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20121 MILANO

Italy > Genoa: leading firms Tier 2

LCA Studio Legale's Genoa office stands out for its expertise in the shipping and logistics sectors. In strong collaboration with the Milan office, the Genovese team primarily covers corporate and M&A, capital markets, litigation, marketing and immigration law. Benedetto LonatoDavide Magnolia and Riccardo Massimilla head the practice. Lonato focuses on issues related to high-tech, innovation, digital marketing and retail; Magnolia is a key name for yachting matters and port law as well as representing clients in cases of damaged cargoes and marine pollution; Massimilla is an expert in the financial services, energy and manufacturing markets.

Practice head(s):

Benedetto Lonato; Davide Magnolia; Riccardo Massimilla

Other key lawyers:

Giacomo Falsetta


‘Excellent preparation, extreme speed in response, 24/7 availability.’

‘Davide Magnolia: serious, honest, prepared, super reliable and fast’

‘Davide Magnolia is a professional of high calibre, collaborative, competent and of our absolute trust.’

‘Davide Magnolia has great skills not only as a lawyer but also as a negotiator.’

‘Professional, tailored advice.’

‘Davide Magnolia and Giacomo Falsetta are excellent professionals’

‘The team is very well-prepared on matters that have to do with maritime law and the world of logistics. They follow their tasks in a very constant and professional way and assist the client with high-profile technical advice.’

Prompt, competent, and professional.’

‘Dynamic firm and with excellent clarity in exposing the contents, a quality that is  sometimes difficult to find in other law firms.’

Key clients

Abitare in S.p.A.

Autogas Nord S.p.A.

Agrifarma S.p.A. (now owned by Permira)

Boero Group

FOS Group S.p.A.

Gismondi 1754 S.p.A.

EdiliziAcrobatica Srl

Xenon Private Equity

Finsa S.p.A.


Leo Burnett

Impresoft Group

Sedapta S.p.A.

Vision Group S.p.A.

Cristallina Holding S.p.A.

Aprile Germany GmbH



Tarros S.p.a.

GIP Group

Jobson Italia S.p.a.

Contship Group

Pattern S.p.A.

Cigisped Group


Medcenter Cointainer Terminal

OMP Racing S.p.A.

Italy > Industry focus: Food Tier 2

LCA Studio Legale has a 'very specialised' food law department, with professionals who handle both regulatory matters and extraordinary operations in the food sector. Practice head Nicola Lucifero covers competition law, IP and customer protection cases. His team has a particular strength in European and international law and regulation. Italian and foreign multinational companies, as well as public and private entities operating throughout the food chain, are the team's main clients.

Practice head(s):

Nicola Lucifero

Other key lawyers:

Edoardo Calcaterra


‘Permanent responsiveness, substantial knowledge and expertise and strategic thinking.’

‘Nicola Lucifero and Edoardo Calcaterra are outstanding lawyers. They all display attributes that are expected from a collaboration with foreign lawyers: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm and responsiveness. But more than that, they consistently exhibited dedication, concern and interest in the project and in the client.’

‘Deep knowledge of agri-food law and organization’

‘Competence, professionalism and availability’

‘LCA has a department of food law with several professionals who are very specialized and capable of dealing with ordinary issues of regulatory law and extraordinary operations in the agri-food sector.’

‘Ability to work in different areas of the agri-food sector with a punctual and very professional approach.’

Key clients

Bouvard Italy S.p.A.

Colussi S.p.A.

Del Monte Italy S.r.l.

Foorban S.r.l.

Bonduelle S.r.l.

DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR

Fiol S.p.A.

Foodhigno (Glovo)

Barnett Vineyards

Italy > Dispute resolution Tier 3

LCA Studio Legale's litigation, arbitration and ADR department stands out for its wide-ranging caseload and its international activity. Its work spans a plethora of sectors, including gambling, real estate, chemicals and logistics. Described as 'first class' and 'a very tough negotiator', Luciano Castelli co-heads the practice with Gian Paolo Coppola (who is knowledgeable about auditors’ liability, unfair competition and international contracts) and Salvatore Sanzo.

Practice head(s):

Luciano Castelli; Gian Paolo Coppola; Salvatore Sanzo

Other key lawyers:

Claudia Bosco; Dario Covucci


‘Proactivity and quick response rate’

‘Luciano Castelli has excellent knowledge of the customers’ situation and is completely aligned with them.’

‘Professionalism, skills and specialization in agri-food law’

‘Luciano Castelli is able to combine excellent legal knowledge with an understanding of the business world and its needs’

‘LCA Legal Studio is a highly efficient law firm, which focuses on the needs of its clients and on anticipating the problems that may arise to provide fast and effective solutions.’

‘Great ability to work under time pressure. The department always provides complex and comprehensive update on the status of the proceedings. The team works quickly and effectively and is available whenever needed. It correctly identifies the risks resulting from the undertaken process activities and formulate appropriate recommendations.’

‘Gian Paolo Coppola and Claudia Bosco provide comprehensive analysis of the counterarguments presented by the opposite party and discuss the position presented in their pleadings in detail. They explain quickly and sufficiently the issues that require clarification. They always present various alternative solutions, presenting advantages and disadvantages for each of them and appropriate suggestions. ’

‘The LCA studio stands out for its meticulous attention to detail.’

Key clients

Casino de La Vallèe S.p.A.

Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.A.

Edison s.p.a.

General Directorate for National Roads and Highways of Poland

Expo S.p.A.

Audemars Piguet Italia spa

Nexive s.p.a.

Marcegaglia Group

Savings shareholders of Edison S.p.A.

Bonduelle s.p.a.


Italy > Employment Tier 4

LCA Studio Legale, which garners praise from clients for its wide-ranging employment law advice, is seeing its practice continuing to grow. One of the key individuals in the team is Ranieri  Romani, who is 'greatly appreciated' for his expertise in redundancies, remuneration policies for banks and insurance companies and sports law. Romani co-heads the group with Giuseppe Bologna, who is experienced in managing crisis situations for companies.

Practice head(s):

Giuseppe Bologna; Ranieri Romani

Other key lawyers:

Emanuela Ratti


Pragmatism and availability of Giuseppe Bologna and Emanuela Ratti, as well as promptness in feedback.’

‘Unlike other firms specialized in labour law, LCA offers a 360-degree service to companies, relying not only on a highly qualified team in labour law but also on resources with great experience and expertise in various disciplines of law. LCA’s approach is characterized by flexibility and customer orientation.’

‘Ranieri Romani is greatly appreciated for his professional skills, pragmatic approach, customer orientation, business understanding and promptness and quality of service.’

‘LCA Studio Legale has grown a lot in recent years, focusing on young people and providing customers with all-round assistance. In this sense he also strengthened the labour law team, introducing a new partner (Ranieri Romani) and growing his team. A young partner already with a good professional experience certainly brings speed in customer response and an increase in the quality level offered to customers.’

‘Ranieri Romani is always available, quick to answer and prepared’

‘Ability to understand the context and personalization of the consulting service.’

‘Availability and adaptability to specific needs.’

Key clients

Dedar S.p.A.

Marcegaglia Group

Bouvard Group

Microsoft S.r.l.

Mylan S.p.A.


H-Farm S.p.A.


EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A.

Eurovita S.p.A.

Informatica Software Italia

Italy > Intellectual property Tier 4

LCA Studio Legale's IP team is led by Gianluca De Cristofaro, who advises on the management and protection of trade marks, designs and models, patents, know-how, copyrights and software. The group uses a platform supporting trade mark owners in archiving documentation proving the use of trade marks, the creation of copyright’s works and the disclosure of design through the issuing of a blockchain certificate.

Practice head(s):

Gianluca De Cristofaro

Other key lawyers:

Francesco De Rugeriis


Knowledge of the communication and digital media sector, not only in the legal logic, but also in the internal dynamics of the client-agency relationship and in the creative and production processes of the agencies. Technology enthusiasts, curious about everything that the digital communication market offers again. Excellent communication skills.’

‘Trust and reliability. Ability to adapt to the different levels of interlocutors with whom they relate, both in the agency and with the contacts at the agency’s clients. Accuracy, punctuality. Gianluca De Cristofaro and Francesco De Rugeriis are recommended.’

Key clients

Hugo Boss AG and Hugo Boss Italia S.r.l.

Save the Duck S.p.A.

Ermenegildo Zegna S.p.A.

E.Land Italy S.p.A. (Coccinelle and Mandarina Duck)

Andrea Bocelli Foundation

Froneri Italy S.p.A.

Mitsubishi Italy

Vision Group S.p.A.

Golden Goose S.p.A.

Marni Group S.p.A. (Only the Brave – OTB Group)

Microsoft Italia S.p.A.

Italy > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 4

LCA Studio Legale's expertise ranges from turnaround plans and insolvencies, to assisting with debt renegotiations and insolvency-related business and asset acquisitions. Salvatore Sanzo is a restructuring and bankruptcy expert, Diana Burroni is a corporate crises specialist, and Angela Petrosillo predominantly acts for debtors and investors.

Practice head(s):

Salvatore Sanzo; Diana Burroni; Angela Petrosillo

Other key lawyers:

Daniele Nataloni; Michele Petriello


Flexibility and adaptability to clients’ needs and the particularities of the deal.

A well-assorted team with transversal skills that touch most business crisis contexts.

Availability and attention to the client at all stages are among its main strengths.

Clearly stands out from other law firms that deal with restructuring and insolvency.

The partners have experience at national level and in relation to very important matters, both in terms of size and technical difficulty.’

Salvatore Sanzo has longterm experience in bankruptcy law, and always finds the most suitable solutions.

‘Salvatore Sanzo knows how to assert clients’ needs during the most delicate phases.

Diana Burroni pursues goals with perseverance.

Key clients

Investimenti Marittimi S.p.A.

Casinò de la Vallèe (Casinò di Saint Vincent)

Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini S.p.A.

Italplan S.p.A.


Cantarelli Group

Area 62 s.r.l.

Suissegas S.p.A.

ITEM Capomulini S.p.A.

Fondazione Centro San Raffaele del Monte Tabor

Ernest S.p.A.

Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti S.p.A.

Gpack S.p.A.

Italy > Industry focus: TMT Tier 5

LCA Studio Legale assists companies in the IT and media sectors with day-to-day legal matters and extraordinary projects. Gianluca De Cristofaro covers data protection and IT matters, including cybersecurity issues. Andrea Messuti mainly deals with M&A, financing and investment transactions in the TMT sector. Edoardo Calcaterra focuses on M&A, financing and investment funds with a nexus to the TMT sector.

Practice head(s):

Edoardo Calcaterra; Gianluca De Cristofaro; Andrea Messuti

Other key lawyers:

Isabel Bassanelli


‘Industry skills in the digital and internet field. Availability of experts with specialized skills (tax, labor, etc …) Great ability to work in team’

‘Great ability to adapt and quickly learn how the client’s business works, both at the business model and financials level, and at the cultural level. Great professionalism.’


Key clients

Triboo S.p.A.

H-Farm S.p.A.

Eutelsat Group

Microsoft Italia

Wyscout S.p.A.

GUT Distribution S.r.l. (Smemoranda Group)

Kellify S.p.A.

Furla S.p.A.

Marktplaats B.V. (eBay Classifieds Group)

Informatica Corporation

Soplaya S.r.l.


Italy > Private equity Tier 5

LCA Studio Legale's practice regularly acts for PE and VC funds and business angels, as well as institutional investors, on equity, debt and hybrid investments; it also assists managers and PE firms with LBOs and MLBOs. Roberto de Bonis is the lead contact.

Practice head(s):

Roberto de Bonis

Other key lawyers:

Daniele Bonvicini; Edoardo Calcaterra; Benedetto Lonato; Andrea Messuti


Capable of providing legal support at the highest level.

LCA’s professionals provide the very highest level of client care.

Great for quality, timing, responsiveness and availability for each individual matter.

Full knowledge of the regulatory changes that impact the sector.

Key clients

Colussi S.p.A.

H-Farm S.p.A.

DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR – Fondo Agro

Business Integration Partners S.p.A.


Ligurcapital S.p.A.

Mansutti S.p.A.

Xenon Private Equity

AVM Private Equity

Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR S.p.A.

Italy > Tax Tier 5

LCA Studio Legale's 'supportive' practice ranges from income tax, VAT and excise fees to customs duties, as well as complex international taxation and tax-related proceedings. Giulio Azzaretto and Roberto Pellizzari head the practice.

Practice head(s):

Giulio Azzaretto; Roberto Pellizzari


Always supportive of the client and its problems.

Competence, professionalism and availability.

Open-mindedness, desire to get deeply involved, and the ability not to start from preconceived positions.

Key clients

Trenord S.p.A.

Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A.

Omer S.p.A.

S3K Security of the third millennium S.p.A.

Libera Energia S.r.l.

Nord Energia S.p.A.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Emera Group

Casinò de la Vallée S.p.A.

Consorzio Agrario Terrepadane S.c.r.l.

Italy > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 6

LCA Studio Legale has expertise in the manufacturing, technology and life science sectors, as well as in US and MENA-related cross-border transactions. Giovanni Lega has over thirty-years' business law experience, and Vittorio Turinetti di PrieroDaniele Bonvicini, Edoardo Calcaterra, and Andrea Carreri all have substantial M&A experience. 

Practice head(s):

Giovanni Lega; Andrea Carreri; Vittorio Turinetti di Priero

Other key lawyers:

Daniele Bonvicini; Edoardo Calcaterra; Roberto de Bonis; Riccardo Massimilla; Andrea Messuti; Sara Moro; Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula; Marina Rosito;


Flexibility and competence.

Availability and great preparation on all topics.

The firm is unique, due to its global approach to deals and the wide-ranging expertise it brings to corporate transactions.

Partners are involved from the first minute until the very end – this makes a big difference.

A team of extremely close-knit and qualified professionals, who are organised in a rational and extremely efficient way.

The partners are characterised by extreme professionalism, courtesy and preparation.

The leadership of Edoardo Calcaterra during deals is remarkable.

Edoardo Calcaterra stands out as a brilliant adviser. Naturally talented, Edoardo is able to communicate easily with the different parties involved in a transaction. Together with his strong legal background, you really feel you are in the best hands.

Key clients

Marcegaglia Group

Mevis SpA

Bouvard Italia SpA

Colussi SpA

H-Farm S.p.A.

Xenon Private Equity

Saipem S.p.A.

eBay Classifieds Group

Wyscout S.p.A.

E.On Connecting Energies

Eutelsat SA

Human & Work Project Group SAS

Stahlbau Pichler Group


Smemoranda Group

Polynt Reichhold Group

La Centrale Finanziaria Generale S.p.A.

Italy > Industry focus: Healthcare and life sciences

LCA Studio Legale is an independent full practice law firm with renowned international experience and specialises in corporate legal and tax assistance. Its main offices are in Italy, in Milan, Genoa and Treviso (inside the venture incubator H-FARM). In the United Arab Emirates, it operates in Dubai in an International Partnership with IAA Middle East Legal Consultants LLP. The firm has recently experienced a steady dimensional growth, adding new practices and strengthening core ones, and now counts over 130 professionals.

LCA offers a complete judicial and non-contentious legal advisory service, in the fields of commercial, corporate, banking, finance, capital markets, tax, criminal, real estate and administrative law, corporate crises, labour and immigration law, transportation, intellectual property and new technologies, life sciences, sports, food and art law, and in the protection of family rights and assets.

The law firm mainly delivers its services to Italian and foreign companies and financial institutions, advising industrial, finance and insurance groups, institutional investors, investment banks, as well as SMEs, family businesses, professionals and individual entrepreneurs that represent a large part of the Italian business landscape.

The real challenge of the law firm is not simply to offer a legal assistance service to face specific concerns, but to deeply understand the clients’ needs and aims in order to identify and solve possible issues before they even arise. LCA’s real value lies in the ability to understand and foresee the requests of clients who are guided, step by step, in the launch, growth, development and evolution of the business activity.

From the conception of business projects to the structuring of financial operations, as well as the formulation of the best litigation strategy in national and foreign disputes, LCA fulfills the current, potential and future needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies in a prompt and professional manner.

LCA has always adopted an international approach, advising Italian companies in their internationalisation processes, foreign firms interested in investing or expanding in Italy, and multinational corporations involved in multi-jurisdictions and cross-border transactions. The international law practice has been refined over the years to the point that LCA has decided to internally set up dedicated geographical desks. Each desk puts together the interdisciplinary competences gained with reference to a specific geographical area and cooperates in synergy with a network of local first-class law firms. This produces a constant exchange of know-how and guarantees to the client a complete assistance in all relevant jurisdictions, not only with respect to the law, but also with reference to local culture and business dynamics.

The law firm supports innovation, creativity and new projects of young entrepreneurs active in all science, technology and art fields, and gives great importance to corporate social responsibility, sustainability and internal welfare.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Giovanni Lega 0039 02778875205
President Salvatore Sanzo 0039 02778875401
Photo Name Position Profile
 Giulio Azzaretto photo Giulio Azzaretto Partner and Co-Head of the Tax Department
 Giuseppe Bologna photo Giuseppe Bologna Partner and Co-head of the Employment department
 Daniele Bonvicini  photo Daniele Bonvicini Partner and Co-Head of the Commercial, Corporate and M&A Department
 Diana Burroni photo Diana Burroni Partner and Co-head of the Restructuring & Insolvency Department
 Edoardo Calcaterra photo Edoardo Calcaterra Partner and Co-Head of the TMT department
 Andrea Carreri photo Andrea Carreri Partner and Co-Head of the Corporate, Commercial and M&A Department
 Luciano Castelli photo Luciano Castelli Partner and Co-Head of the Dispute Resolution Department
 Gian Paolo Coppola photo Gian Paolo Coppola Partner and Co-head of the Dispute Resolution Department
 Gianluca De Cristofaro photo Gianluca De Cristofaro Partner and Head of the IP & Privacy Department
 Giovanni Lega photo Giovanni Lega Managing Partner
 Nicola Lucifero photo Nicola Lucifero Partner and Head of the Food Law Department
 Andrea Messuti photo Andrea Messuti Partner and Co-Head of the Capital Markets and TMT departments
 Agostino Migone de Amicis  photo Agostino Migone de Amicis Of Counsel and Head of the Life Science Department
 Angela Petrosillo photo Angela Petrosillo Partner and Co-head of the Restructuring & Insolvency Department
 Ranieri Romani photo Ranieri Romani Partner and Co-Head of the Employment Department
 Salvatore Sanzo photo Salvatore Sanzo President of LCA Law Firm, Co-Head of the Restructuring&Insolvency and Dispute Resolution…
 Vittorio Turinetti di Priero photo Vittorio Turinetti di Priero Partner and Co-Head of the Corporate, Commercial and M&A Department
 Roberto de Bonis photo Roberto de Bonis Partner and Head of the Private Equity Department
Partners : 45
Other professionals : 90
International Trademark Association (INTA)
AIJA - International Association of Young Lawyers
American Immigration Lawyers Association
AIFI (Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)
AIPPI (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)

LCA considers inclusion one of its greatest strengths being aware that the enhancement of each member (both our professionals and staff) with all their characteristics – gender, age, identity and sexual orientation, race, geographical and social origin, skills, opinions -, is at the same time an engine of personal fulfillment and a source of enrichment for the Firm and for all those interacting with them.

The composition of the Firm is very well-balanced in all aspects: gender (over 50% are women), age (with a prevalence of 30/40-year-olds), geographical (every region of Italy is represented) and social sphere.

The attention to diversity permeates every moment of LCA’s life. In the daily activities, LCA takes great care that working teams – both those involved in client assistance and those dedicated to internal projects – are mixed in terms of gender, age and expertise. The same attention is paid to the composition of panels for training courses or business development events organized by the Firm. A committee entirely dedicated to sustainability has been created a few years ago, and it is mainly composed of young professionals and reports directly to the Executive Committee on all matters that fall into the broader concept of sustainability including diversity and inclusion.

LCA believes in the value of knowledge sharing and dissemination as a tool to tear down gender prejudices and beyond. Accordingly, the Firm welcomes and organizes meetings to discuss and reflect on these issues by inviting attendees to an open discussion with no distinction of role and age. LCA also promotes the use of an inclusive language that takes into account also those whose identity is more fluid.

LCA adheres to the Guidelines of ASLA – Association of Associates Law Firms also with reference to the protection of maternity and paternity of professionals and staff thereby guaranteeing periods of paid leave for family care. Twice a year, LCA organizes an event dedicated to the children of professionals and staff believing that the Firm should be a sharing place full circle. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, lawyers and staff were able to benefit from smart working and flexible hours to balance work needs with personal commitments. Finally, the Firm invites all its members not to schedule meetings before 8am and after 7pm.

The inclusive and enhancing environment, the transparency of career paths, the attention to work-life balance issues are the premises that have allowed the Firm to considerably increase the presence of women at all levels. Female partners, in particular, went from 2 in 2016 to 10 in 2021.

The Firm also promotes – as a unique case in Italy – the inclusion of professionals with specific learning disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia, dyscalculia).

Finally, some members of LCA hold important positions in organizations that foster diversity in the legal profession and beyond, and have even been awarded with prestigious accolades.