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Private prosecutions/white-collar crime.


Andrew is currently a director at Edmonds Marshall McMahon having led the prosecution of major fraud and regulatory matters for a range of government agencies. Andrew has been involved in the notoriously difficult prosecutions of many corporates such as Shell, Rolls Royce, Luton Airport and Schindler Lifts. Andrew is a committed and experienced advocate in various tribunals, whose practice principally relates to large-scale cases requiring a strategic overview and with immense factual and legal complexity. Other areas of work include wide-ranging advisory and review work on criminal and quasi-criminal matters (with a particular speciality in disclosure), appellate work and asset forfeiture and restraint. In addition to being a Grade 4 advocate (the highest rank) for Crown Prosecution Service, Andrew was appointed to the Attorney General’s list of prosecuting counsel in about 1990 and to the list of standing counsel in 2005 thus leading in the largest and most complex cases brought by the government prosecution bodies. In June 2012 he was appointed to the Regulatory List (A) of advocates and undertakes the largest and most complex investigations and cases for the Environment Agency (Crown Court, Mercantile Court, Admin Court and Court of Appeal, Planning Inspectorate) and HSE. In 2013 appointed to the SFO Counsel list and currently undertaking insider trading prosecutions for the FCA. In 2014 invited to speak to the United Nations, Vienna in respect of counterfeit pharmaceutical case successfully prosecuted in 2012.


Trained first six months pupil to Gordon Murdoch (now HH Judge Murdoch QC), 4 Paper Buildings, Temple; second six months pupil to Hugh Allardyce, 1 Middle Temple Lane; qualified 1986; tenant 1 Middle Temple Lane and with same chambers at 187 Fleet Street 1987-2005; tenant 18 Red Lion Court 2005-todate; director Edmonds Marshall McMahon 2012-todate (dual regulated). Recorder of the Crown Court 2003-todate; Standing Counsel to HM Attorney General 2005-13.




University College London (1985 LLB)



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Andrew Marshall – Edmonds Marshall McMahon

Led by Tamlyn Edmonds, Kate McMahon and Andrew Marshall, the specialist private prosecutions practice at Edmonds Marshall McMahon has a pre-eminent position in the market and acts for high-profile individuals, corporations, hedge funds and litigation funders. The firm has a large share of the market and is well versed in fraud, corruption and complex criminal issues, as well as in assisting with investigations and law enforcement cases. Edmonds is a name for international fraud, cybercrime and asset recovery; McMahon is a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) alumna with strong experience in international corruption cases and civil and criminal matters, while Marshall is experienced in organised crime cases, major fraud and regulatory issues. Mike Jackson is another SFO alumnus with experience of criminal investigations and prosecutions, Ashley Fairbrother is a criminal fraud prosecutor with particular experience of the charity sector and special counsel Jack Walsh is another name to note. Fani Gamon was promoted to senior associate in January 2023, and senior associate Jane Guthrie is also recommended.