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Kate Blackwell KC
Lincoln House Chambers
M3 3BZ

Northern Circuit > Crime (general and fraud) Tier 1

The members at the ‘excellent’ Lincoln House Chambers includes members highly experienced a wide range of criminal law matters, spanning across road traffic offences, sexual offences, violence, drug offences and financial crime. The set houses the reputable Kate Blackwell KC who has a thriving criminal law practice and Richard Dawson  has an impressive practice and has been active in multiple injury and death by dangerous driving cases. Simon Csoka KC is also notable and has considerable expertise handling cases involving organised crime, fraud, and murder. Simon Gurney  has a well established practice and has particularly expertise in defending individuals facing substantial fraud prosecutions, as well defending allegations of historic sexual abuse. Rachel Cooper  has a broad criminal law practice and is often instructed on cases where defendants have significant mental health needs. She recently represented the defendant charged with death by dangerous after a collision decapitated a back seat passenger.

Rising stars

Matthew Howarth – Lincoln House Chambers 'Matthew is very professional, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in civil POCA applications. He has an excellent style of presentation in court, is extremely well prepared before case conferences and court hearings and is very reliable.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Anna Chestnutt – Lincoln House Chambers ‘Anna has demonstrated a capacity to unflappably absorb and define voluminous and challenging instructions at short notice. She has demonstrated sound and proven abilities as a lawyer, advocate and communicator in all matters in which briefed or instructed.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Kate Blackwell KC – Lincoln House ChambersKate is an exceptional Silk. Always on top of every detail, always prepared, always responsive to both the solicitor and the client on a case. Judges love her - and so do clients. She will give tough advice as she is always focussed on getting the best result. One of the best criminal silks in the country and an exceptional strategic thinker.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Simon Csoka KC – Lincoln House ChambersSimon is a truly exceptional advocate. Probably the finest exponent of the art of cross examination on any circuit in England and Wales. Frighteningly bright, masters complex briefs very easily and has a chair side manner that never fails to impress both professional and lay clients. Easily one of the finest criminal and regulatory silks in the country.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1
Mark Ford KC – Lincoln House ChambersMark is one of a kind - his attention to detail is second to none and he can be relied upon to find out the material within a case which will challenge the prosecution case. He is very thorough in his case preparation and will leave no stone unturned in trying to find any areas of weakness for the Crown. He is a pleasure to work with, considerate and always open to discussions and welcoming the instructing solicitor's opinion on matters, never making decisions without asking for input first.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Abdul Iqbal KCLincoln House Chambers ‘Abdul is extremely bright and has an incredible work ethic. His strength is in his attention to detail in a case; his written advice is exceptional and always include insightful points and they reveal that he is an astute tactician with an ability to focus on the overarching strategy of a case without being distracted by unnecessary detail. His real selling point is the fact he is so readily approachable and is very much a team player alongside junior counsel and his instructing solicitors.’
Ranked: Tier 3

2021 Silks

Alexander Leach KC – Lincoln House ChambersAlex was one of the most highly regarded juniors on circuit and there is no doubt he will be one of the most highly regarded silks for many years to come.'

Leading Juniors

Richard Dawson – Lincoln House ChambersRichard is a fantastic advocate. On his feet in a trial is as strong as many counsel a great deal more senior. What really makes him stand out is the ability to get to grips with and apply technical and complex expert evidence, such as collision reconstruction, medical, tachographs data etc. This enables him to challenge prosecution experts and present defence evidence in a fluent and concise way, which translates to the jury and bench.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Gerard Doran – Lincoln House Chambers 'Gerard is very approachable and friendly and clients quickly feel at ease with him and as a barrister who they quickly trust and rely upon. He has an eye for detail and will ensure that any defences are properly and thoroughly explored. Ged is always available to speak with whether that be for a quick call to check a legal point or for instructions or guidance.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Simon Gurney – Lincoln House ChambersSimon is without doubt the most able Criminal junior on the Northern Circuit. A first-class choice for heavyweight fraud cases. A peerless lawyer who finds the defences everyone else has missed. Tenacious in fighting for his clients, he puts a huge amount of work into case preparation.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Rachel CooperLincoln House ChambersRachel always delivers 100% of the time. She is both very able and capable and it is immediately clear to lay clients from their first meeting with her that she is totally committed and her eye for detail and preparation is faultless. It is both a pleasure and privilege to work with Rachel. She is great whether dealing with a guilty plea and mitigation to conducting a full trial.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Lee Hughes – Lincoln House Chambers 'As a former solicitor, Lee really does know what a solicitor is looking for and needs from counsel. His preparation is meticulous and thorough. He is incredibly accessible and a very good advocate. Clients really warm to him due to his down to earth nature and the fact he is very good at expressing sometimes difficult points succinctly and clearly.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Brendan O’Leary  – Lincoln House Chambers 'Brendan is always very prepared and thorough and his client care is exceptional which is important for instructing solicitors. Brendan is an experienced barrister.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3



‘Lincoln House Chambers are one of the best sets outside of London. Their choice of barristers is extremely strong and instructing solicitors feel confident in instructing their barristers in any area – crime (general and fraud), professional discipline or regulatory matters.’

‘The set is excellent – they are a preferred set of chambers and there is always a selection of experienced Counsel to choose from.  Where possible, they will strive to clear diaries to ensure counsel can be available for all hearings so clients have continuous representation.  The set has experienced and well respected barristers who can cover a wide range of criminal offences.’

‘Lincoln House Chambers is always on hand to provide cover for a hearing and will ensure they have done all they can to meet the needs of our clients. They have also on numerous occasions  allowed the use of their offices for conferences, which is most helpful.’

‘A strong set – barristers at every level of experience and wide ranging practice across criminal and regulatory work, no problems with availability. Offer topical training sessions too.’

‘Lincoln House Chambers is one of the best chambers in Manchester. In testing times of late for the profession as a whole, they continue to offer an excellent service and the quality of barristers available is second to none.’


Instructing solicitors cannot speak highly enough of the service offered by Lincoln House Chambers. Their clerks go out of their way to help you, in particular David Wright.’

Work highlights

    Northern Circuit > Business and regulatory crime (including health and safety) Tier 2

    Lincoln House Chambers’ regulatory team has substantial expertise in handling both prosecution and defence work in Environment Agency, Trading Standards and DEFRA cases, as well as health and safety cases, including death in custody inquests and gross negligence manslaughter matters. Health and safety enforcement specialist Austin Welch represents clients from the construction, retail and transport industries and is defending Eddie Stobart Ltd in a prosecution relating to asbestos exposure. Leila Ghahhary’s practice focuses on local government, regulatory, health and safety, trading standards and licensing matters. Lee Hughes has a strong health and safety practice, handling cases involving fatalities. Craig Hassall KC joined the set from Park Square Barristers Ltd. in August 2021.

    Rising stars

    Lee Hughes – Lincoln House ChambersLee has a keen eye for detail and is both approachable and professional with clients. He is up front and open when delivering his advice and represents his clients with great tenacity. Lee is does not blind clients with complicated legal language; his advice is always succinct and easy to understand.’
    Ranked: Tier 1

    Leading Juniors

    Austin Welch – Lincoln House Chambers ‘Austin is incredibly hard working, giving his time generously and diligently to a case. His technical knowledge of business and regulatory law is second to none; he is a quick thinking master strategist, who easily finds the best way through any legal or practical issue. He immediately gains the confidence of his clients with his straightforward and tactful approach. He is a compelling advocate.’
    Ranked: Tier 1
    Leila Ghahhary – Lincoln House ChambersLeila is incredibly approachable and communicative, and it is very easy to develop a positive working relationship with her. Her written and oral advice is both concise and comprehensive, and provided in a manner which is appropriate to the recipient, be that a lay or professional client. She is brilliant on her feet and has a commanding presence in court.’
    Ranked: Tier 1
    Simon Gurney – Lincoln House Chambers Simon is an outstanding barrister, exceptionally bright and fantastic, both on paper and in front of a jury. He is a master tactician, a very calm and persuasive advocate and puts clients at ease without difficulty, and an extremely professional barrister.’
    Ranked: Tier 1



    ‘Lincoln House goes beyond any other set in terms of all-round quality, with all the barristers possessing great intelligence, skill and expertise.’

    ‘Lincoln House Chambers are a fantastic set based in the North West with a national outreach.’

    ‘Lincoln House Chambers is very accommodating and reliable when it comes to instructing appropriate counsel.’

    ‘Lincoln House are the go-to set for criminal defence and regulatory work in the North West. They are always willing to discuss cases before an instruction to ensure the best possible barrister is allocated to the case.’

    ‘Lincoln House Chambers has a strong business and regulatory team. The breadth and depth of knowledge at Lincoln House places it as a leading regional set.’


    ‘The team of clerks headed by David Wright are amongst the best in the business. They are polite, courteous and responsive, and always endeavour to provide a top quality service.’

    Northern Circuit > Inquests and inquiries Tier 2

    The members at Lincoln House Chambers provide a ‘strong offering’ as well as ‘clear strength in depth’Kate Blackwell KC is a prominent member of the set, handling major, high-profile inquiries. Austin Welch‘s strong practice includes work for both companies and individuals. Welch also has a particular focus on inquests and inquiries regarding health and safety issues, and has been instructed on the Manchester Arena Public Inquiry and the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. The set is also home to Leila Ghahhary, who has a thriving inquiries practice.

    Leading Silks

    Kate Blackwell KC - Lincoln House Chambers 'Kate is extremely hard working, sees the bigger picture, and manages clients and other counsel deftly and tactfully. She inspires confidence in her strategy and enthusiasm from her team.'
    Ranked: Tier 1

    Leading Juniors

    Austin Welch – Lincoln House ChambersAustin is an excellent senior leading junior. A superb advocate with a commanding presence and natural gravitas in the courtroom. He is unflappable during cross-examination, holds real weight with clients and delivers strategic and well thought out advice in a clear and accessible way. He is highly personable and fosters a true sense of collaboration.'
    Ranked: Tier 1
    Leila Ghahhary – Lincoln House ChambersLeila is a superb leading junior in inquests and inquiries. She is a highly skilled advocate who presents well-reasoned arguments, captures the attention of the tribunal and always considers the bigger picture. She is meticulous in terms of approach and a fantastic team-player who will take on board the views of others.'
    Ranked: Tier 1



    ‘Lincoln House Chambers provides excellent support, with excellent communication and willingness to assist where possible.’

    ‘The set has clear strength in depth across a variety of areas.’

    ‘Chambers has a strong offering in this area and in associated areas.’

    ‘Lincoln House Chambers are a fantastic set based in the North West with national outreach.’

    ‘Lincoln House is one of the strongest sets in the country for regulatory law. It contains a number of well thought of specialists.’


    ‘David Wright is excellent. He responds quickly to queries and is always open and transparent.’

    Northern Circuit > Immigration

    Rising stars

    Matthew Howarth – Lincoln House Chambers 'Matthew has an ability to analyse complex, convoluted information and convey clear and comprehensive advice within a prompt timeframe. Further strengths include attention to detail, being able to undertake a task unassisted and a pro-active approach when being instructed.'
    Ranked: Tier 1

    Northern Circuit > Professional disciplinary law

    Leading Juniors

    Simon Gurney – Lincoln House ChambersSimon instantly builds brilliant rapport with lay clients, who found his advice instructive in how to proceed with the case. His advice is absolutely instrumental in directing the strategy of the client’s approach. He advises confidently and makes himself available to answer follow-up queries. It is a pleasure to work with him.’
    Ranked: Tier 2
    Lee Hughes – Lincoln House Chambers 'Lee is insightful and analytical and gives straightforward, practical advice to clients. He is extremely approachable, always happy to be contacted and willing to go the extra mile.'
    Ranked: Tier 3

    Lincoln House Chambers is a barristers chambers based in Manchester. For over 45 years Lincoln House has provided advocates of distinction. The set is renowned for its strength in depth, high quality advice, robust advocacy and outstanding client service.

    We are a multi-disciplinary set with specialist teams providing a service in the areas of Criminal Defence & Prosecution, Inquests and Public Inquiries, Professional Discipline, Health & Safety, Environmental, Fraud, Personal Injury, Tax Tribunal, Health Care Regulation and several other related areas. We are uniquely placed to deal with complex cases in which multiple areas of law are overlapped.

    With 19 experienced silks and 63 skilled juniors, our members have been involved in many leading cases locally and nationally and are renowned for our expert advice and skilled representation. Solicitors regularly point not only to our ability in Court but also to our efficient service and tremendous strength in depth.  As a result, we have retained instructions from many leading firms over the last 45 years.

    Our relationships with leading specialist solicitors, and expert witnesses, in our areas of expertise, allow us to help clients in identifying the best legal teams for the case. We regularly assist clients with professional recommendations, and make introductions, to help facilitate effective communication channels.

    Both Lincoln House Chambers and many of the individual members are regularly ranked in the leading Legal Guides for being leaders in the fields and providing a first-class service.

    The members and staff at Lincoln House Chambers are strongly committed to our core values, diversity and accessibility are widely championed.

    Types of work undertaken
    Crime: Chambers remains a strong resource for those needing advice and representation in all fields of criminal practice, members are regularly instructed in cases of the utmost gravity and public interest. Members are often involved at an early stage when strategic advice is required about the investigation itself, or challenging restraint orders. Chambers has attracted praise for its work in business crime and fraud.

    Regulatory: Chambers has a deserved reputation as a leader in criminal regulatory work. A strong team is fielded in health and safety litigation and in waste and environmental hazard work. The team is routinely instructed in cases that give rise to fatalities and there is particular expertise in the niche area of corporate responsibility. Additionally, members of chambers have also appeared in cases that arise in a medical context.

    The combination of specialisms available through chambers ensures any complex technical issues are understood and mastered. Members have advised for both the regulators and the professionals accused.

    Inquiries and Inquests: Members are frequently instructed in issues arising in ancillary jurisdictions, notably inquests and public inquiries. Ten members are engaged on the Covid Inquiry, eleven members of chambers were instructed in the Manchester Arena Inquiry, six members of chambers were instructed to act in the Hillsborough inquests (predominantly for senior police officers) and chambers has a presence in many of the more substantial public inquiries and inquest hearings nationally. Members have been instructed by the Home Office and Department of Health to undertake leading roles within substantial public and independent inquiries. The work undertaken in other regulatory areas (CQC, H&S, police and medical practitioner disciplinary) often extends to representation in Coroners Courts.

    Civil: The civil team unites a number of fields of practice. The work covered includes general common law but there is an established specialist team with a national reputation that concentrates on complex personal injury, including industrial disease work (eg British coal respiratory disease litigation, miners’ knee litigation, and surface dust) and catastrophic injury claims. Members have experience of the conduct of actions for and against the police, and the public law team regularly challenges unlawful decisions that arise in a criminal context by way of judicial review. Members also welcome instructions in a range of tribunals (e.g. immigration, VAT/employment/Traffic Commissioners).

    Professional disciplinary: LHC barristers advise and appear regularly in General Medical Council cases (both prosecution and defence), nursing and dental councils, HCPC, accountancy issues through the AADB, or police disciplinary issues.

    Director of Clerking David Wright
    Criminal Clerk Andy McGuinness
    Regulatory & Civil Clerk Ty Price
    Criminal Clerk David Gibbons
    Regulatory, Criminal & Civil Clerk George Hooley
    Regulatory & Criminal Clerk Abigail Lockett
    Equalities & regulatory Compliance Manager Sigourney Lomax
    Accounts Manager Bernadette Duggan
    Members of Chambers BLACKWELL KC, Katherine (1992)
    Members of Chambers THOMAS KC, Andrew (1989)
    Members of Chambers WEBSTER KC, Alistair (1976)
    Members of Chambers GOZEM KC, Guy (1972)
    Members of Chambers WRIGHT KC, Peter (1981)
    Members of Chambers PICKUP KC, James (1976)
    Members of Chambers REID KC, Paul (1973)
    Members of Chambers CSOKA KC, Simon (1991)
    Members of Chambers DAW KC, Christopher (1993)
    Members of Chambers ROBERTS KC, Lisa (1993)
    Members of Chambers IQBAL KC, Abdul (1994)*
    Members of Chambers HARRISON KC, John (1994)*
    Members of Chambers KEALEY KC, Simon (1991)*
    Members of Chambers FORD KC, Mark (1991)
    Members of Chambers STORRIE KC, Timothy (1993)
    Members of Chambers NAWAZ KC, Mohammed (1995)
    Members of Chambers LEACH KC, Alexander (2001)
    Members of Chambers LASKER, Jeremy (1976)
    Members of Chambers NUTTALL, Andrew (1978)
    Members of Chambers ELIAS, Robert (1979)
    Members of Chambers NADIM, Ahmed (1982)
    Members of Chambers BLOOMER, Charles (1985)
    Members of Chambers STUART, Mark (1985)
    Members of Chambers BUTCHER, Richard (1985)
    Members of Chambers TAYLOR, Alan (1986)
    Members of Chambers McMEEKIN, Ian (1987)
    Members of Chambers JOHNSON, Kathryn (1989)
    Members of Chambers BARTON, Hugh (1989)
    Members of Chambers FRYMAN, Neil (1989)
    Members of Chambers BOWLEY, Ivan (1990)
    Members of Chambers SIMONS, Richard (1991)
    Members of Chambers KEHOE, Emma (1991)
    Members of Chambers BOYD, Philip (1993)
    Members of Chambers USHER, Neil (1993)
    Members of Chambers DORAN, Gerard (1993)
    Members of Chambers BLACKSHAW, Henry (1993)
    Members of Chambers HOLDEN, Philip (1994)
    Members of Chambers HOLLAND, Ricky (1994)
    Members of Chambers WILLIAMS, Paul (1994)
    Members of Chambers HACKETT, Martin (1995)
    Members of Chambers RIGGS, Samantha (1996)*
    Members of Chambers DUCKWORTH, Shirlie (1997)
    Members of Chambers PIERPOINT, Katherine (1998)
    Members of Chambers KITCHIN, Louise (1998)
    Members of Chambers WHITE, Rachel (2000)
    Members of Chambers ASHCROFT, Clare (2001)
    Members of Chambers DAWSON, Richard (2001)
    Member of Chambers POJUR, David (2001)
    Members of Chambers FRIEND, Mark (2002)
    Members of Chambers ENGLISH, Richard (2003)
    Members of Chambers JONES, Katie (2003)
    Members of Chambers FARYL, Alaha (2003)
    Members of Chambers WELCH, Austin (2005)
    Members of Chambers THOMAS, Daniel (2005)
    Members of Chambers HEYWORTH, James (2006)
    Members of Chambers GURNEY, Simon (2006)
    Members of Chambers BARBOUR, Laura (2006)
    Members of Chambers HUGHES, Lee (2006)
    Members of Chambers COOPER, Rachel (2007)
    Members of Chambers O'LEARY, Brendan (2007)
    Members of Chambers GILSENAN, Emma (2008)
    Member of Chambers FILLETTI, Rebecca (2009)
    Members of Chambers COWEN, Louise (2010)
    Members of Chambers GHAHHARY, Leila (2010)
    Member of Chambers OBRUSIK, Kimberley (2010)
    Members of Chambers ASPINALL, Heather (2011)
    Members of Chambers JONES, Samuel (2011)
    Members of Chambers MCCAFFREY, Lara (2011)
    Members of Chambers THOMAS, Isobel (2012)
    Member of Chambers RONAN, Neil (2012)
    Members of Chambers KHAN, Anam (2013)
    Members of Chambers ALTON, Marianne (2014)
    Members of Chambers SHAW, Ellen (2014)
    Members of Chambers HOWARTH, Matthew (2016)
    Members of Chambers CHESTNUTT, Anna (2016)
    Members of Chambers MAGILL, Sarah (2016)
    Member of Chambers NELSON, Holly (2017)
    Members of Chambers WORSFOLD, Thomas (2019)
    Member of Chambers FINNEGAN, Darren (2019)
    Member of Chambers HALLIWELL, Constance (2021)
    Member of Chambers RISHTON, Graham (2022)
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    Lincoln House Chambers is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and Equal Opportunities Legislation.

    Chambers Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity action plan and strategy is devised by Chambers Equalities and Regulatory Compliance Manager – Sigourney Lomax, who has undertaken comprehensive training including the Bar Council’s advanced training in equality and diversity.

    Chambers policies and processes are monitored, reviewed and rectified with positive actions to align with laws and legislations.

    Diversity data is collected every 3 years and is published on Chambers website for the purposes of transparency.

    Chambers commitments to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

    Collectively as a Chambers we are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, whilst eliminating all forms of discrimination and encouraging inclusive cultures and environments.

    Equal opportunities are promoted in terms of access, recruitment, progression and retention for all. We engage with recruitment programmes and ensure that those at Chambers who have involvement in recruitment processes have undertaken fair recruitment training. We are committed to offering equal opportunities for experience and progression and strive to retain where possible.

    Chambers Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity committees and working groups actively work towards various initiatives and schemes which support those with protected characteristics, including those from diverse, socio economic backgrounds.

    Many members of Chambers offer and provide their services on a pro bono basis through Advocate the registered pro bono charity of the Bar.


    All members and staff at Chambers receive comprehensive Equality and Diversity training annually. Those who have involvement in Equality and Diversity activities at Chambers receive enhanced training.


    Chambers have completed an accessibility audit and are confident that our premises are accessible to those with disabilities. Chambers are happy to assist with requests for reasonable adjustments.