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Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal

Projects and energy Tier 2

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal's team is highlighted for 'its well-founded, thorough knowledge of the relevant regulations and agile mentality'. The firm offers significant depth of expertise in greenfield investments, upstream oil and gas and corporate restructuring projects. It also offers complementary wider expertise in tax and business advisory services as part of the PwC network. Key figures in the team include managing director Zoltán Várszegi and regulatory and public procurement expert Eszter Gally. Péter Zalai is skilled in 'solving problems with great efficiency' in the energy, mining and utilities sectors.

Practice head(s):

Zoltán Várszegi; Eszter Gally; Péter Zalai


‘Expertise of several sectors appears in the project preparation within the team: environmental protection, transport planning, economics, regional development. The strength of the team is employees with one or more high-level qualifications, planning and expertise licences.’

‘The energy team of PwC Legal Hungary is unique for its well-founded, thorough knowledge of the relevant regulations and agile mentality to connect with other experts – such as engineers, economists, business advisers, and therefore solve complex problems more effectively than other law firms.’

‘Peter Zalai is a young partner at PwC Legal Hungary, responsible for strengthening the law firm’s energy practice. Peter is very conscious in serving the clients, being always available, solving problems with great efficiency, whilst thinking on a broad spectrum, and having a good, experience-based and practical legal knowledge. Peter is an ambassador of connecting expertise among various professionals for the benefit of clients.’

Key clients



Flisom Hungary Kft.

Vermilion Group

RSOE (Rádiós Segélyhívó és Inforkommunikációs Országos Egyesület – National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications)

Kőröstej Kft.

Tax Tier 2

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal's team, which has 'excellent knowledge' of the tax market, is known for its experience of representing clients in tax litigation in the Hungarian administrative courts and European courts, including the ECJ. As part of the wider PwC network, the practice also benefits from additional audit, accounting and business advisory expertise. Managing partner Zoltán Várszegi and Dániel Kelemen are the primary litigators.

Practice head(s):

Zoltán Várszegi; Dániel Kelemen


‘Efficient communication, to the point and openness regarding the establishment of strategies.’

‘the ability to synthesize important aspects of the case, to anticipate the reaction of the opposing party and the courts and last but not least, knowledge of English.’

‘The team has excellent knowledge and such a “best practice” how to approach specific taxation issues with tax authorities.’

‘Since the legal has a close connection and collaboration to our tax advisors, we as customer can enjoy the result of this synergy.’

Key clients

Glencore Agriculture Hungary Kft.

Cargill Takarmány Zrt.

Eurasia Logistics Kft.

Henkel Magyarország Kft.

Competition Tier 3

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal's antitrust offering ranges from transactional and merger filing advice to unfair competition disputes and cartel investigations. As part of the PwC Legal network, the firm also receives cross-border instructions and leverages additional support in business advisory, tax and other related fields. Name partner László Réti is experienced in unfair competition cases and disputes involving challenges to decisions by regulatory authorities.

Practice head(s):

László Réti

Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal fields a 'hands-on' team of 'deeply knowledgeable' lawyers who assist clients with implementation of GDPR and data protection internal policies and data privacy issues. It also works in tandem with colleagues to offer additional expertise in conducting audits and the data aspects of commercial transactions. Csilla Dékány and László Szűcs advice on data protection from the standpoint of IP and labour law.

Practice head(s):

Csilla Dékány; László Szűcs; Réka Mihola; Márta Zsédely


‘Deep knowledge of data privacy law and ability to provide complex legal advice, including other areas of law. Very responsive, easy to reach and quick to react. ’

‘In today’s quickly changing economic environment it is extremely important for companies to stay on top of the changes, and PWC provides excellent knowledge. They are also very hands-on with any questions that may arise. ’

‘Extremely hands-on, have excellent knowledge on the subject, and present it in a very kind manner. Their explanation of the questions we have are professional and clear, easily digestible for the average person. They are open to any discussion, they can be reached easily.’

Key clients

PricewaterhouseCoopers Magyarország Kft. PricewaterhouseCoopers Könyvvizsgáló Kft.

SEWS Komponens és Elektronika Európa Kft.

Festo Kft.

FESTO-AM Gyártó Kft.

Dispute resolution Tier 3

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal focuses on civil disputes involving commercial agreements, insolvency, tax and TMT- related issues. It also advises on out-of-court procedures for property evictions. Name partner László Réti has extensive experience of appearing at all court levels. He is assisted by managing partner and tax litigator Zoltán VárszegiDániel Kelemen is another key individual.

Practice head(s):

László Réti; Zoltán Várszegi; Dániel Kelemen


‘Dr. Zoltan Varszegi is an experienced lawyer, who not only leads his team effectively, but also has deep technical understanding through which he provides up-to-date service to his clients. Dr. Daniel Kelemen has a client friendly communication style, deep understanding of Hungarian procedure law.’

‘Comprehensive knowledge base, flexibility, quick reaction, thorough preparation.’

I highlight Dr Dániel Kelemen. Impressive professional knowledge, special skill to explain complex legal issues understandable also for non-professionals.’

Key clients

OTP Bank Nyrt.

Jász-Plasztik Kft.

Inícia Zrt.

BKV Zrt.

Glencore Agriculture Hungary Kft.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal has a wide-ranging corporate practice, with its varied work portfolio including general corporate support, cross-border M&A and restructuring work. Additional expertise is offered through its network of tax and banking specialists. Zoltán Várszegi and Dóra Horváth are among the names to note. Dániel Kelemen is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Zoltán Várszegi; Tibor Szabó; Dóra Horváth; Dániel Kelemen; Eszter Gally


‘Highly professional. Team had the utmost legal knowledge and dedication to any issues we had. Prompt, Efficient, Friendly.’

‘Competent team, eager to assist in complex issues. Quick and precise.’

‘Very professional and hard-working experts. Easy to cooperate and always on point. Always finds solutions for challenges on the road.’

‘Sensitivity, readiness, empathy, style, professionalism.’

‘Always available with highest skills for the requests we place.’

‘Dora Horvath is an outstanding partner and always a great support for our needs with best results and professional consultancy for our projects.’

Key clients

Belron Hungary Kft.

Sumas Kft. (Graymont group)

AFC Magyarország Likviditás Menedzsment Kft.

Lallemand Magyarország Likviditás Menedzsment Kft.

Bouxalanon Kereskedelmi, Szolgáltató és Likviditás Menedzsment Kft.

Bancorp Hungary Kft.

Kőröstej Kft.

China Oceanwide Holdings Limited

ARRIS Hungary Kft.

International Judo Federation

Natural Proteins Kft.

Real estate and construction Tier 4

Réti, Várszegi and Partners PwC Legal, which operates under the global network of PricewaterhouseCoopers, offers multidisciplinary real estate expertise which includes tax and business advisory services and real estate valuation. Core areas of activity include sale and purchase transactions, real estate investments and property finance. László Réti and Dóra Horváth are the main contacts.

Practice head(s):

László Réti; Dóra Horváth; Eszter Gally; Dániel Kelemen; László Szűcs


‘Quick response, alternative solutions, extensive and up-to-date professional knowledge, helpful and supportive attitude’

‘Confidence, communication, promptness, availability, problem-solving’

Key clients

BKV Zrt.

ROSSMANN Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.

AT Asset Management Kft.

Flisom Hungary Kft.

Cooperation and trust define all of our business relationships. We are committed to providing the best solutions to our clients, and we have expertise in interdisciplinary fields of law.

In the course of our business, our professionals regularly cooperate with PwC’s tax advisors, accounting experts, transaction and business management consultants, thereby ensuring that the economic aspects of our legal affairs are treated appropriately.

Areas of expertise
1. Corporate law/mergers and acquisitions

  • Company establishment, development of corporate structures;
  • Restructuring of companies and corporate groups;
  • Legal due diligence reviews;
  • Acquisition and alienation of companies and their assets;
  • Compliance reviews.

2. Employment law

  • Employment agreements, management contracts, service agreements;
  • Restructuring, assistance in legal succession, development and preparation of internal employment law policies;
  • Representation in employment law disputes.

3. Litigation and legal disputes

  • Litigation before courts and arbitration courts;
  • Representation in tax and other administrative proceedings;
  • Assistance in out-of-court settlement, mutual agreement and dispute resolution;
  • Enforcement of claims.

4. Real property

  • Sale and purchase agreements, investment agreements;
  • Legal due diligence reviews, analyses of real property portfolios;
  • Financing and refinancing of real property transactions;
  • Complex advising on building procedures (from planning to occupation).

5. Competition law and consumer protection

  • Fusion and anti-trust implications of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in competition law and consumer protection related procedures;
  • Compliance with competition law requirements, development of business practice and contractual background;
  • Lawsuits related to unfair market practices of competitors.

6. Pharmaceutical law and health industry

  • Procedures before authorities, advising on regulatory matters, compliance advisory services (distribution, promotion, pharmacovigilance);
  • Consumer protection related cases and proceedings;
  • Regulatory matters related to food supplement, medical devices, other alternative therapy products;
  • Cooperation, joint ownership and portfolio exchanges in the pharma industry;
  • Regulatory matters related to healthcare services;
  • Review of processing of health data, representation in procedures.

7. Intellectual property and IT law

  • Intellectual property related proceedings and lawsuits, including proceedings in tax matters, lawsuits between competitors;
  • Transactions related to the utilization of intellectual property;
  • IT contracts (software license, software development, system implementation);
  • Legal due diligence reviews focusing on intellectual property.

8. Energy, public utilities

  • Procedures before authorities (operating licenses, licensing data provision, approval of corporate law actions);
  • Advising on regulatory and compliance matters;
  • Renewable energy related matters, other investments;
  • Prospection and production concessions;
  • Operation of public utility networks, implementation of innovative solutions;
  • State aid and competition matters in the energy industry.

9. Finance and banking

  • Financing transactions (credit and loan agreements, collateral transactions);
  • Advising on corporate financing, investment financing and property acquisition;
  • Internal corporate financing;
  • Legal implications of insolvency.

10. Public sector and infrastructure

  • Advising and legal assistance, representation of bidders and contracting authorities in public procurement procedures;
  • Legal assistance in public procurement audits;
  • Advising on contracts of public service providers;
  • State aid.

11. Business crime

  • Representation in criminal proceedings (including the representation of witnesses and injured parties);
  • Review of supervisory and preventive mechanisms and internal policies;
  • Risk analyses.

12. Data protection

  • Preparation of privacy policies, notifications, data processing related contracts and documents;
  • Compliance reviews (GDPR and other data protection measures);
  • Trainings, e-learning;
  • Data Protection Officer services.
Department Name Email Telephone
Photo Name Position Profile
 Zsolt Ősi  photo Zsolt Ősi Attorney-at-law
 Balázs Balogh  photo Balázs Balogh Attorney-at-law
 Lajos Bernáth  photo Lajos Bernáth Attorney-at-law
 Zsuzsanna Bodnár  photo Zsuzsanna Bodnár Attorney-at-law
 András Csenterics  photo András Csenterics Attorney-at-law
 Csilla Dékány  photo Csilla Dékány Law Firm Member
 Dalma Dudás  photo Dalma Dudás Attorney-at-law
 János Faragó  photo János Faragó Law Firm Member
 Tamás Filipszky  photo Tamás Filipszky Law Firm Member
 Judit Firniksz photo Judit Firniksz Attorney-at-law
 Eszter Gally photo Eszter Gally Law Firm Member
 Dóra Horváth  photo Dóra Horváth Law Firm Member
 Dániel Kelemen  photo Dániel Kelemen Law Firm Member
 Miklós Klenanc  photo Miklós Klenanc Attorney-at-law
 Bence Lontai  photo Bence Lontai Attorney-at-law
 Réka Mihola  photo Réka Mihola Law Firm Member
 Melinda Molnár  photo Melinda Molnár Law Firm Member
 Berta Pünkösti  photo Berta Pünkösti Law Firm Member
 László Réti  photo László Réti Law Firm Member
 Szilvia Storczer  photo Szilvia Storczer Attorney-at-law
 Zsófia Straubinger  photo Zsófia Straubinger Attorney-at-law
 László Szűcs  photo László Szűcs Law Firm Member
 Tibor Szabó  photo Tibor Szabó Law Firm Member
 Gergő Szimler  photo Gergő Szimler Attorney-at-law
 Zoltán Várszegi  photo Zoltán Várszegi PwC Partner, Head of Office
 Péter Zalai  photo Péter Zalai Law Firm Member
 Zsófia Zomborszky  photo Zsófia Zomborszky Attorney-at-law
 Márta Zsédely  photo Márta Zsédely Law Firm Member
 László Dávid Zsolt  photo László Dávid Zsolt Attorney-at-law