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Yavuz, & Uyanik & Akalin

Insurance Tier 2

Yavuz, & Uyanik & Akalin handles contentious matters for insurance clients with regards to a wide range of products, including workplace insurance, maritime accidents, theft, and agriculture. The team also advises on the contentious elements of insurance sector transactions. The team is led by Mehmet Selim Yavuz and Can Hasan Yılgür.

Practice head(s):

Mehmet Selim Yavuz; Can Hasan Yılgür

Key clients

Dubai Starr

HDI (Ergo)








Dispute resolution Tier 4

Yavuz, & Uyanik & Akalin represents a diverse range of clients from the insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical, and tech sectors, handling employment disputes, contested insurance claims, commercial litigation and financial claims including debt repayment. The team is led by Mehmet Selim Yavuz, who specialises in shareholder and commercial contract disputes, the employment-focused Murat Uyanık, and Metin Ülker, who has expertise in the financial services and construction sectors.

Practice head(s):

Mehmet Selim Yavuz; Murat Uyanık; Metin Ülker

Key clients

Azimut Portföy Yönetimi

İçdaş Çelik Enerji Tersane

International Finance Corporation

BNP Paribas Suisse

Türk Ekonomi Bankası

Kıraça Holding

Ciner Group of Companies

Bnp Paribas Cardif Emeklilik

Ashfield Sağlık Hizmetleri

Karaca Group of Companies

Ontex Tüketim Ürünleri

Cushman&Wakefield Gayrimenkul Danışmanları

Mümessillik ve Turizm

Hizmetleri A.Ş.

BGC Partners Menkul Değerler

A Raymond Bağlantı Elemanları

Teknik Alüminyum Sanayi

Norsel International İnş

Çeksan Yol Süpürme Araçları Mak

Employment Tier 4

Yavuz, & Uyanik & Akalin has a full-service employment offering, encompassing day-to-day advice on labour law, regulations, and operations, alongside representation in litigation, and advice on complex issues such as restructurings. The client base has a strong focus on insurance companies and their employees, with the firm acting for both employers and workers in disputes. The team is led by Murat Uyanık and Çağlar Korkmaz, who both handle advisory work and litigation.

Practice head(s):

Murat Uyanık; Çağlar Korkmaz


‘Yavuz & Uyanik distinguishes itself from other law offices with producing practical and results-oriented solutions.’

‘Murat Uyanik is a lawyer who understands companies very well.’

‘Murat Uyanik is a lawyer who evaluates the matters coming to his attention not only legally, but also in terms of operational benefit according to the company.’

‘Partners keep their hands on our job and follow up until the end.’

‘They are proactive – especially with Covid-19, they shared possible legal implications from labour law perspective. The team is very strong and experienced in the areas in which they provide service.’

‘Their main areas of expertise are labour law, civil law and criminal law. They have a crowded and accessible team at those areas; they are qualified, hardworking and accomplished.’

Key clients

Türk Ekonomi Bankası

L’Oreal Türkiye Kozmetik

Ontex Tüketim Ürünleri

Sirena Marine Denizcilik

Ashfield Sağlık Hizmetleri

Axa Sigorta

Kıraça Holding

Ray Sigorta

Gulf Sigorta

Güneş Sigorta

Cushman &Wakefield

Ciner Group of Companies

A Raymond Bağlantı Elemanları

BGC Partners Menkul Değerler

Rhea Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı

The firm: Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm was founded in 2005 by attorneys Murat Uyanik and Mehmet Selim Yavuz, who had both previously served in Pekin & Pekin Law Firm’s litigation department for many years. The firm renders legal services to highly reputable local and foreign clients in fields such as dispute resolution, labour law, insurance, criminal law etc and legal consultancy in Turkish, English and French.

Yavuz & Uyanik provides legal services to highly reputable clients including leading individuals and international law firms.

Yavuz & Uyanik is best known for: its broad attorney network including 155 different cities and districts which provides fast, efficient and client-friendly legal services to clients; and its expertise in complex legal disputes and consultancy matters both in national and international level.

The most important factor distinguishing this law firm from other firms in the market is the combination of strong experience with great mastery of foreign languages and international practice.

Yavuz & Uyanik has advanced communication skills to ensure the necessary co-ordination with international law firms/clients.

Areas of practice: Yavuz & Uyanik provides the following services to both its leading national and international clients;

Representation of clients in all company-related disputes such as annulment of general assembly, termination of company, dismissal of managers/directors, liability of managers/directors initiated by shareholders against each other/company.

Determination of cybercrimes arising from banking practice and other fraudulent acts conducted through banking and transfer of these to prosecution office, representation of clients in prosecutorial case files and any related penal lawsuits,

Representation of clients’ employees regarding their working and residence permit process.

Drafting collective and individual labour agreements and preparation of the necessary documentation with respect to the recruitment and dismissal of employees.

Represention of its clients in all employment law-related case files and arranges meetings with clients in order to determine the defence strategies for the case files.

Appeals of judgment against clients and follows cases before the regional courts of justice and the Court of Appeal.

Ensures the protection of clients’ rights in an effective manner through the technical objections raised by the legal expert-attorney team against the calculations of the courts made during employment law-related cases of debt.

Preparation of written documents, notably internal regulations and performance systems, of employer companies and provides legal guidance regarding the administration of the companies accordingly.

Preparation of the defences in a manner different from the classical method through an employment department composed of mediators and experts.

Management of the foreclosures arising from national and international loans.

Representation of clients in any disputes regarding share transfer/purchase transactions conducted in capital markets.

Representation of clients before government agencies including the Capital Markets Board, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the Saving Deposit Insurance Fund, the Competition Authority regarding their banking, brokerage and portfolio management transactions.

Examination of claims mentioned by clients’ competitors in their advertisements and product packings in accordance with the advertisement legislation and if any incompliance is determined, making complaints before the authorities.

Drafting responses with respect to complaints made against clients before the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board and/or Board of Advertisement.

Obtaining trade marks and patents on behalf of clients supplying products to markets within the scope of intellectual and artistic works legislation, ensuring protection and in case of any breach, representing clients in initiated lawsuits.

Within the scope of determination of violations, with the aim of on-site supervision and determination, managing the process of raids along with police forces, recall and legal destruction.

Representation of clients with respect to crimes arising from intellectual property violations, filing criminal complaints and managing the whole process.

Representation of clients in disputes arising from defects occurring prior to/after the sales of vehicles.

Representation of clients in any disputes with their dealers, distributors, customers and any other third parties arising from commercial relations regarding any kind of debt and receivables and following up the execution proceedings.

Representation of clients conducting their activities in the real estate sector in disputes arising from sale, lease and brokerage transactions.

Representation of clients, including an international bank and an automotive manufacturer, in competition law disputes.

Representation of clients in lawsuits on bankruptcy protection, collection of debt through negotiations with the trustees appointed by courts.

Representation of clients operating in the insurance market, in the debt and recourse lawsuits arising from various policies and amicable settlements.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and Commercial Mehmet Selim Yavuz +90 533 524 00 04
Corporate and Commercial Çetin Mert Yavuz +90 533 654 69 71
Commercial Disputes Mehmet Selim Yavuz
Commercial Disputes Murat Uyanık +90 532 367 63 25
Commercial Disputes Metin Ülker
Dispute Resolution Mehmet Selim Yavuz
Dispute Resolution Murat Uyanık
Dispute Resolution Metin Ülker
Employment Murat Uyanık
Employment Çaglar Korkmaz
Insurance Mehmet Selim Yavuz
Insurance Can Hasan Yilgür
Insurance Sera Zeynep Yalçın
Criminal Gözde Kaya
Intellectual property Deniz Akalın
Competition Mehmet Selim Yavuz
Competition Metin Ülker
Competition Gülce Ataman Demirel
Execution and Enforcement Murat Uyanık
Execution and Enforcement Metin Ülker
Sports Çetin Mert Yavuz
Capital markets Çetin Mert Yavuz
Capital markets Hazalcan Yurtman
Real estate and rental Çetin Mert Yavuz
Real estate and rental Gülce Ataman Demirel
Contracts Çetin Mert Yavuz
Contracts Hazalcan Yurtman
Arbitration Çetin Mert Yavuz
Arbitration Mehmet Selim Yavuz
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Kazım Yiğit Akalın  photo Mr Kazım Yiğit Akalın Senior Partner
Mr Murat Uyanık  photo Mr Murat Uyanık Founding Partner
Mr Can Hasan Yılgür  photo Mr Can Hasan Yılgür Partner
Mr Mehmet Selim Yavuz photo Mr Mehmet Selim Yavuz Founding Partner
Number of Lawyers : 60+
Number of Trainee Lawyers : 20+
Number of Paralegal Staff : 30+
Number of Administrative Staff : 10+
IBA (International Bar Association)

“Yavuz & Uyanik distinguishes itself from the other firms in the sector by virtue of its pro bono works in cooperation with Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. (an affiliate of BNP Paribas).The Firm provides legal services to a non-govermental organization, Ögretmen Agi, that conducts its operations all over Turkey. As Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm, we believe a society might only be powerful if their youth is well educated. Therefore, with our extensive legal experience, we support Ögretmen Agi Project on their legal and daily basis problems. Ögretmen Agi is a collaboration web that brings teachers together and give them access to different creative teaching methods for children. The team of Ögretmen Agi consists of teachers from all over Turkey and these teachers share their teaching methods with their colleagues and try to spread these methods to other teachers. As Yavuz & Uyanik, we are the sole legal representatives of Ögretmen Agi and we draft and review contracts in their favour, we try to find solutions for their every day legal problems.”

CLIENT: Demet AKMAN / HR Director

COMPANY/FIRM: L’Oréal Türkiye Kozmetik Tic. ve San. A.S

TESTIMONIAL: We are glad to give our best recommendations to Yavuz & Uyanik as our employment and litigation counsels in Turkey. They have a knowledgeable, dedicated and trustworthy team. A very valuable part of our collaboration with them is that along with the top-quality legal work on the matters assigned, very often their team has proactively advised us with regard to new legal requirements that are relevant to our company, thus helping us avoid future legal implications.

CLIENT: Oguz Sami SARIKAYA / Head of Legal

COMPANY/FIRM: Lukoil Eurasia Petrol A.S.

TESTIMONIAL:Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm which regularly and meticulously handles the case files involving our company provides us with extremely comprehensive legal services in different areas of law with its experienced team. As a result of their vast legal knowledge, they represent our company in the best way with their strong defence strategies which they implement in the case files they handle. With their knowledgeable and efficient team members who are experts in their respective fields, they respond to all of our questions swiftly and always assist us with their right and effective solution recommendations for our problems.

CLIENT: Deniz SAIDOV / Legal Counsel

COMPANY/FIRM: Alcazar Energy

TESTIMONIAL: The firm has been advising our company on a very complex commercial case which also had a criminal law angle. We are extremely satisfied with their services. It has been a pleasure to work with lawyers having such deep knowledge in both aspects of the litigation procedure and able to employ that knowledge in our best interest. In addition to the quality of the legal work, Yavuz&Uyanik impressed us with their level of responsiveness. One can always rely that the necessary legal advice will be delivered on time.

CLIENT: Eray KANGAL / Claims Director


TESTIMONIAL:Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm stands out with its corporate and systematic works. They are ahead of their rivals in Turkey with their organisational structure, which allows them to follow up a high volume of cases throughout Turkey by providing quality service. In addition, the lawyers employed at their offices are experts in their respective fields and provide us with quality legal service in every branch of insurance law. We are able to get information quickly and anytime we wish both by telephone and e-mail about the cases handled by Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm.

CLIENT: Memet ERDOGAN / Legal Director


TESTIMONIAL:We were introduced to Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm through Att. Murat Uyanik and Att. Mehmet Selim Yavuz. They have a high level of knowledge in the field of Insurance Law. In addition, they are able to develop result-oriented projects as they have a very good knowledge of the sector and the problems of the sector. Apart from Insurance Law, they have significant experience in the fields of commercial law, labour law, and arbitration and competition law. We also find their team of lawyers quite successful. They make a big difference thanks to their energy and expertise in their respective fields.

CLIENT: Georgios VRACHNOS / Group Manager

COMPANY/FIRM: Groupama Sigorta A.S & Groupama Emeklilik A.S.

TESTIMONIAL:We have been working with Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm for more than 3 years. They provide legal service for many international companies in different legal areas, are experienced in insurance law, commercial law, labour law, corporate law, real estate law, arbitration, competition law and intellectual property law, have a network of correspondent lawyers they work with in all regions of Turkey, and have a good command of various foreign languages and can represent us effectively at the meetings that are held with our foreign partners; all of which qualities represent their main qualifications. We would like to point out that we are very satisfied with our long-term cooperation with them, which is the reason we have started to work together with them in many different legal areas in each passing year of our cooperation.

CLIENT: Fatih YILDIRIM / Claims and Operations Director

COMPANY/FIRM: Ray Sigorta A.S. (Vienna Insurance Group)

TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with Yavuz&Uyanik Law Firm since we were highly impressed by differentiated operating model, extended network, solution-based mind set and tailor-made projects. Legal knowledge in terms of Insurance Law, Labour Law and Commercial Law is quite impressive and innovative niche projects of the law firm helps clients to clarify future roadmap in such a complex business environment. The vision and preliminary studies and accordingly alternative solutions regarding the upcoming challenges before they occur and turn into a bottleneck, in order to minimize the costs on behalf of the company is highly appreciated. Systematical and optimized processes and more importantly engineered business models are one of the most crucial difference of the law firm.

CLIENT: Nazmi Sedat ÖZATALAY / Vice-President

COMPANY: Dubai Starr Sigorta A.S.

TESTIMONIAL:Our Company , Dubai Starr Sigorta A.S. (“DSS”) has  been working with Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm since October 2014. We have assigned and authorised them for  DSS’s pending traffic insurance  lawsuits and arbitration proceedings filed against our company as well as for the new files in different arreas. We highly appreciate their success since DSS’s  our lawsuit files especially for personal injury, which is one of the most problematic areas for our company and the insurance sector in Turkey are fully under their control and responsible. Furthermore, DSS has also assigned them for the pending lawsuits which were handled by an in-house lawyer, thus they have achieved an advantageous position in terms of our internal permanent staff planning. They represent DSS very effectively by creating strong case strategies with their sectoral experience and legal knowledge.

CLIENT: Nesrin SAHIN / Claims Unit Manager

COMPANY/FIRM: Gulf Sigorta A.S.

TESTIMONIAL: They provide high quality legal service for our company in litigation as well as legal consultancy services through their team of lawyers who are all experts in their respective fields. As they work with many major local and foreign companies, they regularly share with us information on the current problems on a sectoral basis, and their solution suggestions and action plans.  They keep us informed with the articles they prepare about the legislative amendments often experienced in Turkey in the fields of Insurance Law & Labour Law and provide nuance details of each subject insurance matter swiftly if very specific technicalities are needed. Considering also their quick responses, effective feedbacks and solution-oriented approaches about problems, we are very happy to be working with them.

CLIENT: Aylin SEPICI / Vice-President HR Middle East, Africa and Asia

COMPANY/FIRM: Ontex Tüketim Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.S.

TESTIMONIAL:We have been working with Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm for many years in labour law issues including both individual employment contracts and collective bargaining issues. They have vast knowledge and expertise on collective bargaining processes and have been meticulously and successfully handling these processes for many years, which is one of the most important factors that distinguishes Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm for our company that is subject to the union’s activities. We must point out that they have always made it easier for our company, which has an international structure, to create employment by obeying the union rights at the same time. We think that their team of lawyers who are energetic and experts in their fields also contribute highly to this quality service.

CLIENT: Cem ÇETIN / Legal Counsel

COMPANY/FIRM: Vizzion Europe

TESTIMONIAL: Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services for our company in different fields with its dynamic team of lawyers who are experts in their respective fields. They always deliver practical solutions for daily problems and play an effective role in the swift resolution of our legal problems. They meticulously handle the cases which our company is a party to, and inform our company fully on a regular basis. They create effective solutions in terms of the cases they handle and take all the necessary strategic legal actions in the right place and at the right time, in order to achieve an outcome in the cases which is in favour of our company.

CLIENT: Sadettin Sait BINGÖL / General Secretary & Chief Administrative Officer

COMPANY: Kiraça Holding

TESTIMONIAL: Mert and his team have provided legal services on corporate/commercial matters in a timely manner by maintaining the commercial mindset that suits our industrial need. Mert has continuously demonstrated his solid understanding of our businesses and his legal competency in a number of major commercial deals.

CLIENT: Serdar ÇELEBI / General Manager

COMPANY: Ashfield Healthcare

TESTIMONIAL: Throughout our cooperation with Yavuz & Uyanik Law Firm which has been ongoing for ten years now, the quality of their legal consultancy and legal representation services not only has been maintained but also continued increasing. As we are a company operating in the pharmaceutical industry, they adopt an approach which does not address the problems we face only in terms of law.  We are very happy to be working with them in relation to Labour Law issues as well as various other fields as they make correct evaluations by always considering the sectoral position and requirements of our company and come up with the suitable solutions for the issues that arise.

The clients 

  • One of the world’s largest financial institutions based in the USA,
  • Two of the world’s leading banksoriginated is Russiaand France, 
  •  World’s leading manufacturer of sanitary ware based in Spain, 
  • One of the world’s largest energy companies based in UAE,
  •  A total of 9 insurance companies originated in Germany, France, USA-UAE AND Canada-Kuwait, 
  • One of the world’s largest cosmetics and self-care companies based in France.  

The team 

There are many lawyers and trainee lawyers in our team who have studied abroad. Our team is capable of conducting all kinds of communication with our foreign clients and all of our team is fluent in English. In addition, there are lawyers and trainee lawyers in our team who also speak the following languages: 

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian

The Network and International Partnership  

Deniz Saidov is our international senior advisor. He is a projects lawyer having advised clients or acted as an inhouse counsel in relation to large infrastructure and energy projects throughout Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East/North Africa. 

He has spent half of his carrier as a lawyer at an international law firm and the other half as a regional legal head to global energy companies. His main areas of expertise include structuring of complex transactions, acquisitions and project finance. 

Deniz is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales, and a Qualified Lawyer in Bulgaria. 

In addition, we are in constant contact with the legal consultants of the companies abroad and also our colleagues in these countries for legal disputes that need to be followed up abroad of international companies that we work with.