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Tax boutique Tiberghien is equally highly regarded by corporate, private and institutional clients across all areas of tax law. It generates a strong flow of work from entities based throughout the Benelux region, as well as foreign multinational corporates with operations in Belgium. Team head Koen Morbée is knowledgeable about the tax aspects of corporate, finance and real estate transactions. He has a particularly notable specialism in EU tax and international tax. Bernard Peeters has specialist knowledge of double tax treaties and Alain Van Geel's tax expertise has an interface with areas such as Belgian and international family law, matrimonial property law and inheritance law. Gerd Goyvaerts handles tax issues associated with Anglo-Saxon trusts and foundations, and anti-money laundering legislation. Another key figure is Stijn Vastmans, who heads up the VAT, customs and excise department. Notable individuals furthermore include Claudine BodeuxGriet Vanden Abeele and Robin Minjauw. In a significant development, the sports departments of Tiberghien and ALTIUS joined forces to form a new legal services provider dedicated to the sports sector, which is known as ATFIELD; tax expert Daan Buylaert is one of the key contacts at the new entity.

Practice head(s):


Well regarded as top level tax professionals, all of them being specialists in their subdomain. Vincent Vercauteren and Stein de Maeijer are highly experienced tax profesionnals. Clear communicators, hands-on and practical in their approach, and also theoretically very strong

Vincent Vercauteren and Stein de Maeijer are very familiar with the specific ecosystem of not-for-profits, social enterprises and hybrid structures, thus allowing them to easily connect with this type of clientele

Stijn Vastmans provides outstanding tailored tax and legal advice and has the ability to coordinate a Europe-wide team efficiently, if necessary

The team members are highly skilled technicians, both in civil and tax law, very proactive and provide for practical and understable solutions to the clients

Counsel Emilie Van Goidsenhoven is a very highly skilled technician, providing for tailor-made and practical solutions. She is highly competent in cross- jurisdictional matters, particularly those involving French/Belgian issues. She is very efficient when coordinating different advisors (lawyers, notraies, accountants) from different jurisdictions. In addition, it is a real pleasure to work with her and she is always available to discuss technical matters

Koen Morbée is very responsive and available, has very broad and in-depth knowledge, which is combined with a huge dose of business reality and pragmatism

Tiberghien is an independent boutique tax law firm specializing in all domains of (direct and indirect) taxation, advising corporate, private and institutional clients. We provide advice (including compliance), mediation, negotiation and litigation services in tax and related legal practice areas such as family (patrimonial) law and inheritance law. The “Tiberghien Manual”, published annually, is still the reference text in Belgium on tax matters. Tiberghien combines a solid expertise in the area of tax legislation with an international perspective, continuously following up on any international developments. The firm currently numbers some 100 professionals (including 13 partners) based in the Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt or Luxembourg offices.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking, insurance and finance Koen Van Duyse
Banking, insurance and finance Christophe Coudron
Corporate tax Koen Morbée
Corporate tax Bernard Peeters
Corporate tax Nick Boonen
Corporate tax Ben Van Vlierden
Estate planning Gerd D Goyvaerts
Estate planning Alain Van Geel
Estate planning Walter Verlinden
Estate planning Griet Vanden Abeele
Private clients and family-owned businesses Gerd D Goyvaerts
Private clients and family-owned businesses Walter Verlinden
Private clients and family-owned businesses Alain Van Geel
Private clients and family-owned businesses Bruno Cardoen
Family property law Alain Van Geel
Family property law Walter Pintens
Family property law Larissa De Wulf
Government, public institutions and non-profit Bruno Peeters
Government, public institutions and non-profit Stijn Vastmans
Individual and HR tax Koen Van Duyse
Individual and HR tax Daan Buylaert
Intellectual property tax and innovative companies Anne Van de Vijver
International and EU tax Koen Morbée
International and EU tax Bernard Peeters
International and EU tax Michiel Boeren
Mergers and acquisitions Ivo Vande Velde
Mergers and acquisitions Michiel Boeren
Private equity Bernard Peeters
Private equity Robin Minjauw
Real estate and infrastructure tax Claudine Bodeux
Tax litigation Ben Van Vlierden
Tax litigation Bruno Cardoen
Tax litigation Vincent Vercauteren
VAT, customs and excise duties Stijn Vastmans
VAT, customs and excise duties Stein De Maeijer
VAT, customs and excise duties Jurgen Gevers
Voluntary disclosure proceedings Gerd D Goyvaerts
Sports & Entertainment Daan Buylaert
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Claudine Bodeux  photo Ms Claudine Bodeux Claudine is a partner at Tiberghien. Her practice mainly focuses on real…
Mr Michiel Boeren  photo Mr Michiel Boeren Michiel is a counsel at Tiberghien Luxembourg.  He focuses on corporate tax,…
Mr Nick Boonen  photo Mr Nick Boonen Nick is a partner at Tiberghien since 2015.
Mr Christophe Coudron  photo Mr Christophe Coudron Christophe is a counsel at Tiberghien. He focuses amongst others on International and European…
Mr Gerd D Goyvaerts  photo Mr Gerd D Goyvaerts Gerd is a partner at Tiberghien and joined the firm in 1996.…
Mr Robin Minjauw  photo Mr Robin Minjauw Robin is a partner at Tiberghien. His practice focuses on corporate taxation,…
 Koen Morbée photo Koen Morbée Koen is a partner and a member of the Board of Directors…
Mr Bernard Peeters  photo Mr Bernard Peeters Bernard is a partner at Tiberghien. He has a special expertise in…
Mr Koen Van Duyse  photo Mr Koen Van Duyse Koen is a partner and member of the Board of Directors of…
Mr Alain Van Geel  photo Mr Alain Van Geel Alain is a partner and a Member of the Board of Directors…
Mr Ivo Vande Velde  photo Mr Ivo Vande Velde Ivo is a counsel at Tiberghien. He has an extensive experience in…
 Griet Vanden Abeele photo Griet Vanden Abeele Griet became partner in 2018. Her professional focus is on the interaction…
Mr Stijn Vastmans  photo Mr Stijn Vastmans Stijn is a partner at Tiberghien. As the head of the VAT,…
Mr Walter Verlinden  photo Mr Walter Verlinden Walter is a partner at Tiberghien for 27 years. His practice focuses…
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