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Crime Tier 4

15 New Bridge Street is 'an excellent set' with 'expertise in all areas of criminal law' and houses 'very experienced counsel', who prosecute and defend across a diverse range of cases. Martin Rutherford QC  and Simon Smith acted in R v KB, where the defendant was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend and burying her body in the garden of her home. In another high-profile case, Patrick Maggs represented the defendant in R v Gemma Watts, where 21-year-old Watts used the alias of "Jake Watton", a 16-year-old-boy, to groom young girls on social media; she received an 8-year sentence for sexual offences.

Leading Silks

Martin Rutherford QC - 15 New Bridge StreetHis disarming nature coupled with his assured delivery make him a formidable opponent in the most serious of cases. Calm under pressure. Excellent rapport with the jury. Strategic thinker. Tactically astute. Hard-working. Highly personable.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 4
Brian St. Louis QC - 15 New Bridge StreetBrian is an outstanding silk, he is fearless in court, very thorough with his preparation he is superb in cross-examination of police officers. An assured silk with composed yet charismatic delivery; he holds the attention of every eye in the courtroom.
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Charles Evans - 15 New Bridge Street ‘He is a distinguished, charming jury advocate who has the ability to simplify and present the most complex case for the benefit of both your client and the jury. Charles puts the most nervous and apprehensive clients at ease with a calm and knowledgeable attitude. Charles' persuasive arguments have saved numerous defendants their liberty.

Ranked: Tier 2
Justin McClintock - 15 New Bridge StreetA talented barrister who combines first-rate tactical judgement with a charming courtroom manner. Justin is very thorough and pays particular attention to detail. He is very good with clients and always makes himself available for advice when needed.
Ranked: Tier 2
Ruby Selva - 15 New Bridge StreetVery assured; juries warm to her advocacy style. Her preparation is second to none. She knows the minute detail of case very early in the proceedings which clients find reassuring. Clients take to her instantly. She is extremely tenacious and determined in getting the best result. They trust her judgement in tactical decisions.
Ranked: Tier 2
Rupert Hallowes - 15 New Bridge StreetRupert is very impressive - he is intellectually brilliant. He is a formidable jury advocate and has a wonderful ability to effectively communicate even the most complex cases. He's a fearless advocate in court and a real fighter. He has the ear of judges.
Ranked: Tier 3
Matthew Hardyman - 15 New Bridge StreetMatthew is a persuasive charismatic trial advocate. A very calm influence on a trial. Certainly a favourite when it comes to allegations of violent crimes.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Patrick Maggs - 15 New Bridge StreetPatrick has an excellent manner with the client. He has a softly-spoken and personable manner which quickly wins the trust of clients, opponents and jurors alike. By contrast, when in Court he is a powerful and effective advocate who hones in on the important points with a laser-like focus, and presents them to the jury with unshakable (and justified) confidence.
Ranked: Tier 3
Sarah Read - 15 New Bridge StreetSarah has a wonderful stillness to her advocacy. She emits an aura of calm and reassurance which is reflected in her measured responses to judicial intervention. She remains unflustered under fire. Her preparation and grasp of the detail of a case are first class and her client care second to none. The defendant she represented received a five star service in terms of client care.
Ranked: Tier 3
Sophie Shotton - 15 New Bridge StreetFluent, confident and terrifically focused. Her presence, professionalism and extensive preparation for pre-trial hearings immediately impressed; very competent advocacy was demonstrated during the trial alongside a sensible, measured yet thorough approach in this case involving a disadvantaged defendant. This is an advocate who truly assists the court, recognizes when sensible accommodations can be reached, and stands out from the crowd.
Ranked: Tier 3
Robert Ward - 15 New Bridge StreetTop class junior with the ability to turn a trial around with two or three well crafted questions. Able to cross-examine with surgical precision. Never fazed. Excellent manner and rapport with clients and peers. Well-liked and respected in the circuit. A sure bet for silk in the coming years.
Ranked: Tier 3
Dominic Benthall - 15 New Bridge StreetA thoughtful advocate with excellent judgement. Each client has been able to form an identifiable bond with Dominic who will explain and advise them cautiously and accurately. Dominic attracts praise from those who co-defend. Dominic oozes charisma.
Ranked: Tier 3
Clodaghmuire Callinan - 15 New Bridge StreetAn exceptionally resilient advocate. She has excellent focus on the key issues in a case, and an effective and tenacious style. Her cross-examination in particular is fierce and incisive, whilst always keeping the jury on-side; Fiercely bright, extremely dedicated, and superb in cross-examining vulnerable witnesses.
Ranked: Tier 4
Simon Smith - 15 New Bridge StreetSimon is a very thorough and well prepared barrister, inspiring confidence in his ability to represent the client. He breaks down the evidence in a clear way making it easier to focus on the issues to be addressed when taking instructions from the client. I found him to be very calm and patient.
Ranked: Tier 4

Set overviews: England and Wales

15 New Bridge Street has been strengthened following the arrival of Tana Adkin QC and Annabel Gough from Charter Chambers. Also in news of note for the crime set, Martin Rutherford QC conducted the first ever Cayman Islands High Court trial virtually, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Mathew Turner has been appointed a Recorder, sitting on the Western Circuit.



‘Clerks room is fantastic – they work as a great team. The particular star is Joe Wheeler, a bright unassuming person with fantastic interpersonal skills. Certainly solicitors’ favourite. Does his job with ease.’

‘Excellent service from the clerks, in particular Tom Parker and Joe Wheeler.’

‘Glenn Matthews is a fantastic senior clerk with a calm and friendly approach. Glenn is a fair and well balanced senior clerk.’

‘I cannot fault the service provided by the clerks. Tom Parker is my point of call there, and has always been extremely helpful, going out of his way in order to accommodate requests I may have. He is efficient and has never let me down.’

Joe Wheeler is a fantastic clerk and true gem who is respected by his contemporaries, solicitors and barristers. Joe’s communication skills put you at ease that work will be covered and deadlines met.’

‘The clerks’ room is incredibly professional. Glenn Matthews is a fantastic senior clerk who is immensely hard working and completely reliable. Chambers administrator, Sue Wright is the most organised person I know, incredibly efficient and no task is too much for her. They are a great team with real enthusiasm for providing a top class service to both professional and lay clients.’

‘The service is second to none and we feel largely down to the work put in by Senior Clerk, Glenn Matthews. He has brought with him a real sense of tact, a measured approach to any problem and a keen eye to ensure that each matter progresses smoothly and as it should.’

‘User friendly, in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of their members. Will do all they can to make you feel that your work takes precedent. All three Clerks are easily approachable.’

‘Joe Wheeler is an amazing Clerk, often described as Solicitor’s favourite clerk. Everything is done with ease and you can always have confidence if he accepts instructions, he will fulfil his commitment to your firm and ensure cover is found.’


’15 NBS are an excellent set with a cross section of very experienced counsel who are comfortable in dealing with general crime and complex crime.’

15 NBS Chambers is a fantastic set. My first choice due to their expertise and general approach to solicitors and clients alike. All are great to work with!’

’15 NBS Chambers is a great set. The size is perfect for all members to interact and support one another to the benefit of their instructing solicitor.’

’15 NBS is an excellent set with very experienced counsel , the chambers have a “can do” attitude.’

’15 NBS is an impressive set with a number of star performers in its ranks.’

’15 New Bridge Street Chambers offer great calibre Counsel resulting in seasoned advocates but also team players.’

‘A great set with a balance of senior and junior counsel that are geared to supporting solicitors’ needs.’

‘A really good set up, created a calm environment which made it easy to conduct business. There was the availability of support when or if required.’

‘Good chambers. Friendly, approachable and got a range of good quality barristers of all levels of call.’

‘The barristers in 15NBS are refreshingly friendly, approachable and down-to-earth in all their dealings.’

‘We have been instructing 15 NBS Chambers for many years. They have experienced, in depth, hard working counsels who will fight for our clients.’

Led by leading silk Martin Rutherford QC,  15 NBS are a unique set of outstanding skilled criminal law specialists,  comprised of 54 tenants including 3 Queens Counsel, that are continuing  to grow and excel offering first class advocacy, specialist advice and representation in all areas of criminal law providing the highest standards of professional service. They approach all cases with integrity and sensitivity who have taken on both private and publicly funded work. This broad criminal practice stands out for its strength in both defending and prosecuting and for covering the full range of serious criminal offences.

Many former members have been appointed to the Circuit Bench

15NBS prides itself on outstanding clerking and case management. The clerks team with many years of experience between them and a wealth of knowledge,  understand what Barrister to allocate to what case, always ensuring that the fit is right, enabling the Barrister to ensure exceptional quality of representation regardless of level size or complexity.

Types of work undertaken: 15NBS has vastly experienced barristers both prosecuting and defending across the full spectrum of criminal law. Chambers not only defends at a very high level but is also instructed by the major prosecuting agencies including SFO and Complex Case Units. 15NBS have a highly experienced immigration team who regularly provide specialist representation and advice in all aspects of asylum and deportation and immigration as well as all aspects under the EEA Regulations.

This set houses a specialist regulatory team made up of members who appear before the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the General Pharmaceutical Council, the General Dental Council and Mental Health Tribunals.

Crime: Members deal with very serious crime cases including gangland killings, child murder, armed robbery. There is particular extensive experience in historical and serious sexual crime, serious violent crime and complex drugs cases involving multiple defendants.

 Fraud: Members are instructed in high profile and complex fraud cases to elaborate deceptions of extremely high value, multi million pound money laundering and VAT fraud and financial crime.

Professional regulatory and discipline: Chambers has a great deal of talent that deals with the some of the most serious cases on behalf of various Regulatory Authorities including Healthcare and The Police.

Department Name Email Telephone
Martin Rutherford QC 02078421900
Brian St Louis QC 02078421900
Tana Adkin 02078421900
Peter Walsh 02078421900
Simon Smith 02078421900
Timothy Banks 02078421900
Jeremy Lynn 02078421900
Nichola Merrick 02078421900
John Greenan 02078421900
Helen McCormack 02078421900
Kathryn Hirst 02078421900
Francis LLoyd 02078421900
Charles Evans 02078421900
Ann Mulligan 02078421900
Andrew Forsyth 02078421900
Stephen Earnshaw 02078421900
Kyri Argyropoulos 02078421900
John Hunter 02078421900
Amanda Hamilton 02078421900
Rupert Hallowes 02078421900
Michael Hillman 02078421900
Alexander Williams 02078421900
Robert Evans 02078421900
James Lofthouse 02078421900
Patrick Maggs 02078421900
Matthew Hardyman 02078421900
Julie Whitby 02078421900
Nicholas Cooper 02078421900
Siobhan Molloy 02078421900
Sophie Shotton 02078421900
Ruby Selva 02078421900
Kerry Moore 02078421900
Dominic Benthall 02078421900
Giles Morrison 02078421900
Timothy Stark 02078421900
Mathew Turner 02078421900
Michael Collis 02078421900
Ruth Zentler-Munro 02078421900
Sarah Read 02078421900
Neil Ross 02078421900
Beth Crocker 02078421900
Clodaghmuire Callinan 02078421900
Robert Ward 02078421900
Jodie Woodward 02078421900
Yvonne Kramo 02078421900
Justin McClintock 02078421900
Stuart Dingle 02078421900
Claire Mawer 02078421900
Jim Olphert 02078421900
Helen Dawson 02078421900
John Waller 02078421900
Oliver Kavanagh 02078421900
Annabel Gough 02078421900
Joseph Carr 02078421900
Photo Name Position Profile
 Kyri Argyropoulos  photo Kyri Argyropoulos Kyri also undertakes Health and Safety cases and discipline and professional conduct…
 Timothy Banks  photo Timothy Banks Tim Banks has over 30 years’ experience, having prosecuted and defended in…
Mr Dominic Benthall  photo Mr Dominic Benthall Dominic has considerable expertise in complex boiler-room frauds having prosecuted on behalf…
 Clodaghmuire  Callinan  photo Clodaghmuire  Callinan Clodaghmuire is a criminal defence advocate specialising in serious violence, firearms and…
 Michael Collis  photo Michael Collis Michael is currently acting as a junior junior for the Undercover Policing…
 Nicholas Cooper  photo Nicholas Cooper Nicolas is a Level 3 Prosecutor and specialises in the following areas…
 Beth Crocker  photo Beth Crocker Beth is regularly instructed to defend in serious and complex cases.  Her…
 Helen Dawson  photo Helen Dawson Helen is developing a busy criminal practice in the Crown Court, across…
 Stuart Dingle  photo Stuart Dingle Stuart undertakes criminal defence and prosecution work. He has defended in a…
 Stephen Earnshaw  photo Stephen Earnshaw Stephen Earnshaw was called in 1990 and has 29 years of experience…
 Robert Evans  photo Robert Evans Robert is a specialist criminal advocate. He is instructed as leading junior…
Mr Charles Evans  photo Mr Charles Evans Charles qualified 30 years ago and has been practising exclusively in crime…
 Andrew Forsyth  photo Andrew Forsyth
 John Greenan  photo John Greenan Cases that John has undertaken include defending in large-scale importations acting on…
 Rupert Hallowes  photo Rupert Hallowes
 Amanda Hamilton  photo Amanda Hamilton Amanda’s expertise is in the area of serious violent and sexual offences…
Mr Matthew Hardyman  photo Mr Matthew Hardyman Matthews areas of specialism include drugs, firearms, fraud, serious violence and sexual…
 Michael Hillman  photo Michael Hillman
 Kathryn Hirst  photo Kathryn Hirst Kathryn’s practice involves both defending and prosecuting serious criminal matters. She is…
 John  Hunter  photo John  Hunter
 Oliver Kavanagh  photo Oliver Kavanagh
 Yvonne  Kramo  photo Yvonne  Kramo
 James Lofthouse  photo James Lofthouse
 Jeremy Lynn  photo Jeremy Lynn
 Patrick Maggs  photo Patrick Maggs
 Claire  Mawer  photo Claire  Mawer Claire has a busy practice defending in all areas of general crime,…
 Justin McClintock  photo Justin McClintock
 Helen McCormack  photo Helen McCormack
 Nichola Merrick  photo Nichola Merrick Nicola Merrick is a criminal law specialist with extensive experience as leading…
 Siobhan Molloy  photo Siobhan Molloy Siobhan has experience in the conduct of high profile complex cases including…
 Kerry  Moore  photo Kerry  Moore Kerry’s practice is predominately criminal defence work and he is instructed regularly…
 Giles Morrison  photo Giles Morrison Giles has a mixed practice and defends and prosecutes in equal measure.…
 Ann Mulligan  photo Ann Mulligan Ann both defends and prosecutes (Grade 4) in all areas of criminal…
 Jim Olphert  photo Jim Olphert Jim has a broad practice both defending and prosecuting, predominantly in London,…
 Sarah Read  photo Sarah Read Sarah is a criminal law specialist. She is known for her meticulous…
 Neil Ross  photo Neil Ross
Mr Martin Rutherford photo Mr Martin Rutherford Martin is Head of Chambers at 15 New Bridge Street
Ms Ruby Selva  photo Ms Ruby Selva Ruby is known for her feisty but firm approach in Court and…
Ms Sophie Shotton  photo Ms Sophie Shotton Sophie undertakes all aspects of criminal work and has been instructed in…
 Simon Smith  photo Simon Smith Simon is a senior criminal law specialist with over 33 years of…
Mr Brian St Louis photo Mr Brian St Louis Exclusively criminal defence – Brian specialises in murder, fraud and sex offences.
 Tim Starkey  photo Tim Starkey Tim is particularly interested in prosecuting cases involving contested expert evidence and…
 Mathew  Turner  photo Mathew  Turner Mathew has particular expertise and experience in restraint and confiscation matters and…
 John Waller  photo John Waller  
 Peter Walsh  photo Peter Walsh Peter is particularly experienced in fraud cases and recently prosecuted a case…
 Robert Ward  photo Robert Ward Robert undertakes criminal work at the highest level, frequently instructed in cases…
 Julie Whitby  photo Julie Whitby Julie has a wide-ranging practice including offences of child cruelty, harassment, violence…
 Alexander Williams   photo Alexander Williams 
 Jodie Woodward  photo Jodie Woodward
 Ruth  Zentler-Munroe  photo Ruth  Zentler-Munroe