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Leading Silks

Tim Amos KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Tim is the voice of sense and pragmatism, turning difficult cases into easy wins with his intelligent and meticulous approach.’
Deborah Bangay KC1 Hare Court ‘Deborah is the go-to choice for financial remedy work. Her advice is straight from the shoulder and always spot on. She unfailingly is on the money in terms of predicting outcomes. Her advocacy is charming yet direct and fierce. She is quick-witted and entertaining, both in and out of court, and she is quite simply brilliant at what she does.’
Philip Cayford KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Philip is supremely eloquent and exceptionally sharp in cross-examination.’
Nicholas Cusworth KC1 Hare Court ‘Nicholas is approachable but incredibly intelligent and numerate. He's great at cross-examination and excellent on his feet. He has good client skills and is a first class advocate.’
Nigel Dyer KC1 Hare Court ‘Nigel is amongst the best at the family bar. He is meticulous in his preparation, never runs bad points and always has the ear of the courts up to the very highest level. He is always top of the list as a private FDR judge because his judgment and ability to find a solution is second to none.’
Richard Harrison KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is extremely clever, tactically astute and a brilliant choice of high value and complex litigation.’
Charles Howard KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charles has an unparalleled forensic cross-examination ability.’
Philip Marshall KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Philip is very well respected by the judiciary. He has a deep legal knowledge complimented with superb written work and very strong in court presence.’
Christopher Pocock KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Christopher is extremely well regarded and experienced silk. He has an excellent oral and written advocacy and able to deal with complex financial and trust issues in particular. He is the go-to silk to act as an arbitrator or private FDR judge.’
Timothy Scott KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Timothy is outstanding. He is an excellent advocate and always very helpful.’
Jonathan Southgate KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Jonathan is very persuasive advocate, a great strategist, robust and tenacious.’
Lucy Stone KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Lucy is at the top of her game. Her forensic, incisive advocacy and cross-examination are masterful. She is forceful, determined and always on top of her brief. Her cross-examination is exceptionally searching and can bring down the opposition's case like a house of cards.’
Alexis Campbell KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Alexis is the go-to silk for matrimonial finance cases. She is utterly brilliant with clients and a totally fearless and skilled advocate. She always knows the answer and the argument that will win for her clients.’
Patrick Chamberlayne KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Patrick is formidable and always a force to be reckoned with. He possesses the rare combination of tremendous experience, expertise, strength and energy.’
Deborah Eaton KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Deborah is the go-to barrister for private law children cases. Her skill, knowledge and experience are unrivalled at the family law Bar. She remains absolutely at the top of her game. Her cross-examination is rigorous although always delivered with elegance and charm. She is truly superb.’
Charles Hale KC4 Paper Buildings ‘Charles' advocacy is second to none. He can turn the hardest case into a win and is charming with opponents and the judge alike.’
Brent Molyneux KC29 Bedford Row ChambersBrent is the most intelligent of barristers. His position statements are beautifully crafted, and judges love his wit and pragmatism. He is always in tune with clients and, whatever the case, finds a way to work with them to find a creative solution. He is also a skilled private FDR judge.
Nicholas Allen KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Nicholas prepares every case, whatever size, with the same thoroughness, thoughtfulness and calmness and presents his views straightforwardly and persuasively. He is utterly reassuring both to clients and instructing solicitors. And his instinct is right on the money, assisted by his extensive experience as a judge and arbitrator.’
Timothy Bishop KC1 Hare Court ‘Timothy is the most natural advocate. He is eloquent, measured and effortlessly persuasive and always has the respect and ear of the tribunal, which is invaluable. He is one of the very best counsel at strategy and planning a case. As a tactician, he is unparalleled.’
James Ewins KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘James is sharp and focused advocate who is excellent on his feet and has the ability to cut across various issues at the same time but remain on point. He gave clear and thoughtful advice and instilled utter confidence in the client.’
Frank Feehan KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Frank is an extremely impressive advocate with a unique ability to think on his feet. He has such a deep seated and in depth knowledge of the law that even complex and highly contentious issues are made to seem straightforward.’
Harry Oliver KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Harry is absolutely exceptional. He is ferociously clever and as financially astute as any accountant. He is the go-to barrister for any case involving financially complicated business structures.’
James Roberts KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is an excellent barrister with an agreeable, measured and reassuring style. He is an impressive advocate who cuts to the heart of the case. His confidence and wisdom guarantees that he has the ear of the court. His work as a recorder means that he can see the case from all perspectives.’
James Turner KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is an extraordinary talent. He is one of a rare breed of specialist family law practitioners who is equally adept at matrimonial finance and children’s issues. He is a superb technician with fabulous written skills and the pre-eminent appellate court advocate at the family Bar. He is incredibly hard working, collaborative and approachable.’
Justin Warshaw KC1 Hare Court ‘Justin is one of the best minds at the family bar, his real strength in his totally fearless approach to hard litigated cases. He is very tough and extremely articulate.'
John Wilson KC - 1 Hare Court 'John is excellent. He is able to explain in an understandable manner complex financial issues together with matters relating to "family issues".' 
Rebecca Carew-Pole KC1 Hare Court ‘Rebecca is a terrific KC. She has a fantastic client manner and she is excellent to work alongside in complex financial cases. She has a very accomplished courtroom manner.’
Catherine Cowton KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Catherine is totally numerate, articulate and not afraid to take on her opponent.'
Michael Glaser KCFourteen ‘Michael is astute, shrewd and commercial in finance cases. He looks at cases from all angles and is highly creative. As an advocate, he is persuasive and has matured in silk. His opponents consider him a force to be reckoned with. His encyclopaedic knowledge and use of cases is impressive, finding routes to outcomes that others cannot see. He never afraid to put forward a novel argument and quick on his feet.'
Christopher Hames KC4 Paper Buildings ‘Christopher is very methodical, good with client and quick on his feet.’
Ann Hussey KC1 Hare Court ‘Ann is always meticulously prepared and a provides creative solutions to complex issues. Her advocacy skills are a mater class in how to present a case effectively, and she is the unrivalled queen of cross-examinations.’
Daniel Lightman KCSerle Court ‘Daniel's written advocacy is precise and well thought through. He is an asset to any family law team looking for company law input.’
Peter Mitchell KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Peter is the most charming intellect in the business. He is a wonderful advocate who makes every client feel special and in the right hands.’
Howard Shaw KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Howard consistently goes the extra mile for his clients who are always hugely impressed by his incredibly swift grasp of complex trust structures and foreign business assets. He is a tough negotiator and clients always feel in very safe hands. He has an amazing ability to reassure clients and leave them feeling in control of even the most challenging circumstances.’
Stephen Trowell KC1 Hare Court ‘Stephen has calm demeanour and open to collaborate on ideas for the case.’
Christopher Wagstaffe KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Christopher is very knowledgeable and has an excellent manner with clients.He can be firm when necessary but he is always polite, a good listener and an excellent advocate.’
Simon Webster KC1 Hare Court ‘Simon is extremely persuasive and very polished advocate. He gives sound realistic advice at an early stage and is settlement minded. He has a great attention to detail although always looks at the wider picture.’
Nicholas Yates KC1 Hare Court ‘Nicholas is very bright, particularly articulate in consultation and in court. His advocacy is second to none. His measured and calm approach inspire confidence in solicitor and lay-client alike. He is approachable and available and could not be any better in any way.’

2022 Silks

Giles Richardson KC – Serle Court  'Giles is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in this area and also knows and understands the offshore world better than most. He is super-bright, user-friendly and commercial.'
Alexander Chandler KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Alexander is a very methodical and meticulous practitioner, always details focussed. He is excellent on the law and always able to handle the most complex technical points. He is measured, sensible and very well respected and especially listened to by the bench.’

2023 Silks

Duncan Brooks KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Duncan is the leading junior in this field. He has a concise, authoritative style and judges to perfection the right approach to get the best outcome for clients. He is appropriately assertive but measured. He is a skilful and adept advocate. His preparation and attention to detail, allied with his knowledge of the law is hugely effective.’
Judith Murray KC4 Paper Buildings ‘Judith is a very strong advocate who will clearly put forward a compelling case for the client. She always gives a clear advice.’
Sarah Phipps KCQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Sarah is amongst the very best of the senior juniors at the family bar. She is incredibly clever and quickly gets completely on top of the detail in the most complex of cases. She is a highly persuasive advocate and always has the ear of the court.’

Leading Juniors

Richard Castle1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is one of the best senior junior at the family bar. He has a superb judgment, great technical skills and knowledge, and is an authoritative calm advocate.’
Penelope Clapham1GC | Family Law ‘Penelope is a very impressive barrister. She is extremely assertive and fearless as an advocate and is persuasive and robust in her advocacy but is very friendly and approachable to clients.’
Elizabeth ClarkeQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Elizabeth is the best barrister in this area of law - she is superbly well-prepared, intelligent, cuts to the chase, and makes even the most challenging of arguments sound utterly convincing. She is a brilliant advocate.’
Henry Clayton4 Paper Buildings ‘Henry is a details person and is able to get to grips very quickly with the most complex of cases. He knows the law inside out and deploys it to his client's advantage with real skill. His advocate is measured, reassuring and highly persuasive. He is a class act.’
Katherine Kelsey1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Katherine is meticulous in her preparation and she has excellent judgement. Her advice is strategic and pragmatic. She is exceptional with clients, capable of dealing with sensitive issues with empathy whilst also skillfully providing realistic advice where appropriate. Her advocacy is superb. She persuasively advances arguments in a concise yet firm manner - clients absolutely know she is fighting their corner.’
Sally Max29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Sally is simply superb. She has an absolutely amazing intellect and her advocacy is second to none.’
Philip Perrins1GC | Family Law ‘Philip is a very skilled barrister and the go-to choice for complex HNW cases. His case preparation is superb, and his case strategy and negotiation strategy is highly skilled. His cross-examination of witnesses is extremely good.’
Richard Sear1 Hare Court ‘Richard is very articulate, clever and reads the judges well. He is hard-working, liked by both clients and instructing solicitors.’
Jonathan Tod29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Jonathan is an extremely strong advocate. He is thorough in his preparation and quick to grasp the concepts within a case. He never fails to forcefully put forward a client's case. He is also extremely well liked by the clients as he is honest, direct but also very kind to clients.’
Samantha Woodham4 Paper Buildings ‘Samantha is extremely kind and empathetic. She has an excellent manner with clients, even when delivering unwelcome news. Her advocacy is clear and to the point, never aggressive, and she appears well liked and respected by judges and other members of the bar alike. She is intelligent and numerate, and her written documents are persuasive and well structured.’
Sassa-Ann Amaouche29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Sassa is highly intelligent and is able to grasp complex financial issues with apparent ease. As an advocate, she can read the court and has the rare ability to fight for a client whilst at the same time have constructive conversations with her opponent.’
Andrzej BojarskiThe 36 Group ‘Andrzej is a very technical barrister and capable of dealing with the most complex of issues. He is very cerebral, patient and calm under even extreme pressure. He has a nice manner with clients and is one of the most well respected part time judges.’
David Burles1GC | Family Law ‘David is an exceptional barrister, who is always extremely well prepared and have a full understanding of the case and issues involved. He is also an excellent communicator, who is able to deal with even the most difficult of clients and put them at ease. He rarely gets flustered and is able to deal with any situation which might arise.’
Claire Heppenstall1GC | Family Law ‘Claire has great commercial acumen. She is clear, direct and exudes authority in court. Her advocacy is polished and persuasive.’
Amy KisserQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Amy has superb client handling skills, totally numerate, thinks outside the box and right on top of the law.’
Niki LangridgeThe 36 Group ‘Niki is a stand out expert in her field. She is insightful and focuses on what really matters to a client. She strategizes to find a way through even the most muddiest of waters. She puts clients at ease within minutes of meeting her and has a remarkable legal mind and recall for detail. She gives realistic and firm advice from an early stage in a case.’
Peter Newman1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Peter is an able advocate who puts his case persuasively and always seems to manage to get the judge's ear. He is a fair opponent who is always fully on top of the details of the case and the law.’
Greg WilliamsCoram Chambers ‘Greg has excellent judgment and is able to get to the heart of a case quickly, despite its complexities. His drafting and position statements are compelling and he is always at hand to guide and help. He is a good negotiator, reasonable and realistic with clients. A favourite go to barrister for anything complex.’
Helen Williams29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Helen is utterly brilliant. She is a  first choice of junior for matrimonial finance cases. She has a mastery of her subject and is a skilled and fearless advocate.’
Richard Bates29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Richard leaves no stone left unturned. His written work and advocacy are exceptional. He is calm and collected, always allowing the points to land. He is very accessible and really works hand in hand with his solicitors to ensure the best delivery of service to the lay client.’
Phillip Blatchly1 Hare Court ‘Phillip is very polished and has a wonderful bedside manner. He is organised, always impeccably prepared and is not afraid of giving client difficult advice.’
Simon Calhaem29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Simon is incredibly bright and approachable. He is down to earth and has a lovely engaging manner with clients. He is thorough in his presentation and has encyclopedic knowledge of the law which enhances his presentation. His advocacy is calm and measured. He isnt afraid from complicated cases on either the facts or the law, indeed the more complex, the better.’
Ella CalnanFourteen ‘Ella is a focused advocate who is not afraid to take a tough line with opponents but also her own clients when this is required. She has a real ability to cut through to the nub of a matter and ensure this is the focus. She is a very insightful barrister who is always willing to speak with clients about all the facets of their matter, even if she is not formally instructed on other aspects, to offer additional reassurance. She is the full package.’
Gillon CameronFourteen ‘Gillon is a an impressive advocate. He provides clear strategic advice which clients can understand. He is approachable to solicitors and makes himself available whenever needed.’
Christopher Carr  –The 36 Group ‘Chris has an amazing eye for detail with a calm and thoughtful approach. He is very good in court if the matter proceeds to trial. and always fights hard for a client.’
Nicholas Chapman29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Nicholas is a superb advocate and has the respect of the judiciary. High intellect combined with a very accomplished bedside manner with clients. He is particularly good with difficult clients and manages expectations well.’
Francesca Dowse4 Paper Buildings ‘Francesca is fabulous with figures. She is a highly skilled finance practitioner. She is highly respected by her peers and solicitors alike.’
Nicholas Fairbank4 Paper Buildings ‘Nicholas has an excellent eye for detail, good on his feet and is a compelling advocate.’
Matthew FirthQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Matthew has a thorough grasp of brief and insightful analysis of the detail. He is always timely and meticulous in preparation. He has impressive and quick witted advocacy skills targeted to achieve the outcome required.’
Harry Gates4 Paper Buildings ‘Harry is an excellent senior junior. He knows his way round the judges and courts and his views are well respected. He is a class act all round.’
Charlotte Hartley1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charlotte is able to cut to the nub of the case and explain the issues in an easy to understand way. She is an incredibly bright, numerate and highly persuasive advocate, with a wonderful bedside manner.’
Helen Jefferson1GC | Family Law 'Helen is extremely good with her clients who continue to seek her out in their cases. She is very sensible and robust where needed, is a fantastic advocate in court and very persuasive. She is always willing to help between hearings, one of the go-to barristers.'
Eleri Jones1GC | Family Law ‘Eleri is a stand out practitioner who knows the papers inside out and adopts a strategic and analytical approach to cases along with a quiet authority.’
Max Lewis29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Max is robust and very strong on detail particularly where companies are involved. He is very likable and has an excellent client manner.’
Caroline Lister1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Caroline is responsive, engaged and experienced.’
Ewan MurrayFourteen ‘Ewan is always absolutely charming with the clients. He will set them at ease from the moment he first meets them. He is always extremely well-organised and is not afraid to take a robust stance inside and outside of court where needed, but equally, he will adopt a pragmatic approach where he can and engage in constructive discussions outside of court with his opponent. In court, he is composed and excels at cross-examination, in even the most difficult of cases.’
Samantha SingerQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Samantha gives sound advice and judgment. She is an excellent FDR judge as well as a very good advocate.’
Morgan SirikandaQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Morgan makes complicated cases seem simple. He cuts though to what matters and his calm advocacy is highly persuasive and reassuring to clients. His cross-examination is lethal.’
Emma Sumner1 Hare Court ‘Emma is an exceptional all rounder. She is excellent with clients and immediately gains their trust and respect. She is supremely diligent in her preparation and will always have read everything and understood every detail and she is a persuasive advocate. She demonstrates all of these qualities and really deserves her recognition as one of the very best senior juniors.’
Rhys TaylorThe 36 Group ‘Rhys is an excellent barrister and he has a fabulous way of getting his client's case across to the judge. He is full of knowledge and always has the relevant cases to hand to support his legal arguments.’
Petra Teacher29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Petra has an intricate eye for detail. She works tremendously hard and makes sure she knows her case inside and out. She has excellent client care skills and is always respectful and inclusive to her instructing solicitor and her lay client.’
William TyzackQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB)William gets to the heart of a case very quickly. He understands the intricacies of a case and knows that needs to be done tactically in order to best achieve the client’s aims. He has always prepared well and has a very calm, measured style of advocacy that gets him far with the judges.
Joshua William Viney1 Hare Court ‘Joshua is quite simply an excellent barrister. He is tenacious and robust in court, but empathetic with clients who appreciate the diligence he brings to their case. He has great strategic foresight, whilst remaining commercial. He is an outstanding junior, who consistently delivers.’
Katherine Cook - 1 Hare Court 'Katherine is superbly organized, has a razor sharp brain and is a brilliant advocate. She provides clear and robust advice and has excellent client skills.'
Lily Mottahedan - 1 Hare Court 'Lily is a brilliant advocate. Her advice is first class, delivered with polish and panache.'
Kate Elizabeth Ozwell - 1 King's Bench Walk 'Kate is an excellent advocate who is effective and commanding in court and able to explain her views very persuasively, whether to the judge or the client. She is eminently pragmatic and accurate in her advice and predictions for the client. She comes across as reassuring and impressive to clients.'
Jennifer Perrins -1 King's Bench Walk 'Jennifer is very thorough, bright, responsive and good on her feet.'
Simon Sugar - 1GC | Family Law 'Simon is an excellent advocate, very knowledgeable and highly empathetic with clients.'
Jude Allen1 Hare Court ‘Jude is very straight talking and do not shy away from telling a client things they may not want to hear. She is good at gaining a clients trust and gets to grips with the clients case quickly. She gives a clear indication and commentary around it which is helpful to the clients and definitely assist with reaching a settlement.’
Rebecca Bailey-Harris1 Hare Court ‘Rebecca has incredible knowledge and experience of all international aspects of family law.’
Rosemary BuddenQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Rosemary is all over the detail and issues of a case with incredible speed. She beautifully prepared at all times. She has a strong but kind way of managing clients who are emotionally vulnerable as she is particularly caring and attentive to their sensitivities.’
Juliet Chapman1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Juliet is sharp and responsive and gave what turned out to be sound advice in relation to a relocation matter. She has also been extremely effective on financial matters.’
Sabuhi ChaudhryThe 36 Group ‘Sabuhi is an outstanding advocate who expertly pleads her case and effectively counters the arguments of her opponent. Her thorough preparation gives clients confidence at a time where emotions run high.’
Sophie Connors4 Paper Buildings ‘Sophie is a force to be reckoned with. She has an incredibly good manner with clients, is always meticulous in her preparation and her advocacy skills are second to none.’
Kyra Cornwall1 Hare Court ‘Kyra is a patient and firm advocate who handles emotionally and practically complex cases with ferocity and empathy. She is a strong team player, approachable and intelligent.’
Hamish Dunlop – 3PB ‘Hamish is a superb advocate. He juggles complex facts with ease and exudes confidence in court.’
Gwynfor EvansThe 36 Group ‘Gwyn is exceptionally bright and always well-prepared. He is incredibly hard-working and wins and maintains client trust with his attention to detail and his pragmatic approach. He is good on his feet and very supportive.’
Ben Fearnley29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Ben has fantastic technical knowledge. He is able to advise as to realistic outcomes and therefore manages expectations. He is a first rate advocate. He really listens to what the client is trying to achieve and is sensitive to their needs. He is supportive of the solicitor instructing him.’
Conor Fee29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Conor is an excellent advocate in all respects. He has brilliant interpersonal skills and immediately puts clients at ease. He has an analytical mind and is a creative thinker and has a high level of commercial sense. He is strategic in considering the proposed division the division of complex assets.’
Victoria Francis29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Victoria is an excellent advocate who is clear, concise and persuasive. She is also excellent at quickly getting to grips with and providing thorough advice on complex issues, particularly in relation to business interests and structures.’
Anthony Geadah29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Anthony is  fearless, prepares meticulously and inspires confidence in clients.’
Michael GleesonHarcourt Chambers ‘Michael is very ebullient and eager. He is very responsive and user friendly.’
Emma HargreavesSerle Court ‘Emma is an absolute superstar. She is intellectually bright, confident beyond her years and able to hold her own in complex cases against leading counsel. Emma is wonderful with clients and a real team player.’
Fiona HayHarcourt Chambers ‘Fiona is extremely able and experienced. She is very adept in front of judges and carries excellent client handling skills. High intellect combined with humanity which is a rare combination.’
Fitzrene Headley Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Fitzrene is a stand out barrister, exceptional on her feet, has a lovely manner with the client and is a tough negotiator. She is always available to advise on complex issues that arise from time to time, is sensible with her advice and tactical.’
Laura Heaton29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Laura's client care skills are second to none. She very quickly builds a rapport with the client and gains their trust. In the court room, Laura is quick on her feet and is not shy in fighting her client's corner.’
Sally JacksonNew Court Chambers ‘Sally is incredibly hard working and a brilliant advocate getting results even for the toughest cases.’
Stephen Jarmain1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Stephen is exceptional, one of the most brilliant juniors at the family bar.’
Alexander LaingCoram Chambers ‘Alex is is amazing on the detail, and absolute go-to barrister on all matters.’
Rhiannon Lloyd4 Paper Buildings ‘Rhiannon is fantastic. She is always on hand to give clear, strategic and sensible advice. She is good with clients, relaxed and approachable. She is clearly very experienced, and clients are confident in her knowledge.’
Stephen Lyon4 Paper Buildings ‘Stephen is a go-to barrister for particularly complex cases or cases with challenging clients. He has a fantastic client manner, and his skill and experience means that he mixes it with silks without ever being overawed or outgunned. He is respected throughout the profession and is listened to.’
Jacqueline MarksCoram Chambers ‘Jacqueline is insightful, incredibly good at the detail of a matter and has excellent client handling skills.’
Christopher McCourt1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Christopher is a force with whom to be reckoned. He is forceful, fearless, and a formidable opponent - someone who manages to terrify the other side in court and impress a judge. He is perfect for a client who needs strong representation and someone to protect the interests of the vulnerable.’
Joseph Moore1GC | Family Law ‘Joseph is an outstanding financial remedy practitioner. He quickly gets to grips with the facts and narrows the issues. He gives pragmatic advice and well liked by clients.’
Harry Nosworthy4 Paper Buildings ‘Harry in an excellent advocate. He has a very calm demeanor which instantly puts clients at ease. He is always extremely well prepared and is a very persuasive advocate.’
Lucy Owens29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Lucy brings energy and focus on a long running, complex, and acrimonious case. Her preparation is exemplary, and her detailed knowledge of the papers comes to the fore in her penetrating cross-examination. Her advocacy style is robust and probing.’
Matthew RichardsonCoram Chambers 'Matthew is very thorough and has a good rapport with solicitors and clients, smoothing clients through the process with empathy and professionalism.'
Samantha Ridley1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Samantha is very adept at dealing with both financial and private children law cases, so she is an excellent choice where a client needs strong counsel in both areas due to overlapping issues. She gives clear, pragmatic advice from the outset and steers the strategy of the case in a skillful and intelligent way.’
Maria Scotland5 St Andrews Hill ‘Maria has excellent knowledge and thorough preparation. She prepares excellent documents and deals well with clients in a firm and friendly manner.’
Christopher StirlingField Court Chambers ‘Christopher quickly gets to grips with a case and the salient facts. He gives pragmatic advice and easily builds confidence with a client. He is a clever advocate, building rapport with his opposite number whilst robustly representing his client.’
Suzanne SymeHarcourt Chambers ‘Suzanne gets to grips with a case quickly and has wonderful bedside manner with clients. She's accessible and utterly professional. Her advocacy is outstanding when she cross-examines, and her written submissions and position statements are always well set out.’
Mandy Tanner - 1 King's Bench Walk ‘Mandy is an excellent advocate, quick on her feet and always has the ear of the Judge. She is approachable and down to earth and liked by fellow advocates.’
Alex Tatton-Bennett 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Alex relies on his intellect, meticulous preparation and ability to read the room to secure the best outcomes. He is phenomenally clever, impeccably prepared, humane, and his advocacy is persuasive and clear.’
Julia Townend4 Paper Buildings ‘Julia is an absolute superstar. She is always meticulously prepared, extremely persuasive, and determined to do her utmost in the best interests of client. She has a calm and friendly demeanor which puts clients at ease whilst being a robust and assertive advocate.’
Charlotte Trace29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Charlotte is thorough in her preparation and makes sure she knows the case inside out. She has an extremely sharp mind and carefully puts her documents together. She is a confident advocate and is quick to think on her feet. She reads the court room well and knows when a judge has heard enough. She instantly builds a great rapport and is calm under pressure.’
Duncan Watson1GC | Family Law ‘Duncan is a strong advocate and is able to confidently unpick the details of a particular issue, as well as retain focus on the overall resolution of a matter. He excels in advising on complex trust issues, company issues and pensions. He can understand each client's needs and gives options to met those needs. He thinks outside of the box.’
Nicholas Wilkinson1 Hare Court ‘Nicolas is a diligent and hardworking junior who offered significant assistance in trial preparation and drafting litigation documents, which requires numerous interim applications dealing with a number of different aspects of the law.’
Gerald WilsonThe 36 Group ‘Gerald is a very accomplished and all round barrister with oodles of experience. He has excellent analytical skills and clearly enjoys advocacy. He is not frightened to stand up to judges questioning but always comes across reasonably.’
Katie Wood4 Paper Buildings ‘Katie is always meticulously prepared for cases. She is a robust and highly persuasive advocate and fantastic with clients. Her judgment is always correct, and she is definitely a go-to counsel in matrimonial finance cases.’

Rising Stars

Lucia Crimp 1 King's Bench Walk 'Lucia is incredibly well-prepared, bright, articulate and quickly grasps difficult issues. She gives excellent attention to detail particularly in her preparation, and is tenacious in her advocacy. She is a fearless and talented advocate who never loses sight of the bigger picture. She works incredibly hard to get the best result for her clients, which does not go unnoticed by all involved. Her knowledge and expertise ensures that clients receive supportive and well-informed advice.'
Imogen Lloyd-Thomas - 1 King's Bench Walk 'Imogen is a very skilled advocate with emotional intelligence and unflappable advocacy skills beyond her year of call. She handles complicated matters and vulnerable clients with the utmost ease.'
Philip Tait - 29 Bedford Row Chambers 'Philip is brave, confident, clever, hardworking and enthusiastic. He engages with clients in a very mature and reassuring way.'
Joe RainerQueen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Joe is exceptionally hard working and responsive. He is supremely intelligent with an ability to explain complex issues in simple ways. His advocacy is brilliant – judges listen to him, he is persuasive and powerful.’
Annabel Barrons1GC | Family LawAnnabel is incredibly impressive, entirely committed to the case and the client. A tremendous advocate.
Harry Campbell29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Harry is very bright, tenacious and well organised barrister. A future star of the junior Bar.’
Anna Sutcliffe - 1 King's Bench WalkA strong advocate who builds excellent rapport within the courtroom. She is also able to quickly build good working relationships with clients, offering them practical advice and not shying away from discussing the difficulties within a case.
Max Turnell1 King’s Bench WalkMax is extremely well-prepared and carries out a very thorough and detailed analysis of cases. A junior with an incisive eye.

Family (including divorce and financial remedy) in London Bar

1 Hare Court

1 Hare Court is an ‘extremely strong family set’ with ‘real depth of expertise at every level’ and a particular emphasis on matrimonial and civil partnership finance. Nigel Dyer KC appeared in the Court of Appeal, for the wife, in Derhalli v Derhalli, a claim by her ex-husband for damages for trespass, which was alleged to have been committed by her presence in the former matrimonial home while it was on the market for her sale.



‘1HC is an outstanding set. Their annual seminar is second to none in the family law world, and their barristers are of an exceptionally high quality.’

‘1 Hare Court is a great chambers.’

‘1 Hare Court is a good set which provides excellent training throughout the year.’

‘The set is the strongest set across the board for divorce and finance work.’

‘1 Hare Court is a very strong family set in particular for financial remedy work.’

‘1 Hare Court is an excellent set of chambers offering strength and depth in matrimonial finance.’

‘1 Hare Court has real strength in depth, from KC down to the most junior tenants. They are all universally approachable and accessible.’

1 King's Bench Walk

1 King’s Bench Walk has ‘an incredibly strong roster of talent across all aspects of domestic and international family law practice’. It is regarded as ‘a fantastic set with a great range of leading silks and juniors who are all highly skilled’. Richard Harrison KC is ‘highly skilled at both children and finance cases’ and is highly regarded for his ‘encyclopedic legal knowledge and good judgement’. ‘Tough and tenacious’ advocate Charles Howard KC specialises in handling high net-worth financial remedy disputes. Philip Marshall KC is known for his ‘strong cross-examination skills’ and has extensive experience in drafting complex high net worth pre-nuptial agreements. Christopher Pocock KC is admired for being ‘highly numerate and super thorough’. Alexander Chandler KC was appointed silk in 2022.



‘1 KBW is an excellent set with great depth and experience in high level matrimonial disputes.’ 

‘1KBW is ‘go-to’ set for all financial matters, and their range of knowledge, skill set, and experience is second to none.’ 

‘1KBW is excellent chambers with strength and depth in all aspects of family law.’ 

‘1KBW has a real strength in depth amongst its counsel – even at short notice they are able to find a suitable advocate for a case at all levels.’ 

‘1KBW is a premier family set and ‘go-to’ set for all types of family law work. They have impressive skills and are top-flight advocates right from new tenants and pupils up to the best quality silks.’ 

‘1KBW are an excellent set with a very high level of counsel who always go the extra mile, their paperwork is flawless.’ 


29 Bedford Row Chambers

29 Bedford Row Chambers is ‘an excellent set’ and ‘the top chamber for family law matters’. The former head of chambers, Philip Cayford KC, is ‘immensely experienced’ and focuses on financial remedy work, specialising in big money divorce, matters involving offshore trusts and TOLATA claims, as well as pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements. Timothy Scott KC is admired for his ‘clear, concise, and calm approach’ and specialises in international family law, including the impact of European Union law on English family law. ‘Robust and effective advocate’ Jonathan Southgate KC regularly appears in leading, complex and ultra-high net worth financial remedy cases. Leading junior Sally Max is praised for her ‘amazing intellect and advocacy’ while rising star Harry Campbell garners praise for being ‘pragmatic and thinking quickly on his feet’.



‘29 BR is excellent in their relationship with solicitors. It is helpful, responsive and not stuffy.’

‘29 Bedford Row is a stellar set for complex divorce and financial remedy proceedings. It has an incredible depth of experience and expertise in all the key areas of family law. Their KCs are knowledgeable and approachable, and senior juniors’ advice and expertise can match any KC.’

‘29 Bedford Row have a stellar line up of counsel from the joint heads of chambers to the most junior tenants.’

‘29BR has some excellent people at all levels and has led the way with training programs for many years.’


‘The clerks are excellent and responsive, which is a testament to the leadership skills of James Shortall.’

‘The clerks are absolutely brilliant. James Shortall is master of all he surveys. Julie Holcombe is a real star.’


4 Paper Buildings is a ‘fantastic set of chambers’ with ‘a team of highly experienced barristers’. Charles Hale KC is always able to ‘think outside the box to come up with creative solutions’ and regularly acts on behalf of celebrities, high net worth individuals, and international clients. Christopher Hames KC is known for his ‘sensible and measured technique’ and has a particular focus on cases with an international dimension. Henry Clayton ‘has a phenomenal memory and pays key attention to every detail’ and focuses on big money matrimonial finance cases. Samantha Woodham ‘knows all her cases and the law inside out’ and specialises in high-profile and high-value cases.



‘4PB is a very strong set and has always been helpful and committed to its clients.’

‘4PB is a fabulous set with the team of strong financial practitioners.’

‘4PB is extremely well served in this area and is always able to offer top caliber counsel.’

‘4PB is the go-to chambers for both private children and financial work. It has a brilliant range of barristers from the junior end right up to silks.’

‘4PB has an excellent reputation, both in the financial and children’s fields. It is one of the leaders and widely recognised for it.’

‘The Chambers is extremely helpful and accommodating. It has strength in depth in both finances and children.’


Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) is ‘an excellent set with real strength in depth’ and a team of advocates who are ‘extremely competent and knowledgeable about all areas of family law’. Head of chambers Tim Amos KC specialises exclusively in family law, with particular expertise and ‘encyclopedic knowledge’ of international family law. Lucy Stone KC is admired for her ‘commanding presence in court and meticulous preparation’. Rising star Joe Rainer is known to be ‘calm and confident under pressure’ and successfully represented the wife in A v A (Arbitration Guidance), a matter which set down guidance to be applied in challenging Financial Remedy arbitral awards in the wake of the Haley case in 2020.



‘The set has the best choice of barristers at every age and stage – and is replete with stars.’ 

‘QEB is a leading family finance set.’ 

‘QEB is the leading family set. There is excellence at every level, from the clerks to the juniors to the top silks.’ 

‘QEB is an excellent chambers,  particularly for financial work on divorce. They have a wide spread of experience and abilities.’ 

‘QEB is an outstanding financial set with a number of stars.’ 

‘QEB as a whole is an extremely strong set, particularly in matrimonial finance cases. They have a wide range of barristers who are always well prepared, exceptionally bright and very personable.’  


1GC | Family Law

1 GC | Family Law is a set with ‘an exceptional array of brilliantly bright and knowledgeable barristers’. Penelope Clapham is ‘intelligent, fearless, extremely hardworking, and exceptionally numerate’ and represents clients in matrimonial proceedings as well as cohabitees in disputes. Philip Perrins is ‘unflappable, superbly prepared, excellent on his feet’ and a matrimonial finance specialist with expertise in international cases, including disputed divorce jurisdiction and marital status cases. Rising star Annabel Barrons is ‘extremely thorough and good at remembering every detail of a case’, and her practice encompasses the full spectrum of work within financial remedy proceedings.



‘1GC is a strong set with a range of different calls and expertise barristers .’

‘1GC is a highly respected and efficient chamber with an excellent number of highly competent barristers.’

‘1 GC is the go-to chambers for divorce, financial and private children matter.’

‘1 Garden Court is a fantastic set of chambers, really good quality advocates.’

‘1GC is a superb set offering great strength in depth. It offers a first-rate selection of juniors and seniors/silks.’

‘1GC is an excellent, modern, forward-thinking set.’


The 36 Group

The 36 Group is ‘a brilliant set with undoubtedly high quality throughout the set from the juniors to the seniors’. Andrzej Bojarski is ‘detailed, meticulous, and a brilliant barrister who cuts through complex issues quickly’ and has extensive experience in handling family finance and related Chancery matters. Niki Langridge is praised for her ‘creative and tenacious advocacy, incredible attention to detail, and encyclopedic knowledge’ and handles cases involving complex factual or legal elements, business assets, and third-party interests. Christopher Carr is ‘a creative strategic thinker who focuses on delivering a solution in complex and demanding circumstances’ and specialises in family finance cases, mostly in the Central Family Court. ‘Brilliant tactician’ Rhys Taylor has ‘first-class knowledge of the law’ and is regularly instructed in high-value cases involving complex company and trust structures, often with international elements.



‘The 36 Group is a strong family set. Barrister have a wealth of knowledge and this includes those newly called to the bar as they are able to call upon the advice and expertise of more senior members of chambers. Counsel are willing to provide assistance on issues of practice or law even if not instructed at that moment in time.’

‘The 36 Group is a brilliant chambers with amazing ability throughout. It is very strong on the financial side and the silks in chambers are remarkably good on the children side.’

‘The 36 Group is a a fantastic set with a huge range of counsel covering all areas of family law at every level of seniority.’

‘The 36 Group is a go to chambers for complex matters. They have the skill set and ability to handle a broad range of matters.’

‘The 36 Group is a very good chambers for finance work in particular. It offer a lot of seminars and training events.’

‘The 36 Group is a solid set as a whole with strength across the various aspects of family law.’