and conflicts of laws. Recent notable cases include Berezovsky v Abramovich; Tchenguiz v Serious Fraud Office; Starbev v Interbrew; Sabbagh v Khoury.

 Matthew Cook  photo Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook specialises in all aspects of commercial dispute resolution in litigation, international and domestic arbitration, expert determination and ADR.  He has significant experience in (but not limited to) disputes arising in the fields of administrative and public law, banking and finance, commodities, commercial contracts, competition and EU law, company law, corporate and individual insolvency law, energy and natural resources, financial services, professional negligence and industry regulation in general.  He is also experienced in applications for injunctive relief (including anti-suit).

 Rhodri Davies QC photo Rhodri Davies QC

Barrister specialising in banking, professional negligence and commercial litigation; recent work includes appearing for Kleinwort Benson in Kleinwort Benson v Lincoln (abolition of the mistake of law rule in restitution); acting for the liquidators of Barings in the claims against the auditors of the Barings group; acting for the RAC in the litigation arising out of the de-mutualisation of its motoring services business; advising Unilever Pension Fund in its claim against Mercury Asset Management.

 Marcos Dracos  photo Marcos Dracos

Marcos Dracos undertakes a broad range of commercial work, with emphasis on international arbitration, civil fraud, and CIS related litigation. He has extensive experience appearing as counsel in international arbitration disputes (on his own or as part of a team), and he also sits as an arbitrator.

Marcos can advise on all aspects of English and Cypriot commercial law. He has full rights of audience in England and Cyprus and, in addition to his arbitration work, he frequently appears before courts in both jurisdictions. In Cyprus, he has acquired particular experience acting in shareholder disputes, civil fraud claims, freezing order and disclosure applications. He also has experience appearing as an expert witness on English and Cypriot law in foreign courts.

Marcos has a PhD from the University of Cambridge where he also taught contract law.

Presently he is a visiting lecturer at the law department of the University of Cyprus, lecturing on Cypriot Civil Procedure and Evidence.

 Owain Draper  photo Owain Draper

Barrister specialising in commercial law and appearing regularly in the High Court, led and in his own right, particularly in cases in which competition, shareholder rights and sports law issues arise.

Mr Michael D’Arcy  photo Mr Michael D’Arcy

Barrister practising across a broad range of commercial law.

 Steven Elliott  photo Steven Elliott

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation, including all forms of contract dispute, banking and financial services, fraud and matters involving companies and trusts.

 Laurence Emmett  photo Laurence Emmett

Laurence Emmett’s practice extends over the full range of issues that arise in commercial disputes,  including both litigation and international arbitration. His experience covers issues of contractual interpretation, jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments and injunctive relief. He has particular knowledge of the energy industry (including hydrocarbon-based and renewable resources), banking and finance and the pharmaceutical industry. Beyond our core practice areas, Laurence has particular interest and experience in fine art disputes. 

His recent work includes FM Capital Partners v Marino (civil fraud claim brought by the Libya Africa Investment Portfolio against directors of a fund management company and others); Allergy Therapeutics v Inflamax, Inc (claim concerning fraud arising in the conduct of a pharmaceutical trial); a number of high-value international energy arbitrations; and acting for FCA enforcement in relation to investigations and disciplinary matters.

 Michael Fealy QC photo Michael Fealy QC

Barrister specialising in commercial law.

 Susanna Fitzgerald QC photo Susanna Fitzgerald QC

Barrister specialising in licensing, including gambing, alcohol and regulated entertainment law, judicial review (licensing-related aspects); recent work includes: acting for licensees on reviews, applications and disputes before the Gambling Commission, appearing for a major pub company in an application for a bingo licence before the Commission, advising on Guernsey and Alderney gambling law, acting for offshore internet gambling companies on licence applications, advising a major building society on a free prize draw scheme, advising on internet and television gambling and television gameshows, advising on betting and lotteries law and challenging amendments to UK laws on gambling and licensing and on foreign laws to legalise internet gambling; advising the Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission; advising on the licensing of sports stadia; appearing for applicants and objectors on sex entertainment venue licensing applications and appeals; appearing for promoters of major outdoor pop concerts in licence hearings; advising trade associations and others on responses to consultation documents from the Gambling Commission; advising on the Licensing Act 2003; acting for a multiple society lottery scheme against Camelot in the administrative court (On the application of Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd) v the Gambling Commission and others; Rindberg Holding Co Ltd v Newcastle upon Tyne Justices and Ultimate Leisure (on occasional Licences); appeared for successful appellants in R (on the application of Bushell and others) v Newcastle upon Tyne Licensing Justices and Ultimate Leisure in the House of Lords; R v Burt and Adams (acting for defendants, House of Lords); R v Interactive Telephone Services Ltd (acting for the CPS); R v News Group Newspapers Ltd (acting for the CPS), acting for a major bookmaking company in injunction proceedings and on licence revocations on the grounds of illegal betting.

 Henry Forbes Smith  photo Henry Forbes Smith

Henry Forbes Smith practices international commercial litigation and arbitration. He is recommended by Chambers & Partners (Banking and Finance) and Legal 500 (Banking and Finance and Civil Fraud). Henry is also admitted in New Zealand (1997) and New York (2001), and practised New York law with Davis Polk before coming to the bar in 2005. He acted in Lomas, the leading case on the ISDA Master Agreement. Henry has a doctorate in the conflict of laws and is often instructed specifically to advise on jurisdiction or on choice of law and the presentation of foreign law. He has been responsible for the presentation of Russian law in many of the major Russian cases in recent years, including Tajik Aluminium and Berezovsky v. Abramovich. Henry also has a substantial arbitration practice, including under LCIA, ICC, SIAC, ICDR, UNCITRAL rules. He also sits arbitrator.

 Andrew Foyle  photo Andrew Foyle

Barrister specialising in international commercial arbitration. Regularly appointed arbitrator in international arbitrations as sole arbitrator, chairman and as party appointee. Substantial experience as arbitrator and representing parties in a wide range of commercial disputes, including joint venture agreements, construction contracts, defence contracts, the oil industry, the financial services and banking sector, insurance disputes, share acquisition agreements and warranty claims.

 Malcolm Gammie QC photo Malcolm Gammie QC

Malcolm Gammie started his tax career in the City with Linklaters & Paines. After a period of tax policy work at the Confederation of British Industry, he was among the first lawyers to work in the tax field with a leading accounting firm. At KMG Thomson McLintock (now part of KPMG), he was the first Director of the firm’s National Tax Office before becoming its Director of National Tax Services. In 1985 he returned to Linklaters & Paines and from 1987 to 1997 was one of its senior tax partners. He moved to the Bar in 1997 to concentrate on tax litigation and advisory work and took silk in 2002. Over his career, Malcolm has gained experience in most aspects of taxation and is noted as a leading practitioner in the commercial, European and international taxation fields.

Malcolm Gammie is among the leading advocates at the Revenue Bar. He has represented both Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and taxpayers is a series of high profile disputes, including most recently for HMRC the Eclipse 35 and Ingenious film scheme litigation. His experience as a solicitor in preparing cases, including handling both documentary and witness evidence, provides him with a unique insight into the conduct of litigation. At Linklaters, he had charge of cases before the Tax Tribunals as well as before both the High Court and the Court of Appeal. As an advocate he has represented taxpayers and the Revenue at all stages of tax appeals including the House of Lords, the Supreme Court and European Court of Justice. He is noted for his painstaking attention to detail on all aspects of the litigation process. He has also assisted in negotiations with the Revenue leading to the satisfactory settlement of disputes.

In addition to his substantial litigation practice Malcolm also advises on all aspects of commercial, European and international taxation, for both incorporated and unincorporated entities, their shareholders and employees. He covers all the main direct taxes, value added tax, national insurance, stamp and other duties, and the related European and administrative law. Malcolm’s clients include many leading UK and foreign multi-national companies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

 Richard Gillis QC photo Richard Gillis QC

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation involving company or insolvency law issues, professional negligence or civil fraud. He took Silk in 2006. In recent years, he has been heavily involved in a number of large-scale disputes concerning the acquisition of former state-owned assets in Russia, other CIS countries (including Tajikistan and Kazakhstan) and Romania. For example, he acted for Boris Berezovsky in his high profile, long-running multi-billion dollar claim against Roman Abramovich regarding Sibneft and Rusal. His other recent work includes: acting for the liquidator of Glitnir Bank and for creditors of Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander following the near collapse of the Icelandic banking system; acting for the liquidators of Enron, advising on set-off and transactions at an undervalue; acting for Part 20 defendants in an alleged fraud arising out of the operation of an aluminium smelter in Tajikistan; acting for joint venturers in a Russian oil and gas investment; acting for the claimant in an LCIA arbitration in a joint venture dispute concerning a Nigerian Oil field; acting for the directors of a collapsed Cayman hedge fund; acting for the claimants in proceedings before the European Court of First Instance claiming damages arising from the Commission’s wrongful refusal to permit a merger. As well as appearing in the Senior Courts in England and Wales, he has wide experience of litigating before many other tribunals having appeared in the European Court of First Instance, the Courts of Gibraltar, Cayman and the Isle of Man, and LCIA and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration.

 Orlando Gledhill QC photo Orlando Gledhill QC

.A broad range of commercial litigation, arbitration and advice. Recently acted for Google in a claim for breach of confidence, Barclays Bank in US$800 million claims for breach of confidence and LIBOR misrepresentation by investment funds, Goldman Sachs International in US$1.2 billion trial of claims by Libyan Investment Authority to set aside equity derivatives transactions, Liquidators in claims against RBS and Mercuria for dishonest assistance arising out of carbon trading, British Gas in trial of dispute arising from carbon emissions reductions, real estate investment fund established by Deutsche Bank, Spanish oil major in arbitration against exploration joint venture, Leonid Lebedev in London anti-suit proceedings brought by Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik, BNP Paribas in disputes arising out of Russian lending, state-owned Chinese entities in energy arbitrations, largest Mongolian bank in disputes with Tier 2 capital provider, fund managers in claims by Fortress Investment Group.

 Ian Glick QC photo Ian Glick QC

Barrister and arbitrator specialising in all forms of commercial dispute, including disputes relating to banking and banking regulation, commodities, competition, insurance and reinsurance and insurance regulation, oil, gas and energy contracts and regulation, professional negligence, securities, share sale agreements, tax and telecommunications. Experienced in LCIA, ICC, SSC, SIAC, ICSID and Bermuda Form arbitrations, and regularly sitting in arbitrations with a foreign seat. Reported cases include Lesotho Highlands Development Authority v Impregilo (HL), National Westminster Bank v Spectrum Plus Ltd (HL); Pirelli v CIR (HL); CIR v Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Group pic (HL); Boake Allen v HMRC (HL); HSBC Holdings plc v HMRC (ECJ).

 Simon Glison  photo Simon Glison

Barrister practising in commercial law.

The Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Gloster  photo The Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Gloster

International commercial arbitrator, 2018 – date; acting as presiding and co-arbitrator in a wide range of international arbitrations, including: insurance/reinsurance, banking, oil and gas, energy, telecoms, shipping, construction, mining and infrastructure, joint venture, financial services, investment and investment treaty disputes; provider of expert legal advisory services in English law.

 James Goldsmith  photo James Goldsmith

His practice covers the full range of domestic and international commercial litigation and arbitration, with an emphasis on civil fraud and banking and finance matters. 

Jamie has extensive experience at first instance and before the Court of Appeal.  He also has experience of litigating in offshore jurisdictions, (ie., Isle of Man, Anguilla, Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean, Dubai) and Privy Council procedure. He is admitted as a member of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man bar.

 Anthony Grabiner QC photo Anthony Grabiner QC

A commercial lawyer with a substantial court and advisory practice dealing with the major commercial issues of the day; has been instructed in most of the major commercial litigation of recent years; highly experienced as an advocate and arbitrator in domestic and international arbitrations; areas of practice include but are not limited to arbitration; banking; commodity disputes; conflict of laws; financial services; insurance; judicial review; monopolies and mergers; oil and gas cases; professional negligence; takeovers.

 Charles Graham QC photo Charles Graham QC

Recommended for his experience in commercial litigation and international commercial arbitration, particularly in energy-related matters. Areas of expertise include oil and gas contracts, share sale agreements/breach of warranty claims, jurisdiction and conflicts of laws, unjust enrichment, restitution, completion accounts, expert determinations and complex questions of contractual interpretation. Recent cases include (a) a case before the Court of Appeal on the question of whether a director or officer of a company who is outside the jurisdiction can be committed for his company’s contempt of Court; (b) an international commercial arbitration concerning issues of causation and quantum arising out of the breach of pre – emption rights under a shareholders’ agreement relating to a mobile phone company based in Nigeria; (c) an international commercial arbitration concerning the rights of a Russian deal-broker to commission arising from the sale of certain Nigerian oil & gas assets; (d) an international commercial arbitration concerning the proper interpretation of a BOT (Build Operate transfer) Contract relating to the reconstruction of an aluminium plant in Montenegro; (e) defending a Nigerian oil and gas company in Commercial Court proceedings against claims for commission based on a supposed oral contract and claims for quantum meruit totalling $200m; (f) successfully resisting a claim based on the supposed tort of malicious defence of civil proceedings brought against a defendant out of the jurisdiction; (g) assisting an expert forensic accountant in relation to legal issues arising in the context of a dispute over the form of completion accounts; (h) a Commercial Court trial in which the central issue was the proper classification (under and for the purposes of a JOA) of a well drilled in the North Sea. Recent reported cases include Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development & a nor v Al Refai & ors: [2014] EWCA Civ 715; Energy Venture Partners Ltd v Malabu Oil and Gas [2013] EWHC 2118 (Comm); Ithaca Energy (UK) Ltd v North Sea Energy (UK) Ltd [2012] EWHC 1793; ING Bank NV v Ros Roca SA [2012] 1 WLR 472 CA; Bloomsbury International & Ors v Sea Fish Industry Authority [2010] 1 WLR 2117 (CA); CEP Holdings Ltd v Steni AS [2009] EWHC 2447 (QB); AI-Rawas v Pegasus Energy [2009] 1 All ER 346; Doughty Hanson v Roe [2008] 1VCLC 404 (Ch); ACP Capital v IFR Capital [2008] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 655; J&H Ritchie Ltd v Lloyd Ltd [2007] 1 WLR 670 (HL).

 Emma Himsworth QC photo Emma Himsworth QC

Emma Himsworth specialises in all areas of intellectual property law and related aspects of competition and commercial law. Her practice encompasses court and advisory work.  Emma has a BSc in Biological Sciences with Honours in Biochemistry and a Diploma in EC law. She has a particular interest and expertise in matters involving trade marks and passing off. Emma sits as an Appointed Person, hearing appeals from the UK Registrar of Trade Marks. Emma also chairs the IP Bar Association Trade Marks and Designs policy group which is currently focused on the impact of Brexit and is a member of the Bar Council EU Law Committee.

 Geoffrey Hobbs QC photo Geoffrey Hobbs QC

Barrister specialising in intellectual property law and related aspects of competition law including authors’ rights, breach of confidence, broadcasting, computer software agreements, copyright, covenants not to compete, designs, employees’ inventions, European and UK competition (as affecting the enforcement/exploitation of intellectual property rights and agreements), medicines’ licensing under European directives and UK law, misleading advertising, passing off and unfair competition, patent and know-how licences, patents, performers’ rights, publishing and recording agreements, restraint of trade, service marks, songwriters and entertainers contracts, technical assistance agreements, trade marks, trade secrets; a synopsis of notable cases in which he has been involved is available on request.

 Guy Hollingworth  photo Guy Hollingworth

Guy Hollingworth specialises in intellectual property law with particular experience in matters concerning trade marks and passing off.  His practice encompasses both contentious and non-contentious work and he regularly appears in the High Court, Court of Appeal, the UK IPO and has twice appeared in the Supreme Court.  Guy is also a CEDR accredited mediator.

 Henry Hoskins  photo Henry Hoskins

Henry Hoskins’ practice covers the whole spectrum of commercial dispute resolution, encompassing both litigation and international arbitration. Henry has acted in complex high-value litigation in the High Court led by senior members of chambers, as well as appealing in the High Court and country courts as sole counsel. He has a particular interest in (but is not limited to) issues of restitution and unjust enrichment. Henry also has experience of LCIA, ICC and Swiss Rule arbitrations and of arbitration issue before the commercial court. Publications include: author of ‘Contractual Obligations to Negotiate in Good Faith: Faithfulness to the Agreed Common Purpose’ ((2014) 130(1) LQR 131 London).

 Sa’ad Hossain QC photo Sa’ad Hossain QC

Barrister practising in all areas of commercial dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) with particular expertise in energy and natural resources; banking and financial services; shareholder disputes; civil fraud; freezing orders and jurisdictional disputes; and professional negligence. Recent matters include: litigation of set-off and valuation disputes under swaps on ISDA terms; LNG price review arbitration; property development litigation (duties of confidence) concerning major Stratford property developments; professional negligence claims in relation to finance obligations under the failed London Underground PPP; the high-profile shareholder dispute (trial and CA) relating to Claridge’s and other hotels (Re: Coroin Ltd); ICC arbitration and related litigation in relation to the world’s largest petrochemicals joint venture; and arbitral proceedings concerning allegedly defective naval vessels.

 Daniel Hubbard  photo Daniel Hubbard

A general commercial specialist with extensive experience of complex and high value commercial litigation and arbitration. Daniel is experienced on matters involving arbitration, energy, civil fraud, company law and complex contractual disputes, as well as his expertise in freezing injunctions.

Daniel is equally comfortable on his own, including appearing as sole counsel on matters such as Re: Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (Ch) – acting for Paragon Capital Management Fund Ltd, one of the respondents to an application by the Administrators of Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (LBIE), in a 12-day hearing to determine how certain of LBIE’s assets should be distributed in accordance with FSA rules; or being led on matters such as Venture North Sea Gas Ltd v Nuon Exploration & Production UK Ltd (Comm) – acting for the claimant in a claim for specific performance and obligation to complete under a SPA concerning interests in certain gas fields and exploration blocks in the North Sea. 

Since 2013 Daniel has been heavily engaged in two major multi-billion dollar LCIA arbitrations, each centered upon the oil and gas industry, led by Gordon Pollock QC, concerning breach of confidentiality agreements in relation to petroleum concessions and long term contracts for the exploitation of petroleum.

As well as trials, Daniel is frequently instructed to act in applications including worldwide freezing injunctions, summary judgments, security for costs and the delivery up of confidential information.

 Sebastian Isaac  photo Sebastian Isaac

Sebastian is experienced and expert in complex and high value commercial disputes, in both litigation and international arbitration.

Recent cases include:

  • Acting (with Jonathan Crow QC, David Foxton QC and others) for Victor Pinchuk in his very high value LCIA Arbitration and High Court claims against Igor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Bogolyubov; both of which were pursued successfully to settlement during and just before the final hearings.
  • Acting (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC) for the global investment management firm AllianceBernstein, defending a claim brought by the Philips Electronics Pension Fund.
  • Acting (with Daniel Toledano QC) for Centrica, one of the big six energy companies, in a dispute with the owner of the Medway power station, under the terms of a take-or-pay contract between them.
  • Acting (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC, Richard Gillis QC and others) for Boris Berezovsky in the case of Berezovsky v Abramovich.
  • Acting for the Liberian oil trader Aminata & Sons, defending claims by the Swiss oil and commodities trader Novel Commodities SA.

Main areas of practice include energy, commodities, banking and finance, civil fraud, and professional negligence.

 Emma Jones  photo Emma Jones

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation.

 Tamara Kagan  photo Tamara Kagan

Barrister practising across a broad range of commercial litigation.

 Neil Kitchener QC photo Neil Kitchener QC

Barrister with a wide ranging commercial and chancery practice, instructed in many of the heaviest and most complex cases of the day. A particular emphasis on arbitration, banking and financial services, professional negligence, international fraud and asset tracing, oil and gas and the law relating to arts and antiques. Appeared for the claimants in the recent Tajik Aluminium litigation (in London and the BVI) and related arbitrations. Appeared in the House of Lords in the leading case on judicial interference in international arbitration (Lesotho v Impregilo [2006] 1 AC 21) and in the leading case on the construction of contracts (ICS v West Bromwich BS [1998] 1 WLR 896). Acted for the claimant in Parabola v MF Global [2009] EWHC 1492 (Comm), the leading case on damages for fraud and, in particular, for lost opportunities to trade.

 Peter Leaver QC photo Peter Leaver QC

Highly experienced international commercial arbitrator. Peter Leaver has acted as sole arbitrator, a member of the arbitral tribunal and chairman, in numerous arbitrations, often under ICC, LCIA, SIAC, HKIAC and UNCITRAL Rules. Recent examples of cases include a dispute concerning the licensing of patents; a dispute arising out of a joint venture for exploitation of shale gas; a dispute concerning a negligence claim in the spacecraft and telecommunications industry; a dispute involving the intellectual property rights of partners in a joint venture; a dispute concerning modernistaion of the Russian Federation gas system; a dispute concerning the supply of defective and non-confirming products (batteries), in breach of two supply agreements; a dispute concerning a share of purchase agreement regarding the issued share of capital of a company providing courier delivery services in Russia and Kyrgyzstan; and a dispute concerning the finalisation of a binding worldwide license agreement under the Licensed Patents on FRAND terms and conditions.

 Saul Lemer  photo Saul Lemer

Saul Lemer undertakes a broad range of commercial disputes including both litigation and arbitration. Saul has been involved in a number of high value led cases but also enjoys the advocacy opportunities afforded by his un-led work.

In litigation, Saul currently acts (with Daniel Toledano QC) for Diageo in c US$140 million Commercial Court proceedings against Vijay Mallya and others and (with Craig Orr QC) in c €100 million Commercial Court proceedings relating to the sale of a Bulgarian telecommunications business. In arbitration, Saul has recently been involved (also with Daniel Toledano QC), in LCIA proceedings for the claimant bringing a multi-million dollar claim for breach of an SPA.

Other notable cases have included:

  • Tsareva v Ananyev; Galagaev v Ananyev [2018] (Comm) – Saul acts for the First Defendant in relation to a c US$100 million claim for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation in connection with the sale of Loan Notes in Russia.
  • Diageo v Mallya [2018] (Comm) – Saul acts for Diageo in a c US$150 million claim against Vijay Mallya and connected parties.
  • LICT v VTBC [2016] EWHC 1891 (Comm); [2018] EWHC 169 (Comm) – Saul acts for the Second and Fourth Defendants in a c €100 million claim relating to the enforcement of a pledge over shares in a Bulgarian telecommunications business.
  • European Real Estate Debt Fund (Cayman) Ltd v Treon [2018] (Comm) – Saul acts for the Second and Third Defendant against whom the Claimant seeks c £15 million for alleged fraudulent misrepresentations in connection with the sale of certain Loan Notes. 
  • Romanello Financial Corp v Lars Windhorst [2017] (Comm) – Saul acted (both as sole counsel and led) for the claimants seeking to recover c €60 million invested in shares and bonds on terms that the shares and bonds would be repurchased on a specific date.
  • Chesterfield United Inc v Deutsche Bank AG [2016] (Ch) – Saul acted for Deutsche Bank in c. €500 million litigation arising out of the sale of credit linked notes.
  • Greenclose Ltd v National Westminster Bank Plc [2014] EWHC 1156 (Ch) – Saul acted in a claim relating to the notice provisions under contract governed by an ISDA Master Agreement.
  • Avrahami v Biran & Ors [2013] EWHC 1776 (Ch) – Saul acted (as sole counsel) for the defendant in a claim relating to fraudulent misrepresentation, breaches of fiduciary duty and damages (Saul cross-examined 19 claimant witnesses). 
  • Fidelity Bank PLC v Constant Capital Markets & Securities Ltd [2012] (Comm) – Saul acted for the claimant in a claim relating to the rectification of Repo Agreements in relation to US$ 80m worth of Nigerian Government Bonds.
  • JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov [2011] EWHC 2506 (Comm) – Saul acted for a number of defendants in a claim relating to banking fraud and, in particular in relation to an application for relief from sanctions.

 Andrew Lenon QC photo Andrew Lenon QC

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration. Andrew also acts as an arbitrator and mediator.

Dr Andrew Lodder  photo Dr Andrew Lodder

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation, including contractual disputes, unjust enrichment and restitution, fraud, companies and trusts and banking and financial services.

Mr James MacDonald  photo Mr James MacDonald

James is a leading commercial junior practising in all aspects of commercial law.  Particularly well-known for his high-profile general commercial and banking and finance practice, James’s practice encompasses all major areas of commercial law, including fraud, technology, energy, professional negligence, injunctions, jurisdiction, enforcement and international arbitration (under ICC, ICSID and LCIA rules). 

James is highly ranked in the leading directories for commercial law and for banking and finance and regularly appears in the largest and most valuable Commercial Court cases (current or recent cases include Vestia v DB; Tchenguiz v Grant Thornton; Golden Belt v BNPP; DB v Sebastian, Vik).  

 Kenneth Maclean QC photo Kenneth Maclean QC

Barrister specialising in commercial, company and banking litigation including a wide variety of offshore litigation with advocacy experience at trial and appellate level in England and Wales and offshore jurisdictions. Recent cases include acting for the successful appellants before the Privy Council in the case of Cukurova Finance International v Alfa Telecom Turkey [2013] UKPC 2 a case concerning the enforcement of equitable mortgages over shares and relief from forfeiture, and acting for the Misland companies in the companies court in a dispute concerning control over three landmark London hotels, Re Coroin [2012] EWHC 2343.

 Michael Malone  photo Michael Malone

Barrister specialising in commercial work.

 John McCaughran QC photo John McCaughran QC

Barrister specialising in general contractual disputes, jurisdiction and conflict of law issues, professional negligence cases, arbitrations (a series of international arbitrations in the oil and gas industry; other commercial arbitrations both international and domestic), worldwide Mareva injunctions and disclosure orders. Recent work includes: Peter R Wilkinson v 1) West Coast Capital 2) Christopher S Gorman 3) James C McMahon 4) Thomas B Hunter 5) Jonathan D Elvidge 6) The New Gifts Company 2003 Ltd 7) The New Gadget Shop Ltd 8) The Gadget Shop Ltd [2005] EWHC 3009 (Ch) – unfair prejudice petition alleging diversion of corporate opportunity; British Gas Trading Ltd v 1) Amerada Hess 2) Perenco (UK) Ltd – dispute concerning gas supply contracts; British Gas Trading Ltd v Premier Power Ltd – dispute relating to gas supply contracts in light of Network Code changes; Taylor Thomson v 1) Christie’s 2) Marquess of Cholmondeley [2004] PNLR 42 whether auction house/seller are liable in respect of sale of antique vases; Npower v First Contact Ltd – concerning Commercial Agents Regulations, acting for a large firm of international accountants in two actions for professional negligence brought against them by Lloyd’s insurance syndicates, representing a firm of City solicitors being sued for professional negligence.

 Michelle Menashy  photo Michelle Menashy

Specialising in international arbitration and jurisdiction disputes, having acted in a number of leading cases including Cecil and others v Bayat and others [2011] EWCA Civ 523, Michelle’s practice covers the broad range of international and domestic litigation in all of chambers’ key areas including banking and finance and energy.  Frequently instructed (with and without a leader) in high profile and high value cases, Michelle’s recent work includes three sets of parallel proceedings (ICC and UNCITRAL) concerning substantial £150m+ disputes relating to force majeure defences to the lack of gas supply to chemical plants; expedited section 994 unfair prejudice petition proceedings arising out of the disputed sale of a 25% shareholding in an international software business; a €120million dispute concerning a major gas pipeline running under the Black Sea; a $4billion telecoms shareholder dispute; and sole counsel in a dispute concerning the acquisition of a portfolio of non-performing loans for in excess of £1billion.  She also has significant experience of appearing and advising on a broad range of applications including service out of the jurisdiction, security for costs, Norwich Pharmacal orders, anti-suit injunctions and summary judgments.

 Richard Mott  photo Richard Mott

Richard Mott has a broad practice in commercial litigation and international arbitration (inc. LCIA, ICC and UNCITRAL rules). He has a particular focus on cases concerning civil fraud, banking and finance, energy, and general commercial disputes.

Richard is currently acting (with Neil Kitchener Q.C.) for 77 claimants in the Tesco Profit Overstatement group litigation, the market-leading £480 million case against Tesco Plc arising out of its profit overstatement scandal in Autumn 2014. He has recently defended (with David Wolfson Q.C.) the Shell group from a US$83 million conspiracy claim, and acted (with Steven Thompson Q.C.) for the Sixth Defendant in Arcadia Petroleum Ltd v Bosworth, a c.$330 million fraud claim arising out of West African oil trading.

 James Nadin  photo James Nadin

James has a broad commercial practice, with particular experience in disputes concerning debt or equity finance and/or telecommunications.  His practice is split broadly equally between court litigation and international arbitration.  As to the former, in addition to his English court practice, James is admitted as a member of the Bar of the British Virgin Islands, and has considerable experience of litigation in the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal and the Privy Council.  As to the latter, James has extensive recent experience of arbitration under various institutional rules (including ICC, LCIA and UNCITRAL).

James’ current and recent work includes:

EE Limited v Phones 4U Limited (Commercial Court) [2018] 1 Lloyds Rep 204 – Acted for EE, defending a claim from the administrators of Phones 4U for commissions under a long term customer acquisition contract, and counterclaiming for damages for repudiatory breach.

LCIA arbitration – Ongoing arbitration concerning “buy out” rights under a shareholders’ agreement. 

The Construction Industry Vetting Information Group Litigation (Queen’s Bench Division) –  Acted for Amec in this group litigation, concerning allegations of blacklisting in the construction industry, in which more than 1,000 claimants sought damages for defamation, breach of the Data Protection Act, breach of confidence, misuse of private information and conspiracy. Named by The Lawyer as one of the top 20 cases of 2016.  James now acts for Amec in related Part 20 proceedings in which other construction companies are seeking a contribution from Amec to sums which they paid to individual claimants.

ICC arbitration (2018) – Arbitration arising out of major civil engineering project in Panama.

LIC Telecommunications Sarl v VTB Capital and others (Commercial Court) [2018] EWHC 169 (Comm) – Sole counsel for Maze Sarl, a Luxembourg provider of corporate services, defending claims of fraud, conspiracy and collusion, in relation to the sale of a controlling stake in the Bulgarian telecom operator Vivacom.  

UNCITRAL arbitration (2018) – Arbitration concerning private equity investment in a telecommunications company.  

Sonera Holding B.V. v Cukurova Holding A.S. [2014] UKPC 15 – Acts for Cukurova in this litigation concerning the enforcement in the BVI of a New York Convention arbitration award of approximately US$1 billion.  Cukurova’s appeal against the enforcement of the award was rejected by the Privy Council in 2014. Sonera has now obtained an order for sale of certain shares in order to enforce the award.  Cukurova’s appeal against this order is likely to be heard by the Privy Council in 2019 or 2020.

LCIA arbitration (2018) – Arbitration concerning an agreement to purchase a majority shareholding in an oil exploration company.  

LCIA arbitration (2017) – Acted for the defendants in this arbitration, defending claims for over $6 billion.

Lord David Neuberger  photo Lord David Neuberger

Called to the Bar and practised largely in property law, taking silk in 1987. Practice involved a large amount of court and arbitration advocacy, as well as much advisory work. Appointed a High Court Judge, sitting in the Chancery Division, in 1996, and tried a number of cases involving financial and commercial contractual disputes, revenue law, company law, insolvency law, IP law, and property law, professional negligence. Since joining One Essex Court in 2017 as a full-time arbitrator, has been appointed as Chairman, Party-Appointed Arbitrator and Sole Arbitrator in a number of arbitrations under different rules, including ICC, LCIA, SIAC, UNCITRAL and WIPO. These appointments have covered a wide range of practice areas including building, trade mark, patent, insurance, investor-state, property valuation, breach of trust, oil and gas, mining, employment, business sale, and inter-investor disputes.

 Alaina Newnes  photo Alaina Newnes

Alaina specialises in intellectual property law and commercial law, encompassing both contentious and non-contentious matters.  She has been involved in a number of complex cases working as part of a larger team in both the High Court and Court of Appeal, as well as advising and appearing in cases as sole counsel in proceedings in the High Court, IPEC, the IPO, the Patents County Court and in mediation.

Before coming to the bar, Alaina practised as a litigation solicitor in Australia (Blake Dawson Waldron, now Ashurst LLP) and in the UK (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and TSol). She qualified as a barrister and solicitor in Western Australia in 2006.

Recent examples of Alaina’s work include (but are not limited to):

LCIA arbitration

Led by a silk in Chambers, acted in a LCIA arbitration (under UNCITRAL rules) concerning a shareholders’ agreement.

Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited (T/A Allen & Hanbury’s) & Anor v Sandoz Limited & Anor [2017] EWCA Civ 335

Led by Simon Malynicz QC, acted for the Appellants in an appeal concerning colour marks and the requirements for graphical representation.

Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited (T/A Allen & Hanbury’s) & Anor v Sandoz Limited & Anor [2017] EWCA Civ 227

Led by Simon Malynicz QC, acted for the Appellants in an appeal against the refusal of permission to join two additional parties to a passing off claim. 

Millen v Karen Millen Fashions Ltd [2017] FSR 7

Led by Charles Graham QC, acted for the Claimant in a claim concerning the proper interpretation of various restrictive covenants in a contract by which the Claimant divested her interests in the fashion retail business bearing her name.

The Royal Mint Limited v The Commonwealth Mint and Philatelic Bureau Limited [2017] EWHC 417 (Ch)

Sole Counsel in an appeal to the High Court against a decision of the IPO.

 Edmund Nourse QC photo Edmund Nourse QC

Barrister specialising in commercial dispute resolution, including: arbitration, civil fraud, commercial law, company and insolvency litigation, and directors’ duties and shareholder disputes. Recent work includes acting for Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay in dispute over ownership of Connaught, Berkeley and Claridge’s hotels. Currently acting for defendants to group litigation action by 500 construction workers allegedly ‘blacklisted’.

 Sam O’Leary  photo Sam O’Leary

Sam O’Leary has a broad commercial practice encompassing litigation, arbitration and advice.  He has substantial trial experience, both alone and with a leader.

Significant cases include: The “RBS Rights Issue Litigation” (acting for RBS in relation to a £4bn claim under s 90 FSMA); Re Charterhouse Capital Limited (six-week trial and subsequent appeal relating to the management buy-out of a leading private equity business); Euroption Strategic Fund Ltd v Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (two-week trial relating to the forced close out of a hedge fund’s trading portfolio); Kleanthous v Paphitis (£100 million claim relating to the acquisition of the La Senza lingerie business); F&C Alternative Investments Holdings Ltd v Barthelemy (nine-month trial relating to the management of a fund of hedge fund business during the financial crisis and the exercise of put option rights by the fund managers); ITV v Scottish Television (£30 million contractual dispute relating to the management of the Channel 3 television network); and Re Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Ltd (in admin); Brazzill v Willoughby (trial and subsequent appeal regarding the validity and operation of a £100 million trust account established by Kaupthing at the direction of the FSA on the basis of Kaupthing’s financial collapse).

 Zoë O’Sullivan QC photo Zoë O’Sullivan QC

Queen’s Counsel specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration, banking, oil and gas, IT, fraud and company law. Recent cases of note include successfully defending the sons of Bernard Madoff in an action for fraudulent and negligent breaches of directors duties: Madoff Securities International Ltd v Raven (2013); Matchbet v Openbet Retail Ltd (2013) (successfully defending £65m claim for breach of a software development agreement) and acting for Leni Gas & Oil in its fraud claim against Mediterranean Oil & Gas (2014).

 Rachel Oakeshott  photo Rachel Oakeshott

Rachel’s practice covers a broad range of commercial work in litigation and international arbitration (including under LCIA, ICC and UNCITRAL rules). Regularly involved in large complex cases working as part of a team, she also has experience appearing without a leader in arbitrations and in the High Court.

As well as experience in Chambers’ key areas including banking and financial services, civil fraud, and disputes involving oil and gas, Rachel also has significant experience of disputes arising out of share purchase agreements and contracts for the sale of goods and supply of services.

Rachel has extensive experience of disputes emerging from Russia and the CIS, including Bilateral Investment Treaty claims against the Russian Federation; claims involving VTB Capital Plc ([2018] EWHC 169 (Comm)) and JSC VTB Bank; and the Sergei Pugachev litigation. 

Rachel’s recent work includes:

  • Acting with Richard Boulton QC for claimant investors in commercial real estate in four Bilateral Investment Treaty claims against the Russian Federation under UNCITRAL rules 
  • Acting as sole counsel for Maze sarl, a Luxembourg provider of corporate services, defending claims under Luxembourg law arising out of the sale of Bulgaria’s largest telecommunications business Vivacom, at a five day trial of preliminary issues of Luxembourg law in the Commercial Court in December 2017: [2018] EWHC 169 (Comm)
  • Advising Seaway Heavy Lifting Offshore Contractors BV on its contractual arrangements regarding the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Project
  • Acting (with Stuart Isaacs QC) for Stuart Wall against The Royal Bank of Scotland in one of The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases to watch in 2017. Mr Wall owned the Opal Property Group, once the UK’s third largest provider of student accommodation. Mr Wall claimed over £600 million in damages suffered as a result of RBS’s fraudulent misrepresentations, breaches of contract and negligence. The case concerned claims of swap mis-selling by RBS, allegations against RBS’s Global Restructuring Group, and allegations of LIBOR manipulation. The case was listed for a 12 week trial in the Commercial Court starting in October 2017, but settled shortly before trial
  • Acting (with Anthony de Garr Robinson QC) for the former shareholders of Fandstan Electric Group Ltd in relation to claims arising out of the £130 million sale of their company to Wabtec Corporation
  • Acting (with Alain Choo Choy QC) for the Russian bank JSC VTB Bank in its dispute with the large Russian coal mining business Mechel OAO, concerning breaches of two syndicated loan facilities under which Mechel owed VTB and other banks over US$ 1 billion
  • Acting (with Stephen Auld QC) for four respondents to a £1.2 billion worldwide freezing order granted to the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency in aid of proceedings brought against Sergei Pugachev in the Moscow Arbitrazh Court
  • Acting (with Lord Grabiner QC) for a subsidiary of a private equity firm in its Commercial Court dispute with the world’s largest brewer, arising out of the US$ 3.5billion sale of a Central and Eastern European brewing business (Starbev GP Ltd v. Interbrew Central European Holding BV)

 Jeffery Onions QC photo Jeffery Onions QC

Barrister specialising in substantial contractual disputes, oil and gas, arbitration, share and business sales disputes, banking (including syndicated loans), breach of director’s duties, insurance and reinsurance, jurisdictional issues, substantial civil fraud, insolvency, sale of goods and services media and entertainment. Recent cases include: Network Rail v Handy (recoverability of economic loss to tort); Al-Gaood v Innospec (fraud, bribery and conspiracy relating to sales to Iraq; Fujitsu v IBM (contractual interpretation and exclusion clauses in the context of computer contracts; cases involving North Sea oil and gas installations, loan agreements, oil, gas, and other energy-related sales contracts, derivatives and/or the ISDA terms. Other significant cases include: Secretary of State for Justice v Topland (bribery and conspiracy); McKillen v Misland (shareholders agreements and pre-emption); Re Coroin (construction of loan agreement); Astra Zeneca v IBM (termination of outsourcing agreements); Network Rail v Conarken (measure of damages and economic loss in tort); Tullett Prebon v BGC Brokers (conspiracy relating to the poaching of teams of inter-dealer brokers); GB Gas Holdings v Accenture (issues of contractual construction in relation to a claim for breach of a substantial computer contract); Tele2 v Post Office (contractual dispute relating to the sale of phone cards and involving the effect of ‘no waiver’ clauses); Centrica v Premier Power (construction of a long-term gas supply contract); Banco Nacional v Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba (the enforcement of foreign judgments and the jurisdiction in relation to freezing orders); Redwood Master Fund v TD Bank Europe (syndicated loan); the Grupo Torras litigation (substantial civil fraud and jurisdiction); the ‘Arrows’ litigation (substantial civil fraud, breach of director’s duties, receivers and liquidation); Credit Suisse Fides Trust v Cuoghi (jurisdiction and civil fraud); and National Oilwell v Davy Offshore (insurance and waiver of subrogation).

 Craig Orr QC photo Craig Orr QC

Craig Orr has a broad commercial litigation and advisory practice, with particular emphasis upon banking and finance matters, insurance disputes, civil fraud litigation, professional negligence, international commercial arbitrations and large and complex contractual disputes of a commercial nature more generally. His recent work includes acting for an AIM-listed company in seeking to recover misappropriated mining assets in Mozambique; acting for a leading bookmaker in a dispute over its online gambling business; acting for liquidators in a major hedge-fund fraud action; acting for one of several defendants in a breach of confidence, defamation and conspiracy claim for $800m; and acting and advising in several complex derivative disputes arising out of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Icelandic banks. His leading cases include Dar v AI Arkan v AI-Refai (2012/2013); Fortress Value Recovery Fund v Blue Skye Special Opportunities Fund (2013); Pathfinder Minerals v General Veloso (2012); William Hill pic v Playtech (2011); HLB Kidsons v Lloyd’s Underwriters (2009); JP Morgan v Primacom (2005); Barings v Coopers & Lybrand (2003); British & Commonwealth v Quadrex (1995) and Caparo v Dickman (1990).

 Douglas Paine  photo Douglas Paine

Barrister practising in commercial law.

 Conall Patton  photo Conall Patton

Conall Patton acts as an advocate and adviser in a broad range of commercial litigation and arbitration disputes. His areas of expertise include contract/commercial, energy, banking, jurisdiction and choice of law, professional negligence, commercial judicial review and competition law.

In recent years, Conall has appeared in all divisions of the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, as well as in large-scale arbitrations under a variety of institutional rules. He is regularly instructed as a member of a silk-led Counsel team, as sole advocate or alongside a more junior barrister.

Conall is currently acting (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC and Patrick Goodall QC) for Autonomy in high-profile claims against its former CEO, Mike Lynch, and CFO, Sushovan Hussain. He is also acting (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC) for Tesco plc in defending claims in the Financial List under Schedule 10A FSMA arising out of an historic profit overstatement. Conall acts (with Daniel Jowell QC) for MAN in defending large-scale competition law claims in the Competition Appeal Tribunal for alleged overcharges on sales of trucks. He is acting (without a leader) for Glencore in defending tax indemnity claims arising out of the sale of a Peruvian mining company, including at a five-day Commercial Court trial in April 2018 which led to a judgment in Glencore’s favour. He is acting (with David Wolfson QC) for Marathon Oil in a claim relating to its role as operator of certain North Sea oil fields. The trial judge (Robin Knowles J) said that Conall’s cross-examination of a JV audit witness “stood out for its accuracy and concision”: see [2018] EWHC 322 (Comm) at para 46.

Conall is a member of the Bar of the British Virgin Islands.

Prof Edwin Peel  photo Prof Edwin Peel

Ed Peel is a tenant at One Essex Street and also Professor of Law at Oxford University. He was formerly a solicitor and acted as a consultant from 1998-2013, principally for Clifford Chance LLP. He has been instructed in a wide and varied range of complex commercial work, principally in relation to investment, finance, infrastructure and commodities, in both court proceedings and in arbitration. He has a particular expertise in all types of contractual dispute and private international law. He has appeared frequently as an expert witness on English law in foreign proceedings and has been appointed as arbitrator under LCIA rules. Recent cases include: Makdessi v Cavendish Holdings BV [2013] EWCA Civ 1539 (Supreme Court only); Cukurova Finance International Ltd v Alfa Telecom Turkey Ltd [2013] UKPC 2. Recent arbitrations include: ICC arbitration re the failure to close a joint venture agreement; LCIA abitration re claims arising from the import of biodiesel in breach of EU country of origin regulations; ad hoc arbitration re the defective quality of consignments of coal.

Edwin is the author of Treitel on the Law of Contract and Halsbury’s Laws of England, vol. 22 (Contract), and the editor of a number of other books.

He regularly appears in foreign proceedings as an expert witness on English law.

 James Petkovic  photo James Petkovic

Barrister specialising in commercial law, previous work has included a secondment to the FSA where he worked on, among other things, tax transparent funds.

 Sandy Phipps  photo Sandy Phipps

Barrister with general commercial practice. Publications of note: ‘Resurrecting the Doctrine of Common Law Forbearance’ (2007) 123 LQR 286; ‘Non-party compensation for wrongful interim injunctions: Smithkline Beecham plc v Apotex Europe Ltd [2006] EWCA Civ 685’ (2007) 26 CJQ10.

 Alexander Polley  photo Alexander Polley

Alex Polley has extensive experience of complex and high value multi-party, multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation and international arbitration.  Recent cases have included Holyoake v Candy (fiercely contested proceedings arising out of alleged intimidation and duress in relation to a loan, where Alex appeared unled in several interim hearings); Barclays v PCP (alleged deceit in relation to capital raising by a bank); LIA v SocGen (alleged corruption and fraud in derivatives transactions); Cattles v PwC (auditors’ negligence); and Nomihold v MTS (enforcement of a substantial arbitration award).

 Laurence Rabinowitz QC photo Laurence Rabinowitz QC

Queen’s Counsel barrister specialising in commercial litigation, banking, insurance, professional negligence, financial services and energy. Some notable cases include: Turner v Grovit [2002]1 WLR 107, HL; Kuwait Oil Tanker Co SAK and anor v Qabazard [2004]1 AC 300, HL; Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Group plc v Inland Revenue Commissioners [2006] 3 WLR 781, HL; Sempra Metals Ltd v Inland Revenue Commissioners [2007] UKHL 34; The Equitable Life Society v Bowley and Ors [2004] 1 BCLC 180 (Comm); OFT v Abbey Plc and Ors ‘Bank charges’ [2009] UKSC 6; Colour Quest Ltd v Total Downstream UK Plc ‘Buncefield’ [2009] EWHC 540 (Comm); Berezovsky v Abramovich [2009]; FII; Littlewoods v HMRC [2015]; Pinchuk v Kolomolsky [2014]; Sabbagh v Khoury & Ors [2014], Philips Pension Trustees v Aon Hewitt Ltd and Alliance Bernstein [2014].

 Alan Redfern  photo Alan Redfern

Barrister and highly experienced international commercial arbitrator. Sole arbitrator, member of the arbitral tribunal or chairman in over 100 international arbitrations; these arbitrations have taken place, or are currently taking place, either ad hoc or under different sets of rules, including those of the ICC, the LCIA, the AAA, the ICDR and UNCITRAL; they include international commercial disputes of all kinds, involving agency and consultancy agreements, banking and international finance, cross-border distributorship agreements, insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property rights, pharmaceutics, supply agreements for industrial and technical equipment, telecommunications and major international oil, gas and construction projects. Major cases include acting as counsel for the government of Kuwait in a series of international arbitrations, including the well-known Aminoil arbitration; acting for Eurotunnel in respect of claims under the Channel Tunnel contract, initially before the Panel of experts and then before international arbitrators.

 Clare Reffin  photo Clare Reffin

Barrister specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration. Extensive advocacy experience, both alone and led, including commercial contracts, civil fraud, professional negligence, banking and finance and costs law.

 Philip Roberts  photo Philip Roberts

Phil’s practice encompasses all aspects of the law of intellectual property and information technology, with a particular specialism and expertise in the areas of e-commerce, internet domain names and the commercial exploitation of computer software. He regularly acts and advises on the intellectual property aspects and commercial aspects of IT disputes. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Experts Review Group of Nominet UK, a panel of senior independent domain name Experts reviewing DRS Decisions and sitting on appeals. 

 Adam Rushworth  photo Adam Rushworth
 Maximilian Schlote  photo Maximilian Schlote

Commercial litigation, including contractual disputes, unjust enrichment and restitution, the restitution of overpaid taxes, fraud, companies, trusts and banking and financial services. Acted (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC) for the claimants in their successful claim for compound interest on overpaid VAT in Littlewoods Retail Ltd v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2014] EWHC 868 (Ch). Acted (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC) for Credit Suisse in successfully resisting Fairfield Sentry’s appeal to the Privy Council in Fairfield Sentry Ltd v Migani [2014] UKPC 9. The case concerned Fairfield’s claim to recover redemption payments made to investors in Fairfield a ‘feeder fund’ of Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

 Nehali Shah  photo Nehali Shah

Barrister practising across a broad range of commercial litigation.

 Thomas Sharpe QC photo Thomas Sharpe QC

Barrister specialising in UK and EC competition law, general aspects of European economic law, commercial judicial review and telecommunications and utility regulation. Advises Ofwat and Water Industry Commission for Scotland in water, competition and regulatory matter. Recent litigation experience in High Court and European Courts includes defending Mastercard in multiple follow-on actions, Albion Water litigation in the CAT and Mastercard appeal in the Court of Justice and General Court. Appeared for the Health Lottery in Camelot’s unsuccessful judicial review, builder cartels appeals in CAT, Safeway v Twigger, mobile phone call termination litigation, water regulation, airport charges, supermarkets, energy competition issues, railway competition and regulation. Conducting Commission of Inquiry in St Kitts and Nevis 2009.

 Nicholas Sloboda  photo Nicholas Sloboda

Nick’s practice is divided equally between international commercial arbitration and disputes heard in the English courts. Over the years, Nick has acted in some of largest-scale international commercial disputes, frequently within the energy or financial sectors, and often involving allegations of fraud or other wrongdoing.

Nick’s recent work has included the following:

  • SIAC arbitration (Singapore seat): acting (with Laurence Rabinowitz QC) in a US$5.5bn SPA dispute in the oil&gas sector, being heard in Singapore under the rules of SIAC. The trial took place over some 35 days in 2018;
  • The VW Emissions group litigation: defending the VW group (with Charles Gibson QC, Prashant Popat QC and others) in the largest ever English Group Litigation Order;
  • ICC arbitration (Geneva seat): acting (with John McCaughran QC) in a multibillion US$ gas supply dispute between national electricity/gas companies heard at the ICC in Paris. Successfully obtained an approx US$1.7 billion award (subsequently upheld before Geneva courts);
  • Dar Al Arkan v Al Refai: acting (with Craig Orr QC) in a fraud dispute relating to Islamic bonds/banking practice, one of The Lawyer’s Top 20 High Court trials of both 2015 and 2014;
  • Bilta v Deutsche Bank: acting (with Daniel Toledano QC) for Deutsche Bank in relation to alleged carbon trading fraud; and
  • A corporate investigation at a FTSE 100 plc.

 Derek Spitz  photo Derek Spitz

Derek Spitz has a broad commercial litigation, competition and international arbitration practice, with particular expertise in private actions for damages in competition law cases. He has appeared in the CAT, High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Recent work includes acting for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited in substantial and high-profile claims against Visa and MasterCard concerning interchange fees implemented in breach of EU Competition law (judgment by the Court of Appeal in July 2018 following a 13-week trial against Visa and a 7-week trial against MasterCard.  The case is currently on appeal to the Supreme Court); for Ryder Limited in another substantial and high-profile private action against the major European Truck manufacturers and distributors involved in a long-running Europe-wide cartel; for defendants in a breach of warranty and fraud claim involving alleged restrictive practices and abuse of dominance in relation to the supply of hydrocortisone tablets; for defendants in a complex fraud and conspiracy trial in the Commercial Court relating to the Iraqi oil and gas industry; for BMW in substantial “Elida-Gibbs” VAT repayment claims involving the proper construction of VAT and EU law; in a hard-fought trial concerning contractual construction and estoppel; in a lengthy arbitration under AFSA Rules, and advising on complex issues arising in derivative contracts under the ISDA Master Agreement.

Derek has also acted in a number of substantial international commercial arbitrations under ICC, LCIA, and AFSA Rules and in several banking and finance related matters.

Before being called to the Bar in England and Wales, Derek was a leading junior at the Johannesburg Bar, practising in commercial, competition and public law, and was an author and co-editor of Constitutional Law of South Africa (the leading work in the field).  He continues to be a member of the Johannesburg Bar with expertise in South African law. Derek was educated at the University of the Witwatersrand (BA (Honours) LLB cum laude); Cornell University (MA) (Fulbright Scholarship); and Columbia University (JD) (Harlan Fisk Stone Scholar).

 Nicholas Strauss QC photo Nicholas Strauss QC

Barrister specialising in commercial and chancery litigation and professional negligence; keen on appellate work; considerable experience as arbitrator, including international LCIA and ICC arbitrations; enjoys work as sole arbitrator; mediation with preference for early neutral evaluation; experience as expert witness.

 Ben Strong QC photo Ben Strong QC

Barrister specialising in banking including derivatives and CDOs/CLOs, financial services including insurance, professional negligence, companies, civil fraud and asset tracing, jurisdiction disputes and conflict of laws, corporate acquisitions and disposals, general commercial litigation, arbitration, commercial aspects of revenue litigation.

 Christopher Style QC photo Christopher Style QC

Queen’s Counsel and international commercial arbitrator. Has 40 years experience of international dispute resolution, including acting as counsel and as arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc references involving many systems of law and with seats in many of the centres of international arbitration. Practice includes disputes in many of the principal industry sectors, including banking and finance, energy and resources, construction and infrastructure, professional services, shipping and commodities, transport, hospitality and leisure, insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and technology and telecommunications. CEDR accredited mediator.

 Michael J Sullivan QC photo Michael J Sullivan QC

Practice includes commercial litigation and international commercial arbitration (including ICC, LCIA, UNCITRAL and LMAA). Specialises in civil fraud, banking and finance, commercial contract disputes and energy disputes. Current and notable substantial cases include: acting for East African Development Bank in the High Court and Court of Appeal of Tanzania in relation to a disputed Arbitral Award and involving issues of Statutory Immunity; acting for His Excellency, President Museveni of Uganda in relation to a contractual claim against him personally in the High Court in London; acting for the attorhey general of Zambia in the high profile claim arising from massive fraud during the presidency of Dr. Frederick Chiluba [2007] All ER (D) 97 (May); [2007] All ER (D) 394 (June); litigation in the Commercial Court attracting worldwide attention for the Republic of Zambia against US Vulture Fund in relation to the acquisition and enforcement of sovereign debt., leading to a congressional committee of inquiry in the US and to the introduction of legislation, the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Act 2010: Donegal International Ltd v The Republic of Zambia [2007] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 397; ICC Arbitration concerning the acquisition and operation of the National Lottery in Zambia and the circumstances surrounding the privatisation of Zambia’s principal lime company; a number of matters for subsidiaries of the Russian State owned oil company, Rosneft, including UNCITRAL arbitrations against French oil major concerning the sale of a majority interest/participation in oil company owning the right to operate the largest productive oil fields in Russia; litigation in relation to claims for injunctive relief arising from the liquidation of Yukos Oil, an LMAA arbitration concerning drilling contracts in Iranian territorial waters; LCIA arbitration seeking specific performance of finance agreements to fund the construction of a Shopping and Entertainment complex in the centre of Moscow, Russia; LCIA arbitration concerning control of companies having interests in a company owning and operating an oil reloading terminal on the Black Sea; LCIA arbitration concerning breach of warranty claim by Russian company in relation to the sale of a Kazakh subsidiary; Icc arbitration in Singapore in respect of the design, construction and supply of a pyroflow boiler at a site in Indonesia; ICC arbitration and subsequent Commercial Court and Court Appeal proceedings, giving rise to landmark judgment in an arbitration claim under section 68 of the Arbitration Act 1996: Bankers Trust v Government of Moscow & anor [2004] 3 WLR 533; Commercial Court proceedings to remove an arbitrator from the same Chambers while acting as Counsel in the arbitration leading to landmark judgment on impartiality of arbitrators in same set as Counsel in the matter: Laker Airways v FLS Aerospace & Stanley Burnton [2000] 1 WLR 133; acting as Counsel for the bank in several reported banking cases.

 Ian Terry  photo Ian Terry

Ian is a CEDR accredited mediator specialising in mediating all forms of commercial disputes. He has broad commercial experience and is a former Head of Dispute Resolution at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, where he was a partner for 30 years.  In his former career he represented clients in many of the leading commercial disputes of the day, involving many business sectors and jurisdictions.  He has mediated disputes in a number of different market sectors.                                                                 

 Sonia Tolaney QC photo Sonia Tolaney QC

Specialises in commercial litigation and arbitration, in particular domestic and international banking (including all aspects of credit and security), insurance and reinsurance, domestic and international commercial fraud and asset tracing, corporate and personal insolvency and professional negligence. Some notable cases include: Morgan Grenfell v. Arrows Autosports Limited [2004] All ER (D) 76; British Energy Power & Energy Trading Ltd v. Credit Suisse [2007] 2 Lloyds’s Rep 427; UBS AG v. HSH Nordbank AG [2009] EWCA Civ 585 (CA); Centrica v. Accenture [2010] EWCA Civ 912; Berezovsky v. Abramovich [2012] EWHC 2463 (Comm); HSH Nordbank AG v. Intesa Sanpaolo SpA [2014] EWHC 142; Deutsche Bank v. Sebastian Holdings [2014] EWCA Civ 1100; Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander v. UBS [2014] EWHC 2540 (Comm); Rosneft v. HM Treasury [2015] EWHC 248; Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (In Administration) v. Deutsche Bank & Bank of New York Mellon [2016]; and Greenwood v. Goodwin – RBS Rights Litigation [2017].

 Daniel Toledano QC photo Daniel Toledano QC

Commercial dispute resolution with a wide range of experience in the English court and in international commercial arbitration under the auspices of different institutional rules. Specialising in banking, finance and financial services (including restructurings, derivatives, and structured finance); general commercial litigation; domestic and international sale of goods; energy and utilities; civil fraud and freezing injunctions; company and insolvency; jurisdiction and conflict of laws; sports law. Current cases include one that concerns the exercise of a put option in the context of convertible notes and one that includes alleged professional negligence relating to the sale of a large chain of health clubs. Recently conducted an ICC arbitration for an oil and gas major in relation to disputed rights to gas fields and the alleged exercise of rights of pre-emptio,n and an LCIA arbitration for a bank in Central Asia that had been the victim of a substantial fraud. Also acted recently in Commercial Court proceedings for a major bank in relation to metals repo transactions and appeared in the Supreme Court in relation to the proper ambit of the ex turpi causa or illegality defence. Previously acted for HSBC in the bank charges test case; for Apple Computer in its battle with the Beatles and their Apple Corps record label; for Fulham Football Club in court, FIFA and CAS proceedings; for Sumitomo in a dishonest assistance and rogue trader claim; for Hutchison Whampoa in a claim concerning the financing of its 3G telecoms subsidiary; for Carlton and Granada in their dispute with the Football League concerning the liabilities of lTV Digital.

 Michael Watkins  photo Michael Watkins

All areas of commercial law.

 Sophie Weber  photo Sophie Weber

Barrister practising across a broad range of commercial litigation and arbitration.

 David Wolfson QC photo David Wolfson QC

Practice encompasses all areas of commercial law, specialising in banking, finance and insolvency law, professional negligence, domestic and international sale of goods, arbitration (domestic and international), jurisdiction disputes and sports law.

 Anthony de Garr Robinson QC photo Anthony de Garr Robinson QC

Barrister who undertakes substantial cases covering a broad range of commercial and chancery disciplines, including banking and finance, company and insolvency, fiduciaries, and fraud. He has considerable experience of injunctions, international asset tracing, offshore litigation and jurisdictional disputes. He has been admitted as a member of the Bar in the BVI and in the Bahamas and is registered as an advocate in the DIFC courts. Anthony frequently acts in international arbitrations, and sits as an arbitrator.