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Leading Silks

Tim Amos QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)He has it all: very intelligent; an excellent cross-examiner; always on top of his papers; and an excellent bed side manner with clients.
Deborah Bangay QC - 1 Hare CourtDeborah is an exceptionally talented advocate. She is fearless on her feet and always able to deliver the killer punch during cross examination. Her clients are in no doubt they have someone who will fight tirelessly for them.
Philip Cayford QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA class act. His courtroom skills are superb. A tenacious negotiator who is well prepared and persuasive.
Nicholas Cusworth QC - 1 Hare CourtOne of the top financial silks at the money Bar. He is the complete package: outstanding judgement; first class advocacy skills; a powerful, authoritative court presence; and a great bedside manner with clients.
Nigel Dyer QC - 1 Hare CourtHe is an excellent advocate: polished, calm, measured, and always has the ear of the judge.
Richard Harrison QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA highly intelligent, thorough and user-friendly silk, with great judgement and who is always prepared to go the extra mile.
Charles Howard QC1 King’s Bench WalkA first-rate silk, and a fighter when he needs to be.
Philip Marshall QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA very compelling advocate, whose cross-examination is always masterful.
Christopher Pocock QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA persuasive advocate with an unflappable demeanour.
Timothy Scott QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHe is exceptionally calm and collaborative, and a reassuring presence to the most difficult of clients.
Jonathan Southgate QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersJonathan is at the top of his game: a highly intelligent, personable and extremely persuasive advocate who knows his case inside out. Judges listen to him and respect him.
Lucy Stone QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Lucy is an exceptional silk. Her attention to detail is legendary, her advocacy style eloquent and incisive, and her client care second to none.
Richard Todd QC - 1 Hare CourtA very intelligent and very able silk.
Patrick Chamberlayne QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA razor-sharp, erudite and illustrious silk. Clients adore him.
Deborah Eaton QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA powerhouse silk in the profession. She is insightful in her approach to cases and adopts a strategic approach from the outset.
Charles Hale QC - 4 Paper BuildingsA silk with a great client manner.
Stewart Leech QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)He is one of the most-respected barristers at the family Bar. An authoritative and charming silk who can get on with the most difficult of clients.
Nicholas Allen QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersNicholas assimilates every fact and nuance of a case, and provides clients with clear, helpful advice. He inspires confidence in his instructing solicitors.
Timothy Bishop QC - 1 Hare CourtAn exceptional silk, who stands out for his great clarity of thought. He really goes the extra mile.
Alexis Campbell QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersAn outstanding silk. She has an incredible ability to make clients feel at ease and supported, and is a fierce yet charming advocate in the court room.
James Ewins QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)A detailed, analytical, charming, persuasive silk. A great advocate. His bedside manner with clients is fantastic.
Brent Molyneux QC - 29 Bedford Row Chambers 'Brent is an exceptional advocate. He has a masterful command of the language and will be able to find the perfect word to fit in all circumstances. He is calm and persuasive and will ensure that the least attractive submission is made as attractive as possible.'
Justin Warshaw QC - 1 Hare CourtA silk who combines strong forensic skills with the ability to argue any point from any angle. He has the ear of the judge.
Catherine Cowton QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Judges and clients love her as she is the master of her brief. She reads every page and absorbs every detail of a case, and her advocacy is persuasive.
Frank Feehan QC - 1 King's Bench WalkFrank has a keen eye for detail and is phenomenal on his feet.
Michael Glaser QC - FourteenA formidable practitioner, who has an incisive grasp of complex technical aspects of the law.
Christopher Hames QC4 Paper Buildings 'A silk who is excellent with clients and judges alike. Concise and persuasive in argument.'
Ann Hussey QC - 1 Hare CourtA tough negotiator and a gifted communicator. Clients have complete confidence in her.
Daniel Lightman QC - Serle CourtHe is incredibly knowledgeable on company law, and thus is a real asset in financial remedy cases involving complex corporate structures.
James Roberts QC - 1 King's Bench WalkJames is a brilliant advocate who has the ear of judges. Clients adore him as they know that he is passionate about achieving the best outcome for them. He has a fine mind and is able to see a way through even the most complicated and intractable cases.
Howard Shaw QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA razor-sharp litigator, who combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of family law with charm and charisma.
Stephen Trowell QC - 1 Hare CourtStephen is an excellent tactician, who is always looking ahead to issues that may arise on a case.
Christopher Wagstaffe QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA shrewd tactician and a force to be reckoned with in court.
Nicholas Yates QC - 1 Hare CourtNicholas is calmness personified. He is strategically excellent, and can explain complex legal concepts to lay clients in a clear and effective way.

2020 Silks

Rebecca Carew-Pole QC - 1 Hare CourtA fabulously thorough silk. She is pragmatic when it is needed, and has a great client manner.
Peter Mitchell QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA silk at the top of his game. He always prepares meticulously and brings the perfect combination of wit, charm and pure intellect to the table.
Harry Oliver QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA silk who is wholly on top of the detail of the case, delivering punchy and compelling advocacy. Clients love his direct style, engaging nature and pragmatic case handling.
Simon Webster QC - 1 Hare CourtHe has a brilliant ability to present the most difficult arguments in an effective, eloquent and persuasive way.

2021 Silks

Nichola Gray QC - 1 Hare CourtShe is a determined advocate, who reads everything and misses nothing.
Michael Horton QC - Coram ChambersA persuasive, hardworking and direct new silk.
Deepak Nagpal QC - 1 King's Bench WalkAn articulate and fierce advocate who commands the respect of the judiciary at all levels.

2022 Silks

Alexander Chandler QC - 1 King's Bench WalkHe is precise, concise, and has an excellent manner with clients, solicitors, opponents and the judge.

Leading Juniors

Duncan Brooks - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)An exceptional barrister. His experience as a judge and arbitrator gives him gravitas, poise and respect at the Bar.
Penelope Clapham - 1GC | Family LawA very impressive advocate with a first-class mind. She is very diligent, conscientious, and intelligent. A well-respected barrister.
Elizabeth Clarke - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)In court, her performance appears effortless but reflects intense preparation and a complete command of her brief. Nothing slips past her.
Henry Clayton - 4 Paper BuildingsA consistently brilliant junior.
Marina Faggionato - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Marina is a tenacious advocate. She always gives sound and practical advice, which she conveys in an extremely user-friendly way. Clients love her.
Katherine Kelsey - 1 King's Bench WalkKatherine is a fierce, razor-sharp advocate, who provides pragmatic advice that resonates with clients.
Sally Max - 29 Bedford Row ChambersShe is ferociously intelligent, with unfailing forensic knowledge of the papers and the issues in a case.
Philip Perrins - 1GC | Family LawA meticulous barrister who easily grasps complex matters.
Sarah Phipps - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)She always has the ear of the court.
Richard Sear - 1 Hare CourtA stalwart senior junior who is respected by the judiciary.
Jonathan Tod - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHis advocacy skills are first-class; his client care is superb; his advice is clear and concise.
Samantha Woodham - 4 Paper BuildingsShe is incredibly polished, brimming with enthusiasm and gets results.
Andrzej Bojarski - The 36 GroupHe is knowledgeable, intuitive, and fearless, with a brilliant bedside manner.
David Burles - 1GC | Family LawA silk in all but name.
Richard Castle - 1 King's Bench WalkA junior with immense gravitas.
Claire Heppenstall - 1GC | Family LawShe is very focused and hones in on the key issues of a case very quickly. She has good judgement, and is a fierce advocate when it is required.
Amy Kisser - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)A wonderful advocate with a razor-sharp mind and exceptional judgement. She is a match for any silk.
Niki Langridge - The 36 GroupA tremendous, tenacious advocate, who is formidable in the courtroom. Her meticulous approach and encyclopaedic legal knowledge instils confidence in clients.
Judith Murray4 Paper Buildings 'Judith is a class act. A well-prepared junior who commands the court.'
Peter Newman - 1 King's Bench WalkPeter is a fearless and talented advocate. He has a very good instinct for when to fight and when to negotiate, and he instils enormous confidence through his ability to read the judge.
Greg Williams - Coram ChambersGreg is very knowledgeable, and has a persuasive and serene courtroom manner.
Helen Williams - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHelen is clever, charming, meticulous, eloquent and persuasive. A first-rate advocate. Clients love her.
Sassa-Ann Amaouche - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHer strategic skills are invaluable and it is clear that everything she does has the long term aim in sight.
Richard Bates - 29 Bedford Row ChambersRichard is a very experienced practitioner who shows great dedication to his clients.
Phillip Blatchly - 1 Hare CourtExtremely hardworking, super thorough, sensible and excellent with clients, because his dedication is clear to them, and to the solicitors who instruct him.
Simon Calhaem - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA very bright and effective junior, who develops a good rapport with clients and judges.
Ella Calnan - FourteenElla is a strategic thinker, who combines being a persuasive and polished courtroom performer with a wisdom and empathy which her clients value.
Gillon Cameron - FourteenAn unflappable junior who is respected by his peers.
Christopher Carr  –The 36 GroupChris is a great advocate and negotiator, who has a keen eye for detail. An extremely thorough junior with a good bedside manner.
Nicholas Chapman - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHe is tenacious, direct, and inspires the confidence of clients and solicitors by arming himself with shield and sword when necessary to fight his client’s corner.
Francesca Dowse4 Paper Buildings 'A junior who provides clear, strategic advice and fights for her clients. An excellent advocate.'
Nicholas Fairbank - 4 Paper BuildingsIntelligent, detailed and great on his feet.
Matthew Firth - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Matthew is incredibly bright and has a fantastical analytical eye; he absorbs vast amounts of complicated information very quickly and simultaneously filters it down to the important elements.
Harry Gates4 Paper Buildings 'A great negotiator. Meticulous in his preparation. Clients love Harry. He manages to cut through the complexities of a case to give concise, client-focused advice with charm.'
Helen Jefferson - 1GC | Family LawHelen has a fantastic manner with lay clients, who immediately put their trust in her.
Eleri Jones - 1GC | Family LawA talented negotiator. Very bright and conscientious. She is a committed and charming junior.
Max Lewis - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA dynamic advocate, both on paper and on his feet.
Caroline Lister - 1 King's Bench WalkA great advocate to have in your corner. She is approachable and has a confident manner in the court.
Ewan Murray - FourteenHis calm, measured approach inspires confidence. He is always well-prepared and unfazed by complex cases. His relaxed, authoritative style enables him to easily win over the tribunal.
Morgan Sirikanda - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Morgan has amazing judgement and is incredibly pragmatic. A highly knowledgeable, authoritative and sensible barrister.
Emma Sumner - 1 Hare CourtShe has an incredible grasp on complex facts, and her written work is flawless.
Rhys Taylor - The 36 GroupA very bright and impressive junior in family finance and cohabitation cases.
Petra Teacher - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA robust and astute advocate who fights hard for her clients.
Jude Allen - 1 Hare CourtA junior who presents cases in a succinct, compelling manner and works magic with judges. She is firm but supportive with clients and gets to the key issues of a case. A fantastic advocate.
Rebecca Bailey-Harris - 1 Hare CourtAn outstandingly bright junior.
Charanjit Batt - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Charanjit is exceptionally user friendly, and her calm manner instils confidence. She approaches and tackles the issues of a case from all angles. An engaged junior.
Kerstin Boyd - Tanfield ChambersKerstin is conscientious and provides realistic advice from the outset. A junior who will always go the extra mile to ensure the best case is presented.
Rosemary Budden - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)She is thorough, diligent and very smart. A pleasure to work with.
Jane CampbellHarcourt Chambers 'Jane is particularly good at grasping complex accounting issues - she is always fully prepared for a case and does not rest on her laurels despite her years of experience.'
Juliet Chapman - 1 King's Bench WalkA master of the detail, who impresses the judge at every turn.
Sabuhi Chaudhry - The 36 GroupA junior with an assured and confident manner which immediately puts clients at ease.
Sophie Connors - 4 Paper BuildingsA junior who is wonderful with clients and brilliant on her feet.
Kyra Cornwall - 1 Hare CourtKyra has a very sharp mind and is completely unflappable, which reassures her clients.
Hamish Dunlop – 3PBHamish is a very capable advocate who maintains his composure in pressurised situations. His technical ability and analysis of complex matters is first-rate.
Gwyn Evans - Tanfield ChambersGwyn is details-orientated and able to distil complex information in a clear and concise way. A barrister who inspires confidence easily.
Ben Fearnley - 29 Bedford Row ChambersBen is tactically brilliant, with a forensic mind and eager eye for detail. His preparation is flawless, and he always ensures that the client feels at ease.
Conor Fee - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA strong, pragmatic and extremely user-friendly finance practitioner.
Victoria Francis - 29 Bedford Row ChambersVictoria is solution focused and accessible. Her realistic and pragmatic approach to cases instils confidence in clients, solicitors, and judges alike.
Anthony Geadah - 29 Bedford Row Chambers 'Anthony is a confident barrister, and his advocacy is solid and persuasive.'
Michael Gleeson - Harcourt ChambersAn excellent negotiator and a polished advocate.
Emma Hargreaves - Serle CourtA junior worth her weight in gold. She is incredibly hardworking, committed to her clients, and provides realistic, measured and sensible advice.
Charlotte Hartley - 1 King's Bench WalkCharlotte is brilliant - a fabulous advocate who has a wonderful bedside manner with clients.
Fiona Hay - Harcourt ChambersAn elegant advocate with gravitas. Calm, considered, wise and astute.
Fitzrene Headley - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)A junior with a very strong intellect, who demonstrates tenacity in the courtroom.
Laura Heaton - 29 Bedford Row ChambersLaura is well-liked by clients, who admire her clear, efficient and realistic advice.
Sally Jackson - New Court ChambersSally is a strong and effective advocate. She communicates well and has a meticulous eye for detail.
Stephen Jarmain - 1 King's Bench WalkHe combines a powerful intellect with remarkable client care skills. His work rate is extraordinary, and he is highly responsive to all queries, however small or large.
Rhiannon Lloyd - 4 Paper BuildingsShe always goes above and beyond to deliver a first-class service.
Stephen Lyon - 4 Paper BuildingsA fierce and hugely experienced advocate.
Jacqueline Marks - Coram ChambersA sensible barrister who is incredibly thorough with her preparation. Very accessible and flexible to work with.
Christopher McCourt - 1 King's Bench WalkChristopher has an excellent eye for detail and relates to clients very well. He is particularly good at explaining complicated legal areas.
Joseph Moore - 1GC | Family LawHe combines assiduous preparation with a collected and empathetic manner. His client care skills are excellent.
Harry Nosworthy4 Paper Buildings 'Immaculately prepared and cross-examines with gravitas. He is pragmatic, thorough and has great judgement.'
Lucy Owens - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA compelling advocate. She is incredibly bright and always meticulously prepared. She is wonderful with clients yet firm when providing them with clear, practical and pragmatic advice.
Matthew Richardson - Coram ChambersA very analytical barrister. He considers all the angles of a case in great depth, and his advice to clients is delivered in a very succinct and charming manner.
Samantha Ridley - 1 King's Bench WalkA very client-friendly barrister. She is down to earth, prepares thoroughly, and her style is adaptable yet firm and robust where necessary.
Kate Van Rol4 Paper BuildingsA junior who provides very clear and succinct advice.
Maria Scotland - 5 St Andrews HillMaria's approachable and personable attitude makes her a great court advocate. Clients like her.
Amber Sheridan - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA tenacious advocate with an eye for detail and excellent judgement.
Christopher Stirling - Field Court ChambersA junior with a brilliant grasp of complex areas of family law. He always gets to the nub of the issue, and provides balanced, reasoned advice.
Suzanne Syme - Harcourt ChambersSuzanne is a highly accomplished financial remedy practitioner who quickly establishes rapport with clients.
Mandy Tanner - FourteenMandy displays a charm and charisma that has even the trickiest clients eating out of her hand; combined with her razor-sharp intellect, she is able to win over judges and opponents alike.
Alex Tatton-Bennett - 1 King's Bench WalkAlex is a robust advocate who is always brilliantly prepared. He has a good eye for a case’s key issues and articulates them beautifully.
Julia Townend4 Paper Buildings 'A strong, fiercely intelligent advocate who can command the attention of the court and opponents, all the while putting the client at ease.'
Charlotte Trace - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA very polished advocate, who has a fantastic ability to assimilate detail and present it in the best possible way for her client and the case.
William Tyzack - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)William is simply brilliant; charming, persuasive, and makes only the best points.
Joshua William Viney - 1 Hare CourtHe is tenacious, extremely personable and has an excellent rapport with clients, who appreciate his determination to do the best for them.
Duncan Watson - 1GC | Family LawDuncan has notable strength in handling complex financial matters involving businesses and trusts. He can come up with a range of solutions to any issue that needs to be resolved.
Nicholas Wilkinson - 1 Hare CourtHe is a charming and intelligent barrister, brilliant at cross-examination, and is great with both the details and the bigger picture.
Gerald Wilson - Tanfield ChambersGerald is exceptionally strong with tax issues, and he puts clients at ease, explaining each case at the right level of complexity for each client.
Katie Wood - 4 Paper BuildingsKatie’s commitment to a client’s case is top-tier. She is always on hand to assist when needed, and makes her client feel valued.

Rising Stars

Annabel Barrons - 1GC | Family LawAnnabel is incredibly impressive, entirely committed to the case and the client. A tremendous advocate.
Harry Campbell - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA very confident, brilliant junior.
Alexander Laing - Coram ChambersA junior who has mastery over the facts and issues of a case.
Anna Sutcliffe - 1 King's Bench WalkA strong advocate who builds excellent rapport within the courtroom. She is also able to quickly build good working relationships with clients, offering them practical advice and not shying away from discussing the difficulties within a case.
Max Turnell - 1 King's Bench WalkMax is extremely well-prepared and carries out a very thorough and detailed analysis of cases. A junior with an incisive eye.

Family (including divorce and financial remedy) in London Bar

1 Hare Court

'Stellar family set' 1 Hare Court is ‘totally solid and reliable from top to bottom', and is praised as 'a Rolls-Royce set for financial remedies work'. Nigel Dyer QC recently represented the wife before the Court of Appeal in a case concerning her legal status in occupying a property owned by the husband pending its sale post-divorce; following the delay of the sale, the key issue centred on whether the wife was a trespasser during this period, depending on the interpretation of a consent order. The Court ruled that the wife's presence in the property, until the property was sold, was permitted. In recent news for the set, the senior end was recently bolstered by the elevation of Nichola Gray QC to silk in March 2021.



‘A very strong family set.’

‘1 Hare Court has unmatched depth and quality in financial remedy work from top to bottom.’

‘1 Hare Court is a premier set, with an incredible quality of barristers and an incredible clerking team.’


Very experienced clerking team. Steve McCrone and Michael Lay have seen and done it all.’

‘Steve McCrone and Michael Lay offer an excellent, responsive service.’

The clerks are always available and my entire team enjoys a great relationship with them. Steve McCrone is a brilliant head clerk. ‘

They are organised and co-operative and provide a quick turnaround. Steve McCrone, Mike Lay, Daniel Barnett and Maxwell Brian are personable, very knowledgeable and effective.’

1 King's Bench Walk

1 King's Bench Walk is ‘an immensely impressive family set at all levels’, standing out for 'its expertise in both finance and private children work.’ The team is very well versed in handling high-value cases involving complex trusts, assets and businesses. The set garners praise for its 'fantastic range of barristers, who are always well prepared and worth their weight in gold'. The 'superb' Charles Howard QC is 'at the top of his game', and Philip Marshall QC is 'extremely polished and charming with a steel backbone, and wins over judges with a mixture of panache and tenacity'. At the junior end, Katherine Kelsey is 'always on top of a case and is never fazed'. The 'phenomenally bright' Deepak Nagpal QC took silk in March 2021, further strengthening chambers at the senior end.



‘1KBW has a good blend of first-rate children and money barristers.’

‘1KBW has significant strength in depth among its barristers, from the most junior to the most senior.

‘It has great depth at all levels, from silks to the most junior members, for both finance and children work.

1KBW has excellent strength in depth across all experience levels.’


The clerks are unfailingly helpful and friendly. They will always do all that they can to make a preferred barrister available and if not available, will always come up with a suitable alternative.’

‘Chris Gittins leads a proactive team.

‘We like working with Chris Young because he is so reliable – he will always swiftly deal with any issues.’

‘Chris Gittins always has his finger on the pulse.’

29 Bedford Row Chambers

With a reputation for being 'a force to be reckoned with at the family Bar', 29 Bedford Row Chambers is a 'first-class set in financial remedy cases' with 'great strength in depth'. The 'outstanding' Philip Cayford QC is 'at the top of his game', and is well known for appearing before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in high-profile cases. Jonathan Southgate QC is a 'phenomenal strategist',  and is sought after for his expertise in handling complex, ultra-high-net worth financial remedy cases. Timothy Scott QC regularly acts in cases with international aspects, including foreign marriages and divorces, and advises on international pre- and post-nuptial agreements. The 'very bright' Harry Campbell 'has a wise head on his shoulders', and is a new entrant in this year's rising stars category.



‘A top set with many stand out individuals.

‘Strong throughout on divorce finance work, and clearly one of the leading chambers for such work.

I always use 29 Bedford Row because of its breadth of knowledge, quality of advice and extent of personalities which means I can always offer my clients the right fit.’


Well led from the front by James Shortall.’

‘James Shortall and his team are very supportive and constructive.’

Absolutely first-class. Senior clerk James Shortall and First Junior Julie Holcombe run a very slick operation. They know their barristers’ diaries like the back of their hands and are in the unique position of being able to give solicitors authoritative advice in relation to their fees and availability.’

High quality clerks – super responsive and flexible.

James Shortall is a natural born organiser.

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) garners praise from clients as 'a top set for matrimonial finance', and members continue to be kept busy handling a range of complex, high-value financial matters arising from relationship breakdowns. Stewart Leech QC appeared before the Court of Appeal in Potanina v Potanin, involving an application made for financial relief under Part III of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 following an overseas divorce. The 'committed' Lucy Stone QC is highly regarded for her expertise in advising high-net-worth clients on complex matrimonial finance issues, including domestic and international nuptial agreements. Marina Faggionato stands out as 'an undiminished star in the field, inspiring confidence from clients and solicitors who instruct her'.



A first-class financial remedy set with a lot of excellent barristers.

You always know that a QEB barrister will be well prepared and will quickly gain the respect of the client.’

‘QEB’s members are all of the very highest calibre, from the silks down to the new tenants. Universally bright, hardworking and engaged and engaging.’

Huge depth of skills; barristers of first-rate pedigree across the entire set; fantastic clerks room; good value and flexibility on fees.’

‘QEB is a pre-eminent set in divorce and financial remedy counsel – the set is strong across the piste with leaders and juniors.’


Excellent service, particularly from Howard Rayner.

First-class. Howard Rayner is a class act.

Jon Bartlett is fantastic and supremely helpful – he has a wealth of experience, and can achieve miracles in relation to listing or securing barrister availability’.

‘The service is first-rate. The clerks are all helpful and efficient – senior clerk Howard Rayner leads by example. Jon Bartlett is very experienced and reliable.

4 Paper Buildings

4 Paper Buildings is home to a team of highly experienced barristers with notable strength in assisting high-net-worth individuals with issues arising from family disputes. The 'hugely bright' Charles Hale QC is 'willing to go the extra mile for solicitors and clients alike', and recently appeared in the Court of Appeal for the wife in the high-profile case of Rothschild v De Souza, a complex multimillion-pound financial remedy application involving international elements. Christopher Hames QC is regularly sought after for his established expertise in handling matrimonial finance cases involving substantial assets and multi-jurisdictional issues. At the junior end of chambers, Samantha Woodham 'appreciates the nuances of a case and can persuade the court to appreciate the subtleties too'.

1GC | Family Law

1GC | Family Law is 'an excellent set, with strong counsel in the finance and children field'. Members are regularly instructed in cases involving offshore trusts, large-scale international businesses, and assets held in other jurisdictions. The set has notable strength in handling financial issues arising from cohabitation disputes and the dissolution of civil partnerships, as well as advising on financial provision for children. The 'tenacious' Penelope Clapham 'works tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She never fails to impress with her straight-talking and perceptive approach'. The 'calm and measured' Joseph Moore and the 'talented' Annabel Barrons are new entrants to the table.



‘1 Garden Court Chambers offers a variety of counsel at varying rates and qualification levels, providing sufficient choice for varying matters. In circumstances where our requested counsel is unavailable, the set endeavours to provide alternative members of counsel at a similar call and experience level. All clerks are conscious of costs and budgets and take a bespoke approach to their services.’

Quality representation at all levels.’

It has a breadth of knowledge and can offer superb advice, from international family law to complex children matters. I tend to use the set for those specific areas. The service provided is impeccable.

Counsel have a breadth of experience across various areas of family law, enabling clients to be represented by several members of chambers without disrupting continuity of representation.

Very good strength in depth.


‘David McDonald is a credit to the clerking world.’

‘Amazing service from them. Outstanding members are Paul Harris and David McDonald, who can sort any problem with good humour and skill. The junior clerks are very good too – a great team all round.’

The family clerks are very hands on and pro-active.’

‘David McDonald goes out of his way to help, advise, perform miracles and move mountains, which is exactly what a good clerk should do.