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Boutique firm Tiberghien is 'a real leader in Belgian tax'. Reflective of its market-leading reputation, 'each partner is a champion in his/her field'. Led by Koen Morbée, the team covers all areas of tax for corporates, private clients and institutions. Morbée has a wealth of expertise in the Belgian tax aspects of corporate, financing and real estate transactions. Bernard Peeters has specialist knowledge of double tax treaties. Claudine Bodeux, who is particularly active in real estate transactions and infrastructure projects, made partner in 2018, along with Robin Minjauw and Griet Vanden Abeele. Another name to note is Stijn Vastmans, who heads up the VAT, customs and excises department. Gerd GoyvaertsAlain Van GeelKoen Van Duyse (he has 'a pragmatic approach to the most complex issues') and counsel Ivo Vande Velde are among various other standout practitioners. An Weyn moved to Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking, insurance and finance Koen Van Duyse
Banking, insurance and finance Christophe Coudron
Corporate tax Jean-Luc Dascotte
Corporate tax Koen Morbée
Corporate tax Bernard Peeters
Corporate tax Nick Boonen
Corporate tax Ben Van Vlierden
Estate planning Gerd D Goyvaerts
Estate planning Alain Van Geel
Estate planning Walter Verlinden
Estate planning Griet Vanden Abeele
Private clients and family-owned businesses Gerd D Goyvaerts
Private clients and family-owned businesses Walter Verlinden
Private clients and family-owned businesses An Weyn
Private clients and family-owned businesses Alain Van Geel
Private clients and family-owned businesses Bruno Cardoen
Family property law Alain Van Geel
Family property law Walter Pintens
Family property law Larissa De Wulf
Government, public institutions and non-profit Bruno Peeters
Government, public institutions and non-profit Stijn Vastmans
Individual and HR tax Koen Van Duyse
Individual and HR tax Brigitte Lievens
Intellectual property tax and innovative companies Anne Van de Vijver
Intellectual property tax and innovative companies Nico Demeyere
International and EU tax Koen Morbée
International and EU tax Bernard Peeters
International and EU tax Michiel Boeren
Mergers and acquisitions Ivo Vande Velde
Mergers and acquisitions Michiel Boeren
Private equity Bernard Peeters
Private equity Robin Minjauw
Real estate and infrastructure tax Claudine Bodeux
Tax litigation Ben Van Vlierden
Tax litigation Bruno Cardoen
Transfer pricing Nico Demeyere
VAT, customs and excise duties Stijn Vastmans
Voluntary disclosure proceedings Gerd D Goyvaerts
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Claudine Bodeux  photo Ms Claudine Bodeux
Mr Michiel Boeren  photo Mr Michiel Boeren
Mr Christophe Coudron  photo Mr Christophe Coudron
Mr Nico Demeyere  photo Mr Nico Demeyere
Mr Gerd D Goyvaerts  photo Mr Gerd D Goyvaerts
Ms Brigitte Lievens  photo Ms Brigitte Lievens
Mr Robin Minjauw  photo Mr Robin Minjauw
Mr Koen Morbée  photo Mr Koen Morbée
Mr Bernard Peeters  photo Mr Bernard Peeters
Mr Koen Van Duyse  photo Mr Koen Van Duyse
Mr Alain Van Geel  photo Mr Alain Van Geel
Mr Ivo Vande Velde  photo Mr Ivo Vande Velde
Mr Stijn Vastmans  photo Mr Stijn Vastmans
Mr Walter Verlinden  photo Mr Walter Verlinden
Number of lawyers : 88
Contact : Koen Morbée (
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