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Turkey > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 2

Egemenoglu Law Firm's restructuring and insolvency practice earns plaudits for its ‘powerful technical knowledge’ and is jointly headed by Yunus Egemenoğlu and Turan Doğan. The team is known for being one of the first departments to focus on the use of Concordatum procedure, an option for distressed companies in search of certain protection. Dilek Gürsan, head of the litigation group, brings additional expertise to the practice, which is also a frequent presence before the local bankruptcy courts, representing both creditors and debtors.

Practice head(s):

Yunus Egemenoğlu; Turan Doğan

Other key lawyers:


Egemenoglu has powerful technical knowledge. They have very experienced team.’

‘Yunus Egemenoglu is one of the most experienced and credited lawyers in the market especially on the restructuring practice. His presence elevates the motivations of parties to close deals.’

Key clients

DRD Fleet Leasing

TACA Construction


Ferko Yapı


Pakpen Group


Elimsan Switchgear

Hun Holding

Çiftçiler Holding

Gilan Mücevher Ticaret

Hotiç Ayakkabı

Marinsa Shipping

MCT Yatırım Holding


Yeşil Foot Ware

Dati Yatırım Holding A.Ş. and its subsidiary, Ataköy Marina A.Ş

Elexus Hotel Resort Casino

Work highlights

  • Representing a company in the Turkish retail sector regarding its refinancing and debt restructuring project in the amount of $250m.
  • Represented DRD Fleet Leasing regarding the refinancing and restructuring of its €570m of debt held by numerous financial institutions.
  • Representing a company in the Turkish tourism sector in a refinancing project in relation to its debt restructuring of $230m.

Turkey > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Günsel Dede, Dilek Gürsan and Egemen Egemenoğlu head the practice at Egemenoglu Law Firm, which acts for domestic and international clients in litigation matters which run the gamut from commercial and employment disputes, to those involving family and bankruptcy law. The team has significant expertise handling restructuring-related work, and has increased its activity in the frame of cross-border disputes and international arbitrations.

Practice head(s):

Günsel Dede Bursa; Dilek Gürsan Istanbul; Egemen Egemenoğlu

Key clients

Blue Horizon Corporation

Chassis Brakes International

Çimtaş Pipe and Çimtaş Precision Machinin

Compagnie Financière Richemont

DRD Fleet Leasing

Elimsan Switchgear

Görkem Construction

Teknogon Teşhir

Houghton International

Investrade Company

Kafkas Confectioners


Lotus Holding


Sehil Construction

Teknogon Machining

Work highlights

  • Representing a Turkish construction company in three different commercial arbitration cases before ICC in which the client seeks recovery of damages up to €20m.
  • Representing a Bahrain-based investment company in its efforts to recover funds believed to have been embezzled by a Swiss-based investment advisory firm, with which the client had entrusted approximately $70m of its customers’ funds.
  • Representing a Turkish investment bank as claimant, in litigation involving two separate but related lawsuits – one in a Turkish court and the other in a Dutch one.  

Turkey > Employment Tier 3

The employment practice at Egemenoglu Law Firm is made up of ‘highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, who provide a high-quality serviceThe department is a popular choice, primarily among domestic clients, who seek out its expertise in day-to-day employment matters, employment-related litigation, contracts, social security matters and collective labour matters. Key names include Dilek Gürsan, Yunus Egemenoğlu, and senior associates Fazilet Karabacaklar and Sinem Çetinkaya.

Practice head(s):

Dilek Gürsan; Fazilet Karabacaklar


‘Egemenoglu’s overall level of service in the field of employment law is great.’

‘During the pandemic, thanks to their considerably quick response times, they enabled us to take action quickly in the face of government decisions/implementations that many companies/businesses hesitated about.’ 

‘The team have a strong background in employment matters and know their business. They were also caring and helpful during the pandemic.’

‘Their Employment Law team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, who provide a high-quality service.’

‘Egemenoglu Law Firm provides our companies concerning all aspects of law and therefore we are familiar with almost every partner and associate in their Bursa office.’

Sinem Cetinkaya – delighted to work with a lawyer that is highly skilled and has vast experience.

‘Egemenoglu Firm provides services with experienced lawyers who are specialized in many branches.’

‘You can get quick answers to your questions. In addition due to the fact that more than one lawyer is involved in the same branch, the issues are evaluated by more than one lawyer so there is an advantage of multiple perspectives.’

Key clients




Ayakkabı Dünyası

Bayrak Rubber

Çimtaş Pipe and Çimtaş Precision Machining

DRD Fleet Leasing

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer

MarinSA Denizcilik

Maysan Mando Automotive Parts

Onko Koçsel Pharmaceuticals

Panasonic Life Solutions


Saydam Fabrics


Turkmen Group



Work highlights

  • Advising the Turkish subsidiary of Panasonic, regarding all aspects of Turkish employment and social security law.
  • Advising a Turkish subsidiary of a manufacturer of aluminium and alloy bars, regarding its collective labour agreement negotiations with Turk Metal and also, with respect to all aspects of Turkish employment and security law.
  • Advising Groupe PSA on a day-to-day basis on employment and social security matters.

The firm: Egemenoğlu Law Firm is one of the oldest, and largest, law firms in Turkey, advising leading local and international clients for over 50 years  (since 1968). In our two offices, one in Istanbul and the other in Bursa, we employ some 50 attorneys (five partners and nearly 45 associates).

Our multi-discipline firm’s busiest practice areas, presently, are dispute resolution; commercial, corporate and M&A; employment; restructuring and insolvency, and media and entertainment. We also have vast expertise and experience in banking and finance and in the real estate and construction sectors.

Areas of practice
Commercial, corporate and M&A: Because of Turkey’s stagnant, and more recently contracting, economy, there has been a precipitous drop in M&A transactions and financings. Despite this, our lawyers have completed several M&A deals in the past year. In this regard, several of our clients have taken advantage of the slowdown to either consolidate or spin-off parts of their operations, and we were engaged to assist them.

The economic downturn has not otherwise seriously impacted our commercial and corporate practice, where our lawyers continue to consult with clients on a day-to-day basis regarding a wide variety of issues relating to the operation and governance of their businesses, such as negotiation and drafting of key contracts and related documentation as well as assisting with complying with corporate formality requirements.

Our corporate lawyers also conduct, with lawyers from our employment practice, reviews of our clients’ compliance with existing Turkish law, and prepare periodic sector-specific legal bulletins and articles to keep our clients up-to-date about relevant legal developments. In the newest part of this practice area, our corporate lawyers work with clients with regard to Turkey’s new Privacy Act, developing and implementing bespoke internal practices and procedures necessary to ensure compliance with the Act’s strict requirements.

Employment: As outside employment counsel: Our employment law practice has been a firm cornerstone since it was first established in 1990. Our lawyers now consult, often daily, with our clients’ human resource departments, in-house lawyers and executives on almost every imaginable employment law related issue that arises in the normal course of their operations.

In one important specialty area of this practice, our attorneys work with clients whose work forces have been, or are being, unionized, providing among other important services assistance with the negotiation and implementation of collective bargaining agreements. And, as mentioned above, our employment and corporate lawyers team up to perform periodic reviews of clients’ compliance with Turkish law, and also communicate regularly with them about legal developments that may impact their businesses.

Local employment litigation: Although much of our work in this practice area is aimed at avoiding, or at least resolving early on, disputes that arise between employers and employees, our employment lawyers are necessarily involved in a considerable amount of litigation. For example, in just the past year we have represented clients in this regard in some 350 court cases.

Dispute resolution, and international arbitration: Local litigation: We have one of Turkey’s busiest dispute resolution practices. At any one time, approximately 20 of our attorneys are handling local court matters running the gamut from multimillion-dollar commercial disputes to court proceedings in which we represent victims of cybercrimes. In this regard, we practice before Turkish civil, commercial, administrative, tax, and criminal courts, as well as its appellate courts.

International arbitration:  Our dispute resolution lawyers have recently been engaged by several Turkish contractors to pursue multimillion-dollar damage claims related to construction projects in Turkmenistan and arising under the Turk-Turkmen Bilateral Investment Treaty. All of these matters are, or will be, before ICSID, the highly-regarded arbitration forum of the World Bank.

Restructuring and insolvency: Practice before Bankruptcy Courts: We have always had an active practice before local bankruptcy courts, representing both creditors and debtors. More recently – given that, after Turkey’s rapid economic growth in the 2000s, its economy has stagnated much of this decade, and more recently has turned recessionary – our workload in this area has dramatically increased. For example, we have over 1,000 cases pending before Turkish bankruptcy and appellate courts, up from no more than half that number a mere five years ago.

Debt restructuring, and the use of “Concordatum”A key part of this practice now involves assisting clients in the demanding negotiations between debtors and creditors related to debt restructuring. In this regard, our lawyers often find themselves advising our debtor clients to take advantage of Concordatum, a type of court proceeding that has only recently become available in Turkey. (Concordatum provides quasi-bankrupt status to financially distressed companies, giving them temporary respite from their creditors.) We were the first firm in Turkey to bring a client under the protection of Concordatum proceedings, and one of our clients was the first to emerge from them, after having taken advantage of Concordatum protection to restructure its debts.

Media and entertainment: Our lawyers in this practice area represent both performing artists and companies that organize concerts, festivals and similar events, including arranging, or providing themselves, services related to ticketing, security, catering and even merchandising. In that capacity, we are involved in among other things the negotiation and drafting of the numerous contracts related to these activities, including for example providing such support for local and international concert tours.

Employment Ms. Fazilet (224) 253 2200
Media and Entertainment Mr. Egemen Egemenoğ (555) 499 6666
Commercial, Corporate and M&A Ms. Efra Aydın (536) 847 8705
International Arbitration Mr. Egemen Egemenoğ (555) 499 6666
Dispute Resolution Ms. Dilek Gü (212) 283 5555
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Ms. Efra Aydın (224) 253 22 00
Restructuring and Insolvency Mr. Yunus Egemenoğ (212) 283 5555
Number of lawyers : 50
Main Contact : Mr. Yunus Egemenoğlu, Managing Partner

As Egemenoğlu Law Firm, we believe that we have built the foundation of a diverse and inclusive culture based on the concept of “family” and we have an approach that will ensure and encourage the continuity of developments in this regard. While we are proud of our dynamic, strong, creative, and diverse staff, we are determined to continue this approach to welcome individuals who will add more value to our team with each passing day.

While we currently have more than 75 employees in our Istanbul and Bursa offices, we are proud to say that our female employees make up 80% of this. As a proud signatory of UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, we think that it is our “responsibility” as a law firm in Turkey to create a space for women lawyers and other employees where they can take their careers to another point. For this reason, we hope to witness the days when recruitment methods based on gender-based discrimination end all over the world by assuming our role and maintaining this approach in the following years.

Further, we are very proud to be able to create an environment where our employees can embrace and share all kinds of happiness, sadness, and problems, regardless of they are related to their personal or work lives. We believe this success is due to the extra activities not related to the law which we have carried out face-to-face with our employees in the period before Covid-19 and online in the post-Covid-19 period. The activities we organize and are currently continuing to lay and strengthen the foundations of the diversity and inclusion concept our firm embraces include, but not limited to the following:

  • Sailing Training,
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions,
  • Economics and Finance Training,
  • Communication and Leadership Training,
  • Foreign Language Trainings.

In Egemenoglu Law Firm, we created an environment within the company, in which our employees approach each other with respect before anything else and then see each other as “family”.


Egemenoğlu Law Firm is increasing its international capacity day by day with its professional team which can accompany its clients in the international area and responds to all kinds of assistance requests of the globalizing world. As a natural reflection of the Firm’s strong focus on technological developments, the Firms enables its clients to cross the borders professionally in terms of both consultancy, litigation and any kinds of legal procedures.


Egemenoğlu is the biggest supporter of its clients from all over the world in all kinds of legal disputes and matters of law with its multidisciplinary team. The firm has worked and continiues to work with client companies which are operating in the international area presently but not limited to the following:

  1. A venture capital firm that invests in investment agriculture, food and media sectors from Switzerland,
  2. One of the world’s three largest manufacturers of automotive foundation brakes and foundation brake components,
  3. One of the world’s leading companies in the field of luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewelry, and luxury watches and writing instruments,
  4. A global leader company in delivering advanced metalworking fluids and services for the automotive, aerospace, metals, mining, machinery, offshore and beverage industries from the USA,
  5. A firm which is investing its customers’ funds in accordance with the principles of Sharia law,
  6. A global leader German company that designs and produces the most preferred scaffolding systems in the world,
  7. A worldwide IT company,
  8. Numerous Turkish companies with national and international reputation specifically in the fields of production, energy, transportation, construction, textile, investment and retail etc.


Egemenoğlu, who has opened its vision and mission not only to Turkey but also to international fields, has made many collaborations with law firms, experts / companies abroad, especially in countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Egypt, Russia and Singapore. The Firm aims to maximize the service it offers thanks to numerous collaborations.

Furthermore, Egemenoğlu has kept strong communication with organizations that appear in the international community. Our firm is a member of Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Turkey and the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey.

As Egemenoğlu Law Firm, we, proudly and through the experience of now over 53 years, represent our national and international clients with respect to their national and international disputes before both Turkish and foreign courts and arbitral tribunals; serve and provide legal assistance to our clients with regards to a variety of different fields such as commercial, corporate, employment, criminal, IP, entertainment, bankruptcy and enforcement law. Some of the landmark cases we successfully managed earlier and deliberately putting forward our utmost work at the moment include, but not limited to the following:

  • Represented DRD Fleet Leasing, a pioneer in the fleet vehicle leasing industry of Turkey which was ranked, in 2019, as the 76th largest company by Turkey Fortune 500, with respect to the refinancing and restructuring of its €570 million of debt held by numerous financial institutions (45, to be precise, including such giants as Credit Europe Bank, Abraaj Group and ICD).
  • Representing a leading Turkish construction company in an investor-state arbitration before ICSID where our client seeks recovery of the damages in excess of $400 million it suffered due to the destruction, impairment and unlawful expropriation by Turkmenistan of 32 uncompleted Turkmen projects.
  • Representing a leading company in the Turkish retail sector with respect to its refinancing and debt restructuring project in the amount of $250 million prepared by our Firm, involving negotiations with several leading Turkish banks such as Denizbank, Sekerbank and Is Bankasi.
  • Representing a Bahrain-based investment company in its efforts to recover funds believed embezzled by a Swiss-based investment advisory firm, with which our Client had entrusted with approximately $70 million dollars of its customers’ funds.
  • Representing a giant Turkish construction company against government of Turkmenistan with BIT claims amounting over $50 million before ICSID regarding a construction project of an oil refinery.
  • Represented a leading Turkish construction company in an investor-state arbitration before ICSID where our Client sought recovery of damages totalling up to $20 million in disputes related to the construction of a shopping plaza and trade centre in Turkmenistan. This was the first and the latest investor state arbitration case brought by a Turkish contractor and settled against Turkmenistan.
  • Representing a leading Turkish construction company in three different commercial arbitration cases before ICC which our Client seeks recovery of damages up to 20 million Euros related to three different and complex construction projects executed with Malta-based companies.
  • Representing a leading Turkish investment bank as plaintiff, in litigation involving two separate but related lawsuits – one in a Turkish court and the other in a Dutch one, with several ancillary protection of assets and enforcement procedures pending in both countries, where our client is seeking to recover unpaid principal of approximately US$30 million, along with accrued interest.
  • Represented Uludag Beverage, a pioneer in the Turkish beverage industry, on its successfully executed second round of financing in the amount of 15 million Euro with EBRD.

CLIENT: Kersi Master
COMPANY/FIRM: Midal Cables Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: “Egemenoglu Hukuk Burosu brings to the table, a team with legal expertise, court craft and professionalism, with the commitment to deliver a successful outcome for their Clients. They always go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

CLIENT: Gökhan Yüce –
COMPANY/FIRM: Küçükçalık Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
TESTIMONIAL: “We have been working with Efra Aydin Can more than 8 years, in this period we are very pleased to work with her brilliant ideas, smart approaches to the cases, very good analysis and high quality service that she provided to us.“

CLIENT: Şenol Aktüre
TESTIMONIAL: “As a corporate finance advisory firm, we have been working in collaboration with Egemenoğlu’s M&A team for many years, in both sell and buy side transactions. In almost all of the deals that we have worked together, the team has handled the entire process in a very proficient manner ensuring a smooth closing process. Egemenoğlu team manages all projects in a very diligent and strategic manner always coming up with high-quality products within short periods of time. The team surely shows a great deal of dedication to their work and makes all parties feel secure all along the way. Egemenoğlu’s tremendous level of assistance, which facilitate and shortens the negotiation period is also appreciated by the counterparties. They were always responsive to our requests, ready to tackle any hardships coming their way and gained our trust to the fullest extent.”

CLIENT: Özgür Altuntaş
COMPANY/FIRM: Nurol Investment Bank
TESTIMONIAL: “Egemenoğlu team always provides a prompt and comprehensive response. What I value most is their ability to highlight the key risks which allows us to take prompt decisions and assess the legal risk that our firm might be open. They are very pragmatic, but are not hesitate to express clearly the legal risks involved to ensure it is heard and understood. They make the most difficult of legal challenges has been key in helping our business not to get any legal problems for our complicated deals. The team is extremely experienced in the complexities of difficult litigation processes, especially a major issue in Turkey. I think they are one of the top teams for business crime: commercially-focused and vastly experienced.”