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Leading Silks

Richard Atkins QC - St Philips ChambersA persuasive and forceful advocate who never fails to impress both lay and professional clients.
Michael Duck QC - No5 Barristers ChambersA very able silk who gets good results, particularly in POCA matters.
Michelle Heeley QC - No5 Barristers ChambersInstructed in serious sexual, drug-related, or violent crime for both prosecution and defence
David Herbert QC - The 36 GroupA strong and robust prosecutor; tactically astute and very jury-friendly.
Mary Prior QC - The 36 GroupExtremely robust and meticulous in her case preparation and cross-examination, commanding the respect of the court room and instilling confidence in her clients.
Andrew Smith QC - St Philips ChambersOne of the brightest silks on circuit.
Christopher Donnellan QC - The 36 GroupPrecise in his questioning and compelling in his jury advocacy, he fights his case tenaciously leaving no stone unturned.
William Harbage QC - The 36 GroupThorough, meticulous and tenacious.
Kevin Hegarty QC - St Philips ChambersA first-class barrister who expresses himself succinctly and with force.
Mark Heywood QC - No5 Barristers ChambersWell-known for violent crime cases and criminal appeals.
James House QC - 7BRA real powerhouse in the criminal courts.
Mary Loram QC - The 36 GroupShe combines a vast knowledge of the law with a down-to-earth approach and significant court room presence.
Michael Burrows QC - No5 Barristers ChambersHighly intelligent, with a particular strength in cases involving technical expert evidence.
Jonas Hankin QC - No5 Barristers ChambersRecommended for cases involving expert medical evidence.
Adrian Keeling QC - No5 Barristers ChambersRecent work includes serious violent crime and fraud cases.

Leading Juniors

Jonathan Barker - St Philips ChambersA straight-talking down-to-earth jury advocate who has a fantastic ability to cut through complex subject matter and present it to a jury in a clear, concise and engaging manner.
Ian Bridge - No5 Barristers ChambersA fearsome cross-examiner who is incisive and razor-sharp during the trial process.
Peter Cooper - St Ives ChambersA very experienced senior junior with a keen eye for detail, who is unrelenting in his efforts in both case preparation and in court.
Jennifer Josephs - St Philips ChambersA very experienced and capable advocate who more than holds her own against silks.
John O'Higgins - No5 Barristers ChambersA persuasive and forceful advocate who is very tactically astute and regularly achieves the very best results for clients.
Philip Rule - No5 Barristers ChambersExceptionally thorough in his written work and advocacy, with an undoubted talent for appellate work.
Sanjeev Sharma - Equity ChambersHis client care is exceptional, his advocacy and preparation are outstanding, and his judgement and tactics are excellent.
Ben Williams - St Philips ChambersBright, self-assured, focused, excellent on his feet and super-efficient.
William Douglas-Jones - St Ives ChambersA fiercely intelligent advocate, with wisdom and gravitas beyond his years.
Sarah Gaunt - The 36 GroupShe has an excellent knowledge of the law in relation to cybercrime cases.
Rajinder GIll - St Philips ChambersHis style is admirable and his work ethic impressive.
Nadeem Holland - The 36 GroupCalm and collected when dealing with complex issues, with a methodical approach to cases and an eye for detail.
Andrew Jackson - St Philips ChambersExceptional with expert evidence and knows the details of a case better than anybody else in the court room.
Justin Jarmola - St Ives ChambersA hard-working, assertive and persuasive advocate who identifies case issues early and is able to present them attractively.
Tim Pole - No5 Barristers ChambersA very able advocate - his preparation is meticulous and his legal knowledge extensive.
Harpreet Sandhu - No5 Barristers ChambersThorough, approachable and efficient, with good client care.
Kevin Saunders - St Ives ChambersHas an amazing ability to find a weakness in even the most straightforward prosecution case.
Rebecca Wade - St Ives ChambersA forceful but fair advocate who fights hard for her clients.
Philip Beardwell - St Philips ChambersA diligent barrister with a good eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of the law and its application.
Marcus Harry - St Ives ChambersExtremely hard-working and dedicated to his clients, with a civil background which is advantageous in confiscation and POCA work.
Amy Jackson - St Ives ChambersAhead of the game for her level of call with sublime advocacy skills and an extremely pragmatic and diligent approach.
Ben Mills - St Philips ChambersHe combines a relaxed and pleasant approach to all parties with an eye for technical detail, a focussed advocacy style, and an ability to win over benches.
Sam Skinner - The 36 GroupA very technical and bright barrister with an ability to grasp information very quickly and apply that in the context of the case.
Gareth Weetman - 7BRHis calm and efficient approach to prosecution commands the respect of the court.
Alex Young - 7BRHe handles witnesses with skill, prepares excellent written submissions, and conducts himself in court with authority.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

Drystone Chambers

Drystone Chambers's new silk Allison Summers is instructed in cases on the South-Eastern and Midland Circuits. Her case experience includes homicides, joint enterprise, somnambulism, and infanticide, as well as cases involving rape and other serious sexual offences.

Equity Chambers

Equity Chambers includes Sanjeev Sharma, who of late has defended in murder and manslaughter cases.

No5 Barristers Chambers

No5 Barristers Chambers remains a key player in Midlands criminal law, housing a large team at both the junior and senior end who 'provide excellent representation throughout the Midlands and beyond'. The set covers the full spectrum of criminal work, with members such as Michelle Heeley QC frequently being instructed in high-profile sexual offences work such as her successful defence of Paul Gascoigne following his sexual assault charge, while Michael Duck QC is highly active in organised crime and POCA matters. From the junior ranks, the 'extremely intelligent and tactically astuteJohn O’Higgins is highly recommended for cases requiring a leading junior, while Philip Rule is notable for criminal appeals: crossing over with his prison law expertise, he represented the appellant in R v Veysey, which concerned appropriate charges and sentences for offences of throwing faeces and urine at prison officers, known as "potting".

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers remains one of the premier sets for criminal work in the Midlands, with clients and peers alike praising it as a 'go-to' set within the region offering 'professional and well-prepared' counsel across the full spectrum of criminal work. Kevin Hegarty QC heads the crime group, which also houses experienced silks Andrew Smith and  Richard Atkins QC, the latter of whom recently returned to full-time practice following a term as Chair of the Bar. The set's junior ranks also feature some of the circuit's most prominent practitioners, with members such as Jennifer Josephs  and Jonathan Barker frequently receiving instructions in a wide range of serious cases, including fraud and sexual offences. Josephs is also notable for her work on terrorism cases, and recently acted for the prosecution in the case of Jay Davison, a white supremacist convicted of publishing material with the intent to incite racial and religious hatred in the form of a string of Instagram posts.


Members of London-based set 7BR are active further north, with in particular a strong following in the East Midlands. James House QC has been involved in several of the region's highest-profile cases, recently defending Arkan Ali, who was charged along with two others in the murder of five individuals killed when a shop exploded in Leicester as part of a failed insurance fraud. Elsewhere in the team, Adrian Langdale QC took silk in 2020, while senior junior Gareth Weetman remains active in the fields of serious organised crime, fraud and sexual offences.

St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers has a growing reputation for criminal work, with instructing solicitors reporting that 'their investment in the junior criminal Bar has paid off, resulting in impressive strength-in-depth' for the size of the team. Peter Cooper recently acted as junior defence counsel in the case of a woman who was convicted of the murders of her two young children, and Kevin Saunders is a key figure within the set for fraud matters, having recently represented a co-defendant of former Locke Lord LLP  partner Jonathan Denton in a £16m investment fraud case. Amy JacksonRebecca Wade and Marcus Harry are frequently instructed in matters involving sexual offences.

The 36 Group

The 36 Group maintains its strong presence in the East Midlands, with several members spending a significant portion of their practice in the region. William Harbage QC defended and Mary Prior QC prosecuted, in a case concerning a diabetic man accused of murdering his partner, with the defence case that he involuntarily committed the offence during a hypoglycaemic attack. Key names from the junior ranks include cybercrime specialist Sarah Gaunt, who also handles serious sexual offences, and Nadeem Holland, whose recent work has included allegations of organised crime and serious violence.