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Leading Silks

Tim Amos QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)As well as having a total command of the papers and facts, Tim is at the top of his game in terms of the technical points of law. He is also a commanding advocate.
Philip Cayford QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA real weight of experience is brought to the courtroom. He has a wonderful ability to recall case law and to intellectually argue points in a persuasive but non-aggressive manner.
Nicholas Cusworth QC - 1 Hare CourtIs the paradigm of the "heavyweight QC". He is calm, suave and highly competent. He is a formidable advocate with gravitas and a brilliant laid back cross-examination style in court. He has seen everything and nothing unnerves or panics him.
Nigel Dyer QC - 1 Hare CourtA robust advocate and detailed preparer of papers and reads all that is sent before him. Not afraid to work without a Junior.
Richard Harrison QC - 1 King's Bench WalkThe master of the understated approach. I have lost count of the number of times he has found the winning point buried in a mountain of paper.
Charles Howard QC - 1 King's Bench WalkLeaves no stone unturned and gives excellent and clear advice. He is an excellent advocate and is very much a safe pair of hands.
Lewis Marks QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Forensic skills second to none; sparkling advocate and perhaps the most numerate silk at the money bar. In complex, big-money cases a must to have in your corner.
Philip Marshall QC - 1 King's Bench WalkExceptionally intelligent and thorough.
Timothy Scott QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersVery persuasive in his written submissions.
Jonathan Southgate QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs an excellent advocate. He is highly persuasive - taking time to address points made against him in a clear, and intelligent manner. He is a formidable strategist.
Lucy Stone QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Tremendous attention to detail; meticulous preparation; highly persuasive advocacy; client care is second to none and great empathy with clients.
Richard Todd QC - 1 Hare CourtHas an instant and encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, which he deploys with the utmost skill, and often takes on the most difficult of cases with spectacular results. He is instructed by all the magic circle firms and also maintains a premier practice in Hong Kong.
Deborah Bangay QC - 1 Hare CourtA fantastic silk with an eye for detail. Great with the lay client and a formidable opponent in Court.
Patrick Chamberlayne QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs, in my opinion, the best cross-examiner at the family bar and top of the field in non-disclosure cases. There is nothing he has not seen and done at the top level in the field of matrimonial finance. He is also particularly good with international and inter-jurisdictional issues.
Deborah Eaton QC - 1 King's Bench WalkA top drawer gold-plated professional.
Charles Hale QC - 4 Paper BuildingsIs a phenomenal advocate and extremely persuasive. His other great skill is with lay clients. He puts them at their ease and is able to explain difficult legal concepts in a down to earth, friendly manner.
Stewart Leech QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Very clever, and a very calm but firm manner which disarms even the most entrenched of opponents (or indeed clients).
Christopher Pocock QC - 1 King's Bench WalkIncredibly calm under pressure, has very measured advice and is also an extremely efficient paper-free worker, which is impressive with someone of his seniority.
James Turner QC - 1 King's Bench WalkHighly recommended for international family law.
Timothy Bishop QC - 1 Hare CourtHis experience and analytical approach to matters are overwhelmingly good.
James Ewins QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Really does have everything you require from a leading QC. He is intelligent, supremely diligent in his preparation and a fabulous advocate both on paper and orally.
Justin Warshaw QC - 1 Hare CourtHis advocacy skills are second to none. He leaves no stone unturned and has excellent attention to detail. He takes no nonsense from his opponents, has the ear of the Judge and is what you need from a leading QC.
Nicholas Allen QC-29 Bedford Row ChambersAlways knows the detail of the case - even where the papers are voluminous he has read them all at least once.
Richard Anelay QC - 1 King's Bench WalkHis knowledge base of the family justice system and its development over the years adds so much to his work and that level of experience is irreplaceable.
Alexis Campbell QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs utterly superb. She is incredibly bright and a skilled advocate who manages always to articulate the absolute best case for her clients.
Frank Feehan QC - 1 King's Bench WalkIncredibly astute with excellent in-depth knowledge of both case law and legislation. A safe pair of hands, with the ability to turn around work efficiently taking a meticulous approach in the same.
Michael Glaser QC - FourteenUnquestionably one of the best family silks at the Bar. Indefatigable and determined. Tactical and clever. Never leaves a stone unturned trying to get the best possible result for his clients.
Christopher Hames QC - 4 Paper BuildingsCombines a very technical and forensic approach with a healthy dollop of pragmatism and a real sense of humanity. He is always impeccably prepared and miles ahead of the game.
Ann Hussey QC - 1 Hare CourtAn intellectually gifted and razor sharp advocate at the top of her game. Our first choice for HNW clients with complex assets where her ability to bring all the threads together to achieve the optimum outcome for the client is outstanding.
Daniel Lightman QC - Serle CourtClever and conscientious.
Howard Shaw QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersSuperb knowledge of subject area, excellent in court skills and good people skills.
Stephen Trowell QC - 1 Hare CourtHis capacity for remembering details is astonishing. He is not afraid to give clients tough advice, so they have a fully informed view. He is frighteningly intelligent.
Christopher Wagstaffe QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersExcellent client skills - makes impenetrable legal constructs accessible and understandable.
Nicholas Yates QC - 1 Hare CourtIs an exceptional talent and has already marked himself as a go-to silk for complex finance work. A master of the courtroom, he has the respect of the bench and the bar alike.

2019 Silks

Catherine Cowton QC - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Works at a phenomenal rate and level.
James Roberts QC - 1 King's Bench WalkDelves completely into a case and leaves no stone unturned. He digests every detail which instils confidence in solicitors and clients. He is robust and clear in advice and approach.

2020 Silks

Rebecca Carew-Pole QC - 1 Hare CourtHer written work is second to none and when on her feet she blazes a trail behind her. She is a force to be reckoned with whether in the negotiation room or the courtroom. Judges adore her clear presentation. She makes everything sound simple however difficult it may be.
Peter Mitchell QC - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs blessed with a sense of charm and humour that immediately settles nervous clients and leaves them feeling they have actually enjoyed a day in court.
Harry Oliver QC - 1 King's Bench WalkSuper intelligent. He has the financial acumen of a top flight accountant, he knows the law like no other barrister I have met.
Simon Webster QC - 1 Hare CourtShrewd advisor with wisdom beyond his years. Persuasive advocate with first class client management skills. Consistently operating at the top of his game.

2021 Silks

Nichola Gray QC - 1 Hare Court ‘A very hard working and determined barrister who has the skills to be a successful QC. Paperwork, judgement and advocacy skills are all excellent.
Michael Horton QC - Coram ChambersHis grasp of detail in this complex case with a large number of papers has been very impressive. His paperwork is excellent and he has handled the client with great skill. His advocacy skills are also highly commendable.
Deepak Nagpal QC - 1 King's Bench WalkFor the big, scary case, everyone’s go-to, which is why he is probably so hard to get.

Leading Juniors

Duncan Brooks - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Is very calm, very reliable, very thorough.
Penelope Clapham - 1GC | Family LawConfident and shrewd and grasps the issues. Explains the position to the client in a very calm and understanding manner. Professional, engaging and approachable.
Elizabeth Clarke - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Has the most outstanding judgement, immense emotional intelligence, the most passionate advocate who is head and shoulders intellectually above everyone else.
Henry Clayton - 4 Paper BuildingsOne of the the brightest, sharpest minds at the family law Bar. He regularly goes head to head with silks and does so with ease. He is a match for anyone and is simply superb.
Marina Faggionato - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Practically perfect in every way. She is undoubtedly one of the brightest and best leading junior barristers. Her extraordinary commitment to clients shines through.
Katherine Kelsey - 1 King's Bench WalkShe has fantastic judgement, is excellent on children as well as financial remedy cases. Clients feel that they are in fantastic hands, and she really fights their cause, while at the same time is pragmatic, good at judging her tribunal and aims to settle cases if she can.
Sally Max - 29 Bedford Row ChambersRazor sharp. Incredibly analytical and strategic. She is always meticulously prepared and knows her way around every page of a bundle. She is no nonsense and a very effective and powerful advocate.
Philip Perrins - 1GC | Family LawIs an outstanding financial practitioner.
Sarah Phipps - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Exceptional attention to detail, good judgement and meticulous preparation.
Richard Sear - 1 Hare CourtIs an intellectual colossus. Utterly dependable he works like a Trojan. Confident and persuasive in court he is charming with a good sense of humour which goes down very well with Judges. He is respected by Judges and opponents alike.
Jonathan Tod - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHis unstinting tenacity is matched by his endless finesse, particularly in complex and bitterly fought cases. He always has the ear of the judge and the total confidence of the client.
Samantha Woodham - 4 Paper BuildingsHas huge amounts of energy for cases and does not shy away from taking or running a punchy point. She charms clients, solicitors and the court with her straightforward and respectful manner.
David Burles - 1GC | Family LawGives thoughtful and considered advice which is invariably not only sensible but accurate. More than a match for any QC.
Richard Castle - 1 King's Bench WalkA great choice for the most difficult financial cases. Richard will cut through detail to distil the key points well. He is forceful but does not overplay it. Judges like this.
Alexander Chandler - 1 King's Bench WalkAlex has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and is meticulous in his preparation. Alex has the confidence of his clients and his instructing solicitors. Alex is a superb and seasoned advocate and reads the court well.
Amy Kisser - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Her down to earth, no-nonsense approach instils the confidence of the client and the court. A determined advocate whose paperwork is always on point too.
Niki Langridge - The 36 GroupShe knows every inch of her instructions and associated papers, placing the clients at immediate ease. She is excellent with the clients whatever their age, ethnicity or occupation.
Judith Murray - 4 Paper BuildingsIs skilled in dealing with complex financial cases including trusts.
Peter Newman - 1 King's Bench WalkTremendous attention to detail and a powerful advocacy style. Never loses sight of the bigger picture and will give clients tough advice.
Sassa-Ann Amaouche - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs an extremely strong advocate. Her attention to detail is second to none and also her ability to advise clients on complicated/technical points of law and deliver difficult messages is outstanding. She is sharp, focused and determined.
Richard Bates - 29 Bedford Row ChambersHis advocacy is second to none. Every sentence Richard says to the Judge is a good point. There is no flannel. He is a QC in disguise and he regularly comes up against them and comes out on top.
Daniel Bentham - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Is incredibly bright and has a lovely and engaging manner with counsel and clients alike.
Phillip Blatchly - 1 Hare CourtHe is taking on the top cases and going toe to toe with giants of family law. He is superbly user friendly and accessible.
Andrzej Bojarski - The 36 GroupPossesses razor sharp intellect and is always ahead of the game.
Simon Calhaem - 29 Bedford Row ChambersSo quick on his feet in court, Simon often out manoeuvres his opponents and remains unflappable in the face of judicial pressure.
Ella Calnan - FourteenIs a barrister of exceptional ability. She is an absolute powerhouse, combining an appetite for hard work with first-rate judgement and a flair for advocacy. She possesses an huge amount of emotional intelligence.
Gillon Cameron - FourteenWith clients he comes across as thoughtful and measured. In court he is sharp and tenacious. I like the combination and so do clients.
Nicholas Chapman - 29 Bedford Row ChambersVery hardworking.
Katy Chokowry - 1 King's Bench WalkA star of the junior Bar, she is very diligent and thorough.
Francesca Dowse - 4 Paper BuildingsAn excellent advocate with a pragmatic, analytical and incisive approach. One of her many strengths is being able to put the client at ease before and during a hearing. Her cross-border experience is extensive. Professional and personable, she is simply top-notch!
Nicholas Fairbank - 4 Paper BuildingsIs an intellectual powerhouse in a very measured exterior. In my view he is not as well-known as he should be, but that is changing as the large firms realise he offers an encyclopaedic brain and is the match for any silk.
Matthew Firth - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)His attention to detail is absolute, he ensures that every aspect of what he does is to the highest standard. He is always fully prepared, his advocacy skills are brilliant and his negotiating strategies flawless.
Harry Gates - 4 Paper BuildingsIs absolutely charming with clients and wins them over straightaway, whilst also giving clear and honest advice. He is thoroughly well prepared and is an impressive advocate. His commitment to cases really shines through.
Claire Heppenstall - 1GC | Family Law ‘An absolute star player. Claire has an easy and straightforward manner with clients and adapts with emotional intelligence to the individual personality and needs of a case. She has a keen intellect and is skilled in getting to the heart of a case.
Marcus Lazarides - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) ‘Gets right to the heart of things. He is very approachable, user-friendly and engaging. He is highly intelligent and has a real ability to get to the right answer. He is hardworking and assiduous.
Max Lewis - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA well-regarded junior.
Caroline Lister - 1 King's Bench WalkIs clever, considered and thorough. She has an excellent understanding not just of the law but of which arguments are likely to play well in court.
Ewan Murray - FourteenIs great to work with, is very numerate and works incredibly hard. A star in the making.
Samantha Singer - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)She is a fantastic advocate and many a tribunal is swayed by her submissions both written and oral. Her attention to detail is always present as is her ability to make the right judgement call.
Morgan Sirikanda - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Is pure class. He has extraordinary judgement, is highly intelligent and has a razor sharp brain. He has a wonderful bedside manner, putting clients at ease, explaining everything clearly and in a way that they are able to understand, however complex the issues.
Emma Sumner - 1 Hare CourtA calming presence, Emma is a gifted advocate and it is a joy to instruct her. Emma has a wealth of experience and as well as providing superb legal advice she also has a very practical approach.
Rhys Taylor - The 36 GroupIs simply one of the brightest and most impressive juniors in family finance and cohabitation cases. An excellent knowledge of law and procedure that is used both tactically and effectively. A first choice and a reliable choice.
Petra Teacher - 29 Bedford Row ChambersBrings both an energy and a calm-headed focus to every case. She's great to work with, and forms a natural team with solicitor and client.
Greg Williams - Coram ChambersAdept at financial remedy and civil cases, Greg is one of few who can tackle a cohabitation case as well as a chancery barrister would.
Helen Williams - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs the full package. She is extremely clever, extremely good with Judges and clients and her ability to settle on the best strategic approach is extremely impressive.
Maria Scotland  - 5 St Andrew's Hill  'Her drafting is outstanding and her advocacy persuasive.'
Rebecca Bailey-Harris - 1 Hare CourtHer strength is the detailed preparation and reassurance to clients. If I have a jurisdiction nightmare brewing, she is my first call!
Charanjit Batt - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Has delivered some fantastic results for us particularly on some difficult international enforcement matters. A firm, clear and effective advocate.
Kerstin Boyd - Tanfield Chambers ‘Kerstin Boyd is an excellent all round family law barrister. She has a calm approach both with judges and clients alike. She is able to understand complex material and ensure that the client's case is properly put forward either during oral or written submissions.
Rosemary Budden - Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)Great with clients, a perceptive advocate who is able to gauge the mood of judges before adapting her submissions accordingly.
Jane Campbell - Harcourt ChambersJane is a force to be reckoned with on her feet. Her approach to cases is measured yet robust when necessary and this endears her to clients and judiciary alike.
Christopher Carr  - The 36 Group ‘Is meticulous in his detail, deft at his handling of clients and opponents alike and a pleasure to work with.
Juliet Chapman - 1 King's Bench WalkJuliet is a hit with every client, meticulously prepared, constructive but tough when required.
Sophie Connors - 4 Paper BuildingsIs a tenacious advocate. Her written work is meticulous. Clients love her empathy and her attention to detail - she knows their cases inside out. She is a terrific team player and incredibly user friendly.
Kyra Cornwall - 1 Hare CourtCalm under fire. Measured in her demeanour. Kind and empathetic to clients. A smiling assassin in the courtroom. Underestimate her at your peril!
Gwyn Evans - Tanfield ChambersGwyn approaches every case as though it were the most important of his career. This leads to utter confidence and reassurance which always impresses clients. Gwyn maintains this approach in negotiations with opponents which regularly leads to successful settlement.
Ben Fearnley - 29 Bedford Row ChambersBen has sound judgement, methodical and detailed preparation, alongside an excellent understanding of the law. His preparation makes you feel at ease going to court settlement meetings.
Conor Fee - 29 Bedford Row ChambersMakes clients – and their instructing solicitors – feel very safe. He is always well-prepared but also sees through the detail to the real issues.
Anthony Geadah - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs thorough and tenacious with an amazing eye for detail. His advocacy is extremely strong.
Michael Gleeson - Harcourt ChambersIs meticulous in his preparation and a formidable advocate. He has an enviable ability to appeal to the full spectrum of clients and he is a pleasure to instruct.
Emma Hargreaves - Serle CourtA super star who punches well above her weight. She has not just a formidable intellect but also is a first-class advocate whose trust/family practice has honed her skill set.
Charlotte Hartley - 1 King's Bench WalkIs a first-rate advocate and an excellent tactician.
Fiona Hay - Harcourt ChambersFiona is strong, fair, compassionate and kind. These are valuable qualities in the legal field. Her knowledge is unsurpassed and her approach to cases always client focused and sensible.
Laura Heaton - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA standout practitioner - loved by judges and respected by opponents. She is a fabulously safe pair of hands no matter how complicated the issue.
Sally Jackson - New Court ChambersTruly wonderful, endlessly patient, intelligent and resourceful. Excellent paperwork and advocacy. Good at both finance and children cases.
Stephen Jarmain - 1 King's Bench WalkExpresses himself very persuasively and has an amazing eye for detail.
Helen Jefferson - 1GC | Family LawVery kind, confident and approachable. Deals with difficult clients in a very empathetic and clear manner.
Eleri Jones - 1GC | Family LawIs gaining a stellar reputation in both children and financial work but with a particular expertise in international work.
Rhiannon Lloyd - 4 Paper BuildingsWins a case on paper - literally before she walks into the courtroom the judge is on her side because her paperwork is not only excellent but punchy and persuasive. Her position statements and written arguments are incredible. She is a very robust and highly skilled advocate.
Stephen Lyon - 4 Paper BuildingsCan mix it with senior barristers without being outgunned, whilst always maintaining a professional and calm demeanour.
Jacqueline Marks - Coram ChambersA highly forensic barrister who will always know the figures inside out and sideways and who often picks up on small, but important, points buried in the paperwork.
Christopher McCourt - 1 King's Bench WalkAn experienced junior.
Harry Nosworthy - 4 Paper BuildingsWhilst being firm and quick in court, Harry has a kind and calm approach with clients making them feel at ease while answering any questions.
Lucy Owens - 29 Bedford Row ChambersIs ultra-intelligent. She gets to the heart of the problem quickly and never gives up in her negotiations with the opposition.
Dr Charlotte Proudman - Goldsmith ChambersHas built up an excellent practice in family law well beyond her year of call. She is a leading thinker and expert on gender based violence and family law.
Matthew Richardson - Coram ChambersIs an extremely calming presence with huge amounts of empathy.
Samantha Ridley - 1 King's Bench WalkThoroughly prepares her cases and her written work is concise and incisive.
Kate Van Rol - 4 Paper BuildingsIs an excellent advocate, who is strong and determined and always gives a compelling performance in court.
Amber Sheridan - 29 Bedford Row ChambersQuick to assimilate detail and salient issues on case. Is a calm presence in long negotiations and clients take to her quickly and trust her. She is very accessible and user friendly for her instructing solicitors.
Christopher Stirling - Field Court ChambersHas extraordinary technical ability across all areas in financial family law matters and in property disputes.
Suzanne Syme - Harcourt ChambersHas an excellent manner with clients and quickly establishes a rapport and confidence. She is always thoroughly prepared for conferences and hearings alike.
Mandy Tanner - FourteenAn excellent and thorough advocate. Her intelligence is always impressive making complex matters simple. Great preparation and dialogue with solicitors in preparation for a case.
Julia Townend - 4 Paper BuildingsIs one of the most exciting legal talents at the Bar. She has a fierce legal intellect combined with incredibly effective advocacy skills that charm and persuade judges and clients alike. Julia sweeps aside opponents, and more often than not those who are many years her senior, with ease yet always with a calm and professional grace.
Charlotte Trace - 29 Bedford Row ChambersA star in the making.
Duncan Watson - 1GC | Family LawRazor sharp mind. Extremely competent in dealing with complex cases involving business assets. Unflappable under pressure. Produces exceptional written advices. A fearsome advocate.
Gerald Wilson - Tanfield ChambersIs insightful and clever and someone who always exercises good judgment. He is excellent at dealing with clients however demanding or challenging they are. His knowledge is wide and detailed and well beyond the confines of family law so very useful to appoint in cases which are not run of the mill.
Katie Wood - 4 Paper BuildingsVery hardworking. Fantastic with clients and really goes the extra mile to achieve results. A real star.

Rising Stars

Alexander Laing - Coram ChambersVery bright young barrister. Brilliant all-rounder, doing both money and children work, with a particular emphasis on international work.
Joshua William Viney - 1 Hare CourtIs incredibly calm and measured. Nothing fazes him and he has the patience of a saint in dealing with difficult individuals. He has assurance and client handling skills far beyond his years' call. He has a quick and agile mind, often getting to the point quicker than others in the room.

Family (including divorce and financial remedy) in London Bar

1 Hare Court

1 Hare Court is a ‘brilliant set with excellent people from top to bottom. All the barristers are approachable and always helpful when last-minute emergencies occur.’ The set is variously described as one of the 'top divorce and finance sets that is led from the front by the very best advocates' and is also praised for its range of 'stellar individuals who are questionably leaders in their field', including the newly promoted Nicholas Neville Grylls Cusworth QC, as well as 'some future stars in its junior ranks', such as Joshua William Viney. Among its ‘huge range of excellent barristers’ is Nigel Dyer QC who is advising on an interesting case dealing with the legal status of a wife who stayed in the property owned by the husband pending its sale post-divorce. The sale was delayed and the question centred on whether or not the wife was a trespasser during this period. Simon Webster QC and Rebecca Carew-Pole QC have further strengthened the set following their elevation to silk.

1 King's Bench Walk

1 King's Bench Walk has a ‘wide range of top quality senior and junior barristers. Known for its heavyweight financial work it also has a team that can handle any type of children work.’ It regularly deals with cases involving enormous wealth with complex and intricate assets, trusts and businesses both in the UK and offshore. It has ‘many market leaders who are at the forefront of developing our case law’ among them the ‘fearless advocate’  Charles Howard QC as well as Philip J Marshall QC who has an ‘encyclopaedic knowledge of financial remedy law.’ This set has ‘great strength-in-depth’ with Richard Harrison QC and Katherine Kelsey reaching the summit of the silk and junior rankings respectively. Harry Oliver's recent elevation to silk has further strengthened chambers at the senior end.

29 Bedford Row Chambers

29 Bedford Row Chambers is an ‘amazing set’ that ‘goes from strength to strength in finance work.’ For many, it remains the first port of call for heavyweight and high-value national and international matrimonial finance cases. Timothy Scott QC successfully acted for the husband in Lachaux v Lachaux [2019] EWCA Civ 738, a complex case that dealt with the recognition of a Dubai divorce as well as other issues such as the court’s jurisdiction over a child who was resident in Dubai. The matter is ongoing as the wife has made an application for permission to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. The set is praised for its ‘collegiate atmosphere’ and for having ‘some of the best silks and junior counsel in London – all of whom are highly accessible.’ Alexis Campbell QC and Nicholas Allen QC join this year's silk rankings, while the 'razor-sharp' Sally Max reaches the pinnacle of the junior rankings. In recent news, Robert Peel QC has been appointed a Justice of the High Court with effect from 6 October 2020.

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB)

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) has ‘top-notch advisers for the most complex financial cases. They are always well-prepared, professional and highly knowledgeable. The set is a "must" when considering which chambers to brief for such cases.’ The set continues to excel at the financial aspects of relationship breakdown. Of particular note, Lucy Stone QC recently acted for Marina Wheeler the former wife of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Tim Amos QC is 'an amazing strategist' and Lewis Marks QC is at the 'apex of the financial remedy world whose advice is invariably spot-on.' The set remains a ‘very strong set with leading figures from top to bottom’ and is ‘still seen as a very smart set of chambers.’

4 Paper Buildings

4 Paper Buildings ‘excels at offering consistent quality family law barristers at all levels.’ The set is excellent at dealing with family disputes involving high-net-worth and international clients. It is an ‘excellent set with first-rate practitioners who have a broad range of experience.’ Charles Hale QC is a 'great QC who very unusually still does financial and children work' and recently acted in the Court of Appeal for the Intervener in Attorney General v Akhter and Others, an important case which could have significant consequences for marital rights and in particular Sharia divorce and nullity proceedings. Samantha Woodham rises to the top of this year's junior rankings, while Julia Townend and Harry Nosworthy are new entrants to the table.

1GC | Family Law

At 1GC | Family Law ‘the fact that it undertakes both private and public children work, as well as finances, means that you are always in safe hands in the most complicated of cases.’ The set has an ‘extremely strong team with a personality to fit every client. It achieves great results and is a pleasure to work with.’ Members advise on a wide array of matters from complex business and trust structures through to major jurisdictional and enforcement matters. Key members who specialise in this area include  Penelope Clapham and Philip Perrins. The 'stellar' Eleri Jones is a new entrant in this year's junior rankings.