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Edmonds Marshall McMahon is a key name for private prosecution work, with a client noting that ‘from the time the client walks through the door, the service received is of a particularly high standard’. The group’s strength lies in the unique combination of the varied backgrounds of the practitioners under one roof; its team members range from solicitors and barristers to former prosecutors at the SFO, the Specialist Fraud Division and the Proceeds of Crime Division at the CPS, to specialists with special police experience overseas. Due to its reputation in this space, the team’s representation of high-net-worth individuals in multi-jurisdictional investigations and criminal prosecutions benefits from its referral network comprising law firms in jurisdictions such as Russia, Switzerland and Italy. The team is led by name partners Tamlyn Edmonds, Andrew Marshall and Kate McMahon. Sofie Hoffman departed to Harbottle & Lewis LLP at the beginning of 2020, and Charles Fleury retired in September 2020.

Practice head(s):

Tamlyn Edmonds; Andrew Marshall; Kate McMahon

Other key lawyers:

Matthew Edwards; Ashley Fairbrother; Jane Guthrie


‘Andrew Marshall leads a strong team. From the time the client walks through the door, the service received is of a particularly high standard. Technology is high on the list and there is a diverse body of personnel and solicitors involved in the practice.’

‘An imaginative team which works well together and provide imaginative solutions for its clients.’

‘Andrew Marshall is a strong, competent and efficient solicitor. He works extremely hard on all his cases, taking every point in what is often highly contentious litigation. His client care is second to none. Always available and always on top pf the case – ready to discuss the next steps. He allows the client freedom to decide how to continue with the litigation in hand, setting out all the options and possibilities.’

‘Andrew Marshall is an outstanding lawyer and has a shrewd tactical sense. He is an inspiring solicitor and his clients are well served by his professionalism and skill.’

Key clients

Macmillan Cancer Support

Edmonds Marshall McMahon is the first and only specialist private prosecution firm in the UK. The firm’s experience, expertise and contacts in the criminal justice system are unrivalled. Edmonds Marshall McMahon prosecutes a wide range of offences, and advises companies with fraud and criminal issues, supervising investigations, and assisting law enforcement both nationally and internationally. The firm also has leading civil fraud and trust practitioners who are recognised internationally as being at the forefront of civil fraud, trust and asset tracing work.

The firm: The firm’s success thus far has been created by a private, high-powered team of senior prosecutors with an unrivalled track record in conducting major fraud prosecutions and regulatory work. The criminal side of the firm is staffed by highly experienced prosecutors and investigators and offers tailor-made prosecution services, from advice and investigation through to criminal proceedings and confiscation and enforcement.

In 2015, the firm decided that the best course of action for victims would be to have all possible legal options under one roof. In 2016, EMM created its fraud team with two high-profile, leading solicitors, both renowned civil fraud and trust litigators. The firm is now, more so than any other firm in the UK, able to provide a total solution to fraud: the firm can advise clients on the best means of retrieving assets in frauds that are linked to the UK, whether by civil asset retrieval or criminal confiscation order.

All partners have significant reputations in their fields.

Edmonds Marshall McMahon has had a number of highly publicised successes over the last few years –  achieved the highest sum awarded in confiscation and compensation proceedings undertaken by a private prosecutor – £38m (indeed, this is one of the largest confiscation orders to be made in the last ten years by any prosecutor); largest ever corporate private prosecution; private prosecution resulting in conviction of a Russian national for fraud; private prosecution resulting in the conviction of a financial controller for fraud.

Types of work undertaken
Counterfeit prosecutions: The increase in counterfeiting has staggering financial implications for businesses; all companies with a brand to protect must seriously consider this growing market. Edmonds Marshall McMahon’s unique service means the firm will investigate (or work with investigators), advise, prosecute and robustly enforce any compensation and/or confiscation order for its clients, ensuring compensation for them.

Fraud prosecution: Since inception, Edmonds Marshall McMahon’s focus has been on assisting companies or individuals that have been the victims of complex fraud. The firm assists in either recovering money or privately prosecuting and deterring fraudsters. The firm commonly deals with fraud in joint venture contracts; fraud in commercial contracts with banks and financial institutions; theft, fraud, dishonesty or money laundering; loan, insurance and mortgage fraud; data theft by employees; and internal fraud.

Civil fraud litigation: In some cases of fraud and breach of trust it may be more appropriate for clients to choose civil litigation, particularly where a criminal prosecution may prove more difficult due to difficulties in establishing particular offences. Civil proceedings are designed to effect a recovery and many of the firm’s clients will regard this as reflective of their overall objective. The firm can now offer an unrivalled service in both criminal and civil fraud proceedings.

Contentious trusts and probate: This area of specialism continues to grow, as a result of the significant number of high-net-worth individuals, often with complex wealth-holding structures with business interests/assets located in the UK. EMM’s civil partner, Sofie Hoffman has significant experience of acting for both trustees and beneficiaries in these types of disputes, and is able in particular to advise on the fraudulent aspects of these types of disputes and on the appropriate civil and or criminal remedies (for example where a high-net-worth individual has been defrauded by a trusted advisor or where a will has been forged).

Advisory and regulatory: All directors of Edmonds Marshall McMahon have extensive experience in the area of regulatory law, having advised and prosecuted for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency. The firm has also advised pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers on the medicines and medical devices licensing regime. The background of the firm’s directors and senior lawyers enables the firm to give comprehensive, commercial and relevant advice.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Tamlyn Edmonds
Partner Kate McMahon
Partner Andrew Marshall
Partner Sofie Hoffman
Consultant David Jugnarain
Counterfeit prosecutions Tamlyn Edmonds
Counterfeit prosecutions Kate McMahon
Counterfeit prosecutions Andrew Marshall
Fraud prosecutions Tamlyn Edmonds
Fraud prosecutions Kate McMahon
Fraud prosecutions Andrew Marshall
General crime Tamlyn Edmonds
General crime Kate McMahon
General crime Andrew Marshall
Investigations and confiscation Tamlyn Edmonds
Investigations and confiscation Kate McMahon
Investigations and confiscation Andrew Marshall
Perverting the course of justice Tamlyn Edmonds
Perverting the course of justice Kate McMahon
Perverting the course of justice Andrew Marshall
Advisory and regulatory Tamlyn Edmonds
Advisory and regulatory Kate McMahon
Advisory and regulatory Andrew Marshall
Civil fraud and asset tracing Sofie Hoffman
Contentious trusts Sofie Hoffman
Photo Name Position Profile
 Tamlyn Edmonds  photo Tamlyn Edmonds Tamlyn is a founding Partner of Edmonds Marshall McMahon.  Tamlyn specialises in…
 Andrew Marshall  photo Andrew Marshall Andrew is currently a director at Edmonds Marshall McMahon having led the…
 Kate McMahon  photo Kate McMahon Kate is a specialist, dual-qualified prosecutor. Prior to co-founding Edmonds Marshall McMahon,…
Number of UK partners : 4
Number of other UK fee-earners : 20

TESTIMONIAL: We have instructed Edmonds Marshall McMahon since 2015 in a large value, complex and sensitive fraud. The partners with conduct of the matter have been Kate McMahon and Andrew Marshall. Throughout the process, which has been a difficult investigation, hard fought litigation and contested confiscation, they have both been extraordinarily committed, resourceful and unwaveringly determined on our behalf. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any other corporate seeking to prosecute a fraud.

CLIENT: Senior Police Officer
TESTIMONIAL: We have instructed Edmonds Marshall McMahon since 2018. Kate McMahon and her team (Andrew Marshall, Jane Guthrie, Mike Jackson and Charles Fleury) have impressed since beginning their project with us. Kate’s dynamism, commitment and drive has been instrumental in assisting us. Her team are experts at investigations with an enormous amount of complex SFO corruption investigation experience behind them, which has been essential in this project. They are an incredible team.

CLIENT: Ian Horrocks
TESTIMONIAL: We have worked with Edmonds Marshall McMahon since 2014 on a range of matters involving large scale and complex multi-jurisdictional fraud. We have primarily worked with Tamlyn Edmonds, as well as other members of EMM, including Ashley Fairbrother and Fani Gamon. They are clear leaders in the field of private prosecutions and are committed, approachable and imaginative. Tamlyn is a highly experienced prosecutor who is determined to achieve justice for her clients. I would strongly recommend EMM in any case involving complex fraud.

CLIENT: Vince Tickel
TESTIMONIAL: We instructed Tamlyn Edmonds of EMM in a large fraud case. EMM are leaders in private prosecutions for fraud and I only really understood the depth of expertise as the process unfolded. They knew what was coming up next, and with wise thought through strategies they took each step forward with smart interventions and were supportive at all stages. The team has in-depth strength so you have clever, dedicated people at each level. I wouldn’t wish fraud on anyone but if it happens to you, you’ll need experts helping you get justice and that’s exactly what EMM are.

TESTIMONIAL: TM Eye have been instructing Edmonds Marshall McMahon since 2013 and together we have prosecuted hundreds of cases relating to intellectual property crime with a 100% conviction rate. We work mainly with partner Tamlyn Edmonds along with associates Ashley Fairbrother, David Nixon, Matthew Edwards and Fani Gamon. Tamlyn and her team are client focussed and always provide an exceptional service. They are committed to coming up with creative solutions to difficult and often complex issues and I would recommend them highly in any criminal case and matters relating to confiscation.

CLIENT: Current Client – Anonymised
COMPANY/FIRM: Anonymous due to ongoing case
TESTIMONIAL: My firm engages a number of law firms in London to act in both civil and criminal matters. We engaged EMM in 2017 to work on a prospective private prosecution when there were also ongoing civil proceedings in respect of a multi-million pound fraud. It was clear to me from an early stage in the mandate that their specialist knowledge of private prosecutions is second to none.

Andrew Marshall has a huge amount of experience and clients benefit from him being both a barrister and law firm partner. He provides sensible and fearless advice which he is prepared to stand behind when the going gets tough. He is also very strategic.

Tamlyn Edmonds’ experience as a former prosecutor provides an extremely useful perspective and check on the proposed strategy. She is great at finding solutions to perceived problems and provides first class client service. She is also very commercial which is helpful given our mandates usually involve commercial fraud.

CLIENT: Corporate Client (client cannot be named as case currently ongoing)
TESTIMONIAL: We instructed Edmonds Marshall McMahon in 2017 to assist in a significant and complex fraud where we had previously instructed solicitors who we were dissatisfied with. The team, lead by Kate McMahon (assisted ably by Jane Guthrie, Penny Brown and Mai Holdom) have led an aggressive, analytical and creative investigation. They have been meticulous and dedicated in all of the work they have undertaken on our behalf and they have moved extremely quickly in all areas. I would highly recommend this firm as a private prosecution firm in all fraud matters. Their client service is also brilliant.

CLIENT: Lefi Tsiattalou
TESTIMONIAL: Andrew Marshal leads a forceful and very organised team at Edmonds Marshall McMahon. The service which is provided is the “Rolls Royce” of private prosecutions from the moment you walk through the door and throughout the various stages of proceedings.

Andrew himself has a forensic mind and his attention to detail is exemplary. His strategic planning ensures that all permutations in the progression of the case are carefully considered in order that ‘nothing is left to chance’. There are simply no unforeseen events with Andrew leading the team.

Andrew is a specialist in taking instructions, identifying and crystallising all the issues central to the case. He is dynamic leading his team and formidable with the opposition and this combination is highly effective in complex and difficult cases.

CLIENT: Brian de Clare
TESTIMONIAL: I have been working with both Kate McMahon and Andrew Marshall for over a year on a major claim we have brought. Over that period of time the advice, service and (I have to admit) above all, their patience they provided us with was of a quality that comes at the top end of the range of the many law firms and lawyers we have used over the last decade. I have no problem recommending either one of these individuals to any prospective client.