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Leading Silks

David Elvin QC - Landmark ChambersAt the forefront of environmental law since the beginning, he is a heavy hitter, who is brilliant, genuine and kind.
Charles Gibson QC - Henderson ChambersA standout barrister for group litigation, he has an ability to get on top of complex and voluminous information and present it to the court.
David Hart QC - 1 Crown Office RowA top barrister for environmental law, a colossus with a lifetime's experience in this area.
Richard Hermer QC - Matrix ChambersHe has a great strategic brain and is totally at ease in court, where he is highly persuasive and acutely sensitive to the mood of the judge.
Stephen Hockman QC - Six Pump CourtEverything one hopes for in a barrister: extremely knowledgeable of the black letter law, a clear and persuasive advocate, but also incisive and strategic.
James Maurici QC - Landmark ChambersA quiet, thoughtful and incredibly hardworking silk who is able to analyse difficult tactical issues.
Robert McCracken QC - Francis Taylor BuildingRightly seen as a leader in his field, his work goes beyond excellence.
James Pereira QC - Francis Taylor BuildingAn effective listener who is absolutely on the top of his game and has a superbly clear drafting style with a keen focus on both the detail and the bigger picture.
Stephen Tromans QC - 39 Essex Chambers Mr Environment - hugely experienced, approachable and practical, his knowledge is encyclopaedic and he inspires confidence in clients.
David Wolfe QC - Matrix ChambersA leader of choice in environmental cases, he has a strategic brain, legal genius and creative flair, and is able to weaponise the law.
Oliver Campbell QC - Henderson ChambersAn unflappable advocate who has a formidable, highly forensic mind combined with a faultless approach to managing the strategic issues of a case.
Morag Ellis QC - Francis Taylor BuildingA very approachable barrister whose knowledge of and approach to heritage cases is highly focused and thorough.
David Forsdick QC - Landmark ChambersHe is always all over the detail and his focus on legal and factual specifics is second to none.
Gregory Jones QC - Francis Taylor BuildingA very user friendly highly intelligent leading counsel and a supreme strategist who often displays flashes of brilliance.
Richard Harwood OBE QC - 39 Essex Chambers An acknowledged expert and brilliant on listed buildings and heritage issues, he is a superb technical lawyer whose opinions carry weight.
Nigel Pleming QC - 39 Essex Chambers An extremely experienced and powerful advocate who is able to unravel the complex and difficult.
James Strachan QC - 39 Essex Chambers One of the most analytical minds at the Bar, he has a knack of finding the winning point in complex cases and is an accomplished advocate.
David Travers QC  - Gough Square ChambersA real gent and a real brain, he is a joy to work with and gets to the heart of the most detailed and sensitive cases.
James Findlay QC - Cornerstone BarristersHe is very persuasive in court, always well prepared and calm under pressure, with a very measured and yet warm style.
Thomas de la Mare QC - Blackstone ChambersA brilliantly creative mind full of ideas, he is super-bright and laser-sharp.
Tim Mould QC - Landmark ChambersIntellectual, insightful and incisive, he is an expert in his field, with an exceptional client manner.
Jeremy Phillips QC - Francis Taylor BuildingCalm and responsive with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, clients value his insightful analysis, experience and commerciality.
Prashant Popat QC - Henderson ChambersExcellent at getting on top of the detail and condensing the information into key facts, he always establishes a good rapport with clients.
Mark Shaw QC - Blackstone ChambersHe exhibits excellent technical legal knowledge, clear and concise drafting, and highly persuasive advocacy.
Mark Watson QC - Six Pump CourtHe has quickly made his mark and has an ability to quickly identify and understand the key issues in complex cases.
Geraint Webb QC - Henderson ChambersA leader in the field on the defendant side, his strategic grasp of the issues, exceptional intellect, and outstanding resilience are exceptional.
Marc Willers QC - Garden Court ChambersGreat at thinking outside of the box and taking on claims that others would not, he understands the critical environmental concerns facing the planet.
Charles Banner QC - Keating ChambersAccessible, available and straightforward, he cuts to the points that matter.
David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersHe is brilliant and is surely on his way to becoming one of the best public law silks.
Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersHe focuses on the issues that matter and has a steadfast and unshakeable advocacy style.
John Cooper QC - Crown Office ChambersPrepared, pugnacious and persuasive, he is always up for a fight, taking only the good points.
Timothy Corner QC - Landmark ChambersAn excellent advocate who brings gravitas to any inquiry or court proceedings.
Clifford Darton QC - Selborne ChambersAn excellent advocate who appears unflustered in court and shows strong attention to detail.
Richard Drabble QC - Landmark ChambersNo one spots a novel point and one which is likely to hit home with the judges like he does.
Dominic Kay QC - Crown Office ChambersVery polished and a technically strong, clear and concise communicator, he is superb at setting and executing a strategy.
Dan Kolinsky QC - Landmark ChambersHe has a punchy advocacy style and gets his points across with vigour, but is also knowledgeable, approachable and a real team player.
Hugh Mercer QC - Essex Court ChambersHe has a very impressive ability to break down and present complex legal arguments in a readily understandable and persuasive way.
Gordon Nardell QCTwenty EssexHe has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the areas in which he practises, and a calm and reassuring manner when dealing with clients.
Toby Riley-Smith QC - Henderson ChambersA safe as pair of hands, hardworking and totally meticulous in his preparation.
Paul Stinchcombe QC - 39 Essex Chambers A highly committed advocate who gives a case 100%, and who is effective and easy to work with.
William Upton QC - Six Pump CourtA strong advocate and a genuine expert in environmental law, he has excellent client skills, well-honed judgement and remarkable analytical skills.

2020 Silks

Richard Wald QC - 39 Essex Chambers Tenacious and inventive - one of the pre-eminent environmental silks in London, and far and away the most skilled and persuasive.

2021 Silks

Adam Heppinstall QC - Henderson ChambersAn impressive lawyer, with particularly strong knowledge of EU and domestic environmental legislation, he is clear, quick, hardworking and has excellent tactical judgement.
Richard Honey QC - Francis Taylor BuildingHe is extremely responsive, has an incredible eye for detail and will be fully on top of his brief.
Gwion Lewis QC - Landmark ChambersHe has a really well-established practice and is at the top of tree for work in Wales.
Megan Thomas QC - Six Pump CourtShe provides very calm and expert advice on complex planning issues and has a very pleasant and thoughtful manner.

2022 Silks

Estelle Dehon QC - Cornerstone BarristersA determined and tenacious advocate, whose oral and written advocacy is nuanced, well-reasoned and highly effective.
Hanif Mussa QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is extraordinarily brilliant, no doubt the smartest person in any room he walks into, and his drafting, analysis and tactical insight are first-class.

Leading Juniors

Christopher Badger - Six Pump CourtA rising star and a true environmental specialist who demonstrates precision in his analysis and delivery but at the same time is commercially-minded.
Kate Cook - Matrix ChambersOne of the most experienced environmental lawyers, she provides calm, pragmatic and insightful advice and cares deeply about the issues.
Emma Dixon - Blackstone ChambersShe is incisive and clear-thinking in the her approach to complex issues and grasps the client's concerns.
Mark Harris - Six Pump CourtHe shows attention to detail and deep knowledge of environmental and health & safety law.
Richard Moules - Landmark ChambersVery impressive, he has an unflappable manner and is very charming.
Samantha Riggs - 25 Bedford RowHer knowledge in this area is second to none and she is a courageous advocate who will go the extra mile to argue the client's case.
Ned Westaway - Francis Taylor BuildingHe is extremely thorough, grasping the issues at hand easily, and he communicates readily with judges, inspectors and officers.
Gordon Wignall - Six Pump CourtHe has real depth of expertise in law of nuisance and he takes a genuine interest in the matters he advises upon, and the area of law.
Richard Banwell - Six Pump CourtHe has detailed knowledge of environmental legislation and can look more widely than criminal proceedings to consider any civil proceedings or judicial review traps.
John Bates - Old Square ChambersA specialist in water and drainage cases, what he doesn’t know about environmental group action and nuisance isn’t worth knowing.
James Burton - 39 Essex Chambers A very senior junior who always steps up to the mark and has the ability to understand, interpret and explain massively complicated statutes.
Edward Craven - Matrix ChambersThe foremost junior in representing claimants in major environmental claims for harms occurring overseas, he is exceptionally bright and strategically brilliant.
Kathleen Donnelly - Henderson ChambersAn excellent advocate with a good client manner and strong judgement.
Malcolm Galloway - Crown Office ChambersA top-notch advocate who always approaches his cases with eagle eye detail and is a fantastic strategist.
Charles Morgan - Six Pump CourtHis knowledge and experience of environmental law is unsurpassed, he is energetic and productive, and he has great charm.
James Purnell - Henderson ChambersCalm and unflappable, he has an amazing capacity for hard work and his legal analysis is unerring in the criminal aspects of environmental law.
Harriet Townsend - Cornerstone BarristersShe has the ability to understand quickly and completely the complex issues involved, and she provides thorough and confident advocacy.
Sasha Blackmore - Landmark ChambersApproachable, accessible, available, thorough and excellent value for client money.
Jane Collier - Blackstone ChambersApproachable and responsive and knowledgeable, she has real niche expertise in information requests for environmental issues.
Catherine Dobson - 39 Essex Chambers Quick, sharp and tactical, she has a phenomenal ability to grasp technical detail and to identify subtleties and nuances in policy and law.
Monica Feria-TintaTwenty EssexIncredibly hardworking with a fine eye for detail, she is a great junior who will take Silk before too long.
Ned Helme - 39 Essex Chambers Very approachable, careful and thorough, his advice is presented in a very logical and clear way.
David Hercock - Six Pump CourtExtremely hardworking, diligent and reliable, he has a keen eye for spotting even the most technical of arguments.
Daniel Stedman Jones - 39 Essex Chambers His arguments, whether oral or written, are always well structured and clear, and he has the ability to inspire confidence in clients.
Zoë Leventhal - Matrix ChambersA top environmental lawyer who thinks fast and always tactically, and who carefully and fairly puts across the legal position.
Juan Lopez - 39 Essex Chambers Particularly thorough and forensic in his approach, he is highly focused, diligent, confident and concise, and gets right to the heart of the issues.
Ravi Mehta - Blackstone ChambersHe has very strong knowledge of air pollution policy and past litigation, as well as a strong eye for detail, and he is very good on broader strategy.
Sailesh Mehta - Red Lion ChambersVastly experienced in prosecuting and defending environmental cases, he is a criminal barrister with extensive regulatory knowledge.
Nicholas Ostrowski - Six Pump CourtHe has a very practical and pragmatic approach, as well as amazing people skills, and he has a great deal of technical expertise in this difficult area of law.
Heather Sargent - Landmark ChambersExceptionally intelligent, balanced and focused, she has a gift for getting straight to the real heart of a matter and is a reassuring presence on a case.
Maurice Sheridan - E&A Law LimitedHe has exceptional knowledge of UK and EU case law, and an ease of engagement which is robust and installs confidence.
Charles Streeten - Francis Taylor BuildingA formidable opponent, he is a sharp thinker and good strategist who isn't afraid to tackle difficult cases.
Colin Thomann - 39 Essex Chambers He has a brain the size of a planet and is very industrious, calm, clear-headed and perceptive.
Dr Ashley Bowes - Cornerstone BarristersHe has a delightful straightforwardness in his presentation and is clear-thinking and powerful in court.
Rebecca Chalkley - Red Lion ChambersA tenacious advocate who commands attention in the courtroom, she is highly organised and efficient and is never on the back foot.
Jonathan Clay - Cornerstone BarristersHe works well under pressure and has a relaxed manner which clients appreciate, and a pragmatic approach when that is called for.
Rose Grogan - 39 Essex Chambers An experienced and knowledgeable environmental barrister, whose calm and logical approach is reassuring to clients.
Victoria Hutton - 39 Essex Chambers A promising junior with a sound grasp of environmental law and good forensic skills.
Philippa Jackson - 39 Essex Chambers She has sound judgement and produces clear and persuasive pleadings, setting the client at ease with her mastery of the issues.
Stuart Jessop - Six Pump CourtHe is excellent both on his feet and in written submissions, and he can drill down into the evidence and draw out the exact points needed for a legal argument.
Alistair Mills - Landmark ChambersAn extremely knowledgeable barrister who always maintains a professional but light-hearted approach to matters.
Clare Parry - Cornerstone BarristersShe has a strong public law practice, particularly in planning and environmental matters, and performs well.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersTechnically very strong, commercially astute and a delight to work with, he is a go-to name for public law and environmental matters.
Oliver Powell - Outer Temple ChambersExtremely hardworking and knowledgeable, he is astute, able to grasp complex cases, and a leading professional in maritime cases.
Sarah Sackman  - Matrix Chambers ‘Diligent and hardworking, she is is thorough in her approach and gets to grips quickly with new matters.
Richard Turney - Landmark ChambersCalm, efficient and good at explaining complex concepts, he can also put difficult cases with force, tirelessly supporting his clients.
Christiaan Zwart - 39 Essex Chambers A standout counsel for complex environmental issues, he mucks in and is incredibly responsive, both intellectually and practically.

Rising Stars

Kate Boakes - 12 King's Bench WalkA fantastic barrister who is able to quickly get to grips with a subject matter and provide valuable input.
Stephanie David - 39 Essex Chambers A brilliant lawyer with a real ability to find the kernel that is likely to win a case, she is going to be a star of the environmental Bar.
Merrow Golden - Francis Taylor BuildingShe is very quick to assimilate facts and complex technical issues, and she has a real passion for environmental law.

Environment in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

The pre-eminent environmental set', 39 Essex Chambers 'has strength in depth and carries specialists in many areas of environmental law’. Environmental law is a major component of the set’s work, along with planning matters, and among its members are some of the leading practitioners in this area. Five members, including James Strachan QC and up-and-coming junior Rose Grogan, are involved in a challenge to the decision to grant consent for a tunnel under Stonehenge. Stephen Tromans QC is a leading light in matters relating to waste, nuclear energy, reservoir safety and nuisance claims, while Nigel Pleming QC has more than 30 years’ experience in environmental cases, including matters arising from the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Among the newer silks, Richard Wald QC recently acted for one of the UK’s largest minerals extraction companies in an appeal against a refusal to permit the construction of additional silt lagoons for processing extracted aggregates. Juan Lopez, who joined from Francis Taylor Building, is emerging as a force in matters concerning climate change, flood alleviation, coastal defence schemes and ecology.



‘Chambers is certainly up there with the very best, offering real depth in planning and environment work from the brilliance of its most senior silks to their new intake. They would always be in my top three for advising clients on who to appoint.’

‘Chambers’ strengths are in the broad range of barristers available to cover our areas of practice – environment, planning, highway and local government law.’

‘This set is the pre-eminent environmental set in my view. They now have strength in depth and carry specialists in many areas of environmental law. My go to set for environmental issues.’

‘Brilliant. Always responsive. Always willing to collaborate and to sound out issues to.’

‘They are brilliant and probably my favourite construction set – just because they have so much choice, so much knowledge and the set really gels in every single part from reception to the clerks to the members.’


‘Always professional, approachable and responsive.’

‘Clerks are excellent, user-friendly and responsive. They are true participants in the commercial endeavours of this set. First-rate service!’

‘I have found Andrew Poyser easily approachable, friendly and knowledgeable, and eager to help.’

‘The clerks’ room is very helpful. They are quick to respond and really considerate of who the right person for the work is, factoring in expertise, availability and suitable seniority. Andrew Poyser is the clerk that I would ordinarily contact. He is very efficient, which is exactly what I am looking for when I instruct counsel.’

‘Andrew Poyser is a star. I can have an open commercial discussion and he makes their service fit – brilliant.’

Cornerstone Barristers

Cornerstone Barristers is a ‘helpful and supportive set with positive, polite and friendly people’. Clients note that it is ‘one of the top planning sets in London and is has a strong environmental law team’. The set has a long track record in environmental law due to its prominent planning and public law practices. Its members have particular expertise in green belt and countryside matters, energy and renewables, fracking, minerals, waste, habitats and species protection. Estelle Dehon QC has carved out a reputation as a leading junior in matters concerning climate change and challenges to the extractive industries. She recently acted for local group South Lakeland Against Climate Change – Toward Transition (SLACC) in connection with the hotly-contested proposed West Cumbria coalmine, which is one of the UK’s most high-profile environmental cases.



‘Cornerstone have a strong environment law team.’

‘Cornerstone has an excellent reputation and is one of the 4 or 5 top planning sets in London.’

‘A strong set in this area. Able to quickly find a junior to bring on board to assist.’

‘Cornerstone Barristers is always on hand to assist with quotes, allocate the relevant barrister to a case and there has never been any difficulties with availability.’

‘A helpful and supportive set with positive, polite and friendly people.’


‘Sam Collins is responsive and easy to work with. My dealings with the clerking team have been limited but they strike me a professional and knowledgeable and efficient.’

‘A strong clerk service. Very quick response to queries raised. Able to assist with financial planning throughout the life of the case. Good links with the court and with clerks from other sets for communication where necessary.’

‘The clerks are approachable, friendly and hardworking. I have personally worked a lot with Daniel Gatt and highly recommend him. Daniel will always phone or email to check how a matter is progressing, always provides fee quotes within a quick timeframe and goes up and above to represent the barristers he works for.’

‘All clerks dealt with are friendly and helpful. Sam Collins is main point of contact and I enjoy working with him. Generally very positive.’

‘The clerks were helpful and service was good.’

Francis Taylor Building

Acting for major corporates, developers, statutory regulators, environmental action groups and individuals, Francis Taylor Building is a highly regarded planning set with a strong contingent of members handling cases involving environmental regulation and land use planning, as well as common law and criminal environmental liability. Robert McCracken QC has brought several challenges to grants of planning permission and adoption of air quality policies based on European air quality directives. Members frequently member appear against each other, as is the case with the high-profile Drax power station litigation, in which Gregory Jones QC is leading rising star Merrow Golden for claimant ClientEarth, with prominent junior Ned Westaway appearing for the Secretary of State. New silk Richard Honey QC is acting for the defendant Secretary of State in a judicial review of the design of the new UK emissions trading scheme.



‘Francis Taylor Building is my first choice set. I have worked with a mix of juniors and silks and have consistently received a great service. I know that whatever the subject matter, there will be a barrister with the requisite expertise and/or experience.’

‘A consistently high-performing set with a wealth of counsel to choose from.’

‘FTB is a strong set especially in matters concerning planning, business rates and public law. I know the chambers has good strength in depth in licensing matters generally and I have attended some very informative training sessions. In licensing terms there is always someone suitable available for the case.’

‘FTB have a good variety of barristers in this area and they are all of  high quality.’

‘All barristers are practical in their approach and express themselves clearly. There has always been somebody available to assist within the required timescales. Their training, delivered to planning officers, was hailed as the best and most informative training session that planning officers have attended.’


‘I know James Kemp and Adam Collins the best, but find all the clerks at Francis Taylor Building to be first-class and a pleasure to deal with, being both responsive and extremely helpful. The clerks are a credit to Francis Taylor Building and should be commended highly.’

‘James Kemp has been incredibly reliable and very responsive throughout some incredibly stressful planning litigation.’

‘The clerks are are all very good. I have worked with Paul Coveney and James Kemp in particular who always provide excellent service.’

‘I work with several chambers and would single out James Kemp as responsive and very easy to work with. He is always one step ahead of the project needs. James and others are creative in the way they ensure barrister availability at the right point in a project cycle.’

‘Clerks are very helpful and always recommend the best Counsel for the work that is required. Meetings are efficiently arranged and information forwarded promptly.’

‘Responsive clerks who will work hard to accommodate what a case requires.’

‘Clerks are generally very helpful and willing to take a pragmatic view where necessary.’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers is ‘the leading planning and environment set, with unrivalled strength in planning, environment, local government and property work’. Members frequently act for government departments, regulators, corporate clients, private individuals and groups on matters concerning diverse issues, among them air quality, access to environmental justice, waste, contaminated land, pollution, climate change, emissions trading, environmental permitting and regulation. David Elvin QC, who is representing the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in a matter concerning unlawful failure to undertake appropriate assessment for habitats directive purposes, and James Maurici QC, who is defending appeals on four judicial reviews brought against the Airports National Policy Statement supporting the expansion of Heathrow, are among the most prominent silks in environmental matters. The set also has some of the leading juniors, among them Richard Moules, who specialises in terrestrial and marine environmental work.



‘Chambers as a whole offer a fantastic set of barristers, all of whom are rightly widely regarded as being at the top of the profession. The service levels offered are second to none and the clerks go out of their way to assist with any aspect of instruction.’

‘Landmark is the leading planning and environment set, with unrivalled strength in planning, environment, local government and property work.’

‘Landmark has really embraced the opportunity presented for virtual gatherings and have offered focused, informative and interesting training over the last year. They offer an extremely strong set of planning barristers at all levels.’

‘Landmark is a great set.’

‘This set is known for its wide-ranging, experienced planning barristers.’


‘The clerks are efficient and friendly.’

‘The clerks at Landmark are top notch. They are proactive, extremely responsive. and professional, and a pleasure to work with.’

‘The clerks were friendly and efficient and managed to turn any queries around expeditiously.’

‘The clerks are superb and always ready to assist and if necessary find a solution to any difficulties arising in terms of timetabling or availability, for example. As a team they are friendly and nothing is too much trouble.’

‘The clerks team is now led by Ben Connor and Mark Ball. Chambers are incredibly lucky to have secured this double act.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is ‘the leading public law practice’ and clients note that ‘the variety of people it has is helpful when considering who would be a good fit for a particular matter’. The set handles the full scope of environmental law cases, drawing in great depth of expertise in public, regulatory, local government, competition, energy, EU, procurement, planning and civil liberties law. Members continue to be involved in high-profile cases, including the group action against Volkswagen Group Limited concerning the use of defeat devices to mask pollution from its diesel cars, in which Thomas de la Mare QC is taking a lead role. Among the juniors, Emma Dixon remains a prominent practitioner in environmental law, and she is currently involved in a landmark air pollution case, R (ClientEarth) v Secretary of State, in both the Supreme Court and in the European Court of Justice, arguing for a declaration that the UK is in breach of EU air quality limits for nitrogen dioxide in London and other major urban areas.



‘I have been part of teams instructing different barristers from Blackstone over the years and the variety of people they have is helpful when considering who would be a good fit for a particular matter. They are very professional.’

‘Blackstone Chambers is the leading public law practice. We would go there first with any public law needs.’


‘I have been very impressed by the clerks room. I have regular contact with Billy Brian, who is hardworking, very approachable and a pleasure to work with.’

‘The clerks are generally helpful and responsive when needed.’

‘Clerks reply promptly.’

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is ‘the go to set for product liability and is using that to expand out into group environmental litigation’. One client remarks that it has ‘an established environmental law team and unrivalled experience of large-scale environmental group actions’, thanks to its broader focus on regulatory matters. This has seen it involved in high-profile cases such as the VW emissions scandal, in which members are acting on both sides. Oliver Campbell QC is leading newly-appointed silk Adam Heppinstall QC for the claimants, while Charles Gibson QC, Prashant Popat QC and Geraint Webb QC are acting for the defendants. The set also has significant expertise in common law nuisance claims and in public law, which sees it involved in a range of environmental matters concerning risk management, pollution and waste management. ‘One of the leading regulatory sets in the country, with experienced practitioners at every level’.



‘The go to set for product liability, and using that to expand out into group environmental litigation.’

‘I have been very impressed by the strength-in-depth offered by Henderson Chambers. In the Volkswagen NOx Emissions, the set is instructed by both the Claimants and the Defendants which demonstrates how well regarded their practitioners are.’

‘Henderson Chambers is, quite rightly, one of the leading regulatory sets in the country. They offer up experience practitioners at every level. You can be confident that turn around times are met and they will provide support with internal and external training programmes. They have combined professionalism and client care in abundance.’

‘Henderson Chambers has an established environmental law team and unrivalled experience of large-scale environmental group actions. Members of chambers are engaged in many high-profile regulatory and criminal environmental proceedings, and in civil claims arising from pollution and other environmental issues. They have particular expertise in the railway, waste, transport and mining industries, where environmental issues often arise.’

‘Henderson Chambers has a number of barristers that I would be happy to instruct in the field of health and safety.’


‘Joseph Sutton is my point of contact at chambers and I have always found him to be responsive and attentive.’

‘The clerks are always friendly, approachable and responsive. One of my main contacts is Daniel Smith who is a pleasure to work with.’

‘The entire team of clerks is outstanding, combining great client care skills and genuine area/sector knowledge which is often lacking. Quick to respond and very clear with their communications. They really do offer a great service.’

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court is ‘a go-to set for regulatory work’, remarks a client, who notes that it has ‘real strength in depth and is good at suggesting an appropriate counsel for any given matter’. Many members specialise in environmental law, while bringing to bear accompanying skills in areas such as planning, health and safety, energy and natural resources to provide comprehensive advice on regulatory matters. Members frequently act in leading cases in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court, while also representing industry and regulators at public inquiries and statutory appeals, and representing major developers and waste companies in the criminal courts. Stephen Hockman QC, who is defending a prosecution by Natural Resources Wales in respect of breaches of waste recovery permit, is a leading silk with more than 30 years’ experience in environmental law. Specialist environmental regulatory junior Christopher Badger frequently handles high-profile cases against and on behalf of the Environment Agency.



‘One of the top Chambers for environmental law.  Chris Badger deserves a special mention as a stand-out barrister.’

‘Six Pump Court are the only chambers I would consider instructing counsel from for regulatory work. Every counsel instructed has been excellent and the clerks are very helpful and quick to reply.’

‘Six Pump Court is one of our go-to sets for regulatory work. They do have a real strength in depth and are good at suggesting an appropriate counsel for any given matter. They’re also very good at providing training events, which are always well pitched and on point.’

‘Six Pump Court is one of the leading specialist environmental sets in the country for criminal work.  Their counsel are excellent, and chambers has real strength in depth.’

‘I certainly consider them to be a leading environmental law set and I benefit greatly from the podcasts and other updates they produce.’


‘The clerks at Six Pump Court are excellent. Of particular note is Michael Hearn. He is always helpful and is able to get answers from courts far easier and quicker than I can manage! If there is ever any confusion with fees and payment, Michael is always able to sort it.’

‘Excellent clerking.  Ryan Barrow is very user-friendly.’

‘The clerks at this chambers are a pleasure to work with, they are also helpful and are accessible. Michael Hearn is amazing, always willing to offer assistance when we are up against it. Ryan Barrow is also extremely helpful and they are always polite and courteous.’

‘The clerks provide an excellent service.  Richard Constable and Ryan Barrows engage and take active control of case management.  I always feel in safe hands with the clerks at Six Pump Court.’

‘The clerks are excellent. Ryan Barrow in particular is always helpful, sensible and open.’

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is ‘great across environmental law'  with 'creative, clever barristers willing to develop the law’. Among its members are two of the leading silks in environmental law, David Wolfe QC, who acted for Friends of the Earth in its challenge to the Government’s failure to take into account the climate change obligations when deciding to allow for the construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport, and Richard Hermer QC, who was involved in a high-profile case for environmental damage against an international mining company for damages arising out of large-scale pollution of waterways from a copper mine in Zambia.



‘Matrix is great across environmental law – creative, clever barristers willing to develop the law.’

‘Matrix has a very experienced environmental law team, both in terms of other barristers and their clerking support. The involvement of the team in leading environmental cases means their juniors get good exposure and experience.’

‘Matrix is our go-to set. Their barristers are at the top of their game and the barristers and practice managers alike eschew the traditional – and slightly stuffy – way of working in favour of a more open, collaborative and modern approach. They are open to running joint events and are shortly running a bespoke training session for us on JR.’


‘The clerks are fantastic – very responsive, fun, friendly.’

‘One of the most gender-diverse clerking teams, which is a definite strength.’

‘Always excellent – a total pleasure.’