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Leading Silks

Richard Atkins QC - St Philips ChambersHe is a strong jury advocate. You know the moment he walks into court that he is in control and nothing appears to shake or faze him. A powerful speaker.
Michael Duck QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersA top-class silk able to assimilate and present complicated cases effortlessly and with great impact.
Michelle Heeley QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersMichelle’s knowledge on any given subject is second to none. Fabulous client care when dealing with difficult or sensitive issues and communication with clients or others is clear and well understood by all concerned. She is up there with the very best advocates currently practicing.
Mary Prior QC - The 36 GroupMary demonstrates an impressive grasp for evidence and her presentation of the case for the Crown is excellent. She brings the threads of a case together with great skill and prosecutes fairly and confidently in order to achieve justice for all involved.
Michael Burrows QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersMichael was excellent on technical detail in a case involving expert evidence. He was measured and yet powerful, and endeared himself to the judge, his opponent and the jury.
Christopher Donnellan QC - The 36 GroupChristopher is well prepared, all over the detail and meticulous. He is tactically astute.
Jonas Hankin QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersJonas is an advocate who exhibits a real command of the detail of the cases in which he is instructed. He is frequently instructed in cases involving complex medical issues and has a real specialism in this area.
William Harbage QC - The 36 GroupIn court William is direct, confident, totally in control of his case and the direction of the prosecution. He is a first-class lawyer; an excellent advocate and he has a great touch in front of the jury.
James House QC - 7BRI have seen James deal with the most difficult of opponents in the most courteous and pleasant way, even though his patience was clearly being tested. His ability to take everything in his stride is striking.
Adrian Keeling QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersHe is fiercely bright and, whilst sensible, does not shy away from seeking results for clients that others may not dare to pursue. Always meticulously well prepared, he goes through the detail of his cases with a fine-tooth comb.
Mary Loram QC - The 36 GroupIncisive, tactically astute, scrupulously fair, and all the more compelling an advocate as a result.

2020 Silks

Adrian Langdale QC - 7BRAdrian is phenomenal in his preparation, presentation and delivery. He works extremely hard , is always fully prepared and is very sharp.

2022 Silks

Harpreet Sandhu QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersHe has a court manner that both judges and juries adore. His advocacy skills are based upon meticulous preparation which commands respect.

Leading Juniors

Jonathan Barker - St Philips ChambersI have come to admire Jonathan's work ethic, enthusiasm and determination to provide the absolute best representation for his clients. Jonathan works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and unsurprisingly has achieved excellent outcomes for them over the years.
Ian Bridge – No5 Barristers’ ChambersUnique approach to cases with a forensic eye for detail. Not afraid to push boundaries and challenge.
William Douglas-JonesSt Ives ChambersWilliam is hard working, personable and a pleasure to instruct. He is quick to respond to requests for advice and very much gets himself involved in the defence team. Colleagues at the Birmingham branch rate him for his attention to detail and will to work hard for the client.
Justin Jarmola - St Ives ChambersJustin has always been an outstanding barrister, with the ability to perform in a way that more than matches those much more senior. He is very approachable and always prepared to go the extra mile for his clients.
John O’HigginsNo5 Barristers' ChambersJohn is highly intelligent and hardworking. He is at the very top end of the junior bar and is at ease in dealing with cases which might ordinarily might be expected to merit the involvement of leading counsel.
Tim PoleNo5 Barristers' ChambersTim’s greatest strengths are found in the combination of superb judgement, hard work and approachability. Quite simply, he gets to the heart of issues remarkably quickly and takes his client every step of the journey.
Philip RuleNo5 Barristers' ChambersPhilip is my first choice of counsel in all serious and complex criminal defence cases. His attention to detail, astute advocacy, calming way with clients and thorough written legal argument are better than any other counsel I instruct.
Rebecca Wade - St Ives ChambersRebecca has tenacity, determination and tactical skill. A good and focussed manner in dealing with clients, opponents and judges.
Sharon BahiaNo5 Barristers' ChambersSharon has excellent communication skills, is down to earth and is able to rapidly build a rapport with a client. She provides robust advice and ensures that the client is fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their case.
Peter Cooper - St Ives ChambersPeter has the benefit of considerable experience as both a heavyweight prosecutor and defence practitioner. He has a loyal following of defence firms around the Midlands, who religiously instruct him due to his client care and successes in court.
Sarah Gaunt - The 36 GroupShe is hardworking, approachable and is able to explain the most complicated legal problem in a way that doesn't make you feel out of your depth or patronised.
Rajinder GIll - St Philips ChambersRajinder has the ability to relax his clients and obtain the best from them in terms of both extracting information and giving evidence. His attention to detail is second to none and his skilful, quiet advocacy is powerful.
Marcus Harry - St Ives ChambersMarcus is courteous, well-prepared, able to grasp complicated evidence and legal issues and deal with them effectively, realistic in his approach always applying good solid common sense to matters in hand.
Nadeem Holland - The 36 GroupVery good at absorbing a large amount of paperwork and then formulating complex legal argument from the material. Nadeem is very good on his feet and keeps the jury entertained.
Amy Jackson - St Ives ChambersA very capable junior counsel. Conscientious and focused with a good tactical awareness.
Sarah Knight - The 36 GroupCalm, thorough, with excellent communication skills. A silk in the making.
Sophie MurrayNo5 Barristers’ ChambersAn intelligent, solid and hard-working junior more than capable of rising to the challenge. She has in-depth knowledge of sentencing provisions for defendants with mental disorders.
Kevin Saunders - St Ives ChambersKevin is the consummate jury advocate. He has a close eye for detail while at the same time keeping perspective as to what actually needs to be achieved in a case. His cross-examination can be both sensitive and cutting.
Nadia Silver - The 36 GroupAn outstanding advocate whose considered, robust and skilful courtroom manner is matched by her careful, considered and all-encompassing approach to the issues of the case outside of court, with an eye for detail and a tendency to consider issues that would not occur to other barristers.
Sam Skinner - The 36 GroupHe is the complete package. I have worked with exceptionally gifted counsel and in my view Sam Skinner is one of the best juniors at the bar.
Alex Young - 7BRHe brings incisive intelligence and a real attention to detail to every case, and his knowledge of the law is second to none. He makes excellent judgement on how the case is presented, and demonstrates tenacity both in court and out.

Rising Stars

Lucinda Wilmott-Lascelles - St Ives ChambersShe is undoubtedly a star in the making. Her preparation is outstanding and she gets more and more impressive with each case.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Barristers’ Chambers  houses a balanced and robust practice both in terms of size and call. Described as ‘approachable and friendly with the ability to tailor service to ones needs’, the set has particular expertise in cases of serious violence, corporate manslaughter, organised crime cases and complex fraud. Michael Duck QC prosecuted four defendants, who were aged sixteen and seventeen of the time of the offence, who were convicted of the murder of a teenage boy as part of tensions between two Wolverhampton “postcode gangs, while Michelle Heeley QC represented former England footballer Paul Gascgoine, who was acquitted on sexual assault charges. Turning to the set’s juniors Harpreet Singh Sandhu QC recently prosecuted in a firearms case involving a home being converted into a workshop where blank-firing pistols were converted into lethal firearms, and Sophie Murray, who has a niche practice in serious sexual offences.



‘Always tailor service to needs. Most suitable counsel placed on case in accordance to knowledge and complexities.’

‘No5 is an excellent set of criminal barristers. Spoilt for choice.’

‘No 5 is a solid set, with a great reputation in crime.’


‘Approachable, friendly and the clerks always go above and beyond to assist with cases.’

‘The No 5 Clerks are uniquely effective, intelligent and hardworking.’

‘Andrew Trotter as a clerk is exceptional. His knowledge and management of our expectations in terms of quality of barristers we like to instruct and rapport one to one with our solicitors is excellent. ‘

St Philips Chambers

Kevin Hegarty QC  leads the crime group at St Philips Chambers, which is praised for ‘enormous depth’ in its criminal practice.  He recently prosecuted two metal detectorists for the theft of a Viking hoard worth £3m which they extracted without consent of the land owner and, without notifying the relevant authorities, sold on the black market. Jonathan Barker prosecuted a man who was convicted on fourteen counts, including of buggery and rape, concerning the sexual abuse of his niece in in the 1980s. Chambers is also home to Richard Atkins QC, chair of the Bar in 2019 - he is joined in the set's silk ranks by  Lee Marklew QC, who was appointed in the 2021 round.



‘St. Philips Chambers is a large set of chambers, offering enormous depth in the criminal department. Their training programmes are well presented, informative and hugely popular.’

‘St Philips is an excellent criminal and regulatory set. It operates a clear distinction between the two areas and the panel of specialist Counsel availiable for regulatory instructions is impressive.’

‘Strength in depth in all areas of practice. Strongest criminal team in the Midlands.’


‘Excellent service. Phil Jones and Dan Giles are exceptional in their client care.’

‘The criminal clerks in this set are efficient, capable and courteous. They never hesitate to help out, especially at short notice.’

‘The Clerks room is extremely efficient and reliable.’


London-based, Midlands reaching set 7BR have an established criminal presence and practice in the East Midlands. Predominantly a prosecution set, Adrian Langdale QC  has been several high-profile cases for the region, including the prosecution of a Roman Catholic priest who sexually and physically abused a boy in the noughties, including locking him in a crypt and beating him with a hurley. James House QC  recently secured an acquittal for an individual charged with murder in a gang-related retaliation attack. Other names of note are Gareth Weetman  and Alex Young, the latter advising the police in Operation Caldon - a prosecution of OCG following a campaign of over fifty commercial burglaries.



‘Good circuit set with depth throughout. ‘

‘7BR are a large and well regarded set who predominantly prosecute. They are professional and amongst some of the best in their field.’


St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers has a strong reputation for ‘strength throughout all levels of seniority in criminal work’. Head of the criminal group Rebecca Wade specialises in rape and serious sexual offence cases. Justin Jarmola ’s practice focuses on serious gang and drug-related crime, with recent instructions including being led junior a high-profile prosecution for multiple stabbings in Solihull, and Birmingham, and a joint enterprise shooting in Birmingham.



‘Chambers have some outstanding Barristers in the criminal field.’

‘Great set. Strength throughout all levels of seniority in criminal work.’

‘St Ives is an excellent set, they have a strong reputation for training good pupils and invest in their members.’


‘St Ives are clerked well and enjoy strong leadership from Andrew Rourke as chief criminal clerk – nothing is too large or small a task for Andrew who makes himself available at a personal level to the firm.’

The 36 Group

Over half of London set The 36 Group's members have a regular Midlands practice. Praised as ‘progressive and modern’, chambers maintains a depth in their practice across all areas of criminal law while developing a niche in cybercrime matters. Mary Prior QC recent instructions include high-profile terrorism, murder, and serious violence cases. Notable names from the junior end of chambers include Nadeem Holland and Samuel Skinner, whose recent instructions include large scale drugs and firearms conspiracies, and Sarah Gaunt, who has handled a number of cybercrime cases. Simon Ash QC  also took silk in the 2021 round while David Herbert QC was appointed to the circuit bench.



‘A very strong chambers, they have a wide range of talent with a nationwide presence.’

‘The 36 Group have a strong team, with several excellent silks and some outstanding senior juniors.’

‘The 36 Group has a significant presence in the Midlands and is seen as the go to set for expertise in criminal law.’


‘The clerks room is professional and trust worthy. All the clerks are quick thinkers and creative problem solvers.’

‘Fantastic. Michelle Simpson and Lloyd Hawkins are stand out clerks.’

‘The Clerks are highly efficient and professional. A high calibre fast moving team.’