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The evolving role of general counsel in ESG strategy

12 October 2021, 2.00pm BST

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The evolving role of general counsel in ESG strategy


A shift to societal transformation requires boards to adapt promptly to meet the new expectations of stakeholders. Leading the charge is the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) effort.

From the recent IPCC report, and the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26, all organisations can expect increased levels of stakeholder and regulatory scrutiny over their company’s environmental and social impact and governance practices. Proactive organisations are acknowledging, and realising, that ESG considerations can drive long-term performance gains. Those who are slow to react will certainly be left behind.

General counsel have a crucial role to play in an organisation’s ESG strategy, given their tactical position within the organisation. Join our discussion to learn how general counsel can lead and support ESG at their organisations. You’ll learn:

  • Why general counsel are uniquely positioned to lead on ESG.
  • Defining ESG for your organisation.
  • Operationalising ESG activities.
  • The role technology can play.


Matt DiGuiseppe

VP of research and ESG, Diligent

Anthony Kenny

Assistant general counsel for corporate, GSK

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