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Chambers of Martin Rutherford QC
15 New Bridge Street

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‘A progressive chambers for the modern era’, crime specialists 15 New Bridge Street is ‘a solid and reliable set with good performers at all levels, enhanced by the presence of a few genuine stars’. Chambers has expanded of late following the arrival of new senior clerk Glenn Matthews, who arrived from 3 TEMPLE GARDENS with juniors Alexander Williams, Rupert Hallowes , Sarah Read, and Simon Smith. More recently, dual-qualified Kerry Moore has joined from 9 King's Bench Walk. New senior clerk Matthews is ‘one of the most known figures in the criminal professional’ and his appointment at 15NBS ‘has further strengthen the team’. The clerks’ room provides ‘a good honest approach and you can rely on what you are told by them; there is no sales patter or bluster, simply an open, honest, and helpful approach’. ‘Amazing’ practice manager Joe Wheeler is ‘always calm and makes you feel like you are the most important firm’ and solicitors have ‘a high regard for his ability and initiative. If I task him with finding me counsel, he will and it will be somebody who is suitable to my client’s needs’. Fellow practice manager Tom Parker is described as ‘a cheeky chap that will bend over backwards to accommodate your requests. Extremely friendly and really does know his stuff’. Offices in: London

Led by leading silk Martin Rutherford QC,  15 NBS are a unique set of outstanding skilled criminal law specialists,  comprised of 54 tenants including 2 Queens Counsel, that are continuing  to grow and excel offering first class advocacy, specialist advice and representation in all areas of criminal law providing the highest standards of professional service. They approach all cases with integrity and sensitivity who have taken on both private and publicly funded work. This broad criminal practice stands out for its strength in both defending and prosecuting and for covering the full range of serious criminal offences.

Many former members have been appointed to the Circuit Bench

15NBS prides itself on outstanding clerking and case management. The clerks team with many years of experience between them and a wealth of knowledge,  understand what Barrister to allocate to what case, always ensuring that the fit is right, enabling the Barrister to ensure exceptional quality of representation regardless of level size or complexity.

Types of work undertaken: 15NBS has vastly experienced barristers both prosecuting and defending across the full spectrum of criminal law. Chambers not only defends at a very high level but is also instructed by the major prosecuting agencies including SFO and Complex Case Units. 15NBS have a highly experienced immigration team who regularly provide specialist representation and advice in all aspects of asylum and deportation and immigration as well as all aspects under the EEA Regulations.

This set houses a specialist regulatory team made up of members who appear before the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the General Pharmaceutical Council, the General Dental Council and Mental Health Tribunals.

Crime: Members deal with very serious crime cases including gangland killings, child murder, armed robbery. There is particular extensive experience in historical and serious sexual crime, serious violent crime and complex drugs cases involving multiple defendants.

 Fraud: Members are instructed in high profile and complex fraud cases to elaborate deceptions of extremely high value, multi million pound money laundering and VAT fraud and financial crime.

Professional Regulatory and discipline: Chambers has a great deal of talent that deals with the some of the most serious cases on behalf of various Regulatory Authorities including Healthcare and The Police.






Department Name Email Telephone
Martin Rutherford QC 02078421900
Brian St Louis QC 02078421900
Peter Walsh 02078421900
Simon Smith 02078421900
Timothy Banks 02078421900
Jeremy Lynn 02078421900
Nichola Merrick 02078421900
John Greenan 02078421900
Helen McCormack 02078421900
Kathryn Hirst 02078421900
Francis LLoyd 02078421900
Charles Evans 02078421900
Ann Mulligan 02078421900
Andrew Forsyth 02078421900
Toby Long 02078421900
Stephen Earnshaw 02078421900
Kyri Argyropoulos 02078421900
John Hunter 02078421900
Amanda Hamilton 02078421900
Rupert Hallowes 02078421900
Michael Hillman 02078421900
Alexander Williams 02078421900
Robert Evans 02078421900
James Lofthouse 02078421900
Patrick Maggs 02078421900
Matthew Hardyman 02078421900
Julie Whitby 02078421900
Nicholas Cooper 02078421900
Siobhan Molloy 02078421900
Sophie Shotton 02078421900
Ruby Selva 02078421900
Kerry Moore 02078421900
Dominic Benthall 02078421900
Giles Morrison 02078421900
Timothy Stark 02078421900
Mathew Turner 02078421900
Michael Collis 02078421900
Ruth Zentler-Munro 02078421900
Sarah Read 02078421900
Neil Ross 02078421900
Beth Crocker 02078421900
Clodaghmuire Callinan 02078421900
Robert Ward 02078421900
Jodie Woodward 02078421900
Yvonne Kramo 02078421900
Justin McClintock 02078421900
Stuart Dingle 02078421900
Claire Mawer 02078421900
Jim Olphert 02078421900
Helen Dawson 02078421900
John Waller 02078421900
Oliver Kavanagh 02078421900
Ellen Wright 02078421900
Photo Name Position Profile
 Kyri Argyropoulos  photo Kyri Argyropoulos
 Timothy Banks  photo Timothy Banks
Mr Dominic Benthall  photo Mr Dominic Benthall
 Clodaghmuire Callinan  photo Clodaghmuire Callinan
 Michael Collis  photo Michael Collis
 Nicholas Cooper  photo Nicholas Cooper
 Beth Crocker  photo Beth Crocker
 Helen Dawson  photo Helen Dawson
 Stuart Dingle  photo Stuart Dingle
 Stephen Earnshaw  photo Stephen Earnshaw
 Robert Evans  photo Robert Evans
Mr Charles Evans  photo Mr Charles Evans
 Andrew Forsyth  photo Andrew Forsyth
 John Greenan  photo John Greenan
 Rupert Hallowes  photo Rupert Hallowes
 Amanda Hamilton  photo Amanda Hamilton
Mr Matthew Hardyman  photo Mr Matthew Hardyman
 Michael Hillman  photo Michael Hillman
 Kathryn Hirst  photo Kathryn Hirst
 John  Hunter  photo John  Hunter
 Oliver Kavanagh  photo Oliver Kavanagh
 Yvonne  Kramo  photo Yvonne  Kramo
 James Lofthouse  photo James Lofthouse
 Jeremy Lynn  photo Jeremy Lynn
 Patrick Maggs  photo Patrick Maggs
 Claire Mawer  photo Claire Mawer
 Justin McClintock  photo Justin McClintock
 Helen McCormack  photo Helen McCormack
 Nichola Merrick  photo Nichola Merrick
 Siobhan Molloy  photo Siobhan Molloy
 Kerry  Moore  photo Kerry  Moore
 Giles Morrison  photo Giles Morrison
 Ann Mulligan  photo Ann Mulligan
 Jim Olphert  photo Jim Olphert
 Sarah Read  photo Sarah Read
 Neil Ross  photo Neil Ross
Mr Martin Rutherford QC photo Mr Martin Rutherford QC
Ms Ruby Selva  photo Ms Ruby Selva
Ms Sophie Shotton  photo Ms Sophie Shotton
 Simon Smith  photo Simon Smith
Mr Brian St Louis QC photo Mr Brian St Louis QC
 Tim Starkey  photo Tim Starkey
 Mathew  Turner  photo Mathew  Turner
 John Waller  photo John Waller
 Peter Walsh  photo Peter Walsh
 Robert Ward  photo Robert Ward
 Julie Whitby  photo Julie Whitby
 Alexander Williams   photo Alexander Williams 
 Jodie Woodward  photo Jodie Woodward
 Ellen Wright  photo Ellen Wright
 Ruth  Zentler-Munroe  photo Ruth  Zentler-Munroe