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LExOpensource: practical solutions for GCs by GCs

29 June 2021, 9.00am BST

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LExOpensource: practical solutions for GCs by GCs


It is no secret, this year has been particularly challenging for general counsel the world round. Economic instability coupled with lockdowns and movement restrictions have hampered businesses, slowed trade, impacted production, and disrupted supply chains.

The Legal 500 in partnership with LEx360, is proud to announce LExOpensource: practical solutions for GCs by GCs, a series of interactive workshops that will equip general counsel and the teams they manage with the skills to confidently take on challenges within a post-pandemic world.

During times of uncertainty, corporate boards and management teams rely on their legal departments for guidance. GCs are expected to not only be legal advisors but also strategic business partners to the companies they guide. Over six sessions we will focus on the business of law from a thought leadership perspective.

We will evaluate key topics such as:

  • strategic planning;
  • financial management;
  • vendor management;
  • data analysis;
  • technology procurement and implementation;

No subject is out of bounds as all in attendance will adhere to Chatham House rules. Our first session will cover ‘The right people, doing the right work.’ GCs today bring more to the table than just their legal expertise and knowing how to delegate and manage a team is pivotal to meeting business goals.

If you are a GC or part of a corporate in-house team, you cannot afford not to be part of the discussion. LExOpensource: practical solutions for GCs by GCs provides the exclusive opportunity for you to connect with other leading in-house professionals in a safe and interactive environment.

Become part of the discussion, by registering for our workshop below.

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