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Leading Silks

David Elvin KCLandmark Chambers ‘An excellent advocate and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of local government law and powers.’
Charles Gibson KCHenderson Chambers ‘He is a standout member of chambers and has quite deservedly cornered the market for certain types of ESG litigation.’
David Hart KC1 Crown Office Row ‘He has seen the law develop from its inception and has a lifetime of environmental work behind him, so is great to work with or against.’
Richard Hermer KCMatrix Chambers ‘An extraordinary lawyer, highly astute and effective, rigorous and meticulous, he is a passionate and intuitive advocate.’
Stephen Hockman KCSix Pump Court ‘He has gravitas in spades, and he argues points with insight and clarity at all times.’
James Maurici KCLandmark Chambers ‘Combines his exemplary knowledge of the planning decision-making process with a calm but confident method of delivery that reassures clients.’
Robert McCracken KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘A leader in his field, his written work and his advocacy are excellent.’
James Pereira KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘An awesome silk for all things nuisance.’
Stephen Tromans KC39 Essex Chambers  ‘His knowledge of environmental matters is without rival and his ability to tell the client the key issues is first-rate, quietly but astutely pointing out the best practical course.’ 
David Wolfe KCMatrix Chambers ‘A well-regarded public law practitioner, with expertise in high-profile planning and environmental cases, he has a persuasive style, which is effective with judges.’
Oliver Campbell KCHenderson Chambers ‘An excellent tactician and a clear and concise advocate in his cross-examination.’
Morag Ellis KCFrancis Taylor Building 'She has very strong analytical skills and an ability to distil advice on complex regulation concisely so that clients can easily understand and take action.’
David Forsdick KCLandmark Chambers ‘He has a very good grasp of the legal, policy and guidance requirements relating to HSE and risk issues.’
Gregory Jones KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘An excellent and natural barrister, his attention to detail and ability to provide clear, informative, strategic advice is second to none.’
Richard Harwood OBE KC39 Essex Chambers ‘He exhibits very detailed planning knowledge, great drafting and advocacy, and is a go-to barrister who cannot be faulted.’ 
James Strachan KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A force of nature in the courtroom, glacially cool in his delivery but with fierce intellect and a real killer instinct.’
David Travers KCGough Square Chambers ‘His strengths lie with his easy manner with clients and a formidable intellect, and his advocacy delivered with a combination of unpretentious and quiet confidence.’
Dominic Kay KCCrown Office Chambers ‘An excellent advocate whose presence and calm approach enables him to take control of any hearing.’
Thomas de la Mare KCBlackstone Chambers ‘An extremely impressive counsel who is good at getting the ear of the court and forcefully bringing home to the bench the practical impact of the complex legal positions.’
Richard Matthews KCThe Chambers of Richard Matthews KC ‘Absolutely superb on strategy, frighteningly intelligent, a true leader in both his written submissions and on his feet.’
Tim Mould KCLandmark Chambers ‘An exceptional advocate who has the total confidence of clients, he is approachable, calm and extremely hardworking.’
Jeremy Phillips KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘He is exceptionally eloquent and persuasive on paper and is able to engage in a positive and constructive manner with the Tribunal when on his feet.’
Nigel Pleming KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Top of the tree and a joy to work with, his advocacy combines authority with a lightness of touch.’
Prashant Popat KCHenderson Chambers ‘Brilliant and exceptionally clever, he delivers excellent dissemination of information and great rapport with clients.’
Mark Shaw KCBlackstone Chambers ‘A personable and engaging barrister, he has intellectual authority and is clearly trusted by clients and opponents.’
William Upton KCSix Pump Court ‘Personable, hardworking, detail-orientated and ferociously bright, he is a quick thinker who is tough in cross-examination.’
Mark Watson KCSix Pump Court ‘He is very diligent and has an incredible grasp of detail, and his experience and knowledge really come through in his advocacy.’
Geraint Webb KCHenderson Chambers ‘Extremely bright and committed, but tough when needed, he exhibits fabulous client care.’
Marc Willers KCGarden Court Chambers 'A confident advocate who excels in judicial reviews of developments with an impact on climate change and protected habitats.’
Wendy Miles KC – Twenty Essex ‘Very knowledgeable, in all fields, she thinks outside the box to preserve the client's interest in the best way possible.’
Charles Banner KCKeating Chambers ‘The environmental aspects of planning are a particular strength of his practice, and he is first port of call for this type of work.’
David Blundell KCLandmark Chambers ‘A very reasonable and sensible advocate in whom the court has confidence, he is very technically able.’
Tim Buley KC - Landmark Chambers ‘He has considerable experience in judicial review and public law and is able to quickly digest and understand novel legal points.’
John Cooper KCCrown Office Chambers ‘An excellent advocate, robust and well -reasoned, and an excellent lateral thinker.’
Timothy Corner KCLandmark Chambers ‘He is incredibly clever but also brings his experience as an advocate and a judge to bear in his advice.’
Clifford Darton KCSelborne Chambers ‘He exhibits an authoritative advocacy style without being pushy, and provides clear, pragmatic advice.’
James Findlay KCCornerstone Barristers ‘He exhibits an authoritative advocacy style without being pushy, and provides clear, pragmatic advice.’
Dan Kolinsky KCLandmark Chambers ‘Very thorough and calm, he presents complex things clearly and methodically in court and is a very effective advocate.’
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson Chambers ‘One the joint best of the senior barristers for regulatory crime, he is a quiet, careful, thoroughly prepared and destructive cross-examiner.’
Paul Stinchcombe KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A reliable advocate with a good knowledge of planning inquiry practice and procedure, he is astonishingly quick to identify the key issues.’
Richard Wald KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Measured, confident, persuasive, he is a superb barrister who is good on paper but truly excellent when in court on his feet.’ 

2021 Silks

Adam Heppinstall KCHenderson Chambers ‘Very on top of the law and great in a big team, he is a very good mentor to juniors.’
Richard Honey KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘An outstanding and highly skilled advocate who performs cross-examination to devastating effect.’
Gwion Lewis KCLandmark Chambers ‘Very bright and hardworking with a friendly manner, he provides clear, considered advice with pragmatism and authenticity.’
Megan Thomas KCSix Pump Court ‘She adopts a very clever and considered approach to advocacy with a gentle and friendly approach that puts people at ease.’

2022 Silks

Estelle Dehon KCCornerstone Barristers ‘A determined and tenacious advocate, whose oral and written advocacy is nuanced, well-reasoned and highly effective and whose grasp of the law consistently impresses.’
Zoë Leventhal KC - Matrix Chambers ‘She is passionate about her cases and puts forward her client's cases with zest and energy, applying strong intellectual qualities.’
Hanif Mussa KCBlackstone Chambers ‘He is absolutely brilliant, clear, articulate and firm in his views, he is exactly the chap you want in your corner.’

2023 Silks

Kathleen Donnelly KCHenderson Chambers ‘Very bright, tenacious and good on her feet.’

Leading Juniors

Christopher BadgerSix Pump Court ‘Extremely versatile, very thorough and detailed, the leading junior environmental counsel in the country - a true star!’
Kate CookMatrix Chambers ‘She has unparalleled expertise in international environmental agreements, is extremely client-focused and gets to the bottom of issues extremely quickly.’
Emma DixonBlackstone Chambers ‘She is brilliant, knowledgeable and also has an extremely high level of client service.’
Mark HarrisSix Pump Court ‘A real heavyweight in court, she is an excellent tactician providing clear advocacy and excellent knowledge and court craft.’
Richard MoulesLandmark Chambers ‘He is very articulate, extremely user-friendly and very hardworking, and has a superb knowledge of the law.’
Samantha Riggs25 Bedford Row ‘The go-to barrister for environmental crime, she is a passionate advocate and a fearsome opponent whose knowledge of the law in this area is second to none.’
Ned WestawayFrancis Taylor Building ‘An extremely strong, fearless and persuasive advocate, he can distil complex issues to a single telling point.’
Gordon WignallSix Pump Court ‘A pleasure to work with, he is the go-to barrister for complex environmental cases, with a detailed and careful approach to all he does.’
Richard BanwellSix Pump Court ‘He provides an excellent service with thorough knowledge in environmental law and a huge amount of experience.’’
James Burton39 Essex Chambers ‘Brilliant at interpreting complex and technical statutes and regulations and plotting a litigation course.’
Edward CravenMatrix Chambers ‘An outstanding junior in large international environmental claims, he is exceptionally bright and strategically savvy, responsive and committed.’
Malcolm GallowayCrown Office Chambers ‘He has excellent procedural and tactical knowledge to compliment top-grade advocacy skills, plus an excellent manner with clients.’
Sailesh MehtaRed Lion Chambers ‘Extremely professional and diligent with a relaxed and clear style, he has a long-standing and exceptional grasp of all relevant environmental legislation.’
Charles MorganSix Pump Court ‘He has encyclopaedic knowledge of water law, good judgement and is approachable.’
James PurnellHenderson Chambers ‘His energetic, helpful and personable style is refreshing, and his work rate is phenomenal and his advice pragmatic.’
Heather SargentLandmark Chambers ‘She is formidable, fearsomely bright, forensic in her analysis, and crystal clear and logical in her advice and advocacy.’
Colin Thomann39 Essex Chambers ‘He delivers a timely, friendly and effective service in even the most demanding and complex of cases.’
John BatesOld Square ChambersAn expert in water and drainage matters, and adept in environmental group action cases.
Sasha BlackmoreLandmark Chambers ‘A strong advocate, good to have on your side, tenacious and persistent.’
Jane CollierBlackstone Chambers ‘An approachable and responsive junior who has extensive expertise in information requests for environmental issues.’
Catherine Dobson39 Essex Chambers ‘She absorbs a huge amount of really complex technical information and can just cut straight to the heart of the issue and clearly recommend a solution.’
Monica Feria-TintaTwenty Essex ‘Personable, knowledgeable and practical in her approach, she turns work around in a short period of time.’
Ned Helme39 Essex Chambers ‘He is generous with his time and is clearly interested in thinking fully about the matter with his sharp mind to draw a clear conclusion.’
David HercockSix Pump Court ‘There is no detail or fact which escapes him and his ability to get to the heart of the issues is very impressive.’
Daniel Stedman Jones39 Essex Chambers ‘Very experienced in public law, he always identifies the issues and can turn advice around quickly.’
Juan Lopez39 Essex Chambers ‘An experienced and sophisticated barrister, good all round but particularly strong on energy work.’
Ravi MehtaBlackstone Chambers ‘Second to none in respect on knowledge of environmental law and policy, he has an extremely good eye for detail and is a very strong strategic thinker.’
Nicholas OstrowskiSix Pump CourtVery easy to work with, he provides high-quality advice and puts forward points of view which had previously not been considered.’
Charles StreetenFrancis Taylor Building ‘Extremely user-friendly, his advice is always clear, decisive and top-drawer, and he retains a calm and courteous demeanour while tenaciously pursuing his clients’ interests.’
Harriet TownsendCornerstone Barristers ‘A very intelligent barrister who quickly grasps the complex issues surrounding a matter, she is methodical, intuitive, composed and sharp.’
Richard TurneyLandmark Chambers ‘Truly exceptional, his analytical and technical skills are superb, and he is a compelling advocate with a really incisive and persuasive style.’
Katherine Barnes 39 Essex Chambers ‘Her advice has always been exceptionally pragmatic and tailored to client need, and she rapidly develops an excellent understanding of the practical implications of her advice.’
Rebecca ChalkleyRed Lion Chambers ‘A confident and assertive advocate, she understands the intricacies of the legislation, identifies the key elements of the evidence and doesn't get mired in attempts to divert attention elsewhere.’
Jonathan ClayCornerstone Barristers ‘He has an excellent manner with clients, his advice is clear concise and explained in a direct way which is understood by lay clients.’
Matthew Dale-Harris Landmark Chambers ‘A real talent whose judgement is sound and who conducts himself very impressively in the face of counsel who are more senior than him.’
Jonathan Darby 39 Essex Chambers ‘A great fighter and takes every point, you would always want him on your side.’
Rose Grogan39 Essex Chambers ‘She has a thriving environmental practice and is a brilliant advocate who is very good at getting the judge onside.’
Victoria Hutton39 Essex Chambers ‘One of the rising stars of the Bar, her knowledge and expertise in environmental law is second to none and her work is always of high quality.’
Philippa Jackson39 Essex Chambers ‘She is able to understand complex technical evidence and exhibits super drafting.’
Stuart Jessop – Gough Square Chambers ‘Really engaging and passionate about the work and the client’s case, he is a strong advocate who gets to the point.’
Brendon Moorhouse - Six Pump Court ‘A first choice in any serious or technically complex case, his preparation is methodical and exemplary, and his advocacy is calm, persuasive and unruffled.’
Ruchi Parekh - Cornerstone Barristers ‘A diligent barrister with impressive planning expertise, she has an exceptional command of the law, is extremely strategic, and gives clear, comprehensive advice.’
Jason PobjoyBlackstone Chambers ‘Very strategic and sharp, his written submissions are clear and concise and he skilfully steers cases drawing on his wealth of experience.’
Oliver PowellOuter Temple Chambers ‘A complete expert in his field and one who has great clarity on principles and how he operates.’
Sarah Sackman  – Matrix Chambers ‘A proper claimant's lawyer, she is pragmatic as well as having an eye on the detail and is great at thinking outside the box.’
Christiaan Zwart39 Essex Chambers ‘His advice is very detailed and he has good knowledge of the DCO procedure.’

Rising Stars

Kate Boakes – Matrix Chambers  ‘Simply a star, she has a first-rate legal mind combined with an ability to cut to the heart of any issue.’
Stephanie David39 Essex Chambers ‘She has an impressively diverse environmental law practice and she is was a popular and hardworking member of the team.'
Merrow GoldenFrancis Taylor Building ‘She has scored some notable victories for the underdog, and you can be sure that the research will be thorough and the advice clear and thought through.’
Gayatri Sarathy - Blackstone Chambers ‘She is a very intelligent junior who has concise drafting skills and is readily available.’
Gethin Thomas - 39 Essex Chambers ‘He is bright, quick to grasp the issues, very pleasant to work with, with a good eye for detail.’

Environment in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers ‘has particular expertise in environmental law and a broad range of counsel in terms of expertise and experience, and there is great in depth at both KC and junior level’. Environmental law is a key pillar of the work done by its planning, environment and property team, which is heavily involved in the continuation of the promotion of HS2 in Parliament, and the defence of the decision of the Marine Management Organisation to allow a variation to the licence in relation to the construction of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station for the dredging and disposal of mud to allow for the construction of the water inlets for the power station in the Severn Estuary. Leading silk Stephen Tromans KC is involved in the Hinkley Point matter and is advising the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency and Magnox Limited on issues relating to transfer of advanced gas-cooled reactor nuclear power stations. The set has a host of capable juniors, among them Victoria Hutton, Christiaan Zwart and Rose Grogan, who are all involved in matters relating to the granting of permission for a tunnel under Stonehenge.



‘I’ve worked with 39 for the last 15 years and I will always prefer to have them on the team. There is a really warm collaborative culture at 39 that I just don’t experience at other sets. The barristers are all really generous with their time and the clerks aren’t trying to do a hard sell – they’re just genuinely interested in how they can help/find the best solution. They are razor-sharp when needed but you know you have a pretty unique set when you look forward to instructing them because you know its going to be fun.’

‘I find the set as a whole extremely good, with an unparalleled depth of knowledge of environmental law, which is the area that I have instructed on. They have in the past trialled innovative methods of preparing for cases, such as mock hearings, that have proved incredibly useful in honing a case, identifying areas for further research ahead of the hearing. They have also always been incredibly flexible in the service they provide.’

‘Broad range of counsel in terms of expertise and experience.  The clerks are very strong and they have great in depth at both KC and junior level.’

’39 Essex is really growing as a planning and environmental set with greater strength and depth than ever before. There is a significant range of strong juniors with particularly strong women barristers.’

’39 Essex is a fantastic set of chambers if you want really good planning, environmental public law advice.’

’39 Essex are one of the best sets of chambers we work with and have always been very supportive of us. We have worked with many of 39 Essex public law barristers and have never been disappointed.’


Francis Taylor Building

At Francis Taylor Building is ‘solicitors are impressed by the standard of advice and the positive, collaborative attitude of the barristers’. The set’s expertise encompasses all aspects of environmental regulation, particularly the overlap between environmental law and land use planning, together with common law and criminal environmental liability. James Pereira KC is currently advising London Luton Airport on an application to increase capacity, with specific focus on climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, noise and environmental impact assessments. Standout junior Ned Westaway is handling a judicial review under the Planning Act 2008 on environmental impact assessment grounds to major offshore wind farm development.



‘Francis Taylor Building is an excellent set and always my first choice.  Over the years I have worked with ten members (a mix of juniors and silks) and have always been impressed by the standard of FTB’s advice and the positive, collaborative attitude of the barristers.’

‘The Chambers has good strength in depth on licensing matters from my experience.’

‘A very capable planning set we have sent the majority of our planning instructions to this year.’

‘FTB are one of the top planning sets, particularly on infrastructure work. Their breakfast briefings are well-known in the market and well-attended.’

‘Very strong depth of experience, particularly in the area of infrastructure. All members are of a consistently high quality.’


‘All the clerks are an asset to FTB.  I mainly deal with Harry Killick, Harry Gamble and James Kemp and they are very helpful and responsive.’

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is heavily involved in the Volkswagen emissions litigation and clients remark that it is ‘an excellent set with experienced counsel who are also friendly to work with’. Highly regarded silk Charles Gibson KC is involved in a multinational group action for defendants, involving more than 200,000 claims by Brazilian peopleand institutions following the collapse of the Fundão dam in Brazil. He is also handling the claims as part of the VW litigation and is also defending claims brought by more than 1,800 Zambian citizens bringing a claim against Vedanta Resources Plc, an English domiciled parent company, and KCM, a Zambian subsidiary company that owns and operates a mine in Zambia. Prashant Popat KC is another prominent member acting for VW, as is junior Kathleen Donnelly KC.



‘Henderson Chambers has genuine strength and depth in health, safety and environmental matters.’

‘Henderson Chambers is an excellent set and one of my go-to chambers. The quality of counsel is excellent and I also enjoy working with them.’

‘Hendersons are my chambers of choice for more significant and technically complex cases particularly involving defence of major corporations.’


‘Highly responsive and professional, always trying to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.’

‘The clerks are always really approachable and nice to work with. I contact Daniel Smith most often and he is  great to work with.’

‘Jason Housden is the Senior Clerk and is first-class, as are the more junior clerks.’

Landmark Chambers

Probably the best set in this area in terms of breadth and depth’, Landmark Chambers has ‘a large range of top planning, public and environmental lawyers providing solid service’. Its members are ‘very good for environmental law with a lot of very able and experienced practitioners, and the set deserves its reputation as a top-tier chambers’. Members frequently act for government entities, regulators, industry, corporates, private individuals and groups on matters concerning air quality, access to environmental justice, waste, contaminated land, pollution, climate change, emissions trading, environmental permitting and regulation and a host of other issues. David Elvin KC is among the most prominent and experienced silks in this field of law, and James Maurici KC, who is currently handling a group litigation case concerning claims for a terrorist-caused oil spill in Colombia, is also a standout silk. Prominent junior Richard Moules successfully represented the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in a case concerning the scope of environmental impact assessment of fossil fuel extraction projects.



‘Probably the best set in this area in terms of breadth and depth.’

‘First choice chambers for planning law matters. Real strength and depth, both at the senior and junior end. Good seminars, and the Landmark Chambers NPPF Digest is an invaluable reference tool.  Landmark barristers are not the cheapest, but they are amongst the very best, and you get value for money.’

‘Landmark obviously includes a large range of top planning, public and environmental lawyers.’

‘A standout planning set. Many of the leading silks who cover the full range of planning and related areas. In recent years they have grown their profile in the energy and infrastructure space.’

‘Landmark deserves its reputation as a top-tier chambers.’


‘Excellent service all-round. Speedy, very helpful and always friendly and efficient.’

Work highlights

    Six Pump Court

    Six Pump Court is ‘a very good approachable environmental set with quality barristers giving a user-friendly service’. The set has numerous specialists in environmental law and planning, who have been involved in the most significant environmental enforcement cases undertaken by the Environment Agency, including acting for the principal corporate defendant in the largest prosecution ever undertaken by the EA, and advising on cutting-edge environmental issues such as the form and substance of the new Office for Environmental Protection. Stephen Hockman KC acted for the defendant in Environment Agency v European Metal Recycling Ltd, which centred on allegations of deliberately dumping waste and risking pollution of a nationally significant water supply. Among the juniors, Mark Harris, who represented the EA in a case against South West Water, and Gordon Wignall, who handled a group litigation case in the High Court concerning dust, odours and noise from a wood chip manufacturing plant, are highly regarded.



    ‘I have worked with other members at Chambers and they do have strength in depth in this area. 6PC should shout louder about how good they are!’

    ‘6 Pump Court is one of the leading specialist environmental sets in the country for criminal work. Their counsel are excellent, and chambers has real strength in depth.’

    Blackstone Chambers

    Leading, top-end public law set’ Blackstone Chambers handles a diverse range of environmental matters, drawing in expertise in public, regulatory, local government, competition, energy, EU, procurement, planning and civil liberties. Thomas de la Mare KC, who has been running the Dieselgate litigation against VW and other motor vehicle manufacturers, and Mark Shaw KC are the standout silks. New silk Hanif Mussa KC is ‘exactly the chap you want in your corner’ and he successfully resisted a judicial review challenge to the latest proposals to support badger culling as a means of combatting bovie tuberculosis in cattle. Jane Collier, who frequently advises on matters concerning the Paris Agreement and renewable energy developments, and Emma Dixon are among the set’s high-profile juniors.



    ‘Blackstone is excellent – a market-leading, top end of town public law set.’

    ‘I have instructed Blackstone on everything from civil fraud to human rights issues and barristers are always top-class.’


    ‘Billy Brian is a pleasure to work with.’

    ‘Adam Sloane is responsive and readily available.’

    ‘Smooth and professional.’

    Work highlights

      Cornerstone Barristers

      Cornerstone Barristers is ‘a good planning set, one of the strongest in this area and is particularly well-known for doing local authority work’. One client remarks that ‘there is strength and depth in the environmental team; with good experience across a range of high-profile and leading High Court claimant cases’. Members frequently handle matters involving green belt and countryside issues, the historic environment, fracking, energy and renewables, habitats and species protection, and waste. New silk Estelle Dehon KC is ‘well-known to be one of the leading counsel on climate cases, with an an astounding breadth of knowledge and handle of the detail’. In R (Finch & Weald Action Group) v Surrey County Council & Horse Hill Developments Ltd, she is handling the first climate-based judicial review challenge to a grant of permission for commercial oil production. Experienced junior Jonathan Clay is adept in town and country planning matters.



      ‘One of the strongest sets in this area.’

      ‘Cornerstone is a good planning set. They are particularly well-known for doing local authority work.’

      ‘A very strong set in my area of work – planning and environment. Counsel generally available, although clearly very busy. Cornerstone’s annual case law update is about the best among the planning/environmental law chambers.’


      ‘Always responsive and easy to work with.’

      ‘Clerks are very responsive. Daniel Gatt is good to work with; very responsive and takes a practical view matter such as negotiating fees.’

      ‘Clerks are effective and approachable.’

      Work highlights

        Matrix Chambers

        Matrix Chambers is increasingly instructed in matters which address the impact of international law and standards in domestic law, particularly in relation to climate change and marine protection. The set is ‘brilliant across the board, and it is always a pleasure to instruct their members’, and according to some ‘the environment and human rights team is head and shoulders above the rest, particularly in taking on the more difficult and controversial environmental and climate cases’. Richard Hermer KC, who frequently handles large-scale international environmental disasters claims litigated before the London courts, and David Wolfe KC, who is challenging the legality of the UK government’s £28bn road building plan by reference to the need to tackle climate change, are the standout silks. New silk Zoë Leventhal KC is ‘an all-round excellent barrister, good on her feet and careful in how she presents cases’.



        ‘The environment and human rights team at Matrix are head and shoulders above the rest, particularly in taking on the more difficult and controversial environmental and climate cases.’

        ‘Matrix has a good number of barristers specialising in Environmental/Public law. It is my go-to Chambers for this area of work as its members are, without exception, phenomenally bright and strategic in approach.’

        ‘Matrix is brilliant across the board, and it is always a pleasure to instruct its members.’


        ‘Always helpful; Frankie Penton is great.’

        ‘The clerks are great – really responsive to emails and very friendly and helpful on the phone.’