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Industry focus: Energy Tier 5

Gitti and Partners has grown organically since its founding in 2015 and now features a well-integrated energy and utilities practice. Piero Viganò is dedicated to energy matters and leads on issues such as biomethane, environmental issues and compliance. The department has a varied roster of clients, featuring infrastructure funds, utilities, trading societies, banks and funds as well as business associations and WEEE operators.

Practice head(s):


‘Flexibility, ability to understand the business context in which the customer operates’

‘Attention to detail, listening, competence, fair compensation’

‘The team is compact, consolidated and very close-knit. The effectiveness of their action is evident to both customers and counterparties. They are available, fast and at the same time precise. They identify problems and find solutions with extreme ease. Pragmatism and problem solving are their distinctive features, made possible by a solid preparation and a deep knowledge of the reference market.’

‘The team is coordinated by the responsible partner Piero Viganò. For many years Viganò has dealt exclusively with issues related to the world of energy and the circular economy. He is extremely serious, authoritative and has a vast relational network. He has a deep knowledge of the energy market and the circular economy, and a marked inclination to problem-solving. Irina Gherca, a senior associate of note, is extremely prepared, fast and competent. He is authoritative and at the same time inclined to find both contractual and contractual solutions.’

‘Excellent overview of the energy market and energy efficiency, in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, knowledge of the operators and the opportunities offered by the market. Pragmatism and risk assessment skills allow us to achieve the expected results.’

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 6

Gitti and Partners' clients include international and national private equity funds, as well as family businesses, holding companies, entrepreneurs and management teams, which are involved in M&A, buy-outs and mezzanine transactions. Gregorio Gitti is a specialist in utilities and Vincenzo Giannantonio is a private equity expert.


The team has high levels of competence and familiarity with the management of negotiations in the private equity sector.

It is highly committed, balanced in analysing risks and strongly supportive of clients’ positions and rights.

Vincenzo Giannantonio provides an excellent balance between specific competences in private equity and the ability to support negotiations.

Key clients

Banca IMI


Class Editori


Credit Suisse

Euronet Worldwide

E.ON Energia

Fondo Italiano D’investimento


IMI Fondi Chiusi SGR

Indigo Capital

Intesa Sanpaolo

Look Holdings

Medtronic Group

Orienta Partners

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Sequitur Capital

Trasporti Romagna


Tax Tier 6

Gitti and Partners' tax expertise encompasses transactional work, transfer pricing issues, structuring mandates and tax litigation. Diego De Francesco and counsel Gianluigi Strambi are the key names to note.

Key clients



Gitti and Partners was founded by Gregorio Gitti, Carlo Andrea Bruno, Vincenzo Giannantonio, Angelo Gitti, Stefano Roncoroni and Matteo Treccani who, after having gained a significant experience in leading domestic and international law firms, agreed to undergo together a new career path by developing an entrepreneurial venture in the field of sophisticated independent legal advice. Through the expertise and competence of its partners and of the other professionals, the firm is able to provide its services in the most complicated extraordinary transactions acting as reference point for a tailor-made style management of important, delicate and complicated legal matters.

Gitti and Partners pays particular attention to the quality of the services rendered, the availability, reliability, discretion and flexibility, giving a top class legal advice with a constructive approach, aimed at the practical solution of problems and the “comfort” for the client, as well as always trying to develop alternative responses. The legal teams inside the firm are built up on an ad hoc basis, depending on the specific needs of the client and always have the constant presence of at least one partner, to whom it is possible to refer to at all times. Where appropriate, the team that collaborates with a client on a given transaction may involve other departments of the firm in a fully integrated, flexible and coordinated manner.

Gitti and Partners is currently made up of approximately ninety professionals, some of whom are mother tongue English speakers, others teach in the most important Italian universities, have achieved postgraduate qualifications at prestigious international universities or qualified abroad, or have relevant professional experience gained overseas. As regards the professionals, the philosophy of the firm is to recruit the best young graduates and lawyers who have just finished their course of study and to involve them in a unique training system that aims to develop, while respecting their diversity and their skills, their ability to provide highest level legal advice to clients in the various business areas of the firm.

While maintaining its nature as an independent firm, Gitti and Partners collaborates with major international law firms in Europe, United States, Asia and the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. Furthermore, so as to provide its clients with comprehensive advice in the spirit of a “one-stop shop” law firm and on a “light network” basis, the firm assists its clients directly in the M&A, private equity, banking and restructuring, real estate, capital markets, litigation, energy, regulatory, tax and employment sectors.

The firm also collaborates, on an ongoing basis, with leading domestic and international financial institutions (insurance companies, asset management companies, banks, securities firms, etc..), private equity funds, industrial groups operating in various sectors as well as real estate groups, including funds, who deal with development projects and/or sale and purchase of portfolios.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial contracts Gregorio Gitti
Corporate and commercial contracts Gabriele Bernascone
Corporate and commercial contracts Matteo Treccani
Corporate and commercial contracts Stefano Roncoroni
Corporate and commercial contracts Carlo Andrea Bruno
Corporate and commercial contracts Vincenzo Giannantonio
Capital markets and structured finance Gregorio Gitti
Capital markets and structured finance Vincenzo Giannantonio
Capital markets and structured finance Matteo Treccani
Capital markets and structured finance Angelo Gitti
Regulatory Paola Sangiovanni
Regulatory Camilla Ferrari
Fund formation Gregorio Gitti
Fund formation Vincenzo Giannantonio
Litigation and arbitration Alessandro D'Adda
Litigation and arbitration Angelo Gitti
Litigation and arbitration Marco Rizzo
Litigation and arbitration Francesca Andrea Cantone
Mergers and acquisitions Gregorio Gitti
Mergers and acquisitions Gabriele Bernascone
Mergers and acquisitions Stefano Roncoroni
Mergers and acquisitions Matteo Treccani
Mergers and acquisitions Vincenzo Giannantonio
Mergers and acquisitions Daniele L Cusumano
Banking and financial intermediaries Gregorio Gitti
Banking and financial intermediaries Angelo Gitti
Real estate Stefano Roncoroni
Real estate Carlo Andrea Bruno
Real estate Chiara Perego
Real estate Gianandrea Rizzieri
Energy and renewable resources Gregorio Gitti
Energy and renewable resources Piero Viganò
Labour Marco Rizzo
Labour Elisa Mapelli
Labour Mariano Delle Cave
Private equity and buy-outs Gregorio Gitti
Private equity and buy-outs Stefano Roncoroni
Private equity and buy-outs Vincenzo Giannantonio
Private equity and buy-outs Matteo Treccani
Private equity and buy-outs Gianandrea Rizzieri
Private equity and buy-outs Daniele L Cusumano
Insurance Stefano Roncoroni
Insurance Carlo Andrea Bruno
Insurance Pietro Massimo Marangio
Insurance Jessica Fiorani
Restructuring Gregorio Gitti
Restructuring Gabriele Bernascone
Restructuring Angelo Gitti
Restructuring Matteo Treccani
Restructuring Daniele L Cusumano
Life sciences Paola Sangiovanni
Life sciences Flavio Monfrini
Tax Gianluigi Strambi
Tax Litigation Marco Ettorre
Tax Paolo Ferrandi
Photo Name Position Profile
Avv Vincenzo Armenio  photo Avv Vincenzo Armenio Partner Vincenzo, is head of the Equity Capital Markets department, gained significant…
Avv Francesca Andrea Cantone  photo Avv Francesca Andrea Cantone Senior Associate Francesca has a strong expertise in commercial and corporate law.…
Avv Valentina Compiani  photo Avv Valentina Compiani Counsel Valentina’s expertise focuses on both banking and finance and corporate law…
Avv Daniele L. Cusumano  photo Avv Daniele L. Cusumano PartnerDaniele advises multinational companies, investment and commercial banks and other financial intermediaries…
Dott Diego De Francesco  photo Dott Diego De Francesco Partner Diego has consolidated a relevant experience in the field of international…
Avv Mariano Delle Cave  photo Avv Mariano Delle Cave Counsel Mariano focuses his activity on employment and agency matters. Particularly he…
Avv Alessandro D’Adda  photo Avv Alessandro D’Adda Of CounselAlessandro provides legal counseling. He has worked for around ten years…
Dott Paolo Ferrandi  photo Dott Paolo Ferrandi Partner Paolo has gained a deep experience in Private Equity markets, providing…
Avv Camilla Ferrari  photo Avv Camilla Ferrari PartnerCamilla  deals mainly with civil and commercial law, assisting in the drafting…
Avv Angelo Gitti  photo Avv Angelo Gitti Partner Angelo provides assistance in relation to corporate transactions of an extraordinary…
Avv Roberto Giustiniani  photo Avv Roberto Giustiniani Of CounselRoberto assists construction companies in Italian and multinational infrastructure projects, as…
Avv Emanuele Li Puma  photo Avv Emanuele Li Puma Counsel Emanuele deals mainly with civil and administrative litigation, commercial, company and…
Avv Pietro Massimo Marangio  photo Avv Pietro Massimo Marangio CounselPietro Massimo deals with banking, financial and insurance law (including the interdisciplinary aspects…
Avv Eugenio Mastropaolo  photo Avv Eugenio Mastropaolo Counsel Eugenio started his professional activity with primary Italian international banks, then…
Avv Flavio Monfrini  photo Avv Flavio Monfrini Senior Associate Flavio assists multinational companies in their Italian and cross-border operations,…
Avv Giacomo Pansolli  photo Avv Giacomo Pansolli PartnerGiacomo assists in all aspects of corporate law, with particular reference to…
Avv Chiara Perego  photo Avv Chiara Perego PartnerChiara specialises in corporate law and real estate, development projects as well…
Avv Gianandrea Rizzieri  photo Avv Gianandrea Rizzieri Partner Gianandrea gained a significant experience in the field of cross-border operations,…
Avv Marco Rizzo  photo Avv Marco Rizzo PartnerMarco is a litigator with significant experience in the areas of banking…
Avv Stefano Roncoroni  photo Avv Stefano Roncoroni PartnerStefano has extensive knowledge in all aspects related to corporate law, M&A…
Dott Gianluigi Strambi  photo Dott Gianluigi Strambi CounselGianluigi experiences and skills vary on the direct and indirect taxation of…
Avv Matteo Treccani  photo Avv Matteo Treccani PartnerMatteo is active in the areas of civil, commercial and financial markets,…
Avv Piero Viganò  photo Avv Piero Viganò PartnerPiero accrued an in-depth experience of advising clients on energy projects, M&A,…
Number of lawyers : 90
Ally Law
Alliance of European Life Sciences Law Firms
Privacy Europe Network
FIABCI - International Real Estate Federation
AEDBF - European Society for Banking and Financial Law
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao
Other Offices : Roma
Other offices : Brescia