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The Gig Economy and the importance of accurately defining employment status

29 June 2022, 4.00pm CET

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The Gig Economy and the importance of accurately defining employment status


In the aftermath of what has been known as ‘The Great Resignation’, employers worldwide are finding it increasingly more challenging to find employees. As a result, employees are tempted with signing bonuses and other attractive gifts from various employers. What is perhaps a bit less clear is the legality of practices such as this.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How to find and hold on to employees at a time of substantial labour shortage worldwide. Which signing bonuses are legally permitted?
  • The Gig Economy and the importance of defining employment/freelance status – both for employers, as well as for employees.
  • Future trends in the job market – are these shortages a transient phenomenon, or are they here to stay? What can employers do to be prepared for this new era where our relationships with our jobs are changed?

This webinar will discuss the latest trends in the marketplace so that employers and employees can better understand each other.

The second topic that we will examine in this webinar is the work-related challenges in the Gig Economy and the importance of having correct qualifications for the workforce. This topic is no longer limited to Uber and Deliveroo platforms. The use of freelancers for reasonably simple tasks comes with labour law liabilities that can lead to substantial arrear payments in wages and social security contributions.

Can employers still hire freelancers? And if so, what is the ideal ratio of freelancers to permanent workers, and what happens once this ratio is exceeded?

Join our discussion now by registering and participating in our quick survey. On the day, you will not only hear select legal experts share their perspectives and experiences with the Gig Economy, but we will also reveal and provide an analysis of our survey results.


Edith Nordmann

Managing partner and attorney at law, ACG International
Edith Nordmann is an experienced corporate and commercial litigator, has an expert qualification in employment law and is an international ADR certified mediator.

Edith is specialised in cross-border business transactions taking into consideration not only the different legal systems but also being acquainted with the various cultural differences that can make or break a deal.

As a public speaker she has shared this knowledge on various international conferences.

As managing partner of Attorney Consulting Group International (ACG International), Edith can combine all these skills and expertise for the benefit of her international clients.  By using deep-seated local knowledge and proven (international) networks across practice areas and borders, she assists her clients in getting deals done and finding solutions that achieve the best results for their actual needs.

Damian Bethke

Founder, The Scale-up GC
Damian Bethke is a tech GC, former world-class athlete, and graduate of Tsinghua University (Beijing) and Zurich University (Switzerland). Damian Bethke is also a graduate of Chinese University in Hong Kong where he read his PhD on comparative law. In his most recent role at MessageBird, where he acted as the general counsel from 2018 to 2022, Damian helped grow the company from 150 to more than 800 people, and oversaw commercial, corporate, regulatory, privacy and security. During this time, besides closing several multi-million dollar deals, he and his team also lead the largest series C fundraise in Europe to date ($1bn). Before joining MessageBird, Damian worked in Switzerland, Hong Kong and China. In 2022, Damian Bethke founded The Scale-up GC which is a boutique advisory practise where he partners with founders and executives on their scale-up journey.

Francisca Beloso Garcia

Global head of people, DCS division, CBRE
Francisca is the global head of people, DCS division at CBRE and she is also a member of their EMEA diversity, equality, and inclusion steering committee.

Francisca is an MBA and FCIPD qualified international HR professional with more than 20 years’ human resources and diversity, equality and inclusion experience. Francisca speaks English and Italian, and she is a native Spanish speaker.

Linda Frietman

Founder & CEO, iamProgrez

She is passionate about people and data and about transforming, shaping & building the workforce of the future through technology.

All of this comes together in their cutting-edge technology, where iamprogrez continuously strives to work on maximising people’s potential and delivering the best data insights to their clients.

Iamprogrez currently holds the unique worldwide position that their technology can translate real-time game profile data to job skills.

The Game Skill Builder is a technology that gives gamers insights into their skills and traits using their gaming history. This tech translates and analyses the hours spent on these games into personality traits and soft skills indicators.

She is one of the leading female tech CEO’s in the Netherlands and graced the list of 50 most inspiring female Tech CEO’s of the Netherlands (2017).

Linda strongly advocates job market equality and more women in tech. She is an avid speaker about the future use of Ai in Hr/recruitment and loves to discuss the ethics of Ai.

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