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Tax Tier 1

Boutique business and tax offering Rogério Fernandes Ferreira & Associados, SP, RL is experienced in a range of national and international tax matters, and the team possesses in-depth expertise in tax planning and tax disputes. It is particularly noted for its track record in advising energy-sector clients and is also active across a number of sectors, including education, media and transport. Tax specialist Rogério Fernandes Ferreira heads the firm and is a 'very talented and professional lawyer, with a lot of experience in the energy sector'. He is ably supported by Marta Machado de Almeida.


Rogério Fernandes Ferreira is a very talented and professional lawyer, with a lot of experience in the energy sector.

The firm: Rogério Fernandes Ferreira & Associados, SP, RL. (RFF & Associados) is the first tax and business law boutique in Portugal, having a full-fledged team dealing with national, European and international tax and business matters, which has long been working together, thus providing high-quality legal services to its clients.

The firm’s lawyers come from diverse backgrounds. Working alongside RFF & Associados are several external consultants with different training backgrounds, namely, certified accountants and statutory auditors in addition to other local and international correspondent lawyers in Portuguese-speaking countries.

RFF & Associados committed itself to narrowing its relationships with clients. In this sense, several desks, namely the African, Asian, French, Italian, German, Brazilian, Scandinavian, UK and US desks were developed.

Through a team that is fluent in the respective languages and has a deep knowledge of the local markets and current legislations, as well as local partnerships, RFF & Associados provides legal assistance to clients in their operations and investments, both in an international perspective, and in the domestic legislation point of view. Additionally, and to answer in a clearer way to the needs of its clients, the website is available in eight languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic and Mandarin).

Areas of practice: Being a specialised tax and business law firm, RFF & Associados focuses on providing its clients, either individuals, companies or legal entities, with top-notch legal assistance in all tax and business law issues, including those related to, tax optimization, excise tax, customs tax, tax litigation and arbitration, social security, accounting, energy and infrastructure as well as to M&A transactions, foreign investment, corporate and real estate matters and Golden Visa.

Additionally, and through its partners, external consultants and international correspondents, RFF & Associados may assist its clients in all Portuguese-speaking countries.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate tax Marta Machado de Almeida
Corporate tax Rita Arcanjo Medalho
Foreign investment Rogério Fernandes Ferreira
International tax Soraia João Silva
Social security Filipa Gomes Teixeira
Tax arbitration João Mário Costa
Tax litigation Vânia Codeço
VAT Rita Arcanjo Medalho
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Rita Arcanjo Medalho  photo Ms Rita Arcanjo Medalho
Mrs Vânia Codeço  photo Mrs Vânia Codeço
Mr Rogério M Fernandes Ferreira  photo Mr Rogério M Fernandes Ferreira
Ms Soraia João Silva  photo Ms Soraia João Silva
 Pedro José Santos  photo Pedro José Santos
Mrs Marta Machado de Almeida  photo Mrs Marta Machado de Almeida
 Manuel Proença Abrunhosa  photo Manuel Proença Abrunhosa
Ms Filipa Gomes Teixeira  photo Ms Filipa Gomes Teixeira
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